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The stories you tell yourself on a daily basis determines the person you will become.The good, the bad, the negative, the positive, the uplifting, the draining – they’re all part of the equation. But YOU are the author of your life story – so, what story are you writing?

Top Podcaster & Best-selling Author Lewis Howes brings you the The Daily Motivation Show, where you’ll hear from industry-leading experts, you’ll learn proven principles, and you’ll discover life-changing ideas that will help you get motivated and STAY motivated.
588 Episodes
Have you listened to the FULL EPISODE yet?Tabitha Brown, the acclaimed vegan influencer and actress, opens up about the personal struggles she faced in her journey to self-acceptance. She candidly shares how she had to wear a metaphorical mask, altering her behavior and appearance to conform to societal expectations, from her childhood in North Carolina to her corporate career and even in the entertainment industry. Tabitha's story is a powerful reminder that the very traits we often try to conceal can become our greatest strengths when we embrace our authentic selves. Her message of resilience and self-love resonates deeply, inspiring us to shed the masks we wear and live unapologetically true to who we are.Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Julianne Hough shares how discovering her core mission to inspire others to embrace their true essence gives her clarity and direction in life, aligning her actions with what really matters. She explains the power of declaring affirmations before fully believing them, as the ritual of speaking desired outcomes helps manifest them and shifts energy. Hough details her childhood practice of writing down goals for different ages that shockingly came true, realizing she needs to revisit visualizing future dreams. She also notes the potential in little synchronistic reminders to spark possibility thinking by repeatedly focusing intentions towards what we aspire to create.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Episode NotesHave you listened to the FULL EPISODE yet?Robin Sharma shares his insights on how to transform a life of scarcity into one of abundance. Sharma recommends a powerful daily practice he calls "MVP" - Meditation, Visualization, and Prayer - to help individuals overcome insecurities and cultivate a generous mindset. He emphasizes the importance of giving secret gifts, expressing gratitude through handwritten thank-you notes, and seeing one's work as a noble craft. Sharma also discusses the concept of "Project X," encouraging people to invest time and effort into creating their masterpiece, whether it takes a year or even centuries, as a profound act of generosity and love to the world.Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Rich Roll, renowned ultra-endurance athlete and author, shares his transformative journey from a sedentary lifestyle to becoming an Ironman champion at the age of 44. In this insightful interview, he emphasizes the profound impact of a plant-based diet on physical and mental well-being. Rich delves into the misconception that adopting a plant-based lifestyle is a deprivation diet, encouraging individuals to focus on the exciting array of nutrient-dense foods. His story of achieving five Ironman triathlons on five Hawaiian Islands in a week showcases the incredible potential of embracing a plant-powered existence for optimal performance.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Grant Cardone addresses the common misconception about work-life balance, emphasizing that he leads a fulfilling life beyond the realm of money. Cardone challenges the judgment of those questioning his family time, asserting that he spends ample time with his kids and wife, proudly showcasing his life on social media. Rejecting the notion of time management, he advocates for living life fully rather than attempting to balance it. Cardone shares insights on creating a life that aligns with personal values, debunking the myth of selfishness in pursuing one's goals.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Ice Cube expresses immense gratitude to God for the blessings in his life, which he doesn't take for granted, staying humble by treating people fairly. He shares that the greatest gift God has given him is family, without whom success would feel empty, praising his wife's wisdom and attentiveness with their children. Ice Cube recalls learning through fatherhood that life becomes less about yourself and more about responsibility for the next generation's progression. He believes people will ultimately be judged by how they leverage their power, whether with compassion or as a bully, which children won't forget.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Scooter Braun shares a profound perspective on life and success. Drawing inspiration from Kabbalah, Scooter likens life's challenges to navigating a tight ravine, emphasizing the importance of rising above to gain a broader perspective. He delves into the transformative power of family and the profound shift in mindset that occurred upon learning about his wife's pregnancy. Scooter reflects on the true value of wealth, cautioning against getting trapped in the pursuit of money without understanding its purpose. As he embarks on the journey of fatherhood, Scooter expresses newfound respect for those who balance successful careers with active parental roles.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Have you listened to the FULL EPISODE yet?Rob Dial delves into the reasons behind people's tendency to judge others, attributing it to low self-worth and unresolved childhood traumas. He candidly shares his own struggles with feeling second to his father's love for alcohol, leading him to build emotional walls and sabotage his relationships. Dial explains how working with his wife and understanding their different love styles helped him break the pattern and learn to feel safe in her presence. Through his journey of self-discovery and healing, Dial redefines love as feeling secure enough to work on personal growth alongside a partner, emphasizing the importance of vulnerability and trust in relationships.Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Marie Forleo shares her unconventional journey from the New York Stock Exchange floor to becoming a renowned life coach and entrepreneur. Marie reflects on her varied experiences, including bartending and fitness dance instruction, highlighting the pivotal moments that led her to seek a more fulfilling path. Despite early uncertainties, Marie's passion for making a positive impact on people's lives and her desire for a dynamic, multi-faceted career guided her toward life coaching. Through engaging anecdotes and insightful advice, Marie encourages individuals to embrace action over mere contemplation, emphasizing that clarity emerges through active engagement in diverse experiences.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Have you listened to the FULL EPISODE yet?Andrew Hozier-Byrne, the Irish singer-songwriter known mononymously as Hozier, reflects on his journey as an artist and the impact of his early success. He candidly discusses the challenges of navigating a long career after achieving a massive hit with his debut single, emphasizing the importance of staying true to his artistic vision rather than chasing charts or downloads. Hozier reveals that despite not always aligning with mainstream trends, he finds fulfillment in creating music that deeply resonates with him, even if it explores unconventional themes. Remarkably, a decade after his breakthrough, Hozier is selling more tickets than ever before, a testament to the enduring power of his music and the profound connections it has forged with fans across generations.Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Price Pritchett delves into the misconceptions surrounding quantum leaps, emphasizing the need for focused, lopsided dedication to achieve exponential growth. Pritchett discusses the importance of creating "plot space" by efficiently using time and explores the correlation between quantum leaps and the law of attraction. He highlights the role of the reticular activating system in goal achievement and stresses the significance of relentless pursuit, effective mind work, and meticulous tracking in the quantum leap methodology. Pritchett's pragmatic approach offers valuable insights for those seeking substantial breakthroughs in various aspects of life.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
