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Author: Sven Erlandson

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Sven Erlandson, TikTok star, best-selling author & founder of BadassCounseling (NYC), is a CEO-whisperer & soul counselor, who kicks your ass, taking you to the dark places of life to finally heal into true ALIVENESS! Listen for new counseling sessions every Thursday, and Sven's responses to his followers' questions every Sunday. Explicit content.

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Another chance for Sven to open his social media platforms to his followers for questions on any topic they like. In this episode: What if you're competing with your mother-in-law for your husband's attention? What if your twin betrays you? How to know when to let go of lost love? How to be supportive and not suspicious of a partner who travels for work? And much more! Please join us for Lightning Round LXXXIV! Explicit content.
Hard Habit To Break

Hard Habit To Break


If your parents were clearly bad, but as a child you think they're good, what happens? Sven helps Jane-Susan understand why she has trouble standing up for herself, and why she always thinks there is something wrong with her... Hard habits to break. With Sven's guidance, Jane-Susan has a stunning revelation and begins to feel relief. Maybe it's even a key to getting her own grown daughters to like her a lot more. Listen in to this uplifting counseling session! Explicit content.
All these feelings and more are explored in this recorded episode of Sven taking on his followers' questions from several social media sites in real time. What if you're anxious and your parter is avoidant? What if you're afraid of passing on your bad characteristics to your children? What if it wasn't safe to be happy or successful when you were a kid? It's hard to talk about the hard stuff...We're here to make it a little easier. Please listen in to Lightning Round LXXXIII! Explicit content.
The father of Lynn's child is abusive and a cheater who takes no responsibility. But Lynn wants to keep the family together and feels sympathetic toward him because of his ugly, troubled past. She stands by him even though he doesn't reciprocate and wonders why she still wants him. Sven's second guest, Melissa, left her cheating, alcoholic husband after 15 years. With limited contact he treats their 9-year-old daughter poorly, but Melissa knows her daughter forgives him and still wants her daddy. She wonders which is worse: an absent parent or a parent f'd up with addiction? Sven helps both women answer their questions with compassion and great insight. Get out your hankies! Explicit content.
In this online session, Sven takes on his followers' questions on tough topics including: Why can't I stand up for myself? How do I get over the hate I've had my whole life? Is it dangerous to be friends with my ex, who is a narc? And...What is your philosophy of healing? Please join us for Lightning Round LXXXII! Explicit content.
Sven counsels Elvis, who just wants a dad, a family connection, a relationship with his sister and niece in which his mom doesn't get in the way but... Assigned female at birth, Elvis hated himself as early as age 6. Growing up, he endured sexual abuse, both verbal and physical, and even ridicule of his thoughts of suicide as a teenager. Now in his 20s, with his increasing authenticity of his sexual identity and a loving husband, Elvis has to come to terms with his feelings toward his parents. Sven points the way with some truly badass counseling. Explicit content.
There's always new insight and great advice when Sven takes to social media to answer live questions from his many followers. In this recorded session, Sven explains why he loves angry clients! Other topics include knowing when to leave, hesitation to start journaling, giving up on marriage counseling, and dealing with a grandson who curses his mother. Come on in to Lightning Round LXXXI! Explicit content.
Evil Messages

Evil Messages


In these counseling sessions, Sven first talks with Reggie, whose father has weaponized religion against him and left him feeling rejected. He realizes that his parents can't possibly make him fall in love with their religion if it's -- and they --are telling him he's evil. In the second half of the episode, Sven counsels Allison, who has discovered that her entire reality was a lie. The birth of her son makes her determined not to hurt him in the way her mother hurt her. Taught to hate herself, Allison must decide which is worse: The abusive parent, or the other parent that let it happen? Please listen in! Explicit content.
Recorded with questions coming in live from social media, listen as Sven tackles topics including: How can I become a soul counselor like you? What does it really feel like to be loved? Why is my spouse obsessed with porn? And... How do you know if your relationship is right? For all this and much more, please join us for Lightning Round LXXX! Explicit content.
Why Me?

Why Me?


