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Join CEO Joanne Bolt on The B-Word podcast as she connects with industry experts in media, marketing, branding, and business. Get actionable advice to start, launch, and scale your business using podcasts as your chief marketing and growth tool. Listen in as Joanne interviews today's brightest entrepreneurs, turning their wisdom into practical insights for all ages, industries, and professions. If you're an ambitious woman seeking strategies and inspiration, hit subscribe and tune in to The B-Word podcast!
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Friend, let me go ahead right now and call you out on something. Your podcast is really here to make you money. It's not a hobby, a tiny project, or just a little 'ole part of the business. It's a huge cash-injection and you need to be treating it that way. Before you shrug your shoulders and ask "Joanne...I don't understand how" I'll go ahead and tell you that there are 2 paths to monetizing. They are:Your businessYour SponsorsAnd the golden triangle of that? You guessed it....when you manage to have a foot on both paths. In today's episode you'll learn: (1:20) Reasons to NOT monetize (yep. I went there!) (2:36) The importance of your audience (4:01) How to decide which monetization path to take first (5:35) How to build authority (10:10) Creating passive income (11:06) The golden triangle outlinedLinks mentioned in the episode:Kajabi-the best kept not-so-secret tool for entrepreneursPantsuit Politics Podcast
I want to share a little insider secret with you. If you’ve noticed a dip in your podcast downloads, I know it can feel like a real punch in the gut. Trust me, I've been there, and it's totally normal to happen during July, so don’t stress!Here’s the thing: summertime is all about beach days, vacations, and soaking up the sun. People are lounging with a good book or spending quality time with family and friends, which means they might not be listening to podcasts as much.This seasonal dip happens to a lot of podcasters. It’s just part of the natural ebb and flow. Instead of worrying, use this time to refresh and plan. Maybe brainstorm new content, batch record some episodes, or even take a little break yourself.Remember, it’s not about the short-term numbers; it’s about the long-term connection you’re building with your audience. They’ll be back, earbuds in hand, ready to dive into your amazing content before you know it.So, embrace the summer vibes, enjoy a little downtime, and know that you’re right on track.
Hey there, friend! Welcome back to another episode of The B-Word! Today, we’re diving into something incredibly near and dear to my heart: finding your purpose. If you’ve been feeling stuck or unfulfilled in your career, this episode is tailor-made for you.In this episode, we dive into the inspiring journey of Jackie, the founder of People Principles, a unique recruiting and HR firm. Jackie shares her unconventional path, starting from her college days studying human resources, to her early career in corporate recruiting, and eventually becoming an entrepreneur. She discusses the challenges and pivotal moments that led her to create and scale her own business, emphasizing the importance of focusing on core strengths and providing exceptional service to clients.In this episode, you'll learn:[05:00] Identifying the Need for Strategic HR Help in Startups[11:00] Overcoming the Fear of Being a Recruiting Firm[14:00] Differentiating People Principles from Traditional Recruiting Firms[17:00] Key Challenges and Decisions in Scaling the Business[20:00] Hiring and Building the Team[23:00] Lessons Learned and Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs
Dive into the world of mini chat and DM marketing with digital dynamo Madi Beumee! Discover how Madi, a TikTok wiz and digital marketing maverick, turns automation into an art form. Get ready for insider tips on balancing automation with authentic connections and the future of chat marketing across platforms.*********************************************************************************Madi Beumee isn't your average content creator—she's a trailblazer seamlessly blending creativity with social media strategy. From her early days in tap shoes to commanding a TikTok following of over 28.5K, Madi has captivated audiences with her innovative approach to content creation.Engage with the show!Join the Podcast(Her) Network: B Word Instagram Community: out The B Word Blog:
On this episode,"The B-Word" host Joanne Bolt and guest Malika Mahota decode the power of niche branding. Delve into the art of targeting your market, crafting authenticity, and reaping the rewards of strategic specialization. Discover how to transform your business with precision and purpose.*********************************************************************************Malika Mahota is a brand strategist, speaker, and niche expert, celebrated for her dynamic approach to empowering clients with confidence. Her expertise in shaping unique brand identities has made her a sought-after mentor and speaker, inspiring action and strategic foresight in businesses and individuals alike. Malika’s engaging workshops and presentations provide powerful insights into effective brand positioning, making her an influential figure in the branding industry.Engage with the show!Join the Podcast(Her) Network: B Word Instagram Community: out The B Word Blog:
