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The extremely popular and outspoken Candace Owens interviews fascinating guests on a variety of topics.
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Over the past few years, Candace Owens has had many important conversations on the issue of race relations with a powerful lineup of guests. In this special compilation episode, watch some of the most insightful moments and best discussions of racial issues from The Candace Owens Show. Subscribe so you never miss a new episode! 👉 Text PRAGERU to 64600 to receive notifications.
Being a feminist today means holding contempt for men, the nuclear family, motherhood, and femininity—going against everything the original women's movement stood for. In this special compilation episode, Candace Owens and her guests discuss why modern feminism is a departure from securing women’s rights to adopting leftist ideology. Subscribe so you never miss a new episode! 👉 Text PRAGERU to 64600 to receive notifications!
From the beginning, The Candace Owens Show has brought you an outstanding lineup of notable Hollywood guests. In this special compilation episode, Candace spotlights the most interesting interviews with memorable industry guests who rebuke left-wing Hollywood's intolerance, hypocrisy, narcissism, and victimhood. Subscribe so you never miss a new episode! 👉 Text PRAGERU to 64600 for notifications.
The Left has created a slew of terms such as “white guilt” and “white privilege” to collectively judge Americans by race. So is there actually systemic racism in our country? Carol Swain, Former Professor of Political Science and host of Be the People Podcast, and Candace Owens discuss.
Are American men less masculine than they were generations before? What environmental factors are impacting our health, economy, and society? Jacki Deason, host of “The Jacki Daily Show,” joins Candace to discuss these topics and more.
Cancel culture is destroying Hollywood. Celebrities are losing their careers because of their political beliefs, a tweet they wrote years ago, or simply for telling a politically incorrect joke. Comedian Bryan Callen joins Candace in the studio to discuss the dangers of groupthink in entertainment.
Watch some of 2020’s best moments from The Candace Owens Show — a monumental year with a powerful lineup of guests. Here are some of the best interviews and memorable moments. Don’t miss it!
Students who hold conservative ideas are shunned on the college campus today. Nick Engstrom, a student at Trinity College, shares how he was harassed and received death threats for simply trying to start a group promoting Western values. Don’t miss his powerful story.
Why are many Black immigrants from Africa politically conservative? If America is a land of systemic racism, why are so many of them thriving today? Melissa Tate, author of Choice Privilege and an immigrant from Zimbabwe, joins Candace this week to discuss. Don’t miss it! Get your copy of Choice Privilege here:
What does it take for someone to get banned from social media? Today, it amounts simply to speaking the truth. British media personality Katie Hopkins joins Candace to discuss the dark road that cancel culture and politically correct speech lead to, and why America should heed warnings from disturbing trends in the U.K.
Dr. Stella Immanuel was censored on every social media platform after she questioned the mainstream media’s narrative on COVID-19. So why has medicine become so politicized and polarizing? She discusses this and much more on this episode of The Candace Owens Show.
In an age of microaggressions, emotional support animals, and safe spaces, Americans are becoming experts in victimhood and entitlement. Adam Corolla, comedian and holder of the Guinness World Record for most-downloaded podcast, joins Candace to discuss the state of a coddled America and why teaching people to be victims is the worst thing you can do for them. Subscribe so you never miss a new episode! 👉
Jeffrey Epstein’s elite trafficking ring has been covered up by the media and the powerful. So what is the truth about Epstein and his partner Ghislaine Maxwell, and who would go to such lengths to protect this criminal operation? Mike Cernovich, journalist and filmmaker, breaks down the details of the Epstein case.
Police officers have become the targets of violent activists who are seeking to upend America as we know it. Heather Mac Donald, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and author of The War on Cops, is in the studio this week to break down the myths behind “systemic racism” and “police brutality.” Subscribe so you never miss a new episode! 👉
Is self-love the key to finding happiness and fulfillment? Allie Stuckey, host of “Relatable” and the author of You're Not Enough (& That's Okay), joins Candace to debunk the myths surrounding our self-help culture and why it’s toxic to society. SUBSCRIBE so you never miss a new episode! 👉
Why are leftists siding with radical Islamic regimes? Zuhdi Jasser, president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, discusses why leftism and Islamism are a natural alliance paired to dismantle American democracy.
Matt Walsh, host of The Matt Walsh Show on the Daily Wire, joins Candace Owens to share a few inconvenient truths on Black Lives Matter, the COVID-19 shutdowns, censorship, and parenting. Don’t miss it!
Socialism is a disastrous form of government. At the end of the Reagan era, however, it appeared that socialism had been assigned to the ash heap of history. So what is fueling socialism’s revival in America? Dinesh D’Souza, author of The United States of Socialism, joins Candace this week to discuss.
What is driving racial tensions in America? KingFace, conservative activist and founder of the D.A.D. Project, sits down with Candace Owens for a conversation on how Black culture shapes political ideology. Watch now.
Is Black Lives Matter hurting or helping the Black community? Does it represent — or is it a diversion — from the Dream of Martin Luther King, Jr.? Candace Owens and Marc Lamont Hill discuss race relations in America from opposite ends of the political aisle. Tune in!
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Chuck Nelson

how can I get newer podcasts from Ms Owens?

Apr 25th

Sarah Dublin

I'm sorry Mr. Kirk but I never heard of you before this episode 😅 Good to meet you!!

Jan 24th

Abdikadirm Farah

ILOVE you Candace Owens you&your family biden&teachers unions they don't want to reopen &go back to school why they love to lockdown???.

Sep 13th

Abdikadirm Farah


Sep 11th

Lynette Roquemore

as AA ada AA JJ has z me LL lua up h his GC HH n all lol Jlj Lol ulah up kk LH k up JJ up hjHah up ohhla JJ a lil oil kg aww l ll ha l lakhs up kk jlalj LL hHJK lol lol l kk hell loll lol LL LL LL LLL LL l ll LL LL jil lhjll with all of KK he up gl Kelly ll LL

Jul 3rd

B Money

I love her show. She simply speaks the truths that all of us in silence are afraid to say/support.

May 13th

Kiat Huang

Bi-racial kids? Oppressed *and* Privileged - the best of both worlds! ;-/

May 6th

Pana Otis

real question. why nine children when they are so poor??

Apr 8th
Reply (1)

Brooke 2020

this is what kids should listen to and then have opinions come up and debate within the classroom.. not tu pac

Apr 6th


The I agree with some statements made by Hawk until he spoke about nutrition and voter suppression. Hawk has been “told” to regurgitate specific occasions that sound racially motivating. Democratic Party is the king of perpetual nothingness... and eventually it is Hawk who comes out to say that.

Mar 26th


the fact this is in education...

Mar 25th

Lori Daly

What a great woman!

Feb 24th

Brooke 2020

Candace! Great podcast. Can you list the old books with words meaning their definition? I'd love to read "real English" books

Feb 2nd

Subhadra Dasi

Please help Kanye, he got stomped on for liking Trump.😭🙏❤

Jan 21st

Brad DeShano

amazing interview. thank both of you.

Jan 18th


wowww because pragerU is absolutely educational and everyone learns good things from it

Jan 14th


This dude is just ridiculous.

Dec 21st

Chauncey Bones

Can you get Jayson Whitlock on your show????

Dec 3rd

Brooke 2020

Thank you for sharing this! We will not fear.

Nov 19th

Troy Allen


Nov 17th