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For the past decade, Host Balazs W Kardos has been quietly mentoring thousands of open minded people from 100+ countries how to unlock their Freedom with high ticket direct sales generating $500+ Million in sales online.

After becoming free by 30 and a decade of real world experience with a track record of proven results. BWK finally felt ready and called to share his philosophies, stories and conversations with you in this life changing podcast.

The Diamond Life Mentor™ aims to teach you the Mindset & Skillset to Optimize your Life & Business so you can create the Freedom Lifestyle you’ve always desired.

It’s time to be entertained while making yourself a little bit better every episode.

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17 Episodes
Life does not always sail to a smooth destination. There are challenges and obstacles that you need to overcome.And the consequences of your actions, whether you succeed or not, vary in how you face them.Did you know that 97% stay in their comfort zones while 3% aim to solve their problems, improve, and live their best life?That same 3% of people are those who create a Diamond Life. But while you often look up to their greatness, it is not easy to understand the dark side of their journey. It comes with a lot of doubts, sacrifices, and disagreements.In today’s episode, Balazs W Kardos talks about the reality behind the stage, applause, and the challenges he faced that tested his commitment and determination to become the Diamond Life Mentor.And just like any other icons you see today, Balazs shares a glimpse of LeBron James' story. He also experienced immense pressure and criticism throughout his basketball career. He faced the dark side of his judgment and questioned his loyalty to his previous team and state. But he remains dedicated and becomes one of the basketball legends, fighting battles as long as he lives.LeBron's and Balazs' lives want you to see that these are necessary on the journey to the Diamond Life because success needs you to break through the darkness even when others doubt you or question your choices. And keep in mind that you are not alone. All you need to do is ask for help. Embrace the sacrifices, endure the dark side, and keep pushing forward. "It feels like it's never going to stop. And it looks permanent, but it is temporary. And when you go through that, you're like, oh, man, I've leveled up, I've earned this." - Balazs W KardosTune into today's episode to inspire you to overcome challenges, surround yourself with like-minded people, seek support, stay committed, and strive for your version of success.Key Diamond Nuggets In This Episode:Why is there a dark side to creating your diamond life?Only 3% of people improve, and 97% settle for less!The dark side of life is temporary.Why is it important to ask for help and find a mentor?Why be uncomfortable doing challenging things?There can never be a perfect balance at all times in life.More money, more problems is a limiting belief!The problems do not stop; they evolve.Money solves 95% of people's problemsWant a Personalized Plan for Business & Life Optimization?Book A FREE CallConnect with Balazs W Kardos:WebsiteFacebookThe Diamond Life CommunityLinkedInYouTubeInstagramThe Diamond Life Mentor...
Have you ever felt stuck, believing that your past mistakes or experiences determine your future?One of the reasons you get stuck in repetitive patterns is a lack of awareness and intention. The good thing is they don't always have to go the same way as they did before. Why? Because you can choose to break free from it. You can create a different future for yourself. In today's episode, Balazs W Kardos wants you to turn your pain into power. Instead of dwelling on the past, focus on understanding why things happened and what you can learn from them. And that is how you also heal and let go. Fill it with solutions and transform your past experiences into a powerful message for the future.He wants you to use this opportunity to pass the baton to the future generation with the confidence that they will not go through the same situation because they understand what you have been through and how you have been able to grow.“Are you repeating the past over and over again in your current reality? Because if you are, that's a huge opportunity for you to double down and start to make those adjustments, make those pivots.” - Balazs W KardosIn the Diamond Life Mentorship Program, Balazs helps transform opportunities into freedom-based businesses by allowing you to take full responsibility for your actions and shift your identity so that what you believe in is different from what you grew up with. However good or bad your past is, own it and create a better version of yourself because your past does not need to equal your future.Listen to today’s episode to start reframing the past, embracing change, and taking full ownership of your life. This will empower you to create a future that you're proud of.Key Diamond Nuggets In This Episode:How to create generational wealth by passing the baton?How to turn pain into power and mess into a message?Why does making a list bring out the best in you?Always pay attention to your annual growth!How are money and time a disease to your freedom?Your energy, vitality, or age is not forever!Why you should never rush to the finish line?How does reframing and being the opposite empower the future?Want a Personalized Plan for Business & Life Optimization?Book A FREE CallConnect with Balazs W Kardos:WebsiteFacebookThe Diamond Life CommunityLinkedInYouTubeInstagramThe Diamond Life Mentor Instagram
