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We're in Salt Lake City! The Biggest Challenge is Getting People to Change Their Minds. Alan Dershowitz: The Left is Blinded By Trump Derangement Syndrome. Breaking News on the Hearing Over Unsealing Mar-a-Lago Affidavit. Tom Homan of ICE on the Forgotten Story at the Border. "Hot Privilege", it's a Thing!Follow Clay & Buck on YouTube: for privacy information.
Clay and Buck, on their visits to where the show is number one, are broadcasting from KNRS in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. Republican Red Wave in trouble? Betting sites report that Republicans taking control of the Senate is in dire straits. Clay says, "Being anti-Democrat is not enough. You have to sell what you're for. And I think it's time to start selling." Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg, 75, will be sentenced to five months at hellhole Rikers Island prison and fined $2M, after pleading guilty to 15 trumped-up tax fraud felonies: Agrees to testify against Donald's family firm. Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson suspended 11 games, fined $5 million over complaints from 30 women. Mar-a-Lago raid puts GOP on defense, distracts from Biden. Buck says, "I think this all boils down to one question, the whole thing: Who is willing to believe the Russia collusion playbook all over again?" Minneapolis school district defends plan to lay off white teachers first. How racist is Harvard University? Very. Buck sums it up, "Eventually, all anti-racism policy turns into racism."Follow Clay & Buck on YouTube: for privacy information.
Democrats are better on offense than Republicans. Former CIA Director Michael Hayden agrees with journalist tweet labeling Republicans "dangerous" and "nihilistic." Former VP Pence gives the Democrats a talking point: "Calls to defund the FBI are just as wrong as calls to defund the police." A majority of Americans see an "invasion" at the southern border, NPR poll finds. Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter out at CNN. Tom Homan, former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, joins C&B to discuss the worst border crisis he's ever seen, over 2 MILLION illegal immigrants flooded into US and why the Democrats are ignoring this invasion.Follow Clay & Buck on YouTube: for privacy information.
Alan Dershowitz, Emeritus Professor at Harvard Law School and #1 New York Times bestselling author, joins Clay and Buck to dismantle the unlawful Deep State assault on Trump, Merrick Garland's next move, and how we get back to normal. Judge orders partial unsealing of docs related to Trump FBI raid. Leaked video shows Finland’s Prime Minister, 36-year-old Sanna Marin dancing provocatively at party. Hot privilege is the highest privilege out there. Let's hope that Fauci isn't involved in reanimating woolly mammoths: Scientists want to de-extinct the iconic woolly mammoth and Tasmanian tiger!Follow Clay & Buck on YouTube: for privacy information.
Bub-Bye, Liz! Political Delusion on Parade As Cheney Compares Herself to Lincoln. Donald Trump Jr. Updates Us on His Dad and Why The Raid Matters to ALL Citizens. Props to Gov. Abbott for Exposing Democrats on Illegal Immigration. Clay and Buck's History Nerd Podcast Coming Soon?Follow Clay & Buck on YouTube: for privacy information.
Delusional Liz Cheney loses by 37 points, compares herself to Abraham Lincoln. Clay says, "This is like not making your high school basketball team and declaring for the NBA." What's next for Cheney, a show at MSNBC or a run for president? Clay explains why he thinks George Bush is the worst two-term president in modern times. Biden (who still has not visited border since being president) border disaster continues: Border arrests top 2021 record, on pace for 2 million by end of September! Buck says, "There's a different set of rules for the illegals, so that they can break more laws." Credit to Texas Governor Greg Abbott for exposing Democrats on illegal immigration. Buck could just walk steps to see New York City moving illegal immigrants into famed luxury Times Square hotel, at tax payers' expense. Buck discovers that Costco has some great deals for his upcoming honeymoon.Follow Clay & Buck on YouTube: for privacy information.
Canada will offer 5th dose of covid vaccine to all adults. This one will solve it. And if it doesn’t, the sixth shot will definitely take care of it. We need to have criminal investigations into the CEOs of Pfizer, Moderna and the vaccine pushers. Was it fraud or incompetence? CDC admits social distancing was just made up. Biden covid czar Ashish Jha lies: "If everybody was up to date on their vaccines... deaths would go to close to zero across America." Alan Dershowitz: Released affidavits could be redacted, we just need to know what the FBI was looking for at Mar-a-Lago.Follow Clay & Buck on YouTube: for privacy information.
A fired-up Donald Trump Jr. joins Clay and Buck to discuss his family's reaction to the raid at Mar-a-Lago. He says, "They're trying to disqualify their biggest threat." Don Jr. also talks with C&B about how to push back against the Deep State and who from the "amazingly deep" Democrat bench will get the 2024 nomination? Which is the most incompetent three-letter agency in the government: IRS, FBI, or CDC? Will there be consequence for the people who got covid wrong? CDC’s Walensky makes excuses for all the mistakes and lies. Clay reads a heartbreaking VIP Email from the wife of a covid victim.Follow Clay & Buck on YouTube: for privacy information.
Is Our Criminal Justice System Systemically Sexist? Senate Candidate Kelly Tshibaka on Election Day in Alaska. Alex Berenson on Covid Vindication and the Continued Lunacy From the Left. Poll Numbers and What it All Comes Down To: A Red Wave is Not Guaranteed.Follow Clay & Buck on YouTube: for privacy information.
Lawfare: The dirty Democrat midterm plan unleashed. Merrick Garland waited weeks to approve warrant for Mar-a-Lago search. Clay says, "How do you debate whether or not to grant these warrants as the attorney general for weeks, if it is such a clear-cut case?" Buck's take: "They're just using the legal apparatus as a weapon of politics in every way they possibly can." Of course, Buck says, regarding the raid, but for everything, like the announcement about Rudy Giuliani. DOJ admits FBI over-collected Trump documents, will give back passports and privileged documents in the next two weeks. Norah O'Donnell caught reporting lie about Trump's passports. Primary day in Alaska and Wyoming. After her primary loss today, Liz Cheney is going to make herself a martyr. The Democrat plan to win your vote is to sue all of their political opponents into oblivion or prosecute them.Follow Clay & Buck on YouTube: for privacy information.
