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Author: 101.3 KDWB (KDWB-FM)

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Jenny and Bailey tell the stories of hookups they're ashamed of, but are out-shamed by Dave.
We play Mind the Gap, talk perfume choices, and more!
We discuss the best free breads at restaurants, do No Phone Screener Friday, and more!
We talk about hookups we're ashamed of in the Ladies' Room, unearth new knowledge about San Francisco, and more!
We show off what we're better at than 80% of people, Dave's Dirt, and more!
Dave's Bizarro Corner

Dave's Bizarro Corner


A caller went to change her tire and found something... else in the spare tire slot in the trunk.
We talk about shady parts of town, tell you what we're feeling positive about, and more!
The return of Dave's Bizarro Corner, we play Slipper Slap, and more!
Dave does Country Song or Not, Bailey likens the show to puppets, and more!
Jenny talks about being sweaty, Dave's Dirt, and more!
The show poops their pants and calls their loved ones to ask for a fresh pair of pants.
Dave quizzes Bailey on cooking, Vont and Dave plays Lyric Shuffle, and more!
Group Therapy covers gettin' freaky, we talk emotions in the Daily Bailey, and more!
We tell you what's on our radars, talk about our big "fans," and more!
9am Hour - Oh Snap!

9am Hour - Oh Snap!


Listeners make confessions and we react, Jenny talks dogs in apartments, and more!
Think Fast: CHEETAH!

Think Fast: CHEETAH!


Dave sweeps the floor with Bailey in Think Fast!
Dave brings in a strange show-and-tell, we reflect in Monday Motivation, and more!
A fan brings a cutout of Dave's head to the Taylor Swift concert in Liverpool, we make listeners' Mondays, and more!
We play Think Fast, talk "numbers," and more!
We chat with Livea Weight Control, talk about human tofu, and more!
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5:14 I would have said Matthew or Mark

May 11th


Hearing this from Oregon, this was hilarious. I’m doing this prank but it will be letter from the IRS.

Jan 13th

Apple Official

love this show, funniest bits and jokes on the history of podcasts, plus if you want to hear about Minnesota, here's your chance! five stars all the way!!!

May 28th