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Top 3 Money Mistakes

Top 3 Money Mistakes


Which Money Mistakes do you live by EVERYDAY which are costing you your money?
The concept of first or last sounds unfair, but first place is the only place you want to be in, it earns more rewards.
Feed The Beast

Feed The Beast


Success matters! Reaching your potential will feed you, drive you, and push you to where you need to be. feed the beast and starve the doubt!
Steps To Success

Steps To Success


In order to obtain and keep success, you will not be able to compromise on discipline. Here are 32 successful traits and habits to live by...
First thing you need to do is change your target and you need to look at the target daily!      
Give Give Give

Give Give Give


Selling is the act of giving. As much as you give in life I believe that it will equal to the amount that you get...
Finding your driving force is critical for you to get to those goals that you believe are a real reality and not just some concept that you think can not happen
Power Schedule

Power Schedule


Time multiplied by your actions, equals the measure of your advance. Most people complain they don't have time which just takes up time. Keeping a disciplined tight schedule may help you with this.
Millionaire Mindset

Millionaire Mindset


I want to help you reach millionaire status by simplifying the process of becoming one. Anyone can do this by putting in the work and doing the following...
Motivation For Your Life

Motivation For Your Life


You need to start investing in YOURSELF, it's the only guarantee pay back... 
Get the formula on how to create a billion dollars of net worth for yourself. If you want to do more than a billion, I'll show you how to get to whatever number you want.
If you want to be successful, achieve financial freedom, have time with family, and choose to do what you want then you need to learn one essential tool to fulfill these goals.
What's happening in the world AFFECTS you and your family. During these uncertain times, there are three thing you can do... We are also days away from the BESt event on this planet! Get your virtual tickets at 
A Housing Bubble is typically characterized by significant spike in home prices that is not related to other economic fluctuations or fundamentals. The median price of a home has topped $350,000 nationally. With numbers like that, it’s hard to believe this isn’t a housing bubble, but real estate analysts agree it’s not. Here’s what’s really going on.
With interest rates going up, buying real estate may be an even smarter move given how inflation will push rent prices higher.
In order to be successful you must learn the secrets of being a professional seller.  Every dollars that I have made is a direct result of learning how to sell. You want to know the ultimate difference between the rich or poor? You have to learn to sell.    
In today's Podcast, I will cover the concept of 10X and how it can be more to you than just a pipe dream. Its the secret sauce that made me who I am today, and it can be exactly what you are missing!
You have come to the right place if you want to learn how to get rich with investing in Real Estate. I have some tips and tricks that will help you get deals with no money down.
The number one way to reduce your taxes is to first know where to invest your money. 
To invest is to commit money in order to earn a financial return. There are many ways you can invest your money to make a financial return, I am going to show you the only ways that matter in 2022.
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Michael Gavin

You don't make money, you get money. Think this was holding me back. I'm not the printer am I?

Jun 20th

Mobin Yaghoobi


Jun 5th

Edward Lindsey


May 29th


cardone is just trying to get people to join his $25,000/year investment club. Crazy Scam lol

Mar 18th

Annette Sindiga

This was wonderful information. I'm 20 years old and in the Military and that's my only source of income. What can I do keeping in mind that i have no business, to increase my income? I've been considering E-commerce over the last few months.

Apr 5th
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Nov 3rd

John Hill

Superb lesson !

Nov 3rd

ilham zeynalov

Useful advices

Sep 16th

Marko Ilnitski

Professional in the work

Sep 4th
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