On this episode, The B Word host talks to Fit Biz Mentor, Jackie Dragone who delves into the secrets of crafting irresistible content, navigating the unpredictable seas of entrepreneurship, and creating offerings that leave your audience hungry for more. Get ready to unlock your entrepreneurial prowess and discover how to align your passions with your business for maximum impact.*********************************************************************************Jackie Dragone is a former dancer turned dynamic fitness professional, passionately leading the way in group fitness. After kickstarting her career in NYC as a Pilates instructor, Jackie rapidly expanded her expertise across various fitness disciplines. With a decade of experience creating compelling content for major fitness brands, she decided to channel her extensive knowledge and vibrant energy into founding THELAB. As a fitness talent director in NYC, DC, and Philly, Jackie has honed a comprehensive program that thrives on community support. Engage with the show!Join the Podcast(Her) Network: B Word Instagram Community: out The B Word Blog: B Word Show Notes: THELAB is an innovative fitness studio founded by Jackie Dragone, a seasoned fitness professional with a background in dance and Pilates. Designed to cater to a diverse clientele, THELAB offers a comprehensive range of group fitness classes, each driven by community support and the expertise of top-tier instructors. At THELAB, members can expect a dynamic and supportive environment where they can explore different fitness disciplines, enhance their physical health, and achieve their wellness goals. The program at THELAB is carefully curated to ensure that each session is not only effective but also empowering, making fitness an exciting part of daily life.
In this episode of "The B-Word," host Joanne Bolt explores the art of overcoming setbacks and emerging stronger than ever. Joined by resilience expert Lauren Johnson, they delve into the transformative power of perseverance and self-belief, offering strategies and inspiring anecdotes to guide listeners through turning adversity into opportunity.
In this episode, we're diving deep into the world of podcast monetization. So grab your favorite wine, because we're about to uncork some serious wisdom.First up: premium content. Think exclusive bonus episodes and behind-the-scenes gossip. You can charge for it, darling, whether you're on Buzzsprout or Apple. It's like having a VIP lounge in your podcast feed. Who needs velvet ropes when you've got premium content?Next, repurpose those guest appearances like a pro. Turn them into gold mines with throwback episodes and Insta-worthy takeovers. Because who said old episodes can't have a new lease on life? It's like giving your content a makeover and sending it off to the podcast runway.And let's talk sponsored ads. Remember, it's all about those seamless, host-read ads. You want your listeners to feel like they're sipping on a fine wine while enjoying your podcast, not chugging cheap beer at a frat party.Now, how do you keep your audience engaged without drowning them in ads? Dive into those analytics, track those behaviors, and adjust like a boss. It's like playing chess with your audience, but instead of pawns, you're moving data points. Checkmate, algorithms!Armed with UTM codes and killer sponsor pitches, you'll be attracting top-notch sponsors faster than you can say "cheers!" So, grab your glass (or beverage of choice) and let's toast to pouring profits through podcasting.Until next time, keep sipping success, podcasters!
In this episode of "The B Word," I'm back, and boy, do I have a story for you! So, picture this: it's January, and I'm at this awesome retreat, feeling all pumped up for the new year. Then bam! I get a call from my husband, Jeff. Now, Jeff's the kind of guy who avoids doctors like the plague, but this time, he's in such excruciating pain that we end up rushing him to the ER. Turns out, it's kidney stones. 🩺 Yeah, those little devils.Fast forward to April, and Jeff's still battling those stones. Meanwhile, my daughter Emily breaks her toe at a trampoline park, and not just any break—90 degrees straight down. So, yeah, that's the health drama in the Bolt household.But wait, there's more! I've hired new people to help with the business, and let's just say, one of them dropped the ball big time. Cue the stress and overwhelm. I mean, trying to juggle family health crises and business woes? It's been a rollercoaster, to say the least.But I'm not one to stay down for long. I've got my strategies for tackling overwhelm, like going back to reading for pleasure (Sarah J. Moss, anyone?), leaning on friends for support (shoutout to Christina!), and dialing back on social media scrolling (bye-bye, puppy videos 🐾🐾🐾 ).Oh, and let's not forget the power of music. I'm talking Lauren Daigle and Zac Brown Band soothing my soul while I tackle chores around the house.Chances are, if you're an entrepreneur, you're likely gong to face overwhelm yourself at some point. It coud be business related, family related, or like me...both. So let's have a chat about how exactly I'm handling it so that you can do the same when you inevitably find yourself in this season of life too. We've all been there my friend.