In this fast-paced world, it is easy to overlook what truly matters. We often find ourselves caught up in financial success, neglecting the importance of aligning our goals with the aspirations of our loved ones and the dreams of our spouse and children.Until we become trapped in a prison of societal limitations and mediocrity as we work toward retirement. We delay precious time with our family and eventually lose our freedom. That is not the life we want. We deserve freedom that goes beyond momentary pleasures. It is where we possess the financial means to support our dreams and enjoy the luxuries that life has to offer. In today's episode, Balazs W Kardos shares with us how freedom becomes the ultimate currency as he travels to Maui with his whole family for two weeks staying in a 5-star hotel and living the best life without limitations while still earning residual income 10x the amount of his trip!And that is how The Diamond Life business model works. As Balazs already did the hard work upfront, he created the tools, strategies, and guidance necessary to unlock our full potential to create a life of unprecedented success.“On those tough days, understand that the positive of not giving up and making it to the top and making it to this level of financial freedom, time freedom, and location freedom is a thousand times better than the worst day along the journey to get there.” - Balazs W KardosImagine the joy of waking up every day with a sense of purpose, knowing we have the freedom to make a difference. That is the beauty of The Diamond Life. Join us in today's episode to ignite our passions and guide our journey toward the life we deserve.Key Diamond Nuggets In This Episode:What makes a freedom trifecta?What is the invisible prison cell that shackles our success?Why talking about money should not be taboo anymore?Why going easy is not the goal?The positive and negative compounding effects of personal habits in the businessWhy having a proper business model always worksRetirement is a scam!How freedom is the ultimate currency!Want a Personalized Plan for Business & Life Optimization?Book A FREE CallConnect with Balazs W Kardos:WebsiteFacebookThe Diamond Life CommunityLinkedInYouTubeInstagramThe Diamond Life Mentor Instagram
Picture this: you're embarking on a self-discovery journey and growth that revolutionizes your life. Whether advancing your career, improving your relationships, or pursuing your passions, investing in yourself unlocks the doors to unlimited possibilities.You take some of your funds to learn, adapt, and evolve. Now by immersing yourself in a constant state of learning and improvement, you cultivate resilience, creativity, and the ability to seize opportunities that others may overlook. In today’s episode, Balazs W Kardos shares how his speaking skills started The Diamond Life podcast and levels it up by investing in a two-day workshop worth $10,000 in Dana Point, California. He wants to deliver his message more effectively and bring that approach into The Diamond Life Blueprint Mentorship Program.Because no matter what level or degree of communication you step into, it all comes back to communicating clearly to showcase your brand.While Balazs continues to invest in his education and mentorship, integrate what he learns, and recreate beautiful connections and partnerships, he believes in transferring the value to his community."I'm gonna teach the exact philosophies, the exact frameworks, give those exact lessons back to my Blueprint clients who pay less money than I paid for two days." - Balazs W KardosThat's how powerful The Diamond Life is. Tune into today’s episode to learn how important it is to invest time, money, and energy in a community with like-minded people ready to support and guide you along the way. Key Diamond Nuggets In This Episode:Being a great communicator changes your lifeWhy 10% of impact goes to speaking, 20% goes to tonality, and 70% goes to body languageWhy asking for feedback matters!The more intimate the setting is, the more opportunity it presents!Experiencing value does not mean getting ROI right away!No matter what the cost of an investment is, there is an infinite value beneath itHow to get ROI, ROE, and ROO all at once by saying yes to investing in yourselfWhy putting money aside to invest in your skills pays the highest returnsWant a Personalized Plan for Business & Life Optimization?Book A FREE CallConnect with Balazs W Kardos:WebsiteFacebookThe Diamond Life CommunityLinkedInYouTubeInstagramThe Diamond Life Mentor Instagram
Buy Back Your Life

