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The World's Most Dangerous Morning Show, The Breakfast Club, With DJ Envy And Charlamagne Tha God!
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The Black Effect Presents... Gangster Chronicles! In this exclusive interview we spoke with legendary rapper DOC. We had the chance to discuss his new work w/ Snoop and Dr. Dre. We also re-visit his work with the late Eazy E and NWA. We also get the DOC's response to Ice Cube's classic "No Vaseline".See for privacy information.
The Hi-C Interview

The Hi-C Interview


In this exclusive, we have legendary West Coast rapper Hi-C in studio for a very rare sit down. We talk about the start of his career at the Roadium swap meet with the late Steve Yano's and Tony A along with Eazy E and Dr.Dre.  He then touches on the formation of his crew, DJ Quik, AMG, 2nd 2 None, Suga Free and the late Mausberg. Hi-C then talks about him and Quik being PIRU rapper's during a time when rappers kept their hood affiliation secret, and then we breakdown why Quik may be one of the greatest producers of all time. Crawf Dawg also shares some rare Suge Knight beatdown stories.- Press Play!See for privacy information.
The Black Effect Presents... The What?! Nyla, Mouse and producer D- Block list the top Storytelling rap songs of all time. Find out how many of Biggie’s classics cracked our list.  Tune in and comment in the socials below. Be sure to subscribe, rate, comment and share. Follow: @thewhathiphoppod @nylasymoneee @mouse_jonesSee for privacy information.
The Black Effect Presents... Laugh & Learn with Flame Monroe! Flame Monroe pleads for the necessity of voting for the re-election of Joe Biden and theorizes about a potential Trump-DeSantis ticket for candidacy for the forthcoming 2024 elections and examines the danger if that would happen. Tune in and comment in the socials below. Be su to subscribe, rate and share. Follow Laugh and Learn: @monroeflame @laughandlearnpodcastSee for privacy information.
The Black Effect Presents... Checking In With Michelle Wiliams! Michelle is back just to check in with you! In this episode, she discusses the difference between living and existing. She wants you to thrive! Michelle also gets into the ways your views on trust might impact your quality of life. CHECK IN to this episode if you’re ready stop existing and start living!    Make sure you’re following Michelle on social media! Instagram: @MichelleWilliams  Twitter: @RealMichelleW  See for privacy information.
The Black Effect Presents... Deeply Well! Understanding one’s sensitivity; over our emotions, mind, and spirituality can take time to examine and define. How do you respond to toxicity? How do you adapt? What is the name of what you’re going through? Finding the answers to these questions could lead you to being your full self. On today’s episode, Lalah Delia joins the conversation.  Delia is a bestselling author, educator, spiritual writer, certified spiritual practitioner, and founder of Vibrate Higher Daily School. She is leading seekers to self-empowerment and a life of more grace and high vibrations, and today she shares her story and her light with us. Learn More: Lalah Delia The Book: Vibrate Higher Daily Connect: @DeviBrown @LalahDelia  See for privacy information.
The Black Effect Presents... The Trap Nerds Podcast! Join us as we talk about Amazon taking on the God of War series. Snax also gives us his top comedy specials of 2022. We also congratulate Ash on finally winning something.  All of this and more on todays episode!See for privacy information.
Jehron Petty is Founder and CEO at ColorStack, a non-profit collegiate organization that helps Black and Latinx Computer Science students get degreed and hired. When he was at Cornell, he worked as an intern at google, and later turned them down for a full-time role to start his own entrepreneurial journey. On this episode, Jehron talks with AfroTech's Will Lucas about the pipeline for Black talent, personal branding while still in school, and overcoming barriers to Black students not graduating from college. Follow Will Lucas on Instagram at @willlucas Learn more at Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.comSee for privacy information.
The Black Effect Presents... The Trap Nerds Podcast Join us as we talk about Young Justice Season 4. We also talk anime with Head Nerds In Charge"s SiddeeQuah Love. All of this and more on todays episode.See for privacy information.
The Black Effect Presents... The What?! Who is the best producer in rap music? Dre Dre? Pharrell? Kanye? DJ Premier? Join Nyla, Mouse and legendary DJ/Producer Clark Kent for great convo on who's in the upper echelon of rap production. Be sure to subscribe, rate, comment and share. Follow @thewhathiphoppod @nylasymoneee @mouse_jones @djclarkkentSee for privacy information.
The Black Effect Presents... The Trap Nerds. Join us as we Review the She Hulk trailer. Dre and tony reviews the Halo tv show and Eli brings us a new game. All of this and more on todays episode. Get your podcast Merch Below! Want more The Trap Nerds content? ► SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: ► FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: @TheTrapNerdsPodcast ► FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: @TheTrap_Nerds ► LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: @TheTrapNerdsPodcast Be sure to check out your favorite hosts on social media! ► DRE: @popcorndazombie ► ELI: @TheRealSonEli ► TONY: @VxVash ► EXAVIER: @exmanpg Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more videos! See for privacy information.
'A life worth living is worth recording'. These are words to live by, from a great entrepreneur and speaker. On this episode, Will Lucas, Brand Manager for AfroTech and Black Tech Green Money discusses why you should put in the work to document your journey via a personal journal, blog, podcast, or YouTube channel, and how your story has value to both your audience and future-you. Follow Will Lucas on Instagram at @willlucas Learn more at   Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.comSee for privacy information.
A #IDKMYDE Forensic Files Style Episode ... A place for crime investigation listeners..., What happened to this legend exactly? REPORTS are organized by B Daht in this episode as AUDIENCE takes a RIDE ON A MURDER MYSTERY... “WHAT’S GOING ON?” A family feud...told from stories on file, of A bullet that gave new meaning to, “I gave you life, and I can take you out”?... B Daht explains more about this murder fact.See for privacy information.
Ep 43: Funny Money

