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The Balancing Act with Andrew Temte, PhD, CFA
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The Balancing Act with Andrew Temte, PhD, CFA

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In business, balancing acts are everywhere. The Balancing Act Podcast explores the balancing acts we play each day in our professional lives by amplifying the voices and real life stories of accomplished business leaders we can all learn from.

In each episode:

* Listen to the origin stories from today’s leaders,
* Discover their key moments of career acceleration,
* Explore a hot business topic in an authentic, approachable conversation between Andy and his guests, and
* Learn about the skills that lead to workplace success.

Tune in today to elevate your journey of continuous improvement and lifelong learning.
136 Episodes
Our worst critics live inside our own minds. They constantly berate us and limit our personal and professional growth. This week we continue our exploration of the value of coaching and mentoring with Coach Mike Basevic. Coach Mike is the founder of No Limits Nation, a coaching consultancy that delivers two key programs -- The Anxiety Free Executive, and The Anxiety Free Student. Tune into episode 137 to hear Coach Mike's story, his "rocket booster" moment, and his thoughts on how to quiet the cacaphony of negative self talk and anxiety that can weigh us down.
Twisting in the breeze? Lack direction? Feeling unfocused? Today's episode marks the beginning of a miniseries on the value of coaching and mentoring in the workplace. To kick things off, we have Davidson Hang joining us. Davidson is an executive life coach and has led Kaizen Coaching since 2017. Tune into episode 136 to hear Davidson's inspirational story, his "rocket booster" moment, and his thoughts on the intersection between personal and professional coaching.
What if there was a software solution that allowed you to align individual, team, and company goals; measure productive capacity; identify and hone individual "superpowers;" and aid in the delivery of constructive feedback? Today, we have Projjal Ghatak joining us. Projjal is the CEO and co-founder of future of work technology provider Onloop. This episode explores Onloop’s Collaborative Team Development framework and the Onloop claim that you’ll “never write another performance review.” Tune into episode 135 to hear Projjal's story, his "rocket-booster" moment, and his thoughts on the intersection between AI and team enablement.
I've got a very special treat for you today. In this episode, I sit down face to face with Dave Rogers. Dave is a fellow musician and is CEO of the world-famous Dave’s Guitar Shop that's based right here in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Today we’ll be focused on entrepreneurship, Dave’s journey, and may take a peek or two into some of his encounters with some of the most well known musicians on the planet. Tune into episode 134 to hear Dave's story, his humble beginnings, his rocket-booster moment, and his thoughts on achieving success as an entrepreneur.
Today I'd like to introduce you to Alli Berry. Alli is a respected thought leader in the areas of content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) and has led omnichannel marketing initiatives at companies like The Motley Fool, The Arena Group, and Kaplan. Alli and I chat about the benefits and challenges of content marketing and peek behind the curtain into the world of SEO -- what it is, what it isn't, and how to cut through the noise. Alli also provides great advice to individuals who aspire to enter the field of omnichannel marketing. Tune into episode 133 to hear Alli's story, her 'rocket-booster' moment, and her thoughts on achieving excellence in content marketing and search engine optimization.
Continuing with last week's episode on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) education, I'd like to introduce you to Elijah Kempton. Elijah is VP - West Region at engineering firm Campos EPC and is the board secretary at MathPath—a four week residential summer program for students showing high promise and interest in mathematics. During today's episode, we talk about the broad reaching benefits of pursuing a career in engineering, how to expand access to engineering educational pathways, and the MathPath attendee experience. Tune into episode 132 to hear Elijah's story, his 'rocket-booster' moment, and his thoughts on education and careers in STEM fields.
In today's episode, I'd like to introduce you to the wonderful work of 4th Family, Inc. 4th Family empowers youth to learn science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through their love of sports. In the words of 4th Family co-founder John Scott, "4th Family is a non-profit organization working closely mentoring at-risk youth and one of our key focus areas is exciting kids about the opportunities in STEM by showcasing the science behind the sports they love to play. We believe that transformation is possible for all children in order to give them a chance to live their best life. However, if you can’t see it, you can’t be it. Currently, women and people of color are significantly underrepresented in all STEM fields. We exist to change those statistics going forward." Today, we have Jahkeen Hoke and Brandon Lindsay joining us. Jahkeen is the co-founder of 4th Family, Inc. and is the former CEO of Business for Good. Brandon is the chief partnership officer at 4th Family, Inc. and has held business development roles at LinkedIn, Kaplan, and City National Rochdale. Tune into episode 131 to learn more about blending sports and STEM education. Learn more about 4th Family at
Casey Lankow joins me on the show today. Casey is a Sr. Leadership Development Business Partner at Amazon, is an adjunct assistant professor at Saint Mary’s University in Minneapolis, MN, and was co-founder and Chief Psychology Officer at personality assessment company A Deeper Way. This is our eighth and final episode in our miniseries on corporate culture. What a way to end the series with a deep dive into the impact of corporate psychology on culture!
In part seven of my miniseries on workplace culture, we have Teresa Vozza joining us. Teresa is the founder at Teresa Vozza Coaching and is the former CHRO at Allianz Partners in Toronto. She is a Coach Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming by the Association of Neurolinguistics Professionals and helps us think through the impact that work burnout can have on organizational culture. Tune into episode 129 to hear Teresa's story, her 'rocket-booster' moment, and her thoughts on the intersection between employee burnout and corporate culture.
