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Author: Lewis Howes

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The stories you tell yourself on a daily basis determines the person you will become.The good, the bad, the negative, the positive, the uplifting, the draining – they’re all part of the equation. But YOU are the author of your life story – so, what story are you writing?

Top Podcaster & Best-selling Author Lewis Howes brings you the The Daily Motivation Show, where you’ll hear from industry-leading experts, you’ll learn proven principles, and you’ll discover life-changing ideas that will help you get motivated and STAY motivated.
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Wim Hof explains how plunging into icy waters showed him the power of conscious breathing to regulate body chemistry and adapt to stress. He advises that by training ourselves to breathe deeply, we can withstand heat, cold, grief - any extreme situation life throws at us. Hof wants to demystify human limits, show how adapting brain connections expands consciousness and perception. If we consciously connect neurological channels, he believes spirituality becomes a practical, accessible way of life rather than an abstract concept.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Jameela Jamil observes that we're an impatient, overstimulated culture seeking shortcuts and instant gratification in all areas of life. She advises that nothing good ever comes fast - self-improvement requires incremental change through education, diverse perspectives, thoughtful debate, and influencing your inner circle first. Jamil reflects on her own rapid fame and realizes she couldn't process her impact; she advocates slow, careful growth allowing time to consider, strategize and course-correct when necessary. True lasting change starts small by focusing on individual relationships and building out the ripple effect from there.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Rich Paul, a prominent sports agent, reflects on his journey from playing multiple roles, including stylist and jeweler, to becoming a powerful figure in the sports industry. He emphasizes the importance of relationships, hustle, and adaptability. Paul shares valuable lessons, highlighting the business aspect of sports and the need for a long-term mindset. He discusses the observer's paradox, the value of consistency, and the significance of evolving, managing transitions, and creating opportunities. The interview provides insights into Paul's multifaceted career and his commitment to impactful business development.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Mark Manson explores the dynamics of long-term relationships, emphasizing the importance of alignment on key values while acknowledging the natural evolution of individuals over time. Mark delves into the challenges that arise when partners diverge in their beliefs around money, religion, and family, suggesting that surviving misalignment on one but not all of these issues is possible. He also shares personal experiences of intentional evolution within his own marriage, communicating significant changes in career and health priorities to maintain alignment with his partner. Mark encourages couples to evolve together consciously, fostering understanding and adaptability to bridge any gaps that may emerge.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Cedric the Entertainer shares valuable insights into his mindset shift throughout his career, from his early days in St. Louis to his current success. Cedric emphasizes the importance of humility, hard work, and the constant need to earn success, debunking the idea of entitlement. He reflects on moments of self-awareness during periods of fame and how he navigates the changing landscape of comedy, expressing admiration for the unique talents of the younger generation. Cedric's collaborative mindset, rooted in his Midwestern values, shines through as he discusses the joy of helping others succeed in the entertainment industry.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Rener Gracie discusses the transformative impact of Jiu-Jitsu beyond the mats. Gracie reveals a common trend where individuals, particularly men, find themselves returning to Jiu-Jitsu classes after a hiatus prompted by work obligations, illustrating the positive influence it has on personal relationships. He highlights the universal principles of Jiu-Jitsu, emphasizing how they translate into improved fatherhood, spousal relationships, and overall better performance in various life roles. Gracie delves into the art of Jiu-Jitsu as a confidence-builder, recounting a powerful story of a bullied student who, through Jiu-Jitsu training, learned to assert boundaries with powerful voice, eyes, and posture, ultimately finding freedom.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Have you listened to the FULL EPISODE yet?Dr. Ellen Langer's decades of research shows our mindsets directly impact physiology, evidenced by her landmark study where elderly men regained youthful strength and cognition simply by living one week as their younger selves. She posits we must challenge the harmful tendency to cling to absolutes since external realities are constantly changing, so mindful awareness of novelty is key to wellbeing. Dr. Langer stresses that psychology, not just biology, will be the future of medicine as data continues to demonstrate that presuppositions shape our bodies, but most still fail to recognize mind-body unity. By revealing the fallacy of certainty, she hopes to revolutionize how we perceive and thus experience aging, illness and the inevitability of change.Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Pastor Michael Todd stresses that counseling helps release and heal trauma, yet too many avoid it; just verbally airing feelings to a safe person starts positive change. He finds successful leaders lose self-awareness as they rise, so must proactively self-evaluate despite external praise. Todd believes rest is a powerful weapon - facing fear of losing progress, leaders should set enough goals then purposefully rest to tap the best ideas. He notes that without purpose, achievements never satisfy; do things for meaning versus acclaim to find true fulfillment.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Yung Pueblo advises choosing a partner who amplifies your power and helps you shine brighter together through complementary strengths. He would tell his younger self to start meditating sooner for the self-awareness to communicate lovingly, receive openly, understand each other's pain. Pueblo suggests knowing your respective strengths so you can lead or support appropriately in different situations. To assess a potential partner, he would ask about their relationship with emotions, interest in growth, and vision for a healthy relationship to reveal if you can build a home together.