🔥 Excited is an understatement as I introduce to you my next guest on The B-Word, Kate Dumas! Kate is the heartbeat and engine behind one of the biggest podcasts for entrepreneurs in the world, Entrepreneurs on Fire, alongside her husband John Lee Dumas, the founder and host. EOFire is an ​​award-winning podcast, where each day they share interviews inspiring entrepreneurs to help them along their journey! 👏🏻✨ Especially if you are a business owner with a podcast and want to take it to that next level, you are definitely going to want to stop what you’re doing and tune into this fantastic episode! Join us as we dive into Kate’s journey from quitting her job to work on the podcast, to recently becoming new parents, all while juggling all the many tasks Kate does for the business. We also touch on podcast monetization and understanding how to find what feels authentic to you! ☀️ Key Highlights:• Preparing and navigating changes in the business as new parents and entrepreneurs. • A look into Kate’s intentional and evolving role in running all things behind the scenes of the business at Entrepreneurs On Fire.• EOF’s main strategy in monetizing their podcast, while finding that balance between ad sponsors and charging for featured guests. • Podcasting networks and finding that unique alignment with one that fits your values.• What’s next in store for EOFire and what Kate is excited about within the podcasting industry!🎙️ It was such a joy to have Kate on the podcast and I hope this episode filled you with insights, wisdom and inspiration to go after your totally possible podcasting goals! Connect with Kate:Entrepreneurs On Fire WebsiteEntrepreneurs On Fire PodcastKate’s LinkedInKate’s Instagram
You ever have those moments when you stumble upon something so good, so inspiring, that you just have to share it with your girlfriends? 🫖Well, today's your lucky day because I've got not one, not two, but five remarkable women who have not only inspired me but have also equipped me with invaluable insights on how to level up as a podcast host.My friend, I know you're thinking I'm about to drop a few podcasts on you to listen to, but these are Instagram Influeners I follow to learn how to create better reels...and in the process they've taught me to be a better host behind a microphone. In this episode I hightlight: Caroline Flett: @misscarolineflett Picture this: you're scrolling through Instagram, and suddenly, you stumble upon Caroline's feed. From captivating reels to game-changing hacks, she's like a breath of fresh air in the world of social media. Trust me, her content is a goldmine for anyone looking to elevate their Instagram game. Chelsea Peitz: @chelsea.peitz Now, here's a woman who knows how to command attention. Chelsea's vibrant personality and unapologetic style make her a force to be reckoned with in the real estate world. But her advice? It's universal. Whether you're in real estate or not, Chelsea's insights on building an uncopyable brand will leave you feeling empowered and ready to take on the world. Giselle Ugarte: @giselleugarte From YouTube sensation to powerhouse entrepreneur, Giselle is the definition of a trai lblazer. With her infectious energy and no-nonsense approach, she'll have you stepping into your spotlight with confidence and grace. And trust me, her tips for owning your story and embracing authenticity are absolute game-changers. Virginia Kerr: @thisisvirginiakerr Ever wondered how to create Instagram reels that stop the scroll? Look no further than Virginia. With her mad skills and down-to-earth approach, she'll have you producing thumb-stopping content from the comfort of your own laundry room. And the best part? She's not just an Instagram guru—she's also a podcast queen. Talk about a double threat! Marie Forleo: @marieforleo With her infectious energy and empowering message, Marie is like that best friend who always knows exactly what you need to hear. Whether you're in need of a pep talk, a mindset shift, or a kick in the pants, Marie has you covered. So listen in and get ready to fit the follow button of each of these women so that you can be the best version of yourself you can be!Also, if you haven't already, follow the podcast. I'm adding a bunch of bonus episodes to the feed, and if you're not following, there's a good chance you'll miss out. Follow Now!
