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Jon Stewart and The Daily Show News Team cover today's biggest headlines. The “Ears Edition” of The Daily Show features full episodes, extended content, exclusive interviews, and more.

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Dulcé Sloan reports on the latest Capitol Hill drama, where Marjorie Taylor Greene is waging a war against Speaker Mike Johnson, and Trump is asking Republican candidates for a cut of their campaign funds. Plus, intense media coverage of Trump’s New York criminal trial just cost the court a juror and Troy Iwata weighs in on privacy concerns. Josh Johnson also sits down with a tax expert to learn the tips and tricks rich people use to avoid paying taxes. Whether it’s starting a church, giving charity, owning property, or evaluating his self-made art collection, Josh weighs all options including death to lighten his 2024 tax load. And country singer-songwriter, Brittney Spencer, joins Dulcé for her first late-night interview to discuss how her debut album “My Stupid Life” is an invitation for everyone to love country music, the excitement of being a Black woman in country music at this moment, and what it was like to be featured on Beyoncé’s cover of “Blackbird.” Take a quick survey to help us improve The Daily Show: Ears Edition: for privacy information.
Dulcé Sloan takes on Nike’s skimpy design for Team USA’s women’s track and field Olympians, Endless Shrimp comes to an end as Red Lobster considers bankruptcy, and Donald Trump visits a bodega in NYC as jury selection makes headway. Plus, Josh Johnson tries to wiggle his way into stardom by being selected for Trump’s jury. Then, Dulcé has been watching white people drink wine and pretend to know what a "tannin" is for decades. But what about Black people who also want to get wine drunk on a weekday and call it a book club? Dulcé learns all about wine appreciation and breaking the stemmed-glass ceiling of this exclusive industry from a Black-owned wine tour business in Atlanta. And actor and adventure enthusiast, Orlando Bloom, chats with Dulcé about his new docuseries “Orlando Bloom: To the Edge,” where he pushed himself to the limits in attempts to master wingsuiting, free diving, and rock climbing. They discuss how the experience helped him stay present, the spiritual journey he embarked on, and what it was like portraying himself on-camera.See for privacy information.
Dulcé Sloan kicks off her hosting week with difficult jury selection for Trump's criminal hush money trial and his long list of excuses for getting out of his court dates. Plus, Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse outside of the New York County Criminal Court, where a jury of Trump's supporters have already rendered their verdicts. In the latest In My Opinion, John Leguizamo is fired up about the Latino vote and their surprising sway toward Donald Trump, despite Biden’s outreach and policies on immigration. He breaks down the priority issues of inflation and Trump’s deceptions on how much he truly cares about the Latino community. And Mayan Lopez, co-creator, writer, and star of the NBC sitcom “Lopez vs. Lopez,” talks to Dulcé about the responsibility of being the only Latino-centered sitcom on TV right now. She discusses making her own name in comedy while working with her dad, playing a fictionalized version of herself, and using the show to have difficult conversations about family and identity.See for privacy information.
Jon Stewart unpacks Iran launching missiles at Israel and resident Civil War historian Donald Trump claiming to be the solution. Plus, with Trump’s criminal trial beginning, Desi Lydic, Ronny Chieng, and Josh Johnson go head-to-head to decide which persecuted martyr he resembles most. Then, White House and National Security Correspondent, David E. Sanger, joins Jon to discuss his latest book, “New Cold Wars.” Sanger details how America’s “arrogance” in the decades after the Cold War led to underestimating Russia’s imperialistic plans, including its invasion of Ukraine, and how a similar pattern is unfolding with China. They also discuss how America’s foreign policy track record might impact its role in simultaneous “new cold wars” with Russia and China.See for privacy information.
The Daily Show's top Tax Day coverage over the years including Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Ronny Chieng on America's most annoying holiday. From 2014, Jon Stewart covers the IRS having difficulty finding the proper documentation that it needs to end the government's scrutiny of the organization. And looking back to 2001, Mr. Money, Stephen Colbert, hates paying taxes and shows how to lie on a tax form. Plus, Ronny Chieng's 2023 look at the bizarre and uniquely complicated way America handles the process of filing taxes.See for privacy information.
Michael Kosta sits down with award-winning director and writer, Alex Garland, to discuss his new film, "Civil War," his intentions for inspiring conversation amongst viewers, and journalism's importance to America's checks and balances system. Also, best-selling author, Hanif Abdurraqib, joins Michael to discuss his latest book "There's Always This Year," the parallels between his life and basketball, and his views on re-framing how we look at aging. See for privacy information.
Jon Stewart calls out America for abandoning its values in its support of Israel and Ronny Chieng and Grace Kuhlenschmidt check in with Jon from the 2024 eclipse's path of totality. Plus, Michael Kosta covers the aftermath of the solar eclipse, how a guilty verdict against the parents of a Michigan school shooter set a new gun violence precedent, and President Biden's new student debt forgiveness plan.See for privacy information.
Michael Kosta reports on the fallout from Arizona’s nearly complete abortion ban, sending the GOP into scramble mode. Plus, Jordan Klepper joins Kosta for an enlightening new segment, “Men Talk About Abortion.” Also, are you a politician afraid of going viral for falling down the stairs? Worry no more! Stair Sherpa is the only app where you can request a beefy man in your area to carry you safely up and down any staircase. Nothing embarrassing about this! And cultural critic, poet, and best-selling author Hanif Abdurraqib joins Michael Kosta to discuss his new book “There’s Always This Year” and how the game of basketball can illuminate our understanding of time, urgency, and mortality. Abdurraqib reflects on turning 40, how to reframe aging, the kind of ascension we should strive for, and how to utilize nostalgia as a tool for improvement.See for privacy information.
Michael Kosta tackles the Biden administration’s new standard for limiting so-called “forever chemicals” in drinking water, the USPS's announcement to raise the price of postage stamps, and Democrats' call for Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor to retire. Plus, Troy Iwata joins to offer up some youthful options as her replacement. And the Grammy Award-winning band Vampire Weekend, Ezra Koenig, Chris Baio, and Chris Tomson, discusses the story behind the cover of their new album, “Only God Was Above Us,“ being an iconic NYC band living in LA, and what inspired their podcast, “Vampire Campfire.”See for privacy information.
