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The Black Effect Presents... The Gangster Chronicles! We have the opportunity to sit down with BDP's DJ Kenny Parker along with the homie SJ, one half of The Connected Experience podcast. We discuss him and his brother KRS-One's turbulent upbringing, KRS-One's early years as an aspiring MC and his love for Reggae, The Blastmaster KRS-One's legendary Juice Crew Diss, "The Bridge Is Over" and how KRS pushed him into becoming a DJ and producer. We then talk about PM Dawn getting tossed off stage by KRS-One and the repercussions behind the incident and his top selling new book "My Brother's name Is Kenny" The Greatest Hip Hop Story Ever Told, which you can purchase here Subscribe to "The Connected Experience" podcast Buy Some Official Merch Enter Code CD3IJXR0BH For Free Shipping In US  See for privacy information.
The Hi-C Interview

The Hi-C Interview


In this exclusive, we have legendary West Coast rapper Hi-C in studio for a very rare sit down. We talk about the start of his career at the Roadium swap meet with the late Steve Yano's and Tony A along with Eazy E and Dr.Dre.  He then touches on the formation of his crew, DJ Quik, AMG, 2nd 2 None, Suga Free and the late Mausberg. Hi-C then talks about him and Quik being PIRU rapper's during a time when rappers kept their hood affiliation secret, and then we breakdown why Quik may be one of the greatest producers of all time. Crawf Dawg also shares some rare Suge Knight beatdown stories.- Press Play!See for privacy information.
The Black Effect Presents... The Trap Nerds Podcast Join us as we talk about Young Justice Season 4. We also talk anime with Head Nerds In Charge"s SiddeeQuah Love. All of this and more on todays episode.See for privacy information.
The Black Effect Presents... The What?! Who is the best producer in rap music? Dre Dre? Pharrell? Kanye? DJ Premier? Join Nyla, Mouse and legendary DJ/Producer Clark Kent for great convo on who's in the upper echelon of rap production. Be sure to subscribe, rate, comment and share. Follow @thewhathiphoppod @nylasymoneee @mouse_jones @djclarkkentSee for privacy information.
The Black Effect Presents... The Trap Nerds. Join us as we Review the She Hulk trailer. Dre and tony reviews the Halo tv show and Eli brings us a new game. All of this and more on todays episode. Get your podcast Merch Below! Want more The Trap Nerds content? ► SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: ► FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: @TheTrapNerdsPodcast ► FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: @TheTrap_Nerds ► LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: @TheTrapNerdsPodcast Be sure to check out your favorite hosts on social media! ► DRE: @popcorndazombie ► ELI: @TheRealSonEli ► TONY: @VxVash ► EXAVIER: @exmanpg Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more videos! See for privacy information.
'A life worth living is worth recording'. These are words to live by, from a great entrepreneur and speaker. On this episode, Will Lucas, Brand Manager for AfroTech and Black Tech Green Money discusses why you should put in the work to document your journey via a personal journal, blog, podcast, or YouTube channel, and how your story has value to both your audience and future-you. Follow Will Lucas on Instagram at @willlucas Learn more at   Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.comSee for privacy information.
The Black Effect Presents... No Ceilings with Glasses Malone! On this episode Glasses Malone discusses the nuance of glorifying celebrities and at times placing unrealistic expectations on them. Riding shotgun on this episode Aja and Brit from The Cousins Podcast and special guest, film director & producer Ricky Horne Jr. Rate, subscribe, comment and share. Follow NC on IG @GlassesLoc @AjaTheRedHead @RealBritneyMichelle @ivanguard  See for privacy information.
The Black Effect Presents... Laugh & Learn! Flame and Lauren are back this week with a warning...COVER YOUR A**. They're unpacking whether selective free speech is under attack, Dave Chapelle's recent SNL appearance, Donald Trump, Kyrie's suspension debacle, the mid-term elections aftermath and more. Be sure to subscribe, rate and share. Follow Laugh and Learn: @monroeflame @laurenarmanih @laughandlearnpodcastSee for privacy information.
Is Amanda Seales misunderstood or is she just an unfiltered unapologetic loud voice, and you have to be informed on the topics before you can understand her critiques?  Seales is a Comedian and Common Sense Specialist and the creator of Smart, Funny & Black Radio. She gained her notoriety after making the radical decision to move across the country from New York to California and within four months was cast in HBO’s Insecure as Tiffany Dubois, she also explains how this character came to life. As she continues to grow her online community and within the public eye, it’s not without a little backlash but we have a feeling, she won’t go quietly into the night…in fact, she might just get louder and louder and LOUDER. Get informed: Join Amanda Seales on Tour: Smart, Funny & Black Tickets Connect: @CariChampion @AmandaSealesSee for privacy information.
Tezlyn goes in to discuss how the 'No Voting, No Vucking" ad is problematic.See for privacy information.
EP 89: A Do-What?!

