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At 48, I've learned a thing or two about winning & failing in business. Today I want to share 8 hard-earned pieces of wisdom with you, so you don't have to spend years figuring it out on your own. These 8 things have the power to change your life for the better, and I wish I had known them when I was just starting out.
Look when I was young and wild, I was the king of going out with crazy chicks. But here's the thing, I was to fix others because I didn't know how to fix myself. Self-sabotaging any chance I had to become a better version of myself. Make no mistake, we all self-sabotage. It shows up by us trying to fix others, turning to vices, or neglecting our health in an attempt to feel better. In this episode, I discuss the real reason why we all self-sabotage and what you can do to break the cycle.
In my new episode of the Bedros Keuilian Show I share the 3 traits that took me from broke to $200M. I'll show you how to master them so that you can use the powerful combination of skills and traits to achieve massive success.
Even after all these years of building multiple successful 7 & 8 figure companies I still work like my back is against the wall. And I'm going to show you how you can achieve the same immigrant edge mindset so that you can outwork and outperform your competition. If you're ready to overcome any adversity that comes your way this year while outshining the competition you’ll want to listen to this episode.
Are you ready to achieve even more in 2023? I believe you have the potential to do it, and I want to help you tap into that extra reserve of potential and become the 2.0 version of yourself. My goal is to help you make 2023 the best year of your life. And with the tools and resources I share below and in this episode, it will be almost impossible for you not to level up this year.
Throughout my years of being in entrepreneurship, I've achieved financial success & wealth by studying millionaires and becoming a millionaire myself. In this episode, I’m going to share how you can achieve wealth so that you can learn how to break free from the cycle of mediocrity and take control of your financial future.
Most people think the road to success is similar to the yellow brick road, paved with hope and dreams. The truth is the road won't always be paved and when starting off in your journey you're going to experience a lot of obstacles and challenges. In today's episode, we discuss my journey and the obstacles I had to endure during my first couple of years of entrepreneurship.
What's the point of success if you hate the person looking back at you in the mirror? Today we'll be discussing why most people, even those who society deems “successful”, are suffering in silence.
What if there was a drug that could give you focus, discipline, confidence and happiness? What if it guaranteed a life of greater significance, meaning, and success while alleviating depression, stress, and anxiety. Would you take it? Today we’ll be discussing what this ‘gateway drug’ is and how you can use it to create an awesome life.
Teamwork, leadership, communication, and problem-solving. If you can master these things you can set yourself up for success. In this week's episode, we break down how one man from the MDK Project showcased these skills in the most insane story.
I come from a childhood of third world problems where the money ran out before the month. From experience, I can tell you I’d rather have the first world problem of figuring out how to generate more cash flow for one of my businesses. Money won’t solve all your problems, but I can tell you that it is easier to find solutions to them. In today’s episode of the Bedros Keuilian Show, we’re discussing the importance of being financially stout. So you can use money as a tool to get out of debt, weather financial storms, give you more time and freedom, and help you donate to causes and charities that matter to you. It’s time to step out of a third world mindset to focus on first world solutions.
Are you a 'nice guy' or a 'good guy?' Nice guys are passive, they don't take risks, and are unwilling to speak up for what is right. Good guys, on the other hand, are assertive, take risks, and are willing to fight for what they believe in. The problem is a lot of young men today are 'nice guys' because they are lost. They don't know what it means to be a man. They're looking for purpose and meaning but don't know where to find it. In today’s episode, we’re discussing how weak boys become weak men. Exploring the things that hold them back, and why it is our job as men to raise young boys into strong capable men. So if you’re feeling lost and looking for purpose and meaning in your life. This episode will show you how.
Here’s a question for you to ponder Are you SUFFERING? Or are you just uncomfortable? I believe that when you’re able to pinpoint and distinguish this in your life, Things will get a whole lot easier for you. In todays episode I’m going to break down what I believe is holding you back from reaching your HIGHEST POTENTIAL
The truth is I love all episodes of the BK show But I gotta tell ya folks, THIS is one of my favorites segments of the new show. This is when I get to interact with you all and answer YOUR questions. So today I’m sitting across from my good friend Lheighton, who goes through my DM’s on Instagram and pulls your questions for me to answer! Go ahead and send me your questions on IG and enjoy the first edition of Whatcha Wanna Know!!
Success and happiness are NOT the same thing. Does this sound like you? You’re successful when it comes to your finances.. …but you’re UNHAPPY in the areas of fitness, family, and fun? What’s the point of being successful in one area, but then unhappy and unfulfilled in the others? Today’s episode is about not fusing success and happiness TOGETHER, but also how you can win in ALL areas. Let us know in the comments what your biggest takeaway was in this episode!
002. Take It Easy

