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The BTR.ORG Podcast - Betrayal Trauma Recovery
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The BTR.ORG Podcast - Betrayal Trauma Recovery

Author: Anne Blythe

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Description - has daily, online group and individual coaching sessions for victims of emotional & psychological abuse and sexual coercion. For women experiencing pain, chaos, and isolation due to their husband’s abuse: lying, gaslighting, manipulation, porn use, cheating, infidelity, emotional abuse, and narcissistic abuse. We recognize that labeling a woman as codependent is a form of victim blaming. Pornography addiction / sex addiction are a domestic abuse issue. Narcissistic abuse is not a communication issue. We help women who are in a relationship, separated, or divorced navigate to recover and heal by establishing safety through boundaries. If you suspect your husband is a narcissist, a pornography addict, or emotionally abusive, this podcast is for you. We care about your mental health. Every woman on our team has experienced abuse and betrayal trauma first hand. To learn more about Betrayal Trauma Recovery, visit BTR.ORG
320 Episodes
Enmeshment is a concept that can be difficult to understand, especially in the context of betrayal trauma and abuse. Paige is discussing enmeshment.
What is "Armchair Pathology" and how is it harming betrayal trauma victims? Paige is on The BTR.ORG Podcast. Tune in to find out.
Simona studied post-traumatic growth in victims of betrayal trauma - her findings may surprise and inspire you on your journey to healing.
Does your husband lie about small things? That behavior can be a HUGE red flag. Virginia is on the podcast with Anne, diving into psychological abuse.
Is your marriage just hard, as marriage can sometimes be? Or are you experiencing emotional abuse? Virginia is on the podcast with Anne.
Anne's daughter Penny is on the podcast, sharing her philosophy on how to say no and when to say yes.
Creating peace in an abusive dynamic is often tasked to victims. Anne talks about strategies women can use in the short-term to experience respite from chaos.
BTR is pro-safety - and sometimes that means divorce. And abusers? They hate that. Anne is going over some negative reviews from abusive men. Tune in.
Angela Craig and Tausha Haight were victims of abusive husbands. Anne sheds light on psychological and emotional abuse.
Anne uses the Bible to share her feelings regarding how people in positions of authority should help ease the suffering victims of betrayal and abuse.
Ready to practice radical self-compassion? Dr. Stephanie Powell is back on the podcast sharing professional experience and empowering sentiments.
Are you a victim of sex trafficking? Dr. Stephanie Powell from NCOSE is on the BTR.ORG Podcast defining sex trafficking - listen now.
Misogyny thrives in societies where it's allowed to be hidden and covert. And we all know that misogyny fuels abuse. Dr. Jessica Taylor is back on the podcast.
Why do abusive men fight so hard in the family court systems? Especially when they were never really all that interested before? Dr. Jessica Taylor is back.
Gaslighting can be obvious, gaslighting can be subtle. Dr. Jessica Taylor, author of Why Women Are Blamed For Everything is on the BTR.ORG Podcast.
Jane Gilmore is back, explaining how the media is doing a major disservice to abuse victims by misrepresenting what abuse often looks like.
Jane Gilmore is back, explaining with logic and powerful stories & examples, why your husband's feelings and behavior are NOT your responsibility or your fault.
Jane Gilmore is on the podcast discussing sexual grooming and consent - and how you can know if your sexual experiences are truly consensual.
Consent is more than giving or getting a yes. Jane Gilmore is back on the BTR.ORG podcast discussing consent and sexual coercion.
Consent is NOT simply giving a "yes" - Jane Gilmore is on the podcast giving a crystal clear definition of consent to help you on your journey to safety.
Comments (13)

Bethany Kuhlig

This speaker mentions a book and I have heard about it a few times but I couldn't catch the name. Could you tell me the name so I can order it please?

Mar 23rd

Marnie Crisp

Hearing and understand the message was difficult for me during this episode due to the use of the term "girls" while referring to adult women. The use of a word for adolescent females should not be included in consensual sexual safety dialogue about marital betrayal.

Aug 14th

Sara Lasenby

hi. I would really like to listen to coach Sarah's podcast. how do I find it? please. many thanks.

Jun 4th


Great show thank you both.

Nov 18th

Kati Florida

Why do you insist on bringing porn into EVERY podcast? Your guests will have a whole story and you’re like “yeah! But porn is bad” and you can hear that it throws your guests off, when they hadn’t even brought it up in THEIR story..only you do!! Obsessed much?

Sep 27th

Somerset Davidson

Thank you for giving a voice to the victims. Thank you for giving us the words we didn't know we had, the strength we didn't see and the ability to be heard and validated. Your podcast helps those of us that have been so manipulated by chaos to find clarity and peace. Thank you for your courageous actions to face the abusers, the liars and manipulators, to take a stand and offer a community to the victims, so that we can be validated, heal and live productively. You are a true advocate.

Sep 17th

BTR admirer

Oh Connie! I'm so glad to hear your story. I am going through the EXACT SAME thing. A lot of his family saw the abuse and acting out. But when he left, suddenly I was the abuser, terrible mother and wife, liar....... everything you described. And now they're banding together to attack me through the family court system here in Australia. All the best to you and the beautiful women experiencing the same.

Sep 5th

Nicole Brewer

This was huge for me to listen to both podcasts. Brought me to tears! My husband is an alcoholic who lies constantly. I keep trying to save our marriage while he does nothing. I’m glad to know I’m not alone.

Sep 1st

Amy Hawthorne

I can relate to this so much. I feel seen and validated, thank you so much ❤

Feb 19th

Alanna Wolfe Van Leeuwen

I was surprised by the 10% stat of men who will try to overcome this addiction, but not all succeed. My husband is one of them who has overcome, but it did take him over 5 years and he had a 40 year addiction! He is now actively involved in helping other men through The Conquer series and Seven Pillars by Pure Desire Ministries.

Sep 28th

Jennifer Grace Hebel

this is great, very insightful-thank you!

May 27th

Megan Iorg

BTR is a lifeline and a personal resource for me. The moments of solace and understanding as I listen are a blessing -throughout an arduous journey of pain & destruction. I feel inspired to reclaim confidence, self-respect, and to remember life BEFORE gaslighting and betrayal. The ever-present, insidiously amplifying behaviors of a S/A cannot be "fixed" with my false sense of control and pleading for mercy. Now, I will reach out to the intensively trained counselors, accept/ offer support to others, and focus on my spirituality. Thank you so much, A Fellow S.H.E.R.O.

Nov 28th

Felicia Simard

I have been reaching out. Asking for an accountability partner within my church to help cope with mental states, with no response back. I joined Codependents Anonymous (CoDA) online, which wasn't the community connections I thought it would be. I believe one on one in person is probably effective other wise you write on a message board and someone may get back to you that day or in a week. It can feel hopeless via online. I downloaded these podcasts in a last attempt to salvage what little sanity I was trying to rebuild. These podcasts have been the single most helpful 'tools' I have gained since my last 'internally drowning' episode. Obviously professional counselling and going in person to groups such as CoDA would be alot more beneficial. If your like me and transportation or finances make it so that those aren't really attainable at this present time then this is a GO TO! It's instilled HOPE and made me feel understood (which feels like half the battle at times.) Even though I'm th

Oct 18th
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