Ladies, I am beyond delighted to welcome my guest on the podcast today, the wonderful Lily Gyamfi-Kumanini  ✨Lily is a holistic healer, speaker, coach, wife, mother and all of the above! Her mission has always been to simply impart a message of worthiness and empowerment, to make way for a future full of courage, confidence and clarity. Lily is all about making things happen and strengthening those gifts and abilities we all have within us, so I know our conversation is going to resonate with you in one way or another! Join us as we discuss being in different seasons of waiting, fully accepting yourself, finding wholeness and taking opportunities, while also building and encouraging each other as incredible entrepreneurial women! We even throw in a “scrambled egg” analogy that you’ve GOT to hear! So get in something cozy for this deep, authentic chat that I know you are going to eat up and love! 🥰💡Key Highlights:• How to elevate yourself and your business while being in a slow period of waiting for the pieces to fall into place.• What it looks like to be in a season of “scrambled eggs” and giving yourself permission to pause, reflect and pivot if the opportunity arises. • What it means to “nurture your enoughness”.• Flipping the script on what we believe about ourselves and owning your crown.• Navigating wanting to be included in the conversation as a woman of color, while also being aware of the world’s desire to “check off the diversity box”. • One heartfelt takeaway Lily wants you to embrace today!We are truly meant for more and are worthy of owning all of who we are and what we bring to the table! Definitely be sure to connect with Lily on her instagram at @Lilygks! 🙌🏻Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss a single upcoming episode, and check out my youtube channel if you haven’t already! Connect with Lily:InstagramNewsletter
Hey there, B-word fam! ☕️ It's time for a cozy coffee chat with yours truly. If you're tuning in on YouTube, you'll spot my favorite mug, the one that declares, "Sometimes good moms say bad words." Consider this your heads-up, I might just drop a few in today's episode!Fresh off Podfest, let me spill the beans – I was left gobsmacked, and not in a good way, by what I witnessed. The caliber of speakers? Let's just say, not quite up to par. Especially those dishing out advice on audience growth. Picture this: folks with less than 1,000 Instagram followers trying to school us on boosting our online presence. 🤯But enough about that! Let's dive into the juicy bits. The keynote speaker, straight from Lisbyn, had me all ears with his take on the podcasting landscape. He boldly claimed that video podcasting won't be the next big thing in 2024.Hold up, I wanted to stand and debate right then and there!Sure, he had a point about most of us consuming podcasts on the go, sans video. But here's where I beg to differ. With Google Podcasts out of the picture and YouTube gobbling up RSS feeds, it's time to rethink our strategy. Believe me when I say this: Video is the name of the game in 2024!Think about it – YouTube isn't just any platform, it's a search engine powerhouse. Your potential audience is out there, hungry for content. And guess what? They're more likely to stumble upon your podcast if it's rocking some video action.Now, I get it. Embracing video might feel like stepping out of your comfort zone. But trust me, the rewards are worth it. Remember when Zillow shook up the real estate game? Agents who adapted thrived, while the naysayers got left in the dust. The same principle applies here.Let's not bury our heads in the sand. YouTube is where it's at, and it's time we made our mark. Dive into video content, play by YouTube's rules, and watch your podcast soar to new heights!Stay tuned for more wisdom bombs next week, and hey, catch me on YouTube too! 🚀🎥
2024 has started off on a bang! On today's episode. I'm spilling the tea on the 10 surefire ways your podcast is headed for failure in 2024 if you don't make some crucial changes.🎙️ Rule #1: Don't skip market research! Just like cleaning your closet, understanding your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) is essential. Market conditions change daily, and your ideal listener's struggles evolve. It's time to dig deep and get up close and personal with your audience.💡 Rule #2 (00:07:10): Update those social media marketing tactics. Audiograms on Instagram reels? Sorry, darling, they're out. I'll spill the beans on what's trending and how to capture your audience's attention in 2024.🎤 Rule #3 (00:08:45): Have a specific goal in mind when recording. Don't pick up the mic and start babbling aimlessly. Your podcast should tie into your business with a strong call to action. Know your niche, speak directly to your audience, and have a strategic plan.📊 Rule #4 (00:10:19): Don't obsess over download numbers. Instead, focus on crucial analytics like listener retention. Understand how far into the episode your audience is staying. It's not about downloads; it's about engagement.🎯 Rule #5 (00:12:57): Think big, not small. Set measurable goals that excite you. Whether it's consistency or a specific episode count, make sure your goals are achievable and align with your business strategy.