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Episode 137 - Dan Egan

Episode 137 - Dan Egan


This week on the Cripescast Charlie is joined by Dan Egan, author of the New York Times best-selling book “The Death and Life of the Great Lakes”. Charlie and Dan discuss many environmental issues including the history of the St. Lawrence Seaway, the positive and negative effects of phosphorus, agriculture and more. Be sure to pick up a copy of his latest book “Devil’s Element: Phosphorus and a World Out of Balance” which is available now.   Find Dan's book at your local bookstore or on Amazon and follow Dan on Twitter @danpatrickegan   Find us on all platforms @cripescast and @charlieberens, find us on Patreon too    The music behind the advertisements is "Double Polka" by Kevin McLeod. 
Joining Charlie on the Cripescast this week is actress and fellow Wisconsinite Laura Ramsey. Laura shares stories from when she moved to LA at 19 years old including landing her first acting gig, the culture shock she experienced upon arrival, and what she missed most about Wisconsin. The two brainstorm some Midwest-inspired flavors for her new botanical lolly company Nias Arc, including Old Fashioned and Brat-flavored popsicles.   Find Laura on Instagram @lauraramseyofficial and @nias_arc. Order your lolly's at    Find us on all platforms at @cripescast @charlieberens. Find us on Patreon, too for exclusive content and extended cuts    Thank you to our wonderful sponsors, JollyGood and Duluth Trading Company.    The music behind our ads is "Double Polka" by Kevin McLeod. 
Comedian and co-host of the comedy podcast “Cheaties” Katherine Blanford joins Charlie on the Cripescast this week. She shares stories from her career including when she got called to be on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Katherine talks about growing up as a horse girl, being a cleaning lady at the London Olympics, and how she balanced being a full-time nanny and stand-up comedian for eight years. The two bond over attending private Catholic schools growing up which leads to Katherine remembering her best confessions from second grade.    Check out Katherine's website and follow her on YouTube and Instagram @itskatherineblanford, on Twitter @thebizznizz and find her on Facebook at Katherine Blanford Comedy.    Follow us on all platforms @cripescast and @charlieberens and check us out on Patreon at    The music behind the ads is "Double Polka" by Kevin McLeod. 
Former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver joins Charlie on the Cripescast this week. He shares stories from his time as a Packer including going through his first training camp, how former GM Ron Wolf bought him his first jacket, and what it felt like to win the Super Bowl. Having had a rough childhood in Houston and growing up in poverty, Donald explains that his “hardships have allowed him to be the person he is today.”   Find out more about the Donald Driver Foundation at and find Donald on all socials @donald_driver80.    Find us on all platforms @cripescast and @charlieberens. Find us on Patreon too 
Manitowoc couple and recently accomplished "loopers" Jill and James Iverson join Charlie on the Cripescast this week to talk about their recent sailing trip on America’s Great Loop. Traveling over 6,000 miles, the Iverson’s recount their trip that started in Lake Michigan, went down the Mississippi River, through the Gulf of Mexico, back up the East Coast and through Canada to return home in just over a year. Jill, being a birder and a fisher, allowed Charlie to geek out about both of her hobbies, and the two compared their Walleye fishing techniques.   Find us on all platforms @cripescast and @charieberens  Find us on Patreon    The music behind the advertisements is "Double Polka" by Kevin McLeod. 
Episode 132 - Danny Jolles

Episode 132 - Danny Jolles


Actor and comedian Danny Jolles joins Charlie on the Cripescast this week. You may recognize him from his role in the new Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie movie “Babylon” or from his recurring role as George on The CW’s “Crazy Ex Girlfriend”. He and Charlie discuss touring, social media’s impact on stand up, and Danny’s new interactive comedy special on YouTube called “You Choose”. They bond over their deep love for the 1991 movie “Hook”, trade airport conspiracy theories and Danny even shares a few stories from his time as a floor walker at Blockbuster.   Be sure to check out Danny’s special "You Choose" on YouTube and follow him on all the platforms @dannyjolles or check out his website    Follow the Cripescast and Charlie on all platforms @charlieberens @cripescast and check out more about the show at    The music behind the advertisements is “Double Polka” by Kevin McLeod. 
This week Charlie is joined by half of his sisters Betsy, Maggie, Mary Kate and Bridget, for a special episode of the Cripescast. They start the episode by opening a bottle of wine with a screw and hammer and share stories about growing up with 12 siblings. Highlights include Maggie’s story about Charlie getting picked up by the cops at 17, voting games that pin sibling against sibling, and Charlie getting advice on his upcoming commencement speech.   Find us on all social platforms @cripescast @charlieberens and on Patreon    The music behind the advertisements (aside from Maggie's beautiful rendition of "Jingle Bells") is "Double Polka" by Kevin McLeod. 
Stand up comedian Paul Virzi joins Charlie on the Cripescast this week. You may recognize him from his podcasts “The Virzi Effect” or “Anything Better” that he co-hosts with Bill Burr, or from his most recent comedy special “Paul Virzi: Nocturnal Admissions” on Netflix.   Paul shares the story of how he got into stand up and how having a family has changed his outlook on life and comedy. He and Charlie get into the specifics about shooting a comedy special and the importance of setting long and short term goals. They also talk about their first jobs, Paul as a pizza delivery man and Charlie a pretzel roller.    Find Paul on all socials @paulvirzi and find more tour dates at    Find us on all social platforms @cripescast @charlieberens and find us on Patreon at    The music behind the advertisement is "Double Polka" by Kevin McLeod. 
Episode 129 - Ian Bagg

