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Charlie is America's hardest working grassroots activist who has your inside scoop on the biggest news of the day and what's really going on behind the headlines. The founder of Turning Point USA and one of social media's most engaged personalities, Charlie is on the front lines of America’s culture war, mobilizing hundreds of thousands of students on over 2,500 college and high school campuses across the country, bringing you your daily dose of clarity in a sea of chaos all from his signature no-holds-barred, unapologetically conservative, freedom-loving point of view.

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The Biden classified documents issue has gone from an embarrassment to a full-blown FBI investigation. Charlie gives an opinion that might surprise many: It's not good when the 4th branch of government can unseat a president, regardless of party. Plus, Charlie breaks down Ron DeSantis's epic month fixing education in Florida, then chats with Senator Rick Scott about the latest in his battle with Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.Support the show: for privacy information.
"In the beginning was the Word." So opens the Gospel of John. But what does that mean, and why was it such a revelation to the Greek speakers who first heard it? Dr. Jeff Myers, president of Summit Ministries, joins Charlie to discuss this and other deep Biblical topics, and then digs into a key question for the present: What makes people today so willing to repeat lies, and so terrified to speak the truth?Support the show: for privacy information.
Mark Houck committed no crime, but his pro-life activism caused the Biden Administration sent armed FBI agents to assault his house, humiliate him, and put him on trial for trumped-up charges. Freshly-vindicated after one of the shortest trials in history, Mark joins Charlie to tell his story and celebrate his victory. Then, the show pivots to the latest assault on American freedoms, as Charlie covers the case of Douglass Mackey, currently on trial for what the Biden Admin says are criminal memes. Attorney James Lawrence lays out why Mackey's case is so unprecedented and should worry Americans everywhere.Support the show: for privacy information.
According to new reports, Nikki Haley is about to put her hat in the ring for president. Charlie looks back over Haley's career to ask the important questions: Is she a worthy candidate, and can she actually win? Then, Charlie is joined by Senator Ted Cruz, who does not hold back on the abominable crisis on the southern border, and specific man who bears responsibility for it. Charlie closes by relaying his, and Morgan Freeman’s, opinion about Black History Month.Support the show: for privacy information.
For decades, Republicans have relied on old-fashioned political tactics to win elections, while Democrats embrace and master the latest technology. Tech expert Jason Begich joins with a proposal, and a warning: Unless the Right launches a well-funded "Manhattan Project" to improve its digital prowess, and quickly, it will lose the 2024 election before the campaign even begins. Plus, Raheem Kassam joins to tear apart Pfizer's corrupt bid to debunk the latest Project Veritas story.Support the show: for privacy information.
The war in Ukraine is grinding to a bloody stalemate. Gains are measured in yards instead of miles, but the fighting still costs thousands of lives. But instead of negotiating a peace, American leaders seem determined for the war to go on forever. Col. Douglas MacGregor joins to argue that Ukraine's position is far weaker than believed, and gives his take on what must happen to bring peace now before disaster strikes. Plus, Trump attorney Christina Bobb joins to discuss her thesis on the 2020 election: The Democrats stole it, but Republicans covered it up.Support the show: for privacy information.
When ordinary Americans insider trade, they can go to prison. So why is Nancy Pelosi allowed to do it with impunity? Sen. Josh Hawley joins Charlie to discuss his new bill that would end shady Congressional stock trading for good. Plus, Charlie responds to the left's outrage over an indisputable truth: Beethoven is a transcendent artist and genius, and no amount of liberal whining will ever change that.Support the show: for privacy information.
Project Veritas's bombshell new video is its biggest story ever, with nearly 30 million views on Twitter alone. Yet it's been almost totally blacked out in the wider media. Dr. Robert Malone joins Charlie to react to that stunning story, as well as remarkable new video of an elite athlete admitting his physical talents have been dramatically curtailed by the aftereffects of a Covid shot. Plus, Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo joins to discuss his book Transcend Fear.Support the show: for privacy information.
Despite the best efforts of CNN and the New York Times, the Tyre Nichols video failed to ignite a new wave of nationwide riots. Heather Mac Donald joins Charlie to expose the real lessons of Memphis: How affirmative action and racial preferences lower standards, promote incompetence, and endanger lives. Plus, Will Hild lays out the sinister threat of ESG - Environmental, Social, Governance - and how it has become the skeleton key for wokeness infiltrating almost every corporate boardroom in America.Support the show: for privacy information.