John Maxwell argues that successful leaders must close the gap between themselves and followers, making content relatable through vulnerability rather than maintaining distance that breeds admiration yet prevents emulation. Recalling addresses that impacted communist leaders unsure of their futures and diverse UN diplomats, he focused on universal leadership qualities like caring for people and empowering them. Maxwell emphasizes approachability, using plain language, sinking to sit on the stage, and strategic pauses that relinquish control, allow insight whispering and prevent losing the audience to speed or complexity. Ultimately, he contends that humility and service prevent success from being isolating and help others feel your achievements lie within their reach as well.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Have you listened to the FULL EPISODE yet?Tennis superstar Venus Williams shares her perspective on the challenges and pressures that come with achieving success at a young age. Williams emphasizes the importance of having a strong support system, particularly from her family, who stood by her side through both victories and defeats. She also highlights the significance of finding joy in the process and putting in the hard work, rather than solely focusing on the end result. Williams credits her spiritual background and her father's encouragement to "have fun" on the court as key factors in maintaining a healthy mindset throughout her career.Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Marisa Peer explains how our subconscious mind manifests psychosomatic symptoms to meet perceived needs, like headaches stopping parental fights or illness garnering attention, based on the harmful words and beliefs we repeat. Having resolved her own fertility issues by rejecting limiting diagnoses, Peer helps women conceive by unveiling childhood messages blocking pregnancy, though the mind simply acts to prevent feared outcomes we claim would “kill us.” Emphasizing that the mind’s role is survival, not happiness, she argues we can reprogram our brains by monitoring self-talk to align with desired rather than default realities. Ultimately, Peer stresses that because negative self-beliefs shape self-fulfilling outcomes, we have the power to transform our lives by speaking constructive truths.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Have you listened to the FULL EPISODE yet?Professional wrestler Becky Lynch shares her incredible journey from aspiring actress to WWE superstar. Lynch reveals how a serendipitous suggestion from a friend led her to pursue a career in wrestling, despite her initial plans to return to New York and focus on theater. She emphasizes the importance of timing and personal growth, acknowledging that her success in the WWE might not have been possible had she been signed at a younger age. Lynch also opens up about the challenges she faced during her first year in the WWE's developmental brand, NXT, where she struggled with self-doubt and the pressure to stand out among a talented group of women wrestlers, all striving to change the landscape of women's wrestling.Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Jen Sincero discusses how being too frugal can limit your abundance mindset, advocating for wisdom around spending while remaining generous. She notes that many still feel uncomfortable openly discussing money, though modeling financial transformation could inspire others. Sincero shares her personal struggles with beliefs that career success compromises femininity and relationships, pushing women to examine their self-limiting thoughts. Ultimately, she stresses the importance of aligning with a partner who appreciates your accomplishments rather than feels threatened by them.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Have you listened to the FULL EPISODE yet?Comedian Gabriel Iglesias opens up about his journey towards self-love and inner peace. The beloved entertainer admits to struggling with people-pleasing tendencies, often sacrificing his own well-being to make others happy. Iglesias reflects on his childhood, acknowledging the love and protection his mother provided, yet still grappling with the roots of his people-pleasing behavior. As he continues to navigate this challenge, Iglesias emphasizes the importance of self-care and setting healthy boundaries, even when it's difficult to do so with those closest to him.Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Eric Thomas traces his passion and commitment back to the opportunity America provides and progress made, allowing him chances unimaginable just decades ago, which he feels ignites a responsibility to maximize his potential. Breaking his family's cycle of poverty through education motivates Thomas to also provide kids lacking resources the wisdom gleaned from great mentors, believing that while environment shapes possibilities, effort can still expand one's reality. By generously imparting hard-won knowledge, Thomas aims to give others the tools to transcend their circumstances, embrace the privilege he now enjoys, and attain their biggest visions. Overall, he stresses that access to the American dream must be matched by the drive to achieve it.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Dr. Mark Hyman debunks the myth that all calories are equal, explaining that food provides instructions that regulate health minute-by-minute via genes, hormones, and gut bacteria. He traces how flawed, weak studies demonizing fat led to disastrous health guidelines, though research now proves fat fuels metabolism, satisfies hunger, and enables weight loss. Hyman details how insulin-spiking carbs like sugar and wheat drive obesity, while high-fat diets effortlessly burn more calories, and how the 2015 Dietary Guidelines finally admitted this truth. Overall, he makes a strong case that food acts as powerful medicine, with the quality of calories, not just the quantity, determining prevention or causation of most chronic diseases.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Dr. Mindy Pelz explains that phthalate chemicals found in fragrances can reduce testosterone levels, and balancing hormones through lowering stress and toxins may help men attract more abundance. She argues against simply increasing testosterone, advocating instead for optimizing it within a healthy physiological range based on age. Dr. Pelz recommends lifestyle changes like lowering insulin and inflammation to avoid long-term hormone supplementation, the effects of which remain unknown. Overall, she makes a case for supporting the body’s natural hormone regulation through diet, exercise and stress reduction rather than excessive medical intervention.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
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