EP 89: A Do-What?!


It’s Thursday! This week AJ and TamBam touch on a few hot topics, mainly Nia Long’s Big man letting his “little man” ruin his life. Secondly, Rihanna Bowl 2023 is in full effect, y’all going!? For the main topic Susan “The Birth Doula” Spells joins your host to discuss black women and pregnancy and how black women are over 3x more likely to die during pregnancy and postpartum than our white counterparts. Is at home birth the best option for us at this point?  Tune in!See for privacy information.
Mental health is wealth. Today Zuri is joined by Dr. Rheeda Walker to discuss the stigma of mental health within the Black community, how anxiety can take hold of our daily lives, how we can use psychological fortitude to begin our healing journeys, and her new book: The Unapologetic Guide to Black Mental Health. The conversation continues as Zuri and Dr. Rheeda explore the toll of high-functioning depression amongst Black women, why we need to reject the stereotype of being the strong friend, and the rising trend of death by suicide within the Black community. As July is BIPOC Mental Health Month, we want you to know that this episode is for everyone, regardless of race or ethnicity. There is something for everyone in this deeply meaningful, empowering, and informative episode.  If you feel triggered or need further assistance: The National Suicide Prevention and Crisis  Lifeline is 988 or  800-273-TALK (8255). Content Warning: 1:10:51 Share this episode with a friend NOW + let us know your favorite part of the convo: @ZuriHall and @HotHappyMess Don’t forget to hit for all the show notes mentioned in this episode and for ALL the deets on joining our exclusive Facebook group!  Recent episodes: if ya feel like binging:   ICYMI: Episode 66: How to Find a Therapist- A Complete Guide ICYMI: Episode 65: Here’s How to Use Astrology for Happiness, Love, Success, and Wellness ICYMI: Episode 64: How to Build Your Confidence and Become That Girl!!! ICYMI: Episode 62: How to Cultivate Unconditional Self Worth  ICYMI: Episode 61: How To Authentically Make (and KEEP) Friends as an Adult ICYMI: Episode 40: Got Peace? The Six Types of Boundaries to Reclaim Yourself  ICYMI: Episode 34:  Are You Ready to Slay Your Anxiety?!  Reclaim Your Life! This Woman Conquered Crippling Anxiety...And You Can Too! ICYMI: Episode 21.5: Soooo.... I BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! ICYMI: Episode 10: I Have Commitment Issues, Let's Chat, Attachment Styles Episode 1: How to Be Happy (But Also WTF Do I Know) See for privacy information.
The Black Effect Presents.... Cut To It. Former NFL tight end Jermichael Finley is cutting to it with Steve and G. This episode, the Texan-native shares how one injury changed his whole life and what it means to see ball as your only way out.See for privacy information.
The age of the divine masculine is here and the organization Sacred Sons is leading the charge in men's healing.  With the vision of brotherhood as medicine, they have been co-stewarding the return of the father archetype through men's relational and physical training. This week, Devi is joined by Adam Jackson, co-founder of sacred suns and host of the sacred sons' podcast to explore the ways in which men can begin their spiritual journey, Fatherhood, and the different ways within which men and women heal. The Sacred sons are committed to building alchemical spaces for men to be witnessed, heard, and accepted in their deepest truth so they can ignite their inner fire and show up fully present to life; offering healing circles, workshops, retreats, and online courses for men around the world. Learn More: Sacred Sons Connect and share your stories of fatherhood with us: @DeviBrown @adam___jacksonSee for privacy information.
Glasses and co. tackle the perceptions of street culture and those who desire that lifestyle. Is being a "lame" uncool? Are the lines blurred? Joining in the conversation are friends of the show, Pavy and TPJ from the Hoops N Brews podcast.  Rate, subscribe, comment and share. Follow NC on IG @GlassesLoc @Peter_Bas_Boss  @HoopsNBrewsSee for privacy information.
Michelle and Joe are keeping it real. Joe discusses being diagnosed with Autism as an adult, leaving the NFL to focus on his music career and the need for folks to be comfortable with telling the truth about how they feel. CHECK IN to this episode if your answer to the question “how are you?” is always “I’m good!”   Follow Joe on IG and Twitter: @jbdale72    To keep track of Joe’s music, visit      See for privacy information.
Nyla Symone and Mouse Jones catch up with the legendary DJ Clue to discuss his come up and the status of mixtapes in the current hip hop climate. Be sure to subscribe, rate, comment and share. Follow @thewhathiphoppod @nylasymoneee @mouse_jones @djclue       Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.comSee for privacy information.
The Black Effect Presents... Eating While Broke! It is not every day you can get Luenell in your kitchen. The Original Bad Girl of Comedy and actress kept it sloppy in our kitchen, no pun intended. Between just getting off tour with Katt Williams, promoting her latest movie Block party, and headlining her own tour she still found some time to share with us her classic struggle meal. The nostalgia was flowing as she shared compelling stories of her rise to fame, the sacrifices, and the lessons she learned along the way. Most of all in this episode you get to see how passion, discipline, drive, kindness, and comedy therapy made her the most recognizable face in almost all the black comedies we all know and love to date. Enjoy a good laugh on this episode!   Follow @EatingWhileBroke @luenell @wittcoline Learn more: Check out Block Party coming out in June Let us know your EWB Go-To-Meal @EatingWhileBroke See for privacy information. See for privacy information.See for privacy information.
American Me was supposed to help end gang violence — instead, it may have led to the murders of at least three people. Host Alex Fumero unpacks the story of American Me, a film directed by legendary Latino actor Edward James Olmos, and his choice to base the film on a real-life gang called the Mexican Mafia or La Eme. Did Olmos' decision to fictionalize the lives of these men lead to the murders of several crew members?See for privacy information.
LeToya Luckett