Last Friday, Charlie watched in-person as more than a hundred RNC members voted to ignore their base and betray their interests. Today, he sits down with Tyler Bowyer to discuss what happened at the meeting: What was said, what the votes were, and what the RNC members really believe. Then, they turn to the most important question: What's next?Support the show: for privacy information.
Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens have been friends for a long time, and the conservative movement has changed immeasurably over that span. Now, the two of them sit down for a candidate conversation about raising kids, Donald Trump, and what their plans are for the future... What will conservatism look like in another ten years? It's a frank conversation between two veterans you don't want to miss.Support the show: for privacy information.
Join Charlie as he sits down with Tucker Carlson for a one-on-one discussion very different from what you'll see on TV. Tucker Carlson has a lot to say about religion and money, and a mountain of practical life advice that applies no matter what is going on in the world of politics. It's a Christmas conversation you don't want to miss.Support the show: for privacy information.
While Charlie is down at RNC to fight for the Republican Party, Jack Posobiec steps in to cover the other huge stories of the day — the release of the Paul Pelosi bodycam footage, and new tape of a January 6 protester who died after being beaten by police. Jack breaks it all down with Julie Kelly, author of ‘January 6: How Democrats Used the Capitol Protest to Launch a War on Terror Against the Political Right.’Support the show: for privacy information.
Why did Ronna McDaniel win another term as RNC Chair? Could it have something to do with leaders who define "the rules" as "whatever Ronna says"? The RNC race didn't go the way we wanted, but it wasn't for lack of effort from Charlie and friends. Charlie and John Fredericks join guest host Jack Posobiec live from the floor of the RNC meeting, sharing what they learned from face-to-face interactions with the RNC's voting members. Plus, the show listens in on the speeches of RNC officials, which may hint at what it cares about...and what it doesn't.Support the show: for privacy information.
After less than a day, it's already Project Veritas's most-watched video ever: A stunning exposé of a Pfizer employee admitting his company has considered deliberately mutating the Covid-19 virus in a lab. James O'Keefe chats with Charlie about the bombshell story that has already collected tens of millions of views. Plus, J.D. Vance joins to discuss America's shortsighted Ukraine strategy in his first appearance since winning a seat in the U.S. Senate.Support the show: for privacy information.
The 2022 Red Wave turned out to be a Red Ripple...but not in Florida. In Florida, the Republican Party works, it fights, and it wins. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis joins Charlie for an exclusive interview, where he explains why his party has been so successful while becoming the national left's number-one enemy. Topics include his purge of CRT from the state's schools, his plan to transform a woke college into a "Hillsdale of the South," the GOP's crippling "consultant problem," and the need for change at the RNC. It's a wide-ranging interview with a Republican superstar you don't want to miss.Support the show: for privacy information.
Only one day is left before the climactic clash for the job of RNC chair. Charlie clues listeners into what the powers that be are trying to keep quiet, how the race currently stands, and why it matters so much. Then, Congressman Matt Gaetz joins with his own thoughts on what the GOP must do to turn things around, as well as offering a humorous summary of the FBI's own internal "Russian Collusion" scandal. Charlie also teases his exclusive interview with Ron DeSantis that is dropping VERY soon…Support the show: for privacy information.
The campaign against fossil fuels stopped being a policy debate long ago. Today, it's a religious crusade, which treats humanity as a parasite and threat. Alex Epstein, author of the book Fossil Future, is out to smash this cult before it undermines civilization. Epstein explains why human flourishing depends not on renewables, but on continued and expanded use of our fossil fuel endowments.Support the show: for privacy information.
Joe Biden's campaign "beat" Donald Trump. He got "the most votes in American history." So: Who was Joe Biden's campaign manager? Why aren't they more famous? Raheem Kassam joins Charlie to suggest a compelling theory as to why. Then, Kurt Schlichter joins to break down the final showdown between Harmeet Dhillon and Ronna Romney McDaniel just days ahead of the RNC's annual meeting to pick its new chair.Support the show: for privacy information.
The war in Ukraine is escalating yet again, with Joe Biden now sending heavy American tanks off to the front. Charlie explains how calamitously dangerous this is, and how it fits into the wider destruction of modern life by the forces of neoliberalism. Then, he dives into the latest of Biden and Pence’s classified documents scandal, and grades Kevin McCarthy’s latest actions as Speaker.Support the show: for privacy information.
Comments (472)

