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Buddy Brown takes his massive success of 400 million views and 2 Billboard Country albums to start his own podcast -Giving his take on Life, Music, God and Politics. Conservative views are getting harder to find and Buddy has a long history of telling it to you like family!
40 Episodes
Last Podcast of the Year! Make sure you drink this one up! The Persecution of the Jews leads to the same with Christians and ALL Americans. 2024 is the year of Destiny for those still fighting for Christ in the last hours while the Saints watch from Heaven. Time to DIG DEEP.
Buddy talks about Argentina's new Right-Wing President and does a little "Compare and Contrast" between the 2 Countries in case you were thinking of leaving after the next rigged election. Just food for thought!
This one's gonna challenge and encourage anyone trying to not raise Zombie clones in this day and age with every other mind numbed idiot kid out there trying to pulls your kids down. Buddy opens up about the high standards he and his wife have set for their 2 boys and how it's implemented. Hope this one is a huge encouragement to Godly parents trying to do the same!
Buddy will change the way you approach Turkey Day after you hear this podcast! Also Hot Takes from our current administration that'll leave no room for weak ears! 
Buddy talks politics and being grateful enough to give more to people. Also the need to buy land and hunt with your kids. It's your legacy and the American Dream!
Buddy prank calls his taxidermist to ask when his Chupacabra is gonna be ready. Also his time with Phil Robertson this week.
Buddy talks about Cleansing yourself from all negative because it's literally drinking poison, and also people who are negative magnets. How the verse "Life and Death are in the power of the tongue" is VERY real. 
This podcast is meant to get you in a good mood. Starting with the joys of Fall, and moving into helping those in your circle who've been truly loyal. How we thank them for being in our lives.
Buddy talks about RINO's and the future of Republicans that side with Left Wing Extremists. Also a personal revelation Buddy has had about forgetting to enjoy the things you fell in love with. This will hit HARD for guys over 35!
Buddy brings the Duck Dynasty men onboard (Phil & Si Robertson) to talk about life, God and their new movie The Blind which is out in theaters this weekend. This is a Backwoods Conversation you don't wanna miss!
America is like a bonfire waiting for a torch! Won't be long now and the Lord is preparing His leaders for this exact time. Also, Respect is needed more than love for most men. Time we separate the men from the boys!
Buddy went out to record a video last week, and let's just say...things did NOT go as usual. One of the funniest stories you'll ever hear. Also a lesson in Contentment when everything looks like its going to hell around us!
Buddy talks about a dream he had that woke him up in the middle of the night 2 years ago and how he feels it will be with the end of America. But the Protection of God's hand is everything! This episode will replace your coffee today if you missed your cup cause Buddy is gonna BRING IT on this one!
One of Buddy's favorite podcasts to date! Don't miss this one! A Scary football injury at last night's game gives Buddy a huge epiphany about American's allegiances.  And why Buddy believes Rich, Liberal, White WOMEN are the scum of the earth.
Buddy dissects to Maui fires and HIGHLIGHTS the questions that aren't getting asked! Pull up a seat and hear it from a good ole boy, not a beta male in a tight suit on your cable channel!
We've lost Charlie Daniels and John Wayne.  Phil Robertson & Ted Nugent are getting up in age! Buddy talks about being the one to carry on their legacy and why God has him where he is right now.
The Devil | Episode 24

The Devil | Episode 24


Buddy drops a very hard hitting lesson about how the Devil actually gives us "Good" things. But are they really Good? There's always a catch! 22 Minutes of straight up truth coming at you!
The spirit of July 4th! The good times. The hard times. How we live and respond to both!
Buddy teaches his son a HUGE life lesson on Facebook Marketplace and also how baseball teaches you about success and failure! This is a great comedic half hour listen on life from the one and only Buddy Brown.
Buddy throws a whole new and funny light on Men's Mental Health Month that'll make you remember how we fix things again! Getting certain hobbies directly influence what kind of fellowship you'll have in life and Buddy recommends a few great ones on this podcast, starting with a dang good cigar.
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