002. Take It Easy


The “take it easy” mentality is slowly eroding the amount of success you are able to attain Instead, you should have the FIGHTER JET mentality. You should be moving forward and taking action steps to continuously improving a bit each day. Too many people are trying to figure out what their “work/life” balance is instead of going ALL IN… …and maxing out the best of their capabilities. Be a fighter jet and NOT a crop duster! Enjoy this week's episode and again, THANK YOU for all of the amazing feedback
001. Rules of the game

001. Rules of the game


For the past 4 years and 209 episodes we did the Empire Show all about business growth, wealth creation and leadership for entrepreneurs or those who want to start a new business. This is like getting a PHD in being a business owner and entrepreneur.  But the Bedros Keuilian show above, is all Bedros about creating content exclusive for you in all areas of life from culture, to politics, to current events, to business and beyond!   Welcome friends, to the first episode of the Bedros Keuilian Show!   I have a question for you.   Have you ever felt like you were drifting in the sea of mediocrity?   Feeling like you’re leaning too far into the vices, the comfort, and the distractions in life?   I’ve got good news for you.   This episode is all about THE RULES OF THE GAME!   The rules of the game are simple.   If you want to win at this game called life, take notes from this video and set yourself up for the highest level of success   Enjoy the first episode!  
Today’s guest Larry Hagner joins us, stepping aside from being an amazing father, his purpose and mission in helping fathers and aspiring fathers for an incredible episode! Larry sheds a light on his past, accidentally meeting his biological father, the night he broke a promise, that led him to the creation of The Dad Edge mission, and highlights some of his touch points over the nearly 1,000 episodes including names like Matthew McConaughey, Andy Frisella and Frankie Edgar. 00:31 - Introduction about The Dad Edge Podcast from Larry Hagner 01:28 - The Squire experience with Larry and his son 02:48 - How you can change the path of your trauma’s 05:54 - How Larry accidentally met his biological father 08:57 - How Larry ran into his father after not connecting for 18 years 10:51 - What kind of negative impacts came from an absent father? 12:39 - How The Dad Edge got started 20:30 - The top 5 conversations in a father’s head 26:31 - What is the next phase of Larry’s mission to impact 30:27 - Where does the man who feels there’s nowhere to go, go? 34:59 - Where can we connect with Larry? Connect with Larry :   Connect with Bedros Keuilian : Instagram - Facebook - Youtube - Twitter - LinkedIn -   Buy Man Up and get Bedros' High-Performance Leadership Course for FREE: Subscribe to My Channel for weekly videos:
Bedros’ personal Doctor, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon stops by HQ today for an awesome in-depth interview! Bedros’ lifestyle and health is something he admittedly started optimizing only years ago through the help of Dr. Gabrielle. He brings to you today the life hacks, tips & tricks of the top high performers she calls her patients. Watch this full interview to find out how you can make sure you're playing the long game in the vehicle of your body, in order to build the empire of your business! Refer here down below for the key moments   00:32 - Introducing Bedros’ friend and Doctor! Dr. Gabrielle Lyon 05:14 - What does Doctor Gabrielle see in Bedros’ and other Entrepreneur’s patterns of harming their health? 10:39 - How can a high performer think long term?  11:19 - Doctor Gabrielle and Bedros go deep on the Sleep conversation 13:06 - How these vice habits affect high speed individuals over time 17:57 - How you can optimize IV’s for long hauls of work and avoid burn out 20:05 - How to program an Entrepreneurs lifestyle coming from a Doctor 28:36 - Protein! Bedros asks for a physician’s take on Plant-Based Protein vs. High Quality Animal Protein 32:05 - “Muscle is the organ of longevity” 34:05 - What are some shifts someone can take today to feel big changes in their health? 40:21 - Coffee? What's up with Coffee? 42:50 - Bedros breaks down his optimization tactics in his life now  46:52 - Where can we find Dr. Gabrielle Lyon? Connect with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon Connect with Bedros Keuilian : Instagram - Facebook - Youtube - Twitter - LinkedIn -   Buy Man Up and get Bedros' High-Performance Leadership Course for FREE:   Subscribe to My Channel for weekly videos:
Steve Eckert and Ray “Cash” Care join together just 1 day after conducting a wildly successful LTD Program, where instead of 1 team with a team of employees, good friend Sharran Srivatsaa brought together around 30 CEO’s and Owners of varying businesses and industries. After such an event, they had to get together to talk about it!    The LTD Program is more than just enhancing you and your teams efficiency, communication and profits. The LTD Program is here to teach you how to maximize your life around your business as well. How does your business affect your family’s collection of experiences? How does your attention to your fitness affect the business? What does work-life balance look like? And how to dominate it and not just check boxes.   Tune into this episode and if you’re a business owner, with a team of 6 employees or more! Find out how The LTD Program can guide you to fulfillment, higher profits, and a family of employees not just a group of employees. 00:00 - Introduction 01:01 - LTD and the objective to help teams improve communication, problem solving and vision building 02:42 - What was a common string among the group of CEO’s and Leaders you experienced in the last LTD Program? 06:01 - What makes a great leader on the battlefield and what is key to transferring that to business? 12:02 - What's the difference in actions between an effective leader and a poor leader? 14:24 - How would a Navy SEAL make up a great team? 17:36 - How important clear vision is to a leader and team 21:10 - How does one address a team member no longer fitting into the mission? 27:43 - When's the right time to fire someone? 29:06 - What is the right type of culture in a company? 33:26 - Why you should live congruently as a leader 37:43 - Is the LTD Program like going through The Project? 38:46 - What does a 1-day or 2-day experience look like for an LTD Program? Connect with Ray Care   Connect with Steve Eckert   Connect with Bedros Keuilian : Instagram - Facebook - Youtube - Twitter - LinkedIn -   Buy Man Up and get Bedros' High-Performance Leadership Course for FREE:   Subscribe to My Channel for weekly videos:
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Kyle Kia