💻 Rule #6 (00:13:52): Keep your podcasting process simple. Podcasting is hard but simple. Avoid overcomplicating the process with extensive checklists. Create, outline, record, and schedule—keep it straightforward.👭 Rule #7 (00:15:03): Don't go into this alone. Get yourself a business or podcasting bestie. Accountability partners are essential to keep you on track and motivated. Consider joining a community like Podcast Her Network for support.📈 Rule #8 (00:17:23): Don't ignore your analytics. Dive deep into your podcast's analytics to understand your audience better. Where are they coming from, and who is your ideal listener? Let the data guide your decisions.🌟 Rule #9 (00:18:52): Reviews are so last year. In 2024, Apple cares more about new subscribers than reviews. Focus on getting more people to listen and subscribe—word on the street is, it's the key to climbing the charts.🚀 Rule #10 (00:22:00): Don't be everywhere. Instead of spraying your content on every platform, master one or two. Tailor your content to the platform and engage deeply with your audience. Quality over quantity, always.Ready to level up your podcast game in 2024? Tune in, take notes, and let's make your podcast a roaring success! 🚀🎧Be sure to subscribe to the podcast so that you don't miss any insp-action taking episodes!
🎉Welcome back to the B-Word Podcast!🎙️ In this episode I had a heart-to-heart with my amazing friends Allie and Jill, about the importance of evolution in business and what that can look like when you have to make a change. We've all experienced significant pivots in our entrepreneurial journeys, and it's crucial to embrace it and follow your intuition!💕Allie shares her story of transitioning from a multi-course model to a membership model, highlighting the value of staying true to your energy and not being afraid to make big shifts. Jill talks about her upcoming move across the country with her business to expand and elevate her opportunities, while also choosing to prioritize her personal growth! 🪴We also discussed the challenges of evolving friendships and how it's okay to outgrow certain relationships as you move through life seasons and change. It's essential to set energetic boundaries and surround yourself with people who support your growth. So remember, it's okay to let go of what no longer serves you to make space for new opportunities and connections on your entrepreneurial journey! 👏🏻Are you making pivots in your business right now? I would love to hear from you!✨Is your podcast looking for a home? Take a peek into the women of the Podcast(H)er Network. We exist to help women podcasters make more money. I can't WAIT to welcome YOU inside the Podcast(H)er Network!
🌟 What a cool episode today is! I got to spend some time in the Good Vibe Studio with my friend Tanya Wilson and we dove deep into the transformative power of Mastermind Events, Community Building, and Shifting Mindsets! 🌟We're starting off the episode here at the B-Word, and to finish it you need to hop on over to Tanya's podcast, Ladies Kickin Ass for episode 69.  🔑 10 Key Takeaways:Studio Vibes: Joanne and Tanya share their excitement about recording in a professional studio and daydream about having their own podcast studios at home.First Impressions: The duo recollects the fear and uncertainty they felt walking into their first mastermind event.Instant Bond: Their connection was immediate when they discovered they both felt like fish out of water.Season of Change: Both women are in transformative periods in their lives and businesses, sparking anticipation for what’s next.Openness to Possibilities: Joanne and Tanya discuss the need to be open to absorbing and learning from new experiences.Mindset Shift: They delve into their shift from focusing on tactical moves to valuing relationships and community.Pivoting Gracefully: Learn how they decided to leave their previous industries to pursue passions in podcasting and community building.The Joy of Teaching: They’ve found fulfillment in educating others and the happiness that comes from seeing their students succeed.Juggling Act: They highlight the importance of understanding all aspects of your business but also the wisdom in delegation.From Solopreneur to CEO: Joanne and Tanya talk about evolving into the role of a CEO and focusing on the bigger vision for their businesses.📌 Don't Miss These 3 Gems:Embrace the Journey: Openness to change can lead to unanticipated, yet thrilling opportunities.Leverage Your Expertise: Sometimes your real passion unveils itself in unexpected ways; be ready for it!Feedback is Gold: Never underestimate the value of feedback for personal and professional growth.💌 We Want to Hear From YouYour insights and feedback fuel us to bring you more killer content. Drop us a comment, send a DM, and if you loved this episode as much as we did making it for you, please share it with your network!Ladies Kickin Ass.comJoanne Bolt.comJoanne InstaTanya InstaBWord InstaLadies Kickin Ass InstaIs your podcast looking for a home? Take a peek into the women of the Podcast(H)er Network. We exist to help women podcasters make more money. I can't WAIT to welcome YOU inside the Podcast(H)er Network!
