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Dave, Jenny and Vont play a round of Alexa Password, new music from Dua Lipa and Sabrina Carpenter in Dave's Dirt and more!
We kick off Game Day with listeners, Helen, Tiffany and Allie plus Benjamin is here! They play a round of Benjamin's Time Machine, Do You Have A Pulse and more!
This morning we welcome listeners Drew, Jessica and Maddy in to play Finish the Lyric, Alexa Password and more with us on Game Day.
We have listeners, Maddie and Maura, in this hour to play Password, Think Fast and more with us all morning!
Why is Vont still wearing a paper wrist band? Plus some signs that you're officially old in You Can't Make This Stuff Up and more.
The final update on Sofie confronting her best friends' boyfriend, a brand new War of the Roses and so much more.
A listener calls into Dave's Bizarro Corner with a strange desire she has at work, Vont and Dave sing the Diff'rent Strokes theme song and more.
Jenny shares things about bodies that people didn't know were unusual until someone told them, Dave's Dirt and more.
Dave, Jenny and Vont play Think Fast, share some good news going on in their lives and more.
Sofie calls updates us from yesterday where she told her best friend's boyfriend that she has herpes, we play Who In The Room and more.
Today we opened the phone lines for you to ask us ANYTHING you want, plus listeners made confessions for AJR tickets and more.
Listeners call to play the three letter game for AJR tickets, is this girl the a**hole for not going to her sister's wedding and more.
A vegan runner has a crazy complaint on the Next Door app, the reason office crushes are not good, and more!
A listener calls in because she can't keep her friends' secret anymore, we talk about the impending TikTok ban and more.
How to know if your kid is spoiled, Morgan Wallen is in some trouble in Dave's Dirt and more!
Tell us what you come home smelling like for Talkback Tuesday, should you be taking videos during a concert or just enjoying it and more!
Dave, Jenny and Vont recap their weekends, talk about people that say "if they wanted to, they would" and more.
We react to the solar eclipse happening today, discuss if it's tacky to ask for money as a wedding gift and more.
We try to make your Monday, deciding whether certain names are considered "old" and more.
Things that older people tend to think that younger people do are dumb, Dave's Dirt and more.
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Mia Michael

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5:14 I would have said Matthew or Mark

May 11th


Hearing this from Oregon, this was hilarious. I’m doing this prank but it will be letter from the IRS.

Jan 13th

Apple Official

love this show, funniest bits and jokes on the history of podcasts, plus if you want to hear about Minnesota, here's your chance! five stars all the way!!!

May 28th
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