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DJ and radio host DJ Envy and his wife Gia Casey will explore the good, bad, ugly and beauty of relationships and family. Join them every week as they let you in on past experiences, give advice, talk to celebrity couples and give you two sides to every situation.
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In this episode, DJ Envy and Gia Casey commemorate their 23rd wedding anniversary as well as their daughter's graduation from NYU. They take a moment to reflect on their shared journey, expressing their deep affection and gratitude for one another. The couple also delve into the significance of having a robust support system and the immense joy derived from witnessing their children's growth and triumphs. Amidst their conversation from the email of the week, trust within relationships emerges. Particularly the challenges associated with maintaining close friendships with individuals of the opposite sex. DJ Envy candidly reveals his insecurities and divulges why he harbors mistrust towards men who engage closely with his wife. Throughout the discourse, DJ Envy and Gia Casey explore the notion of maintaining male best friends while committed to a romantic relationship. DJ Envy openly communicates his unease and discomfort regarding his spouse's male friendships, asserting his belief in safeguarding his wife from potential conflicts by limiting her interactions with other men. On the contrary, Gia advocates for trust and autonomy within relationships. Furthermore, they share personal anecdotes and experiences that have shaped their viewpoints on this particular subject matter. Let’s talk about it… 🗣️🗣️  Follow Us On IG! DJ Envy: Gia Casey: Casey Crew Podcast: Want Out the Youtube Page
In this engaging dialogue, Gia Casey and her daughter, Madison, delve into a variety of topics, including Madison's aspirations in the realm of real estate, her romantic relationship, and the exceptional bond they share as mother and daughter. They also take a moment to ponder the significance of respect, appreciation, and the imparting of valuable life lessons in parent/child relationships. Gia, a firm believer in instilling gratitude and humility in her children, shares her parenting philosophy, while Madison expresses heartfelt gratitude for her mother's unwavering support and understanding. Throughout their conversation, Gia and Madison underscore the vital role of honesty and integrity, the importance of establishing boundaries when it comes to language, and the unique challenges presented by age gaps in relationships. For the email of the week, they offer insightful advice on nurturing a healthy parent-child dynamic and effectively handling instances of disrespectful behavior. Gia places particular emphasis on employing positive reinforcement and implementing appropriate consequences to instill within children a deep sense of respect and responsibility. Let’s talk about it…🗣️🗣️ Follow Us On IG! DJ Envy: Gia Casey: Casey Crew Podcast: Want Out the Youtube Page
In today’s episode, DJ Envy and Gia Casey dive deep into the intriguing topic of relationship courtship. They share a fascinating story about a friend who was asked to accompany a new person she’s been dating on a trip, on which he would cover all of the expenses. Over time and as the trip was being planned, she noticed a gradual change in his behavior. To her surprise, he asked her to share (go halfsies) on all of the expenses, as though it was never going to be his treat in the first place. 😒😒 Thoughts? The Caseys engage in a thought-provoking conversation about the importance of effective communication and setting expectations in any relationship. Drawing from their own personal experiences, they generously provide valuable insights and offer practical advice to individuals facing similar situations. This captivating discussion also leads to an exploration of gender roles, highlighting the significance of mutual consideration and appreciation for each other's efforts. The email of the week presents a compelling dilemma: A woman struggling with the decision to keep a secret from her partner. The hosts passionately discuss both sides of the argument and provide guidance to those involved. So, let's delve into this thought provoking dialogue and discuss it together... 🗣️🗣️. Follow Us On IG! DJ Envy: Gia Casey: Casey Crew Podcast: Want Out the Youtube Page
New Podcast Episode Alert! 🚨 Join Raashaun and Gia as they explore the benefits of kids participating in extracurricular activities. The couple then dives deep into a personal discussion on the dynamics of introducing sex toys into their relationship, revealing DJ Envy's initial reservations about Gia's favorite toy. 🫢 How do sex toys fit into your relationship? Can they create insecurities? 😅 Additionally, the Caseys share insights into why some of their children might be intimidated by Raashaun and his authoritative presence. They delve into the balance of being friendly with their children while upholding parental boundaries and respect. Raashaun also reflects on how his upbringing has shaped his approach to parenting. Let’s dive into these topics...🗣️🗣️ Follow Us On IG! DJ Envy: Gia Casey: Casey Crew Podcast: Want Out the Youtube Page
New Podcast Alert! 🚨 On today’s episode Raashaun & Gia discuss the pros and cons of having kids at an early age, versus having kids in your 40s. With experience on both ends of the spectrum, they weigh in on the topic. They discuss some of the differences between being a young parent vs. being an older parent. During this segment, Gia expresses the importance of freezing eggs for women of a certain age who are not yet ready to have children. The convo then shifts as they discuss some common do’s and dont’s in a relationship. How comfortable are you going to the bathroom around your partner? 👀 Are some things just off the table even if you’ve “ been together forever”? They end the episode with two very similar yet interesting emails that share the topic of, “Caring for your spouses feelings when dealing with a serious and sensitive issue.” Let’s just say one of email’s subject line read, “Snores Himself To Divorce…” Yikes! 😅 Let’s talk about it…🗣️🗣️
