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Author: Tony & Sydney Kell

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Tony & Sydney Kell are the founders of Chosen Kids on Youtube! Together they started the Chosen Ministries podcast where you can find different series and topics to help encourage believers and ultimately grow in our walk with Jesus.
17 Episodes
This episode is ep 1 of our new series "Overcoming Fear & Anxiety" This episode is the ground work for all of the individual topics. Today we are diving into Intrusive Thinking and Overwhelming Thoughts. We can combat these things with the Word of God!
In this six part series we are diving into the groundwork for growing in our walk with God. The first episode walks through the importance of knowing the Word of God and applying it to your life! Social:
Today we talk about the challenges of being a working mom & managing mom guilt & a busy schedule! Is it possible to be a good mom and a good business owner/employee? With God, of course! Join us as we chat about how to show up as the woman God has called you to be - even with a busy schedule. IG: @_dezbrown
In todays episode I have my guest Brittany joining me as she shares her heart and wisdom on how to share biblical truth with your children. We believe teaching these truths from the Word of God can better equip our children for the future! Brittanys IG: @ brittanybrickey
I think every mom deals with being busy. Busyness can keep us away from being intentional with our children. In this episode I interview my friend and pastor, Kayla Dobbins as we dive into how she slows down and pours into each of her five children individually.
In todays episode we dive into what it's like to still pursue your dreams as a mother. We still have dreams and goals and it's okay to go after the things the Lord has put on our hearts! Join us as we talk about what that looks like and how to do these things, with God. Thank you Kasey for pouring into us in this episode! Follow her on IG at @TheSTLDoula
If you struggle with giving into fear, anger, jealousy, bitterness, comparison etc. This episode is for you. The Lord knew we would struggle with our emotions and that's why He gave us guidance on how to combat those negative feelings. Todays episode is all about not letting emotions rule your mind! Social:
Doubt and fear is a huge tactic of the enemy. If he can get in our minds, he has a seat at our table. In this episode we talk about how to recognize the enemies voice in our minds as well as Gods voice. Social:
In honor of Resurrection Sunday, we are dedicating the first episode of this new series to the story of Holy Week and why/how we are able to experience freedom through Christ!
In todays episode we talk about the promises God has left us in His word. We will be talking about Psalms 91. Join us as we hope to bring peace to anxious thinking about one of the enemies tactics, the fear of death.
Being a new parent has its challenges, that's why it's important to learn from people who have gone before us. We are so excited to have Pastor Jonathan Brozozog on the podcast! He is a father to EIGHT children, the senior pastor at Creative Church in Minnesota and author of the books: Raising Parents, God Made me a Girl and God Made me a Boy. Join us as he shares biblical wisdom in parenting your children with the greatest Father of all time, God.
Who is the Holy Spirit and how can you have Him apart of your every day life? In todays episode we are walking through Who He is and why believers need to activate the Holy Spirit in their every day lives! Social:
In this episode we talk about the verse 1 Thessalonians 5:16 on how to pray without ceasing. How do we live a life of prayer? How do we include God in our everyday moments? Join us as we talk about practical ways to include God in every moment of every day.
Do you ever feel controlled by your emotions? That feeling can be so tiring. A mind spiraling for no reason is the worst! In todays episodes we talk about how God can help us control our emotions and to not give into the way the ways of this world wants us to respond.
Before you begin this episode, make sure to listen to ep 1 & 2 for more context on this episode! We speak life over our circumstances though speaking the Word of God! That is the importance of reading the bible and knowing His ways and His truth! Today we talk about how speaking the Word of God over our lives can be life changing for believers!
If you struggle with anxiety/ depression etc. It's time to study Romans 12:2. We are talking all about overcoming the battle in our minds by renewing our thinking with the Word of God! God can help us overcome negative thinking! Join us while we talk about how to change your thinking to the ways of the Lord!
Trina Curtis is a mom to two adult boys and to me, she did the thing! Her obedience to the Lord as a new mom years ago has resulted in a beautiful life of adult children who are pursing the Lord today. Listen with me as she pours into her tips and story on how she raised her sons. You don't want to miss out!
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