Episode 129 - Ian Bagg


Comedian Ian Bagg joins Charlie on the Cripescast this week. They compare the Midwest to Canada and pond hockey to river hockey. From working for a traveling carnival in Australia to mining gold in Canada, Ian walks us through his journey to comedy and his love of crowd work. Ian and Charlie trade some regional sayings, winter advice, and Ian shares about the time he accidentally got someone fired.    Get free tickets to see Ian at the Milwaukee Improv Dec. 8-10 by using code CRIPES at   Find more of Ians dates at and find him on social media @ianbagg    Find the Cripescast and Charlie on all platforms @charlieberens and @cripescast. Check out our site for all podcast information, tour updates and merch. For exclusive content, subscribe to our Patreon at    The music behind the advertisements is "Double Polka" by Kevin McLeod. 
Episode 128 - Pete Lee

Episode 128 - Pete Lee


Stand-up comedian Pete Lee joins Charlie on the Cripescast this week and the two get lost on tangents about hotel and public restroom etiquette. He talks about growing up in Wisconsin, coming up in the Twin Cities’ comedy scene, and the time he almost opened for Bobcat Goldthwait. Pete’s dog Diesel makes an appearance as he opens up about his cursed streak of TV shows being cancelled right after he’s made a guest appearance including “The Days of our Lives,” along with many other funny stories.   Find Pete at ( and on social @peteleepeteleepetelee  Find the Cripescast and Charlie on all platforms @cripescast and @charlieberens  Find us on Patreon at    The music behind the advertisement is "Double Polka" by Kevin McLeod. 
Episode 127 - Lara Beitz

Episode 127 - Lara Beitz


Comedian Lara Beitz joins Charlie on the Cripescast this week to discuss her stand up career and growing up in the Midwest. Lara talks about coming up in the Milwaukee stand up scene, touring with Joe Rogan and Marc Maron, and, of course, bird watching. Lara indulges Charlie’s obsession with birds by sharing a few stories of her own fowl entanglements. Let’s just say they follow a goose down the rabbit hole.    Follow Lara @larabeitz and her podcast Slobs @slobspod  Follow the Cripescast @cripescast and Charlie @charlieberens  Find us on Patreon at   The music behind the advertisements is "Double Polka" and "Manic Polka" by Kevin McLeod. 
On a special Veterans Day episode of the Cripescast, Charlie is joined by Ed Garza, CEO and President for the Center for Veterans Issues (CVI), Dr. Berdie Cowser, Director of Development and Housing for CVI, and Jason Johns, V.P. of Corporate and Community Relations for CVI. The Center for Veterans Issues is a nonprofit based in Milwaukee that helps veterans across Wisconsin.   Along with two returning guests, Ed and Jason, Dr. Berdie makes her debut on the Cripescast and talks about her career with CVI, the challenges female veterans face, and what it means to be named Milwaukee County’s 2023 Veteran of the Year. They share updates on current projects happening at CVI, ways to give back, what Veterans Day means to them, and provide advice on how to thank a veteran for their service.    Interested in learning more about CVI or want to donate? Head to to read about what they’re doing, how you can help, and more.    Follow the Cripescast and Charlie on all platforms @cripescast @charlieberens. Find us on Patreon at The music behind the ads are "Double Polka" and "Manic Polka" by Kevin McLeod. 
Investigative journalist and state government reporter for Wisconsin Watch, Jacob Resneck, joins Charlie on the Cripescast this week. Jacob outlines how to register to vote in the state of Wisconsin, he highlights some important seats that are up for election this year, and he debunks some common misconceptions that circulate during election season.    Be sure to head over to to register online, locate your polling place, and find any other information for this election season.   Find Jacob on Twitter @jacobresneck or find more of his work at or    Find the Cripescast on all platforms @cripescast and be sure to check out our Patreon at for exclusive content you can't find anywhere else!    The music found in this episode is:  "Double Polka" by Kevin McLeod "Old Wisconsin Jubilee" by Berens & Greuel 
Episode 124 - Hansel Canady