LeToya Luckett


On this week's episode of R&B Money, Tank and J Valentine are joined by singer/actress/designer LeToya Luckett. They discuss what it was like training to be a founding member of what became Destiny's Child. LeToya talk about her experience in performance bootcamp, being prepped to perform at anytime, in front of anybody. Her eventual transition into being a solo artist and overcoming fears of inadequacy and simply not having the group by her side on-stage, to tails from some of the roles she has played, including a serious moment between her and Tank during a take of The Preacher's Kid. Listen and Enjoy!   Follow the hosts Tank: @therealtank and J Valentine: @JValentineSee for privacy information.
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linda jones

best episode ever

Dec 5th


y'all mad? Angela ugly, Char ugly and Envy Ugly. universal standard

Nov 20th


Don't want a baby don't have sex fucking idiots

Oct 4th

Wes Ortiz

r.i.p p.n.b

Sep 13th


In that case if she goes to a restaurant does she get a table for two and pay gratuity for two dumbasses?

Sep 9th


Y'all are so fuckin retarded. Hov lane is two or more bozos. Think y'all so smart but you're dumb

Sep 9th

Salome Odeny

If socio economic levels did not exist, in a perfect world Systematic racism would be anailated. Also shelters are full it is not a matter of choice not to go to a shelter, it is a matter of supply vs. demand. Perhaps the urban planners, police, educators,policy makers and mental health professionals should sit in one room to ignite these conversations

Aug 18th

Denny Newborn

Wow thats ghetto even for Charlemagne. wishing violence on skip for a lame trolling joke.

Aug 17th


For everyone listening to this show in podcast form, it has become pretty wack lately, but this show ISN'T a podcast, it's a radio broadcast that then gets recorded and uploaded into podcast form. The Breakfast Club themselves have nothing to do with the quality or format of the show in this specific medium, so please stfu with the "You need to fix this for your audience" bull shit. The vast majority of their audience listens through iHeart radio, it's not their fault that we're all too broke or live too far to catch it in that format. Fucking cry babies.

Aug 9th


If you cared about your audience, you all would do better with the editing Of these shows!

Jul 21st

Andre Wills

the editing sucks guys.. like who's editing these shows.. middle school kids?

Jul 12th


hate the way the episodes are being broken up. too confusing and prefer listening straight through

Jul 8th

Melvin Jones

who's cutting up the show messing it all up. it's horrible to find the new episodes.

Jul 5th


Stop dividing the segments into different episodes please!

Jun 15th

Mars Johnston

shout to white castle survivors, never again

May 24th


Yo Breakfast Club, your episodes are automatically organized by season (which I know you don’t really have) on this app as opposed to by release date. Switch that setting please, it’s hiding new episodes from our view for whatever reason.

May 18th
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melvin rollins

really like he was rich he had like 10 kids really

May 4th

Terrance M.

Why yall a day behind?

Apr 27th

Terrance M.

Wassup with the late uploads? Cant even enjoy TBC during work anymore :(

Apr 26th

fettuccine DaVinci chinchilla


Apr 4th
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