Mamie Kanfer Stewart joins me in episode six of our ongoing miniseries on corporate culture. Mamie is the founder and CEO of meeting effectiveness firm Meeteor, is co-author of Momentum: Creating Effective, Engaging, and Enjoyable Meetings, and is the host of the Modern Manager Podcast. In today's conversation, we explore the impact meetings can have on corporate culture. Can meetings actually be enjoyable? Tune into episode 128 to hear Mamie's story, her 'rocket-booster' moment, and her thoughts on the intersection between effective meetings and organizational culture.
In part five of my miniseries on workplace culture, I'm pleased to introduce you to Jack Skeels. Jack is CEO and founder at AgencyAgile, Inc. and author of Unmanaged: Master the Magic of Creating Empowered and Happy Organizations. During our conversation, we tap into Jack's expertise in the world of project management and how to turn project management into one of your organization's superpowers. Tune into episode 127 to hear Jack's story, his 'rocket-booster' moment, and his thoughts on the intersection between effective project management and your organization's culture.
In part four of my miniseries on workplace culture, I sit down with Sarah Fecht. Sarah is founder of Best Self Leadership and is a sought-after leadership coach, keynote speaker, trainer, and leadership consultant. Tune into episode 126 to hear Sarah's story, her 'rocket-booster' moment, and her thoughts on improving your organization's culture.
In part three of my miniseries on workplace culture, I sit down with my friend and former colleague, Rob Van Craenenbroeck. Rob is co-founder of Culture@Work, a leading organizational culture consulting business based right here in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Rob is also the author of The Culture Factor. This is a special episode as Rob and I had the opportunity to sit in my office face-to-face for this conversation! Tune into episode 125 to hear Rob's story, his 'rocket-booster' moment, and his thoughts on improving organizational culture.
This episode is part two in my miniseries dedicated to workplace culture -- what it is, why it matters, and how you can move the needle on your organization's culture. This week, Chellie Phillips joins me to expand our thinking on the subject. Chellie is VP of Communications and PR at Coweta-Fayette EMC and is the author of several award-winning books. Her most recent work is Culture Secrets: Any Leader Can Use to Build a V.A.L.U.E. Culture. Tune into episode 124 to hear Chellie's story, her 'rocket-booster' moment, and her thoughts on all things workplace culture.
What is organizational culture? Why is culture so important to your business? How do business performance and workplace culture intersect? How can you make meaningful changes to your corporate culture? These are just a few of the questions I'll be exploring with my guests over the next few weeks in my workplace culture miniseries. My first guest is Eric Stone. Eric is founder and CEO of Clear Path Ventures, author of Jumpstart your Workplace Culture: A Roadmap for Igniting High Performance, and was a regional VP for Enterprise Holdings for over 26 years. Tune into episode 123 to hear Eric's story, his 'rocket-booster' moment, and his thoughts on the balance between culture and performance.
Happy New Year! In the first episode of 2024, I'd like to introduce you to John Danaher. John is an advisor to several medical businesses, is the former president of medical and veterinary education at Adtalem Global Education, was president of Education and Global Clinical Solutions at Elsevier, and worked with me at Kaplan and served as president of the Schools of Health Sciences and Nursing at Kaplan University - now Purdue Global. The focus of our conversation is on the topic of medical education, nursing and physician shortages, the role of mentoring and coaching in the medical profession, and how to improve human (soft) skills in the physician and nursing workforce. Tune into episode 122 to hear John's story, his 'rocket-booster' moment, and his thoughts on  all things medical education.
Are you living a purposeful life? In this special New Year 2024 episode, I walk listeners through my Personal Planning Guidebook. Instead of making New Year resolutions that have a low probability of becoming reality, invest in yourself through the development of your own personal plan. Why are you here? What's your vision for the future? What are the steps necessary to make significant progress toward your desired future state? Learn more in today's episode and download your FREE copy of my Personal Planning Guidebook now at
This is the third and final installment from The Balancing Act Podcast - LIVE, which was recorded on November 15, 2023, at The Main in downtown La Crosse, Wisconsin. My guests today are Jake Erickson, CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater La Crosse and BGC graduate Chad Wonderling, interim CFO of Salesloft in Atlanta, GA. The focus of our conversation is the benefits of mentorship and coaching in our homes and businesses. I encourage listeners to learn more about their local Boys & Girls Club and lend their support to this wonderful organization in the form of time, talent, treasure, or all of the above. Tune into episode 120 to hear Jake and Chad's stories and their thoughts on the value mentorship and coaching provide to any community.
Here's the second installment from The Balancing Act Podcast - LIVE, which was recorded on November 15, 2023 at The Main in downtown La Crosse, Wisconsin. My guest today is Matt Binsfeld, CEO of J.F. Brennan Company, Inc. - a leading marine construction and environmental remediation services company based in La Crosse. J.F. Brennan works on major marine infrastructure projects across the United States. During our conversation, Matt and I discuss the balance required when leading a 100+ year old family-owned business through significant growth and change. Tune into episode 119 to hear Matt's story, his 'rocket booster' moment, and his perspectives on the world of environmental remediation and marine infrastructure.
On November 15, 2023, we recorded the podcast LIVE at The Main - an Event Space in downtown La Crosse. Neal Zygarlicke was the first guest that evening and We're so happy to introduce him to you. Neal is the CEO of the La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce, and also worked in internal audit at First Supply. Neal earned an MBA from Viterbo University, he's a servant leader, and is also an excellent public speaker. Tune into episode 118 to hear Neal's story, his 'rocket booster' moment, and his thoughts on the impact chambers of commerce are having on communities around the world.
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