I can agree that these tips are positive and accurate. Just annoying to always hear examples of "stop playing video games" and "turn off notifications." What about content creators that create content around video games or other media? Or just having balance in your life in general. A person can still have success in life and have a balance of rest and pleasure. Obviously you have to make sacrifices and have seasons of being aggresive but no one can go forever on non stop work and grind and discipline.

Dec 3rd
Reply (1)

David Ma

Absolutely loved this episode! Thanks for being a mentor to millions, Pete! 😉

Oct 22nd
Reply (1)

Charmaine Steenkamp

This is just awesome to hear. Such truth! As hard as it is to hear, it's exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks guys!

Jun 20th

Rosalean Batool

Love the fact you used the comparison between war and entrepreneurship. It really is like going to battle and fighting every single day until your last breath

May 25th

Rosalean Batool

Gosh I LOVED LOVED this episode! I used to hate strategizing but now I love it because it brings in money! I made £3k in one month from the 5x5 grid. Thanks guys

May 25th

Rosalean Batool

I deffo believe there are parts of you that didn't feel loveable, but you've found fulfilment. So happy for you. Thank you for this episode!

May 25th

Charmaine Steenkamp

Thank you

May 24th


Great episode!

Jan 12th

Adam Smith

That was amazing!! Thankyou!!

Nov 11th


great listen, really inspiring!

Oct 18th

Radim Höfer


Aug 16th

michael rizk

awesome podcast Craig and Bedros!!! Great job 🙌👊

Apr 20th

RJ Padua

Killer... Never peak

Apr 9th
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