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Katherine Finally Talks About Where She Met Her Husband + How Lisa Made Her Dating Profile
Today we have a VERY special episode for you! We will be talking all things Kills Me Just The Same!🎉🎉 We broke down everything about the song, music video, and merch! We even had a special guest😉 This was such an exciting episode to film and we are so happy we get to share it with you!
Today on the podcast we will be answering the "girl talk" questions we got from Patreon and on Instagram! We had so much fun answering all your questions and honestly we could have talked about this for HOURS! Let us know if we should do a part 2 in the comments below!
“HUGE thank you to the sponsors of today's episode of the podcast! This episode is sponsored by Green Chef! Visit and use code Cimorelli130 to get $130 off plus free shipping!! We have really been enjoying all the meals we have tried so far and we think you will too! It is also sponsored by Ana Luisa! Get yourself and your loved ones the perfect gift with up to 40% off. Check out Ana Luisa at - We know you’ll LOVE them! Lastly, huge thank you to Betabrand for sponsoring today’s episode of the podcast! To get 30% off your order at Betabrand, visit We have some news we want to share with y'all... CHRISTINA IS PREGNANT AGAIN🤰🎉 We are so incredibly happy for her and can't wait to have another niece or nephew! Make sure to wish her congratulations in the comments below! Following the theme of our special announcement, today we will be talking about what nobody told us about being new moms. We hope that sharing these things can help you or someone you know through the rough early stages of parenthood. “
“Happy Wednesday!  We have a sponsor! Huge thank you to Beta Brand for sponsoring today’s episode of the podcast! To get 30% off your order at Beta Brand, visit Today we have Katherine back on the Cimorelli Podcast and we have missed her so much! Today we are talking about something we should all look out for, subtle red flags in friendships😬 Sometimes it can be easy to see the major red flags but looking out for the subtle ones is just as important!! We hope this helps you out!”
Are you in need of a glow up? Here's what we did. Feel free to steal some ideas for your own glow up!  Get yourself and your loved ones the perfect gift with up to 40% off. Check out Ana Luisa I know you’ll LOVE them!
So many questions... have you ever asked any of these questions?
Ever wonder what the internet's most searched questions are? We've got them right here along with the answers!
Over the years, we've heard some pretty funny assumptions about us, and we thought we'd share some of those with you and set the record straight!
Have you ever wondered what it's like to grow up on the internet in a huge family? Here's the real story...
As the girls start their adventures into motherhood, Lisa interviews Christina on how it has changed her life. 
Just because introverts are quiet doesn't mean they don't have a lot to say! Are you an introvert? In this episode, extrovert Katherine interviews introvert Lauren about the challenges of expressing yourself as an introvert in an extrovert world. 
First date stories can be all over the place, from wonderful to scary and weird. Here are some of our more entertaining first date stories along with some dating tips.
It's back - everyone's favorite game of "Would You Rather??" 
Cyberbullying is very real and very traumatic. We've been dealing with it from the very beginning of our YouTube career (2009), and it has been both enlightening and horrifying. Here are some of the things we've had to deal with and what we did. 
Making big purchases can be a nerve-wracking experience. Here are some of our tips and tricks to make it easier for you.
It's good to take your time before jumping into a permanent commitment to your significant other. It's also good to take your time finding the right significant other to commit to...
What baby names do you love? We've got new babies coming - what should we name them??
Relationship tips on whether or not you should give him a second chance.
TRIGGER WARNING: this episode contains topics involving weight (including numbers), BMI, eating disorders, food, nutrition and body image. If you find these topics triggering you may want to skip this episode.  In this episode, we are taking a deep dive into a topic that is not talked about nearly enough: weight gain. We each open up about our experiences with weight gain, what we’ve found helpful, and what we find hard. Our hope is that this episode will inspire conversations and thinking outside the box on a topic that is so common and relatable. Thanks for listening! We’d love to hear your thoughts as well!!  To watch the full episode, join our Patreon.
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Bethany Lawson

This is such a wonderful podcast. I love the advice you guys give. You are such an honest, funny, unique and lovely bunch! Please update Castbox with your new podcast episodes!!

Nov 26th

Anabel Horwitz

such amazing advice

Jun 20th

Sawyer  Martinez

Dani:I don’t like being around everyone when everyone is talking at the same time and really loud (most of the time she’s part of talking over everyone and being loud )😂

Jun 4th

Clara Hartmann

Yeah Please make more Episodes! Maybe about the Up at night songs

Jan 2nd

Genevieve Keaton


Apr 10th

Cimorelli's Warrior


Nov 4th
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