Michael Kosta reports on the aftermath of the solar eclipse as Google searches for “my eyes hurt” skyrocket. Plus, a new legal precedent is set by a verdict in Michigan, which found a school shooter’s parents guilty. Also, President Biden makes his appeal to young voters with a new student loan debt forgiveness plan, and Josh Johnson weighs in on just how much cash it will take to sell the idea to young people. Donald Trump is also changing his tune on abortion yet again, this time to attract voters in the 2024 election, while Arizona is turning to abortion laws from the 1860s. And Award-winning director and writer, Alex Garland, sits down with Michael Kosta to discuss his new dystopian thriller “Civil War.” Garland talks about his intention to inspire conversation, why he chose to set the film in America, and the importance of journalism in a system of checks and balances.See for privacy information.
Jon Stewart checks in on the war in Gaza and interrogates how America's purported values stack up against its support of Israel. Plus, Ronny Chieng and Grace Kuhlenschmidt report from the eclipse's path of totality with startlingly different reports. And CNN Chief International Anchor, Christiane Amanpour, sits down with Jon to discuss the unprecedented difficulty in covering the war in Gaza, the squashed Middle East peace process of the 1990s, and Muslim countries abandoning Palestinians. Christiane also discusses showcasing diverse viewpoints and opinions on her show, “The Amanpour Hour,” including one Israeli woman who told her, “We must make friends with our enemies, otherwise we will keep dying.”See for privacy information.
In this podcast exclusive, Daily Show contributor Charlamagne tha God and Daily Show writer Ashton Womack discuss Charlamagne's issues with corporate America's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiatives, how conservatives have hijacked DEI, and the need for true leadership and change in the Black community. Plus, Clarlamagne unpacks what it was like to work with Jon Stewart and the inspiration he gave him for this piece.See for privacy information.
Desi Lydic sits down with Texas’s 2nd District Representative Colin Allred to discuss his campaign for Senate seat against Ted Cruz, his plans for restoring women's reproductive rights, and the importance of paternity leave. Also, executive producers and writers, Sebastian Junger and Ken Harbaugh, join Desi to talk about their award-winning documentary film, “Against All Enemies.” They chat about the dangers of U.S. veterans joining domestic terrorist groups, how some January 6th participants were also former veterans, and how members of these groups tend to have a desire for combat that they may not have seen during their time in service.See for privacy information.
Jon Stewart covers how AI's plans to make our lives easier will actually lead us to a world that limits the need for human labor. Plus, Desi Lydic tracks Truth Social's 21% drop in stocks, Florida's new abortion limits, and how the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament is bringing more fans to the sport.See for privacy information.
Desi Lydic unpacks Trump's attempt to change Nebraska's electoral vote system, why the New York Marathon is pissed at the MTA, and the upcoming solar eclipse. And Ronny Chieng and Jordan Klepper have a good old fashioned moon versus sun debate. And welcome to Trump elementary, the most prestigious educational institution of all-time, taught by the smartest man alive. From science and geography to math and Spanish, Donald Trump teaches your child everything they need to know. Plus, Sebastian Junger and Ken Harbaugh, executive producers and writers of the award-winning documentary film, “Against All Enemies,” sit down with Desi Lydic to discuss the wave of veterans joining extremist groups. Particularly popular for offering a sense of purpose and mission, they examine the danger of trained veterans participating in January 6th, domestic terrorist groups under the cover of political parties, and Trump’s blatant disrespect for veterans.See for privacy information.
Desi Lydic breaks down why Donald Trump and Fox News conservatives are losing their minds over Easter falling on the same day as Trans Visibility Day, and Michael Kosta finds a way to spin the negative news cycle into a win-win for both holidays. And what does the Baltimore Bridge collapse have to do with diversity, equity, and inclusion? Charlamagne tha God breaks down the weaponization of DEI to undermine minorities in earned positions, and how corporate America has used it as a band-aid for racism. Plus, actress Alison Brie stops by to discuss the mystery and dysfunctional family dynamics in her new Peacock series “Apples Never Fall,” how working with so many talented women on “GLOW” inspired her to do more behind the camera, and what it was like working so closely with her husband Dave Franco on “Together,” a horror film about a codependent couple.See for privacy information.
Desi Lydic dives into Trump’s billion-dollar loss on Truth Social, the future of abortion in Florida following two major rulings, and how the media can't stop talking about what a moment women’s basketball is having. Plus, Josh Johnson and Desi try to decipher what happened at the three-point line when North Carolina took on Texas. And New York City has lost millions of dollars thanks to ghost plates, a new way of obstructing your license plate to avoid ticketing. Michael Kosta teams up with the city’s most infamous ghost (plate) buster to expose drivers and even cops who have employed this innovative method in the newest Thank Me Later. Plus, Representative Colin Allred of Texas’s 32nd District sits down with Desi Lydic to discuss running for Senate against Ted Cruz, his plans to protect and restore women’s reproductive rights, the importance of paternity leave, and what’s at stake in the upcoming election.See for privacy information.
Jon Stewart tackles the AI revolution and how its creators are promising a better future while building technology to make human workers obsolete. Plus, Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan joins Jon Stewart to discuss her work with the “small but mighty” government agency in protecting Americans against unfair business practices. They discuss the agency’s antitrust lawsuit against Amazon, successes within the healthcare industry, and if there’s an arms race between tech companies to wield control over artificial intelligence.See for privacy information.
In this podcast exclusive, Daily Show contributor Leslie Jones and comedian Lenny Marcus discuss what's at stake this election and why people should head to the polls even if they don't love either candidate. Plus, Leslie unpacks the difference between an entertainer and a politician, and why she would never run for political office. See for privacy information.
Jordan Klepper sits with CNN anchor, chief national security analyst, and bestselling author, Jim Sciutto, to discuss his new book "The Return of Great Powers: Russia, China, and the Next World War." Plus, NOTUS Investigative reporter, Byron Tau, joins Jordan to talk about his new book, "Means of Control." They chat about how technology companies house our data and Tau offers tips that anyone can use to limit the amount personal information we give to these companies.See for privacy information.
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Linda Patterson