Ep 43: Funny Money


What does our American Money stand for?... B Daht unpacks in this episode with full roast style comedy. How many racist people were given homage by placing them on our US printed currency? An evaluation through comedy on if we have picked our best contributors, or perhaps how we pick? JEFFERSONS, WASHINGTONS,... Men of our foundation A CONSIDERABLE QUESTIONABLE HISTORY B Daht evaluates historical origins of persons placed on US Money...See for privacy information.
LABOR DAY WEEKEND - THE END OF SUMMER...was started by a strike, for not acknowledging a group that most of us don’t realize we are celebrating today., BLACK PULLMAN PORTERS, A contributor that helped benefit Americans greatest growing industry : TRANSPORTATION, DISRUPTED by a dark battle over labor rights. The win was commensurated by OUR NATIONAL HOLIDAY A history of how previous slaves, and black railroad triumphed change for the industry... B Daht explains more about LABOR DAY, A national historical Black History Fact.See for privacy information.
FIRST WOMEN DRAFTED TO NBA... How misogyny affected the influx of women who competed at LEGENDARY LEVELS! Being a WOMAN IN A MAN’S WORLD; was light work for THE QUEEN OF BASKETBALL,...was even selected for the NBA that year before 33 MEN! You can find her story in an award winning film by Shaquille O'neal and Steph Curry. B Daht explains more about this women’s sports fact & living legend.See for privacy information.
A reflective approach to A LOT OF MONEY... Willa & Bruce’s beautiful story of development and preservation, INTERRUPTED BY A SEIZURE? Condemned - Demolished - Held - & finally A MOMENT FOR REPARATIONS ...or is it?... IS 20 MILLION ENOUGH? Reparations look unbalanced.... How can we fix and right our opportunities today? Bruce Beach - 2023. B Daht explains more about this current pop culture historical fact.See for privacy information.
Black Panthers''... A loaded history of misinformation & hidden information..., Early recruits & The beginning DISCOVERED & carved in order by B Daht relates the BPP dates to events like the assistnation of MLK & What he was miseducated about What was taught, and what was left out. PROGRAMING & POSITIVE CONTRIBUTIONS - Like Chakka Khan. B Daht explains more about his findings when evaluating a historical taboo with facts.See for privacy information.
A conversation opportunity for listeners... intimate story time with our host, How Black Folk view White Folk? A theory of prosed in thirds... ALLIES, KLAN, COMFORTABLE... A perspective on privilege .....prepped for crowd engagement online ... B Daht awaits viewer feedback about his theory - OPEN FOR DEBATE.See for privacy information.
There is a thin line between Love & Hate... December 26 1908 - The first African American World Heavyweight Boxing Champion was born. Boxing fights were social reflections for people during that day. A metaphor for race relations. A RETIRED CHAMPION, came out of retirement to stand for the white population A BATTLE OF THE CENTURY Listen for the cliffhanger... that had CONGRESS ban screening titled fights... B Daht explains the rules of attending fights in the 1900s, + more about this sport's historical fact that brought the country to a silence, and this World Heavyweight Boxing Champion who did more than win fights, making some enemies along the way.See for privacy information.
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y'all so soft bruh. Young Miami a thot and your scared to say it

Mar 22nd

Jordan Rivera

The co-host be flipp flopping, annoying AF. If you wrong, you wrong, no moving the goal posts

Mar 13th
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Barry Raymond

Unneeded digression on the relative advantages of "Defund the Police" The concern is not whether the chief is prejudiced toward additional officers; rather, it is whether those officers are effective.

Mar 2nd

Steven Maurice


Feb 4th


For the love of the Breakfast Club never have them two guest hosts back on 😂😂😂

Jan 20th


Envy gay as fuck.

Jan 8th

linda jones

best episode ever

Dec 5th


y'all mad? Angela ugly, Char ugly and Envy Ugly. universal standard

Nov 20th
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Don't want a baby don't have sex fucking idiots

Oct 4th

Wes Ortiz

r.i.p p.n.b

Sep 13th


In that case if she goes to a restaurant does she get a table for two and pay gratuity for two dumbasses?

Sep 9th


Y'all are so fuckin retarded. Hov lane is two or more bozos. Think y'all so smart but you're dumb

Sep 9th

Salome Odeny

If socio economic levels did not exist, in a perfect world Systematic racism would be anailated. Also shelters are full it is not a matter of choice not to go to a shelter, it is a matter of supply vs. demand. Perhaps the urban planners, police, educators,policy makers and mental health professionals should sit in one room to ignite these conversations

Aug 18th

Denny Newborn

Wow thats ghetto even for Charlemagne. wishing violence on skip for a lame trolling joke.

Aug 17th


For everyone listening to this show in podcast form, it has become pretty wack lately, but this show ISN'T a podcast, it's a radio broadcast that then gets recorded and uploaded into podcast form. The Breakfast Club themselves have nothing to do with the quality or format of the show in this specific medium, so please stfu with the "You need to fix this for your audience" bull shit. The vast majority of their audience listens through iHeart radio, it's not their fault that we're all too broke or live too far to catch it in that format. Fucking cry babies.

Aug 9th


If you cared about your audience, you all would do better with the editing Of these shows!

Jul 21st

Andre Wills

the editing sucks guys.. like who's editing these shows.. middle school kids?

Jul 12th
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