After a two-year hiatus, DJ Envy and Gia Casey are back. They discuss the challenges they faced during their break, including the absence of a long-term nanny and the impact it had on their relationship and sex life. They also talk about their new living situation, with their oldest daughter and her boyfriend temporarily living with them. The couple shares their goals of providing financial stability for their children and supporting their passions, such as competitive dance, basketball and soccer. In this conversation, DJ Envy and Gia Casey discuss various topics including paving the way for their children’s success, family dynamics and the challenges of finding time for intimacy in a busy life. They also express gratitude for the support they have received from their listeners. Let’s talk about it 🗣🗣....
The Book is officially out and available on all platforms!! Envy & Gia are both so excited for you to read and share your thoughts on their latest project. Those who have read the book described it as a relationship guide full of gems. One particular section of the book is called “25 Questions To Ask yourself Before You Get Married”, in which they urge their readers to consider several things before taking that big step. Envy asks Gia 5 questions from the section. Gia goes on to give her definition of love and breaks it down throughly as she describes what she’s learned while being married. Have your views on marriage differed over the years? Can you and your spouse define what a healthy marriage looks and feels like? Do you agree with some of the 25 questions both Envy and Gia came up with to ask before marriage? The conversation continues as they discuss the importance of money management and their faith in their marriage. Gia shares a story about Envy that made her leave him at the mall. Let’s talk about it…
The ladies are back with another powerful episode, but this time it surrounds some of the topics in Envy & Gia’s upcoming book. 👯‍♀️📕Gia gave an exclusive advanced copy to her girlfriends and they all read it and come back to the table with comments and notes. ✍🏽 Gia started off the conversation asking her friends, “What audience stands to gain the most from reading this book?” Surprisingly, they all confidently said, men! 👀 As the night went on the ladies all shared personal stories, cracked jokes and shed tears during this deep episode. 🌪 Everyone at the table opened up and exposed their more vulnerable sides as the conversations expanded. They all share their takeaways from the book without spilling everything it has to offer. You all know a girl talk session is NEVER short, so get comfy and tune into a very honest and safe conversation amongst Gia and her friends. ⏳ Fellas, this an opportunity to gain insight on some relatable topics that these ladies explored in regards to dating, self healing and relationships. There are a o many gems in this episode!!! Share your favorite or the one that you related to the most below in the comment section. 💎 Let’s talk about it…
Last week Envy interviewed Gia and asked questions relating to the book. This week, roles were reversed and Envy was in the hot seat! 🥵 We all know Gia to be very detailed oriented when it comes to answering questions or listening to all of your emails.📧 Her questions started off light and allowed Envy to speak about about how he felt Gia pushed him to go from good to great in his career early on. He went on to discuss the strength of their relationship and how it helped grow their success. Envy even quotes, “The biggest gift and takeaway from the book is the definition of love.” Gia shifts the conversation having Envy dig deep and describe the feeling of love simply by asking, “What does it mean to love or be in love with someone? Many people know their love language, but they don’t describe the actual definition of what love is and how it makes them feel”. She also asked the question, “what would you say to those who chant, “once a cheater always a cheater…?” Tune in and find out Envy’s responses. As you watch and/or listen, ask yourself some of the same questions Gia asked Envy and leave how you would answer the question in the comment section below. Let’s talk about it…
Envy and Gia have been through a journey from the birth of their babies, deaths, growth, joys, pains, etc. They have spoke about their experiences over the years on the podcast, sharing all the magic that holds them together. With the upcoming book release date approaching (April 19th), Envy decided to interview Gia asking her questions pertaining to the book. During the interview, Gia shares how she receives so many DMs, & emails asking questions along the same thread about relationships, family and life, that writing the book was a way to answer them all. She concludes her interview saying that she hopes the journey she shares with Envy inspires others to uncover their own personal magic within themselves and or their relationships. Let’s talk about it… The 📧 Email Of The Week 📧 comes from a listener who questioned, “Is their a statue of limitations to feel a way about your spouses ex…”? If you had to be around your spouses ex that they had a sexual relationship with in the past, could you be cordial or would you be petty like Envy? The listener shares a story of a run in with a ex that she lost her virginity to. How would you handle being in a similar situation?
In case you’re just joining, Gia invites some of her closest friends for a “relationship status”conversation at Benz’s house. In Part 1, the ladies each expressed why they think it’s so hard to find a GOOD man. The conversation continues as they discuss some of the barriers that they have faced in their personal situations. Would being single ultimately stop you from having children? Have you thought about freezing your eggs? Could you be in a long distance marriage? Has past trauma been a detriment to your current relationship? Tune in to a very emotional yet healing conversation in part 2 of ladies night. Let’s talk about it…
