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Jenny joins us this morning with updates, Do you still have old yearbooks or did you throw them out? One More Break with Drake plays a game with the whole show hoping to embarrass them and it doesn't work, Plus More!
We found a commercial Dave made in the early 2000s for Grand Theft Auto, We ask people what their Claim to Fame is, a Brand New War of the Roses: Ava takes Morris to War of the Roses because Morris's explanations aren't making sense and he admits to something you wouldn't expect, & More!
We talk about Stuff You Can't Make Up, Dave goes down a rabbit hole about Restaurants he really likes and the entire show is OVER it, Plus More!
Falen does her Falenies, We do Dave's Dirt, & More!
Ava's been dating Morris for about a year. Morris went out with his friends a few weeks ago and said it was an amazing time and as soon as Ava said she wanted to go, he started saying bad things about the places they go to. Is this a red flag?
We talk about Jenny being out sick today and how we thought the show is never the same without her, Can't Make This Up, Falen brings up a story about a Ski Instructor, & More!
We play Morning Show Trivia where we quiz you to see if you know the morning show, We asked people why they got fired or why they fired someone and some of these stories are UNHINGED, & More!
We play a new game called 'The Humming Game' where we try and hum popular songs and guess them, Special Guest 'Mike' joins the show to host Think Fast, We compete with our songs on Winning Song Wednesday, & More!
Drake does his One More Break with Drake and talks about online friends, do they count?, We play Finish the Lyrics - TV Theme Song edition, Falen does Falenies, & More!
Dave plays popular songs with THREE instruments this time on One Man Band, Can you name them?, We talk about a team formula from Instagram, Dave's Dirt, & More!
Drake asks the show if they know anyone who acts like they peaked in High School, We talk about audio from a Chris Rock video, We do Group Therapy with a guy who's worried about people hitting on his really hot girlfriend, & More!
We ask people what they missed because they were pooping and some of these responses are HILARIOUS!, Can't Make This Up, We reminisce on a old One Direction song, & More!
Drake does his weekly Hot Takes including artists charging way to much for concerts, Pugs being ugly, & Cheese being able to be ate with any meal, Falenies, & More!
Jason & Lucy are married. Jason got an anonymous letter saying there's been a random maroon Subaru showing up to their house. When Jason asked Lucy she said she has no idea what the letters are about. Jason went and did his own investigation and what he found is why he's on WOTR today.
Dave is live with us this morning from Ohio after his Magic Convention, We all talk about our weekends and discover some shocking things about them, Can't Make This Up, & More!
We talk to some people who have some Ambien Horror Stories, We discuss how much money Dave spent at the Magic Convention this weekend, We talk to all our spouses (minue Drake) about our weekends, & More!
Someone called into the show to talk about a picture she posted online of her in a bikini with her legs spread. You can see something and she's wondering if it's wrong?, Drake brings up a talk about Snow birds & ice dams, & More!
We play our favorite weekly game of Think Fast hosted by Falen, We ask people what their old them would hate about them new them, Monday Motivation, & More!
Falen hosts Think Fast this morning with Dave going head to head with Jenny!
Falen talks about her insane drive into work this morning, Jenny talks about her wet seat, Dave's Dirt, & More!
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5:14 I would have said Matthew or Mark

May 11th


Hearing this from Oregon, this was hilarious. I’m doing this prank but it will be letter from the IRS.

Jan 13th

Apple Official

love this show, funniest bits and jokes on the history of podcasts, plus if you want to hear about Minnesota, here's your chance! five stars all the way!!!

May 28th
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