Apr 16th

Brown Time

here's Johnny hahaha 😂😂😂

Apr 9th

Weather or Not

the 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 border should be an example for 🇵🇸 🇮🇱 dual state solution. ~Highway39 in Mackenzie British Columbia.

Apr 7th

Jason Salvo

Troy Iwata is fucking hilarious and my new favorite correspondent

Mar 31st

mary lavender


Mar 23rd

selena olds

Hi i love sex my contact here

Mar 10th

Ryan Martinez

I went from watching The Daily Show no days a week, to watching it 1 day a week... whatever you guys are doing, keep it up!

Mar 3rd

Ogah Godwin

can I send some of the money 8 have in my bank account so that you can keep it for me

Mar 1st
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Ogah Godwin

GOOD evening

Mar 1st

Laura Bogart

hard relate on being able to endure unendurable things and then being broken by losing a dog

Feb 29th

Laura Bogart

The criticism of Stewart's first episode back made me laugh so hard. I like TDS, but it's so much closer to the center than what I'm used to listening to. Critics should listen to a few episodes of It Could Happen Here or I Don't Speak German to get some perspective.

Feb 22nd

Ashley hill


Feb 5th

Weather or Not

yes Hamas is evil. the British partition is the ultimate cause of this. I like that woman but her hawkish nature is fanatical....and inhumane. Nikki no no...

Nov 5th

Laura Bogart

only 1 horror movies where all the white men did and 1 black man lived instead of vice versa... that must be I Am Legend, right? though I think of it as an action movie, but I can't think of anything else that fits

Oct 25th

Laura Bogart

It isn't an open air prison. It's an internment camp.

Oct 23rd

Laura Bogart

This is the only podcast I listen to that's currently playing "reruns." Why? Cause the others get fair pay, and this one is audio from a TV show by a typical greedy studio. Pay your writers and actors fairly and stop trying to replace them with crummy AI

Sep 14th

Toni VonderHaar

I DIED when Josh called homeboy a house 🐔 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣#housechicken #chickenbloodtype

Aug 15th

Barb Cowen

This podcast was so interesting, informative and shocking.

Aug 2nd

Laura Bogart

Strong agree about the birthday party incident: I'm autistic and have anxiety disorder, mostly around social anxiety. I've hidden my birthday from people when possible, and my employer respects us enough to ask each employee what we want for our birthday. A few have asked for cake, but usually, people just ask for a bag, box, or jar of candy and to be allowed to remain inconspicuous

Jul 24th

Laura Bogart

Trevor's childhood memories are more entertaining than anyone else I've heard recalling their childhood

Jun 30th
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