Happy Women’s Month ladies!! And what would be better than to kick off the first podcast of the month with Gia and her girlfriends? Gia invites some of her closest friends for a “relationship status”conversation, in which they all reveal the highs and lows of where they are presently in their love lives (or lack there of). They are all going through situations we’re sure you can relate to in some way. They discuss how it feels living in today’s society - single, married, in long a distance relationship and more… Ladies, do you feel as though it is hard to find a GOOD man today? Do you find yourself lowering your standards and settling just to achieve your end goal? How many of you have put excessive pressure on yourselves because your biological clock is beating a hole in your head and your heart? Have any of you ever thought about freezing your eggs or having a baby on your own? Are you more career oriented or family focused and how has either played a role in the success of your relationships? Let’s just say that the sun came up on this particular night as these ladies had so much catching up to do. Let’s talk about it…
What are your thoughts about people who put their business on social media for public consumption? We all have naturally done things through spite, out of anger and in the heat of the moment. But have you ever taken to the public forum regarding your gripes - meaning, have you ever resorted to social media in an effort to vent about your relationship? In your opinion, could this ever be a good idea? If so, how far is too far? Envy & Gia share their experiences and opinions on the subject. Would you agree that social media outbursts do more harm to a relationship than good? If so, then what, in your opinion is the proper protocol to make amends privately? The conversation continued as Envy expressed that the best way for him to resolve most conflicts is to keep the conversation short and appear as though you agrees with Gia, in order to avoid a long, drawn out conversation. In this mind - if she’s happy, he’s happier. He uses the, “less is more” approach and has no desire to ‘dig deep’. Meanwhile, Gia believes that more is more and always wants to get to the root of behavior through in-depth discussions… ie. “But tell me WHY you are sorry…” She questions Envy until she gets an understandable explanation regarding why he prefers not to communicate at times… Who’s side are you on? Let’s talk about it….
How sprung are you in your relationship? Would you be able to let go if your partner was over you? Are you the type to sing in the rain outside your X’s window to get them back? Exactly how far would you go to win their love back? Envy talks about how he would buy all the property surrounding Gia’s new house and sit on a lawn chair in his front yard just to keep tabs on her… Are y’all surprised??? The conversation continued onto the subject of a bride telling her father that she did not want him to walk her down the aisle at her wedding…😳 Despite your past drama and who was or was not at fault, would you still attend the wedding if you were her father? The bigger question is - would you swallow your pride and show support to someone who has drastically disappointed you? Let’s talk about it… The 📧 Email Of The Week 📧 is from a listener who is fed up with her significant other who is financially inept. He is educated, but lacks ambition and hasn’t been able to hold a job down for the last five years. His excuse is that he finds that the jobs that are available to him or beneath him. She has lost sexual attraction to him and his overall disgusted by his entitlement and laziness… What advice would you lend to her???
The Casey‘s have been away for a couple of weeks, but for good reason… They were busy taking Disney by storm as they enjoyed their first holiday away from home. They had a magical, action packed and exhaustive very Disney Christmas indeed! Before the trip even began, Envy was already exhausted by counting the amount of bags that Gia packed! 13!!! You already know by now that it takes her 3 hours to get ready, so can you imagine how long it takes her to pack for a family of 8?! 🥴 They take you through their entire Disney experience as a family, Including their action packed schedule and discuss what it was like doing 12 hour park days with a newborn. They continue by discussing their New Year’s resolutions and hopes for 2022. What are your New Year’s resolutions and how do you plan on making life better for those around you? Let’s talk about it!!!
In part 2 of their comeback, Envy & Gia walk you through how she felt during her pregnancy all the way up to delivery day. They laugh about some of the funny moments they shared and describe how everything came full circle the moment she held baby Peyton. You all remember The Casey Crew gender reveal at MetLife Stadium and the beautiful moment when Gia found out baby #6 was going to be a girl. Now, let’s fast forward to the day baby Peyton was born… Ironically and while Gia was in labor, the entire family went to MetLife stadium (yet again) for Logan’s championship football game that morning! They left the game (which Logan‘s team won 😀) and went straight to the hospital to have the baby. Gia’s mom was definitely with her during both moments, as MetLife Stadium was a symbol of her presence. Let’s talk about it…
🗣Hello Hello Hello Beautiful People!!! The Casey Crew is finally back!! 😁The crew just got bigger as they welcome baby Peyton into the family. After you all waited so patiently, we’ll maybe not so patiently 😅, they have so much to catch you up on. In addition to sharing our incredible news about the arrival of baby #6, they just finished their book! ♥️📖 ♥️ It is called Real Life, Real Love… Life Lessons on Joy, Pain and The Magic That Holds Us Together. It is currently available for pre-sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. This book taps into the wheres, the whys and the hows as they dissect their relationship from the beginning to present. The Casey’s express their book as a journey and labor of love that will provide their supporters and readers with something tangible to serve as a reference point for relationships and family. Also in this podcast, Envy discusses some of the crazy things Gia did all the way up to her final moments before giving birth, while Gia shares how she felt during such an anticipated pregnancy. So much has happened and this is only Part 1 of the come back! 🤗
Episode 199: Baby #6!

