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This week Comedian Brooks Whelan tells us how he ran an entire marathon hungover, and got an Asics sponsor from it. Then, Sean and CJ talk about other drunken feats of strength.
This week, comedian Kevin Bozeman joins Sean and CJ to talk about drunk gambling. Then Sean and CJ talk about how CJ cost Kevin Garnett 50k at a craps table and how Sean jumped out of a moving car for a case of beer.
This week comedian Chris Traini gets drunk and sneaks into the Sundance Film Festival with a press pass. Then Sean and CJ talk about how they are notorious for re-entering places they’ve been kicked out of under a new identity.
This week, comedian Nick Vatterot gets drunk and talks about how he spawned in the shower standing up. Then, Sean and CJ talk about some of their drunk entrances like when CJ slid down an entire flight of stairs like a penguin, and Sean showed up to work with green makeup on.
This week, CJ & Sean get into unruly baseball debauchery...Just in time for the World Series! They are joined by comedian Hannah Roeschlein who tells her tale of getting ejected from a Tigers/Yankees day game for using nighttime language. Hannah explains how she has to deal with men questioning her sports fandom, and separating her innocent tattoos from her "twat waffle".  CJ and Sean then discuss why most drunken stadium deaths are at baseball games, tasing vomiting Phillies phans, and why TV networks should show drunks running onto the field.  Open Invite segment to a man who stole a minor league team's mascot outfit and hit the town. All this and Sean's amazing story about getting VIP treatment at Yankee stadium because of his air cast full of vodka!
This week, Sean and CJ are joined by Floyd the Mailman who has a heroic drunken encounter with the mafia. Then Sean and CJ discuss other heroes throughout history who were known for their drunkenness.
This week, Comedian Natasha Hansen tells about the time where she got drunk in Chicago and wound up in St. Thomas, where she dated a man who turned out to be homeless. Later in the show, Sean shares his island story when he came to from a blackout, in the Key West of Lake Erie!  More island drinking stories are discussed, such as Japan urging their youth to drink more, Spain charging money for having to perform drunk rescues of idiots, and airlines dropping off their unruly drunks on islands.
This week, Comedian Sohrab gets high on mushrooms and operates heavy machinery only to get fired. Then, Sean and CJ talk about hecklers passes, drinking on the job, and a newsworthy hangover.
This week, Comedian Joe Kilgallon tells a story of how he got permanently kicked out of a bar for fighting. Then, Sean and CJ discuss the science behind how alcohol affects your judgement when you get aggravated at a bar.
This week, comedian Gena Gephart talks about the mishaps when returning home to drink. Then Sean and CJ discuss some of the characters you run into at the bars back home.
This week, Kyle Kinane joins Sean and CJ to talk about how he lost his virginity to a stripper. The worst thing about that story?- Kyle's parents know it. Then Sean and CJ talk about the bidirectional topic of drunken family embarrassments.
Comedian Alex Joyce, the workin' man, has a story about spending the night in an Alabama jail. The Sean and CJ talk about breaking free from prisons.
Comedian Deana Ortiz talks about trusting and sh**ing on strangers at the same time. Then Sean and CJ talk about funning it up with strangers and the science behind alcohol bringing people together.
This week, Sean and CJ are joined by comedian Abi Sanchez as he talks about a time where he drove drunk and crashed into his neighbors yard. He then got a ride home from the cops who drove him around the block ending up back where they started. Sean and CJ explain why they think car manufacturers should be at fault for DUIs.
Description: Comedian Jonah Jurkens gets punched in the face and then stages a diner walkout due to the lack of time machines. Jonah also recalls the amazing drinking values and opportunities that Wisconsin has enabled. Then, CJ & Sean take a Ken Burns' type deep dive into the great drinking state of Wisconsin, from their eye popping binge statistics, to their hilarious pro drinking laws, and dirt cheap prices. The drinking laws forces Sean & CJ to introduce a segment "This Can't Be Real?".  Finally, CJ tells about being on a train delay from Milwaukee to Chicago and the uprising it induced.
Comedian Carly Kane talks about how she gets drunk and makes self affirmation videos for herself. Then Sean and CJ discuss the science behind making bad decisions while you're drunk. Meanwhile, a Texas man fakes his own kidnapping in front of his wife to have a night out with the boys.
Comedian Ed Towns talks about leaving a Chiago bar with a woman and having sex so bad she decided to quit drinking and leave town (recorded at our live show). Ed, CJ and Sean joke about how you sometimes wake up from a night out, knowing you were the other person's rock bottom.
Comedian Vik Pandya talks about a time he was asked to join a threesome but was too drunk to enjoy it (recorded at our live show). Vik, CJ and Sean joke about how easy it is to misread the room when drunk, which leads to a discussion about misreading late-night signals while drinking. CJ shares some studies on why drunks get their signals crossed at bars and we hear from a Chicagoan who drunkenly hooked up with a neighbor during a family Christmas party.
Comedian Matty Ryan talks about a trip to Thailand that nearly killed him (recorded at our live show). Matty nearly died by falling, by explosion and was also nearly lost at sea, which leads to a discussion on drunken search parties. CJ and Sean share their own stories about the times they have gone missing and we hear from two people that were so drunk or hungover, they unknowingly joined their own search party.
The Blackout Diaries is a comedy show where standup comedians, plus 'regular' people (cops, firefighters, teachers, etc) tell true drinking stories. The live show has run weekly in Chicago for over ten years and has been a critics' pick by all major Chicago periodicals. This week features a teaser from Erica Clark, also known as Mr. T's daughter. The podcast is hosted by Sean Bair-Flannery and CJ Sullivan, two standup comedians and friends who have been featured on Comedy Central, Sirius Radio, NPR and more. They have over 30 years of standup experience between them and about 800 missed flights. Subscribe wherever pods are told.
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