L.A. progressive prosecutor District Attorney George Gascon survives recall with some real funny math: 27% error rate in recall signatures; less than 1% error rate in mail-in ballots in 2020. To encourage fans to vote, the NBA won't hold games on Election Day. Joining C&B on Election Day, Kelly Tshibaka, Alaskan Republican Senate candidate, to discuss possibly defeating incumbent Lisa Murkowski and Alaska's new ranked voting system. Will there ever be accountability to the lockdowns, mandates and covid insanity?Follow Clay & Buck on YouTube: for privacy information.
Alex Berenson joins Clay and Buck to discuss being targeted by the White House and Big Tech and his upcoming lawsuit, lack of accountability of the billions given to Moderna and Pfizer for a vaccine that doesn't work, and is this the end of covid? Poll results: Ron DeSantis leads in Florida, Rubio down. The 2022 midterms will be a drag-out fight. Winning a Republican Senate is going to be a real challenge. Do lemmings really commit suicide? Will the Democrats indict Trump before or after the midterms?Follow Clay & Buck on YouTube: for privacy information.
Trump is the Just Tip of the Iceberg -- and What Happens If Biden's DOJ Indicts Trump. Kash Patel, Fmr. DOD Chief of Staff Under Trump, Explains the Shocking Political Overreach of the DOJ. Follow the Science? How About Follow the Money? Covid Windfalls for Drug Companies on Our Dime. Kamala Harris Sounds Like Us After Multiple All-Nighters.Follow Clay & Buck on YouTube: for privacy information.
Clay and Buck give the latest on the Biden Department of Justice raid on Mar-a-Lago. Buck says, "Every person I spoke to in person, including a former attorney general... say they think President Trump is getting indicted by this Merrick Garland, Biden DOJ." Why did Trump have these documents? C&B provide multiple intriguing theories. Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis: "These agencies have now been weaponized to be used against people that the government doesn't like... I remember the FBI at Merrick Garland’s direction, being sicced on parents going to school board meetings." Discussion of the Bob McDonnell case similarities for Trump's possible defense. Clay also says, "I think that President Trump's best defense is going to be: I declassified all of these documents" and then spells out what the remainder of such a defense would sound like.Follow Clay & Buck on YouTube: for privacy information.
Hell is sitting in an endless mandatory HR lecture run by VP Kamala Harris droning on and on with a meaningless word salad. Even Saturday Night Live could have not created a caricature of a politician as inept as Kamala Harris. Elizabeth Warren on the warpath of disgusting misogyny of Democratic voters: If I ‘had a penis’ I’d be president. Moderna’s CEO says they are throwing away 30 million covid shots because no one anywhere in the world will take them. Clay makes MIT chart of biggest anti-maskers. Kash Patel, former DOD chief of staff, deputy assistant to President Trump, and a Trump media board member, returns to C&B to discuss the FBI raid on Trump, break down the top secret documents and where Trump goes from here. Breaking News: Trump says FBI seized his passports.Follow Clay & Buck on YouTube: for privacy information.
The CDC admits Clay and Buck were right the whole time: The unvaccinated are essentially the same as the vaccinated. Where is the accountability for two years of lockdowns and covid insanity? UK becomes first nation to approve covid vaccine targeting both Omicron and original strain. Lockdowns and covid insanity exposed the power of Big Tech censorship. Remember last year when Clay became a "domestic terrorist" for laying down the law on masks at his county's school board meeting? Callers have legal opinions on FBI seizing Trump's passport. Roll Tide! Alabama sororities deny male pledge.Follow Clay & Buck on YouTube: for privacy information.
Rubicon crossed: Charges against Trump will tear the country apart. Imagine if Trump's DOJ raided Joe Biden's house. Andrew Cuomo and Alan Dershowitz warn Democrats on the Mar-a-Lago raid. Will Biden pardon Trump and Hunter? Even CNN legal analyst Paul Callan says Trump raid was not appropriate.Follow Clay & Buck on YouTube: for privacy information.
Does this Banana Republic, Third World bullcrap strengthen Trump? What were they after: Release the warrant. Former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy joins Clay and Buck to discuss Mar-a-Lago raid: He thinks it's about building a case on Jan. 6th, not classified documents. Rep. Jim Jordan joins C&B to discuss the raid. Buck photobomb on Drudge Report headline picture of Trump.Follow Clay & Buck on YouTube: for privacy information.
DOJ source to Newsweek on Trump raid: "spectacular backfire." Trump outsmarted the FBI by breaking the story himself. Rand Paul: Garland impeachment on table over Trump raid. Senator Ron Johnson joins C&B to react to the Mar-a-Lago raid, his Senate contest. Clay and Buck thank listeners for support. Kash Patel told us in May that Trump declassified large volumes of deep state documents.Follow Clay & Buck on YouTube: for privacy information.
Merrick Garland should have to recuse himself from investigating Donald Trump. Clay, who hosts solo today, says, "How can anyone believe that he can conduct an impartial investigation of his employers -- 'cause Joe Biden's his employer." Why would we believe the WaPo nuke documents story after so many false stories and lies? Clay & Buck TRUTH Social account tops 100K followers. Why don't they ever get a story wrong that makes Trump look good? Salman Rushdie stabbed during speech. Be angry, be frustrated, but, Clay says, "Don't do anything dumb. The FBI is looking for opportunities right now to make you look like a January 6th insurrectionist."Follow Clay & Buck on YouTube: for privacy information.
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bogus prosecution

