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Would you want a blinged out smile like Lil Wayne, or a chain as flashy as Flavor Flav’s? Daily Show correspondent Dulcé Sloan and Daily Show writer Josh Johnson debate over the better piece of jewelry: grillz or chains. They discuss the importance of using precious metals, proper sizing, and the likelihood of either piece of jewelry getting snatched. Hold Up with Dulcé Sloan and Josh Johnson is a new podcast from The Daily Show. Check out more episodes of Hold Up wherever you get your podcasts.See for privacy information.
President Biden pardons thousands of marijuana possession convicts, Desi Lydic Fox-splains GOP Senate hopeful Herschel Walker, and actor Constance Wu talks about her memoir "Making a Scene."See for privacy information.
New York Yankees star Aaron Judge makes home run history, Ronny Chieng gets a hard lesson in professional pillow fighting, and journalist Maggie Haberman discusses her book "Confidence Man."See for privacy information.
Iranian women protest their country's brutal regime, Trevor highlights GOP Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker, and Congresswoman Cori Bush discusses her book "The Forerunner."See for privacy information.
Vladimir Putin illegally annexes several regions in Ukraine, The Right Stuff dating app caters to conservatives, and Cliff "Method Man" Smith talks about his movie "On the Come Up."See for privacy information.
Beyoncé and Drake released house music albums this year, leaving fans confused by their shift from pop-soul sounds to dance beats. Despite popular belief, house music comes from the the 70s disco era and fostered a safe space for Black and queer folk to feel true liberation. Daily Show producer, Chelsea Williamson, house music great, DJ Derrick Carter, and music scholar and writer, Craig Seymour, join host Roy Wood Jr. to discuss the forgotten origins of house music.  Beyond The Scenes is a podcast from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Check out more episodes wherever you get your podcasts or for privacy information.
The signature elements of K-Pop? Next level dance choreography and being Asian. Ronny Chieng digs into how K-Pop is used to boost Korea's cultural profile and economy, and its worldwide impact today.See for privacy information.
“In that moment, I was not, as a journalist or as a woman, going to put a headscarf on and somehow bind myself…” CNN’s chief international anchor Christiane Amanpour discusses the recent protests in Iran following the death of a 22-year-old woman who was detained by the morality police for showing her hair, the qualms Iranian women have with the government, and how the people of Iran want a democracy.See for privacy information.
Hurricane Ian slams Florida, Biden makes a morbid mistake, Rihanna plans to perform at the Super Bowl, and Haberman’s book reveals Trump’s vow to not leave office. Here’s a look at what happened this week. See for privacy information.
“Because I’ve never really been a pasta person, lasagna’s really the only thing I’ve liked because it’s very difficult to make” - Dulcé Sloan “The simple fact that you’re half a measurement away from making bad lasagna at all times is why spaghetti is superior.” - Josh Johnson It’s lasagna vs. spaghetti, two Italian culinary heavyweights, this week on Hold Up with Daily Show correspondent Dulcé Sloan and writer Josh Johnson. Hold Up with Dulcé Sloan and Josh Johnson is a new podcast from The Daily Show. Check out more episodes of Hold Up wherever you get your podcasts.See for privacy information.
Trevor delivers a special message to The Daily Show audience, reflects on the toxicity of online discourse, and supermodel Iman discusses her involvement in the documentary "Supreme Models."See for privacy information.
Class 4 Hurricane Ian lands in Florida, Kevin Matthew Kelp (Michael Kosta) investigates a nefarious ice cream truck conspiracy, and Mark Cuban discusses "Shark Tank" and Cost Plus Drugs.See for privacy information.
Russia coerces Ukrainians into voting in favor of joining the Russian Federation, Ronny Chieng teaches a class on K-pop, and William MacAskill discusses his book "What We Owe the Future."See for privacy information.
“Fame wasn’t really a currency in that way”. Trevor on how his grandma and his fellow South Africans treat celebrities differently than in AmericaSee for privacy information.
GOP candidate J.R. Majewski appears to lie about his military service, Christiane Amanpour discusses her interview with Iran's president, and Tyler Perry talks about "A Jazzman's Blues."See for privacy information.
Books are being banned from schools and public libraries at alarming rates, and stories from LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC authors are disproportionately being pulled from shelves. How do book bans harm learning and access to information? What do these challenges say about the American educational system? Deborah Caldwell-Stone, Director of the American Library Association's Office for Intellectual Freedom and George M. Johnson, author of the widely challenged book “All Boys Aren’t Blue'' join host Roy Wood Jr. to break down where these book bans are coming from, the political ideology behind them, and how these banned books can help young readers understand complex issues. Beyond The Scenes is a podcast from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Check out more episodes wherever you get your podcasts or for privacy information.
Xolo Maridueña talks about staying “normal” despite his rise to fame, learning to fight for “Cobra Kai,” and being chosen as DC’s Blue Beetle without any audition.See for privacy information.
Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate and author Beto O’Rourke discusses how the extremism in Texas is reflective of a broken democracy and immigration system, why there’s a need for solutions to the immigration issue rather than reactive stunts, and how dialogue across all political parties is crucial.See for privacy information.
Beckham bids farewell to the Queen, Adnan Syed is freed from prison, Trump is sued by New York's attorney general, and Putin faces heat at home. Here's what you missed this week. See for privacy information.
What’s the best breakfast food: waffles or pancakes? Daily Show correspondent Dulcé Sloan and Daily Show writer Josh Johnson go head-to-head on appropriate toppings, which has the better texture, and which is worse, a hotel waffle iron or a pancake conveyor belt? Hold Up with Dulcé Sloan and Josh Johnson is a new podcast from The Daily Show. Check out more episodes of Hold Up wherever you get your podcasts.See for privacy information.
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christine schulze

omgoodness!! THANK YOU SO MUCH ! This was A W S O M E ♡ I freaking LOVE Frankie Knuckles 😍 House, post disco get down etc Chicago is my favorite US city, lived there for abt 8 yrs, loved it! Again, THANK YOU♡