Episode 199: Baby #6!


First and foremost, we want to thank everyone for all of the texts, DMs, emails, well wishes and prayers that you have sent. We felt the outpouring of love to our core…💫 It truly helped carry us during this very painful time for our family. We appreciate your patience during our break, which allowed us time to grieve our loss the best way that we know how. In today’s episode, Gia and Envy discuss the unexpected loss of her mother and their personal process of healing… If you have ever lost someone that you loved, you may relate to today’s episode and you may also find friends in coping ❤️‍🩹 We missed you all and it feels good to be back. So much has happened during this time. As you all may know by now, we are pregnant with baby #6. We are extremely excited and grateful for this blessing 🙏🏽 If you are a regular listener/viewer of our podcast, you are familiar with our pregnancy journey. Listen in today as we fill you in on this final step ♥️ What do you think we having💙 or 💕? Comment below…. #tanlinesamessfromvacay ☀️🥴
Do you agree with this saying? If a person is serious about you, do you expect them to “share you with the world”? Do you expect them to be proud of you and want to show you off? If this is the case, and they don’t, what does that say to you about their intentions, commitment and your relationship as a whole? This issue is the cause of a lot of strife between couples in this day of social media... Envy and Gia have this conversation as it touches on other topics such as what influences young men to cheat and the logic behind why certain women choose to stay with a cheating man... Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
What is your definition of flirting? Do you view it as an innocent act or, rather, the beginning of something potentially more serious? Do you think that it is completely inexcusable or that there simply should be boundaries when you are in a relationship? Have you ever been in a relationship where flirting (by you or your partner) lead to something deeper? Do you believe that having a “work husband” or “work wife” is inappropriate, even though these type of relationships may happen organically? Lastly, do you think that being too nice to a person can turn into a mixed signal implying interest when there, in all actuality, is none? Let’s talk about it…
Comments (24)