Justin Richardson

have some courage Charlie. what good is it to have the house if we have a dang RINO as the leader. I'd dang near rather loose the house than see McCarthy as speaker!

Dec 7th

Troy Dugo

Election stolen? We had 2-4 years to take steps to prevent this. Trump did nothing. Nothing to prevent this. Why? Where was the swamp draining? Our elected Republicans are totally worthless. At least the democrats are TAKING ACTION to go after Trump. That's more than what we do. What happened to Hillary with all her illegal donations to her "charity"? NOTHING. Just a bunch of whining from our side. No results. I can't even listen to conservative talk anymore even though you are a great guy. We talk and complain. Point out illegal stuff and we do NOTHING.

Nov 15th
Reply (1)

Chas Demott

Why is this all a myster?didn't the 2020 elections show us how to be tactical?..really let down by Charlie as he and his crew gave us hope, all along they were being played. We look to these sources because they have all the inside information.

Nov 15th

Doc Sarvis

Wasn't unstoppable I guess? Sorry ya culty fucks.

Nov 14th

Gina Michalak

When I hear some of these young college students talk it is actually painful how lost and marinated in lies and deceptions they are.

Oct 25th

Gina Michalak

How can we listen to what Joe Biden thinks is wrong or immoral? He is a corrupt, immoral, lying, power obsessed, self-serving, selfish person that pretends that he is a devout Catholic. Disgusting!

Oct 24th

Clint Hudson

if there are indictments against Hunter, can't they find out who the "big guy" is during discovery? won't those questions get asked on the stand with folks like Tony Bobulinski? I agree with charlie, I don't care about Hunter biden's Coke addiction, his gun violations, or his penchant for Russian hookers. I want to know who the big guy is and I want the world to know it too!

Oct 10th

Robb Clanton

God bless Mike Lindell!

Sep 15th

Gina Michalak

Let's make sure we point out that a George Soros (light on criminals) Prosecutor is in Memphis.

Sep 8th

Tobe Ezekwenna

Actually, this premise is incorrect. Mary Peltola won her primary in spite of Ranked Choice Voting, not because of it. She was about 9 points ahead of Palin on the first round, and would have won by that margin in a traditional election without RCV. Only because of RCV, did the final result get much narrower (51% to 48% or so).

Sep 2nd

Gina Michalak

Congratulations & God Bless on the birth of your daughter, Charlie and Erika!

Aug 29th

Greg Darling

Up to 20 texts a day 20+ emails, when you donate if you don't read everything when you donate you could end up being automatically being charged $50 a week without you realizing it until you get your account statement. Yeah I'm pissed as hell with Republican fund raising besides every freaking race trying to milk me.

Aug 18th

Timothy Stonebarger

wow man. Insane. can you imagine how kids getting the other genders body parts sowed on to them will psychologically affect them? think about it.... I was molested as a kid by other males. so even though I was not attracted to men, (during one period of my life) for sexual pleasures I was not opposed to commit acts with other men. (stay with me) I was also addicted to porn. the more I was exposed to gay sexual relations, the more my heart became calloused to its perversion and the more I slowly started to get sexually aroused by even homosexual activity. this is how the brain works. God created us so that when we have sex, our brain produces chemical reactions that glue our affections to that moment. throughout time, His design was meant to further glue the intimacy between man and woman. this design about us humans can be used for bad also. so....I say that to say all this..... if a kid is on the fence about their gender, then get surgeries to obtain the opposite genders body parts, this can create a toxic and propetual cycle that reinforces dysfunctional sexual tendencies. (excuse the Gen Z printed bad grammer)

Aug 17th
Reply (7)

Gina Michalak

There is zero percent chance that Garland didn't know about this raid beforehand.

Aug 11th

kidgamer stig

Charlie, This is completely horrifying news. President Donald J Trump quickly sent the information as so as he could to me. I have been trying to pray for him ,you and all the people of the country that are in the Lions den. I have seen God's work daily. I know it does not seem like. But remember the times that we have gotten through each day. And keep up the good fight for Jesus. He will prevail. We must help President Trump and God . Charlie you have been doing a very good job. Thank You Love & Blessings Sheri Lyn Stigall 714-423-1871 2075 South Birch Street Santa Ana, Ca. 92707

Aug 10th

Kelly Petruzzi-Hiller

I know very few people comment on here and or read the Charlie Alex Jones is a professing Christian and for you to say big deal so what that he is distasteful at times is not a good thing. we are not compromise we are to walk in Holiness and Truth.

Aug 9th


you little idiot, all you little idiots. you keep repeating all the Russian propaganda. RUSSIA isn't winning. they are BLUFFING... screw this miltary dude, he's a traitor. you people are all stupid. all you little youngsters think ur sooooooo smart, but you're getting PLAYED by this movement supporting Russia, nationalism and ultimately authoritarianism.. shameful

Jul 12th

Kelly Petruzzi-Hiller

this is so difficult to listen to, talking over one another, insulting one another. 😩

Jul 5th

Kelly Petruzzi-Hiller

I like that this man was honest and transparent about where he stood with Christ I'd much rather have a person be like that than be a professing Christian and smear Christ's name by the way that they act behave and speak. hopefully he will fully surrender.

Jul 1st

Stephanie Bonnell

Yes, I can tell you from experience that it is very hard having a family member with special needs. I can also tell you I would not have traded my brother for anything. Do I wish he had been born healthy? Of coarse. Do I wish he had never been borne? Not at all! He was such a blessing to our family and everyone who was luck enough to know him. The thought of murdering these precious people just because they are an "inconvenience" makes me sick. We absolutely have to stand up for and give a voice to those who can not do it for themselves. They are no less image bearers of God than anyone else.

Jun 28th
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