Episode 124 - Hansel Canady


From giving his first hair cut at 10 years old in the projects of South Side Chicago to becoming the official barber of the Green Bay Packers, Hansel Canady has seen and cut it all. In fact, during this week’s interview you’ll be able to hear him give Charlie a fresh new haircut at Hancan Barbershop in Green Bay. He and Charlie talk about how he became the Packers’ barber, his transition from Chicago to Green Bay, and the racism he faced during that time. “What happens in the barber shop, stays in the barber shop” is the motto Hansel lives by. It’s even on the wall as soon as you walk in. As an advocate for counseling and therapy, Hansel loves offering his chair as a safe space for his clients to open up. From AJ Dillon to Matt LaFleur to Charlie Berens, he enjoys making his clients to look and feel great.    Make sure to book your appointment with Hansel or his team at Hancan Barbershop in Green Bay at and make sure to follow Hansel on social @hancanbarbershop.    Follow the Cripescast at @cripescast and Charlie @charlieberens and make sure to find us on Patreon for exclusive content and behind the scenes footage.    The music behind the advertisements is "Manic Polka" by Kevin McLeod. 
Alannah Vellacott, a coral restoration specialist, marine ecologist, and ocean advocate, joins Charlie on the Cripescast this week.From playing in a mangrove ecosystem while growing up in the Bahamas to having a career in coral reef rehabilitation today, Alannah’s life has been closely intertwined with the ocean. Alannah also recounts her experience working on Samuel L. Jackson’s documentary series “Enslaved” as a diver helping map shipwrecks from the Atlantic Slave Trade. She discusses the importance of representation of Black women in her industry and how her social media aims to bring lessons from the ocean to all.   Find Alannah on all platforms @alannahvellacott and her website Find the Cripescast on all platforms @cripescast and and   The music behind the ads is "Double Polka" by Kevin McLeod. 
Episode 122 - Shapel Lacey

Episode 122 - Shapel Lacey


This week stand up comedian Shapel Lacey joins Charlie on the Cripescast. Even though his comedy career started on a dare, he eventually wound up at the Just For Laughs New Faces showcases in 2019. He explains how being adopted into a white family at the age of 15 affected his life, his comedy, and ignited his passion for competitive cheering.   Use promo code CRIPES at for free tickets to Shapel's shows on October 21 and 22 and be sure to find more dates to see Shapel at Find him on Instagram @shapellacey.    Find the Cripescast on all platforms @cripescast and find us on Patreon for exclusive content, extended cuts, behind the scenes and more at    The music behind the advertisements are "Double Polka" and "Manic Polka" by Kevin McLeod 
Live from Washington DC, Charlie sits down with a variety of guests from the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health. Guests include: Suzy Delong, Chef, Executive Director and Founder of LaSoupe in Cincinnati; Carrie Mess, a Wisconsin Farmer and agricultural influencer; Sherri Tussler, Executive Director at the Hunger Task Force in Milwaukee; Dr. Dave Nayak, a Chicago-based doctor turned farmer; Avani Rai, 4-H member and 17-year-old student; Tara Roberts Turner, a Waupaca farmer and General Manager of the Wisconsin Food Hub Cooperative. 
Stand up comedian and host of the “Chrissy Chaos” and “Hey Babe!” podcasts Chris Distefano joins Charlie this week. Chris talks about his first job as a court attendant at the U.S. Open and how he smuggled in Gatorade for star tennis players like Roger Federer and the Williams sisters. He also shares how he quit being a physical therapist to pursue a career in comedy and the weird things that he’s encountered while doing stand up in the Midwest. Chris and Charlie discuss how they were both bad altar boys back in the day, their trip to London and how Chris is going to stay in Charlie’s cheese room in Milwaukee.
Episode 119 - Michael Yo

Episode 119 - Michael Yo


This week comedian Michael Yo joins Charlie on the Cripescast where the two talk about Michael’s career, stand up and his new special “I Never Thought” on YouTube. Michael shares stories of being on “Chelsea Lately” and how his kids have changed his comedy. The two compare their time as red carpet hosts and Michael gives his best advice for anyone wanting to break into the entertainment industry.  Find Michael’s special “I Never Thought” on YouTube and find him on all social platforms @michaelyo.  Milwaukee listeners, make sure to use promo code CRIPES to get tickets to see Michael at the Milwaukee Improv September 22-24 Find us on Patreon at and on all social platforms @cripescast and @charlieberens. The music for the Cripescast is “Double Polka” by Kevin McLeod and “Old Wisconsin Jubilee” by Berens and Greuel.
Episode 118 - TJ Therrien

Episode 118 - TJ Therrien


This week Charlie is joined by content creator TJ Therrien. TJ talks about growing up in Minnesota, his goals to break into different areas of comedy and how birth order and his kids inspire his content. The two discuss how TJ started making online videos, how he made it onto Sports Center’s top 10 plays as a ball boy for the Minnesota Twins and whether Wisconsin or Minnesota has more lakes.   Follow TJ on all platforms @TJ_Therrien  Find us on all platforms @cripescast @charlieberens  Find us on Patreon at    The music behind the advertisements is "Double Polka" by Kevin McLeod
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