What more could have happened to Nikki? She says she feels like a train wreck. Growing up, there was no safe space for her at home. Sexually molested by her father, brutally attacked by the family dog, parents divorced when she was 5, her mother killed by a drunk driver, marrying a man she felt close to, only to have him cheat on her and come out as gay -- Sven asks, "Which was worst?" Through tears and a bit of laughter, Nikki opens up and allows Sven to provide a glimpse into her path of healing. Norway and a cat figure prominently into the story. Explicit content.
In this Lightning Round, Sven gets mellow while describing the meaning of true happiness. Lots of badass answers to his followers questions, too, including: How do I deal with a narc using our kids against me? Will an extreme taker ever recognize his dickheadedness? And... Do you keep your journals? All this and much more in Lightning Round LXXIX, please join! Explicit content.
In the stunning conclusion of Both Sides, Wow!,  Marshall and Adina appear together for some seriously badass counseling from Sven, with some help from K.C.  Marshall's continuing behaviors are revealed, and Adina must confront her own actions and decide what is best for her. Expressions like "I own you" and "Request denied" play a part. Ever wonder what goes on in marriage counseling? Listen in for brutal honesty and some very straight talk from Sven. Explicit content.
Here come more unpredictable questions for Sven, taken from social media in real time. What happens to a child when a parent breaks their toys? Why do narcs think they own you, and how do you leave a long marriage with one? Why do people constantly lie? And how do I know if my needs are legit, and not trauma-based? For all these and more, join Sven for Lightning Round LXXVIII! Explicit content.
Both Sides, Wow!

Both Sides, Wow!


Can this marriage be saved? In this episode, Sven hosts two individual counseling sessions. First, Marshall admits to being a serial cheater but says he's done the work on himself and now fears he can't trust his wife Adina to be faithful and stay in the marriage. In the second half of the show, Adina shares her side of the story with Sven and the picture comes into a totally different focus. Listen in to these amazing counseling sessions and decide whose side you're on. Which partner has the right answers? Who struggles to live by their own values? And if you're a person of faith, which is worse, adultery or divorce? Please join us for counseling as badass as it gets! Explicit content. And in next week's episode, hear Marshall and Adina in an explosive joint counseling session! 
Sven's online followers continue to pepper him in real time with probing questions, this time including: Can a Narc recover? How do I relieve the burden of my Narc ex? How can I tell if my spouse is a Narc - or is it me? Can you help with my divorce from a crazy Narc? And this time, a listener asks Rob what Sven and K.C. do to make him feel loved and appreciated. All this and much more in Sven's Lightning Round LXXVII. Please listen in! Explicit content.
Abuser Attraction

Abuser Attraction


In this counseling episode meet Kit and Jason, both with painful stories of unimaginable abuse. Kit suffered through childhood abandonment, literally locked out by her mother, but still looking for her love. Jason's wife cheated on him with his best friend, but he's more angry at him and wishes he could keep his family together. Sven counsels that giving more chances to abusive people only indicates how little you feel about yourself. For great insight and advice, please join us for these riveting stories. Explicit content.
In this Lightning Round, Sven takes on his online followers' unpredictable questions including: Is it safe to dig deep by yourself? Why doesn't my narc discard me when I mess up? How do I get motivated? Does empathy exist from birth? And much more. Sven never knows what questions will pop up, but he's always ready with wit and wisdom. Please listen! Explicit content.
In this emotional counseling episode, Yvette thinks she is coming on the show to discuss her abusive relationship with a man who is now in jail. But Sven understands her pain is rooted in sexual abuse at age 5 at the hands of her father. Are abusive relationships inevitable because of what she was taught as a child?  Sven encourages Yvette to confront her 5-year-old self and face her feelings -- and the truth about her innocent self. Explicit content.
Sven counsels Cody, who feels abandoned by partners, friends, and family. He's a Marine veteran but both Sven and K.C. admire his keen ability to be in touch with his feelings. Beginning at a young age, Cody's stepfather taught him that he's going to be alone (read: there's something wrong with me). And no emotional validation was forthcoming from his mother. Any wonder why he feels abandoned and alone? Both Sven and K.C. provide the support Cody now needs to move forward toward a confident, loving life. Explicit content.
Pain from a past relationship is poisoning a new one. A woman's husband yells at their son all the time and treats him like a servant. How to forgive a brother who sexually assaulted you. Rekindling an old relationship. Sven tackles all these issues and more right here in Lightning Round LXXIV. For badass wisdom and great advice, come on in! Explicit content.
Comments (3)

Bandi Wright

By far my favorite analogy, "You can't build a bridge from only one side of the bridge." I love this podcast, I'm so grateful for finding Sven.

Aug 5th

Angela Noyes Herth

This is so much of the same thing I am going through. Thank you for sharing this. I am 49, and my 2nd marriage is a failure, and I am so scared to leave, but I am so angry with myself for staying.

Apr 25th

Becky Hare

This podcast is awesome. I'm glad I hit subscribe.

Jan 9th
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