Ever considered using Facebook and/or Instagram to do more than simply boost a post?   There's strategy that goes into place with it and I've brought in Heather Aaron to the Podcast(H)er Network community to teach a masterclass on how WE use ads to boost our email list. Take a peek behind the curtain in this behind the scene preview.Is your podcast looking for a home? Take a peek into the women of the Podcast(H)er Network. We exist to help women podcasters make more money. I can't WAIT to welcome YOU inside the Podcast(H)er Network!
Join us on this episode of The B-Word Podcast, as we get into the Nitty Gritty of things with Girls with Grit, Founders of the @girlswithgritcollective—an initiative that emerged during the pandemic to empower women across the Real Estate industry. Founders, Jamie, Tara, and Lauren, share their mission, growth story, and challenges faced along the way.Girls with Grit empowers women to build businesses while juggling diverse roles as mothers and professionals. With 15,000 members spanning the US and globally, this community has redefined what mutual support and growth is.Learn about their commitment to collaboration over competition. Girls with Grit challenges the narrative and creates an environment where one woman's success elevates others. Sit back, grab a glass of wine and listen to their insights on scaling the initiative and their unique approach as they unravel the process of creating their impactful conferences, their vision for the future, and the personal growth that stems from partnerships. Connect with Girls with Grit: your podcast looking for a home? Take a peek into the women of the Podcast(H)er Network. We exist to help women podcasters make more money. I can't WAIT to welcome YOU inside the Podcast(H)er Network!
In today's episode, I'm deep-diving into social media & networking for business growth with our Guest, Kristina Bartold, CEO of The Social Snippet. With her social media & marketing expertise, Kristina sheds light on the pivotal role of community-building and authentic connections in driving revenue beyond repetitive posting.Throughout our conversation, community-building comes up over and over again. Kristina shares the importance of fostering genuine connections and trust within the online space.We both acknowledge that we are building a life of freedom and our vision is to really be able to work from anywhere in the world. In order to do so and to be able to step into that higher version of ourselves, we acknowledge that we need to assemble the right team, have streamlined processes, and have the right tools in hand. With podcasting being a highly effective marketing tool, not only helping us generate leads for our businesses but also allowing us to network and collaborate with other like-minded individuals, it really helps us grow ourselves and our brand to new levels.Connect with Kristina Bartold on IG @kristina.bartoldIs your podcast looking for a home? Take a peek into the women of the Podcast(H)er Network. We exist to help women podcasters make more money. I can't WAIT to welcome YOU inside the Podcast(H)er Network!
Ever wonder why this podcast is called “The B-Word”? If so, listen in on this episode as I share how that name came about and where it was deeply rooted from. We are also massively celebrating that the "The B-Word" just recently reached the top 3% of podcasts globally, which is a massive milestone! An absolute reason to pop a bottle of Prosecco! As this podcast and my business grows there have been some big decisions I have needed to make and crutches I needed to let go of. If you want to know what it was that I let go of – you have to listen to this episode – it’s all about burning down those bridges that are holding us back. As a true believer that podcasts are one of the strongest marketing tools out there, I am making the commitment to go all-in on The B-Word. So, if you’re an entrepreneuer wanting to grow your business unconventionally, use this podcast as your guide and I will passionately provide you with resources and support you. Cheers to you!  Is your podcast looking for a home? Take a peek into the women of the Podcast(H)er Network. We exist to help women podcasters make more money. I can't WAIT to welcome YOU inside the Podcast(H)er Network!
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