Oct 4th


#مهسا_امینی #MahsaAmini

Oct 2nd

reza hajitarkhani

The rebels are killing people #khamenei

Sep 24th


Iranian people have been cut off from the internet while world leaders are meeting at the UN. Be our voice #mahsaamini

Sep 22nd
Reply (1)

Gina Bina

our M

Sep 22nd

ava razavi

Justice for mahsa amini #مهسا_امینی

Sep 19th

Reyhaneh Tamani zadeh


Sep 19th

Laura Bogart

My favorite William Shatner work so far 😆

Sep 11th
Reply (1)


diversity hire

Sep 5th

Dani Vasquez

ya'll high and fucking hilarious! next we should discuss how unnecessary it is to attempt to culturally diversify the raisin.

Sep 1st

Mahrad Moradi

this one is old, i dont appreciate this reposting

Aug 31st

Lou Israel

My God this is absolutely embarrassing. Noah is a good comic and a five interviewer but when it comes to politics he knows nothing! of his writers voters to fact check the bill with lefty media, or consult award winning economists, professors or reporters? THIS is not even 10% of what is needed for climate change actions and worse, it opens up federal lands for corporations to mine coal on and contrive burning fossil fuels. It's between a disappointment and a disaster and if Noah pulled his head out of his ass and consulted ANYONE outside of Capitol Hill he would know that face it. Noah is a clown. In fact I would argue he should be cited for spreading disinformation. When Joe Manchin is happy, run for the hills. 46 has accomplished next to nothing and his failures are a mile high. No wonder the left and the youth of today turn off cable news, and presumably "reports" like this. My God Trevor, interview Lee Camp Graham Elwood Ron Placone Richard Medhurst Jimmy Dore or kit Cabelo or professor Richard Wolf or Chris hedges or Caitlin Johnstone or any number of others who will be happy to set you and your audience straight. I don't know why I listen to daily Show but it sure as hell ain't for the DNC apologist sycophants.

Aug 13th
Reply (1)

Ed Potter

Trevor, you are amazing! Your 8/12 earcast is just too funny! Trump can read!

Aug 13th
Reply (1)

Lou Israel

I guess the daily Show staff doesn't read news any more than what their DNC bosses them them. A true climate change bill would be Booker to 10 TRILLION dollars. this was but and city and cut again until it was nothing. Democrats are counting in Americans being as stupid as t they have shown that have been. I hope they're wrong and get destroyed in the mid terms.

Jul 31st

Lou Israel

Adrian is correct. And Trevor is actually a very mediocre interviewer when it comes to politics or DNC related issues. He didn't push bank on this guys bullshit and didn't have an actual lefty who could counteract his garbage arguments. Hey Trevor? Maybe you should invite better guests on to debate this? Lee camp? Jimmy Dore? Graham Elwood? Brianna joy Grey? The folks from Hard Lens Media? Jon Stewart? Trevor is very good when interviewing celebrities or doing comedy. When It comes to news or politics he is a lightweight at best and incompetent at worst.

Jul 31st

Adrian Rodriguez

This dude is full of confirmation bias, and using reports form over 30 years ago. For being a "data guy" he knows that obsolete data and that his argument is weak. 0 stars

Jul 28th


Appreciate giving disabled creators space, ignorance is often the biggest issue in accessibility and acceptance, so learning from. one another has the biggest impact for disabled communities to be seen and heard

Jul 27th

Lou Israel

Congratulations to the DNC cheerleader and establishment apologist Trevor Noah exposing his total lack of knowledge about politics yet again ...this is by far his weakest area. he should stick to interviewing celebrities or don't impressions. Sweden and Finland joining NATO is bringing Europe closer to world war 3, which is fine for the sociopaths running America, and his bosses, but not so great for the rest of the world. More proof that Trevor Noah is not a lefty, or even politically aware, let alone savvy. ACTUALLY when it comes to politics he is most often cringeworthy. There are a dozen independent media reporters and citizen journalists who could school him in this area and I wish he'd hire some to give him expert advice. But his owners aren't fond of uncomfortable truths about America. I'm so glad I have basically tuned out late night talk show DNC apologists (Colbert is by far the worst) and get my information from the left, so have been proven correct again and again and again and again. Listen to us or you'll get Trump, world war 3, and possible extinction of humanity. You heard it here first.

Jun 30th


Republicans are tools.

Jun 15th

erica elcevich

I know I'm way behind in my listening but when you said everyone should have to work in the food service industry before running for office or for their gap year, the Navy used to have all new service members (once assigned to your ship) be assigned to the food service area for 120 days (called mess cranking). This was 20+ yrs ago so not sure if they still do it but that is where I learned a little bit of what it takes to work in the food service industry. A thankless job.

Jun 1st
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