Aug 15th

Upstate SC listener

Great episode. We need Trump back.

Jul 30th

Melissa Perry

I teach and during class change there are so many doors. Teachers are posted and 2 SROs. If you are in dress code and wear a mask, it’s hard to pinpoint intruders. We have 5 buildings and one is a vocational building with shop doors on 5 classrooms. Unless we fence in the whole campus, it’s very difficult.

May 26th

Luis Robertson

Clay Travis is the founder of OutKick. and he can be seen on FOX cable channels FOX Sports 1 and FOX News Channel in a variety of capacities. Buck Sexton previously hosted The Buck Sexton Show on Premiere Networks before being paired with Clay Travis in 2021.

Apr 21st


Biden & Oil - What a wreck!

Mar 11th

Lisa Hoyle Haley

While I think all who loved Rush miss him dearly, Clay & Buck, with tough shoes to fill, are doing a fantastic job! I admire them for creating a refreshing approach that continues to articulate what half the nation instinctively thinks and believes, making it their own, unique show.

Sep 20th
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The late great Rush Limbaugh,this guy was my inspiration to my to make podcasts,rest in peace Rush🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Sep 18th

David Landry

Paul, epidemiology

Sep 17th

Johnny Hamilton

Who the hell is Clay Travis????? And more importantly, who the hell decided to match Buck with him?!? It's like listening to a third grader having a conversation with a college professor.

Aug 31st

Dave Winters

Show is great. It's not reasonable to expect Rushs shoes to be filled. Hes an Icon. I just feel this show is missing the personal feel. The show still feels like its week one and feeling itself out. It's also missing the perosnal and lighthearted knack Rush nailed for year.

Aug 18th

Russ T. Nails

Luv the show. The 2 person approach is awesome. Please just once introduce as Clay Sexton & Buck Travis. I just need that 1 time.😆

Jul 16th


from a WV father. We have God and guns. And logical peace.

Jul 7th


It's not woke really, they're just people that any wind can blow them

Jul 7th

Russ T. Nails

Megyn Kelly utterly betrayed us in 2016. She stood up for the swamp rather than returning power back to the people. No I will not forget nor will I forgive . She is dead to me.

Jul 7th

Upstate SC listener

Great Interview.

Jun 30th


They'll never be another Rush. we love you, and we will never, EVER, forget you and all you've done for the betterment of our nation. Talent reclaimed to God.

Jun 20th
Reply (3)

Kevin Hutchinson

all the negative comments from illiterate fools who can't even spell. Is English their first probably not..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Jun 7th

Oz Khan

what is with the woke commercials and messages in between bumps?? >often times, it's the resources that gives the impression of a group's superiority yeah? Africa is FULL of natural resources, so what's the excuse for the last 3,000 years??? llololo lo lllllol what the fuck is with the gay man's gardening show?? the EIB sold OUT fast xD

Apr 23rd
Reply (1)


My heart goes out to the Conservatives families. Rush will be missed.

Feb 22nd


RIP ElRushbo .. you will be dearly missed

Feb 22nd
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