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We talk about what we all did last night, You Can't Make This Up, Dave's Dirt, & More!
7 AM Hour - Strap On

7 AM Hour - Strap On


Jenny talks about what's making her a little sad this holiday season, Dave is doing the Whale Joke-a-thon on Monday, We play 5k Word Play, We grant a VERY Emotional Christmas Wish, & More!
No Phone Screener Friday, Jenny hosts Mind the Gap, You Can't Make This Up, Dave's Dirt, & More!
Jenny's Jailbirds, Dave's Dirt, & More!
We granted a wish to a now only Father to two kids and the story will have you in tears!
We call Drake out on hopping on the Timberwolves Bandwagon, You Can't Make This Up, Whatever Happened to Vanessa Carlton, & More!
Caller: Sister Wants to Get Mom Puppy, Dave's Dirt, Do You Have a Mug Shot or Not, KDWB Legendary Quiz, & More!
We grant a brand new Christmas Wish, Dave's Dirt, & More!
Liar Liar with Special Guest Ted, Drake talks about Concert Icks, Jenny's Jailbirds, & More!
We play Liar Liar with special guest Ted guessing to see who's lying!
We talk about the best days of the week, Alexa Password Game, You Can't Make This Up, & More!
We vent about tipping culture for Ventsday, Dave's Dirt, Christmas Wish, Drake talks about 3rd places on What's on Drake's Mind, & More!
We talk about Drake's big life decision and get advice from you, You Can't Make This Up, Dave's Dirt, & More!
Drake hosts Think Fast with Dave vs Jenny, Jenny's Jailbirds, Dave's Dirt, & More!
Drake hosts Think Fast with Dave vs Jenny going head to head!
Drake calls out Dave & Jenny for saying these words, You Can't Make This Up, Dave's Dirt, & More!
Jenny hosts Lyric Shuffle, Talkback Tuesday: Women, what is something men think you care about, but actually don't, Dave's Dirt, Christmas Wish, & More!
War of the Roses Classic where her best friend sleeps in the same bed with her, You Can't Make This Up, Dave's Dirt, & More!
We talk to a mom for Group Therapy who's concerned about her son, What's On Our Radar, Drake's Hot Takes, Jenny's Jailbirds, & More!
Eric's wife, Kay, let her best friend, Ivy move in with them for a little while, but now she's been there for a long time. They do a ton together, cuddle, buy her favorite food, & More.
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5:14 I would have said Matthew or Mark

May 11th


Hearing this from Oregon, this was hilarious. I’m doing this prank but it will be letter from the IRS.

Jan 13th

Apple Official

love this show, funniest bits and jokes on the history of podcasts, plus if you want to hear about Minnesota, here's your chance! five stars all the way!!!

May 28th
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