very good podcast

Aug 10th

Saprina McGill

I think you can be in love with 2 people if you aren't committed to either one.

Aug 5th
Reply (1)


This is everything.... Thank you for this. I can totally relate. We have a 13yr old boy and it's the exact same issue.

Jun 11th


You guys are so awesome! I wish I could sit and talk with you all sometime. So profound!

May 10th

Oladipupo Abodunrin

This was actually good, I thought I would be bored to death. I think I've found another podcast to add to my collection.

Feb 15th

Betty G

My favorite all time podcast :)

Nov 29th

Daavon Stackhouse

every show she refuses to let him have an opinion

Nov 28th

Jenny Davidson

this episode is my favorite

Nov 23rd

Erik Cahoun

Trump is Archie Bunker

Oct 15th


I just watched the cheating episode and damn envys excuse is weak asf, I really cannot believe she stayed with him

Aug 24th

Laterice Queen

Thank you for this podcast, it is so therapeutic for me currently going through my current situation with my man of 4 years. Literally had me in tears cause I feel every single word and can relate. An outsider swooping in during a time when my man is at his lowest, etc. its destroying my family

Aug 9th

Jay H

This has to be by far one of the best episode.

Aug 6th

Cynthia Robertson

I understand Envy's position. He trust you not himself which creates the insecurity. His past transgressions still haunt him. You're human so the proverbial possiblity is ALWAYS an option. Envy has to forgive himself in order for that perspective to dhift

Jul 25th

Damian Dominic


Jun 12th

Shani Shep

school buses where i live dont have seat belts just the small ones for kids.

May 24th

Cynthia Robertson

emailer needs to focus 100% on healing herself and becoming WHOLE. You need to find value within yourself so you can be the BEST you possible. Therefore the RIGHT man can come along and love you healthily. LOVE YOU FIRST! You feel this way bc you placed more value on him and how he made you feel than you have on yourself. pray hard daily (ask, believe, confess victory) listen to videos, blogs read self love books try the One University let God love and heal you one day at a time.

May 23rd

Cynthia Robertson

I agree with Envy. Giving 3 plus chances is way to much. Same thing happened with my son and I gave a combination of you alls advice. 1st warn child and advise teacher plus principal. Next time light that ass up.

May 9th

Cynthia Robertson

Gia, you are being over protective. You waiting 8 months does not lower the probability of something happening to her while in the car with someone else.

May 8th

Rosella Richardson

Gia, I appreciate your perspective on this podcast. I literally cried when you described the teenage girls jumping you. That broke my heart because I can't imagine. Today I am listening to the unfair teachers podcast and the way you handled it was very professional. I'm glad that you keep your husband in check, I have to tame my husband at times as well. Anyway, thank you both for being real. Nice balance.

Apr 5th

Norty Nortum Batabazi

this is lit 😄😍

Feb 27th
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