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Rob Dial advises living life on the front foot by proactively planning each morning to build momentum, avoiding starting reactive and behind. He suggests small wins like waking on time, making your bed, preparing gear for a workout generate positivity to power bigger goals. Dial notes that like money, self-love is an inside job - no achievement or bank account alone changes core feelings about yourself. To him, easing daily progress maximizes freedom to grow, create, serve others versus scrambling to catch up.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Shawn Stevenson explains that by focusing on adequate protein intake, we prompt more calorie burning because protein digestion utilizes the most energy. He advises against isolating macros, saying we evolved eating whole foods not calories; real ingredients build better tissues and gene expression. Stevenson notes calorie counts are rough estimates, not precise lab measurements, so quality matters more than quantity for metabolic health. Though calories can loosely guide appropriate intake, he stresses we should ultimately judge food as human fuel versus processed non-food.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Have you LISTENED TO THE FULL EPISODE yet?The Glucose Goddess believes the key to balancing health with enjoying sugary treats is understanding how our physiology interacts with different foods, not extreme restriction, since deprivation inevitably fails. She advises maximizing pleasure while minimizing blood sugar crashes and inflammation by only having sweets after a full meal, never on an empty stomach, as spiking glucose then crashing causes addictive cravings. Knowing how to indulge smartly, like saving sweet breakfast pastries to enjoy later as dessert, provides sanity in our food environment without forcing people to fully cut out their favorite comforts. Ultimately, rediscovering simple, ancestral wisdom about how our bodies work allows for moderation and self-care rather than all-or-nothing, unhealthy relationships with food.Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Lisa Nichols shares how she hit rock bottom on government assistance, unable to afford diapers for her baby. She realized her mindset of scarcity from her upbringing was limiting her, and pledged to change her mental zip code. Nichols advises turning down the volume on your environment and listening to your heart to breakthrough conditioned assumptions of what someone like you can or can't achieve. Though she now earns in the top 1%, she recognizes the cultural habit to quickly give money away and wants to learn how to keep and grow wealth.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Have you listened to this NEW EPISODE of the The School of Greatness yet? LISTEN HERE!Lewis Howes discusses his journey to learn how to build relationships after struggling to connect growing up. He explains how through observation and trial and error, he discoverd how not to approach relationships from a place of anxiousness and fear. Howes highlights his belief that with self-work, we can overcome our stories to create thriving, harmonious partnerships rooted in peace and love.Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Rob Dyrdek explains how releasing stuck stress expands your capacity to take on more. He automated and outsourced parts of his life and business that drained energy until they became effortless. Dyrdek believes any creative endeavor goes through stages - diligence, planning, failing at launch, finding product-market fit, then optimizing and scaling. By optimizing his production process, he now films 6 episodes of his show a day in 6 hours versus 2 episodes in 10 hours previously.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Rory Vaden explains how top performers multiply time instead of just managing it. He details the evolution of time management from efficiency to prioritizing and now to significance. Vaden advises calculating importance not just urgency, asking how long something will matter. Multipliers break free of one-day thinking, giving themselves permission to invest time today that creates more time tomorrow.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
After a devastating accident, Joe Dispenza refused surgery and instead used his mind to heal his broken back. Dispenza shares how he visualized reconstructing his vertebrae and focused on connecting to the intelligence within his body. He studied others who healed themselves and found common threads like managing stress and reinventing oneself. Dispenza details how we can reprogram our brains and bodies through presence, focus, and tapping into the quantum field.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Tony Robbins shares his insights on investing without fear. He explains market corrections versus crashes, says winter is coming for the markets but you can be prepared. Robbins advocates becoming an investor and owner despite fear of losses. He gives historical stats showing long term gains for those who stay invested.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Michael Bungay Stanier and his now-wife engaged in a pivotal conversation about their relationship's future. At 25 and 36, they recognized the need to navigate past mistakes and intentionally work towards a successful partnership. Stanier emphasizes the importance of acknowledging that relationships will encounter challenges and suggests the question, "How will we fix it when things go wrong?" as a powerful tool for building shared commitment and permission to address inevitable difficulties.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
Mark Manson reflects on the unexpected challenges that accompanied his rise to success, emphasizing that achieving goals doesn't eliminate problems but rather brings new and often larger ones. He candidly discusses the pressure and scrutiny that comes with an expanded audience and success, sharing personal experiences of facing backlash and criticism. Manson acknowledges the privilege and opportunities that success brings but highlights the different type of pressure one must navigate. In hindsight, he advises preparing for the unforeseen pressures and expectations that accompany exponential growth.LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE!Sign up for the Greatness newsletter!
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