Buy Back Your Life


Are you tired of always chasing after money and feeling like you're wasting your time?Are you tired of constantly worrying about money and financial limitations? Truth is, many of us are guilty of focusing on saving money and not valuing our time enough. But what if we start thinking about money in a different way?What if we reimagine its purpose in our lives and understand what it truly allows us to do?In today's episode, Balazs W Kardos shifts your mindset around this idea that time is infinitely more valuable than money.Balazs provides actionable tips on how to manipulate the price of things, allocate your income wisely, and even add a zero to your income. Imagine living a life where you don't have to worry about price tags, where you can indulge in experiences, travel to exotic destinations, and fulfill your bucket list dreams without constantly worrying if you can afford it. Sounds too good to be true?Balazs is a living example - it’s called The Diamond Life.He shows you how to live the life of your dreams without being held back by financial constraints.Are you ready to unlock the secrets to a more abundant lifestyle and make time your most valuable asset?Get ready to transform your life by learning the key principles. Tune in now to find out more!“Am I so busy with my obligations, my responsibilities, that I don't actually have time for what I really love? - Balazs W KardosKey Diamond Nuggets In This Episode:- How to reimagine the purpose of money- How to manipulate the price of things- The percentage of your income that you allocate to different categories- How to add a zero to your income- The importance of doing the things you love- Why you should buy back your life first- How can you make passive income come in automatically- Why your lifetime actually matters!Are you ready to take action? Get A FREE Diamond Life Optimization Plan!Book A Call hereConnect with Balazs W Kardos:WebsiteFacebookThe Diamond Life CommunityLinkedInYouTubeInstagramThe Diamond Life Mentor Instagram
The Power of One

The Power of One


Do you believe that you have the power to change your life after just one conversation, just one phone call? Are you just one connection away from completely altering your future and manifesting your destiny? What could your life look like on a day-to-day basis if you put yourself into situations and environments where new opportunity was truly possible?Balazs is sharing today on the power of one – that one opportunity you have to create meaningful impact, up your game, leverage a conversation, and create a new life for yourself that is sparked by that one moment of connection.From creating goodwill at a networking event by connecting people and showing genuine interest in other people to stories of going to a mastermind and hitching a ride with the guest speaker (and the business opportunities that came from that encounter), Balazs is helping us appreciate the value of becoming a 'meaningful specific' rather than just a 'wandering generality.' What's your next big 'power of one' moment? "We have that ability, you and I, to have something of value, to provide a golden goose that lays these golden eggs for other people, and give it away in abundance. There's no limitation." ~ Balazs W KardosIn This Episode:- What are you doing to put yourself out there and meet new people?- How Balazs started networking – understanding his approach to being a ‘go-giver’- Creating the title 'lifestyle entrepreneur' and the doors it opened for Balazs- How to enthusiastically and empathically engage with people when you network- Getting clarity on what you want in life: becoming a meaningful specific- Understanding Opportunity Cost - Developing a childlike wonder and appreciation for the strangers around youAnd more!Connect with Balazs W Kardos:WebsiteFacebookThe Diamond Life CommunityLinkedInYouTubeInstagramThe Diamond Life Mentor Instagram
Do the people that are criticizing you have the life you want? Would you rather trade your life for a  friend who's stuck in a dead-end job, or for someone like Balazs who has time freedom, is accruing generational wealth, and creating a legacy impact as he inspires others to follow their own dreams and build their own dreams? Balazs W Kardos is back with his heavy-hitting thoughts on what it means to be a contrarian in today's society. Question everything – from the ingredients in the baby food we are looking to feed our kids with, through to the financial models that will have us enslaved in a 9 to 5. We are swimming in debt for the wrong things, confused by our relationship with money due to a mindset that was (perhaps) instilled in us by our parents, who were frankly living in a different time. We can change our relationship with money, we can break out of the mould of what we've grown comfortable with. And when everyone else says spend, invest instead. Invest in yourself. That's the Diamond Life approach.“Whatever the masses are doing, do the opposite."  ~ Balazs W KardosIn This Episode:- Is it all about the money? Shifting the perspective our parents gave us- Hiring an expert in an industry you are not familiar with - Understanding what it means to be a contrarian thinker- 'Suffering in comfort' – being saddled with debt for luxury goods- Why we find excuses not to commit to investing in MLM- How we can change our goals to suit our dreams- Who are you listening to in your life today?  - What is your next step to join The Diamond Life Mentor program or learn more? — DM ‘FREEDOM’ And more!Connect with Balazs W Kardos:WebsiteFacebookThe Diamond Life CommunityLinkedInYouTubeInstagramThe Diamond Life Mentor Instagram
Do you feel that your win isn't good enough? Whatever your win is, when you do something that you previously haven't done, when you push through your discomfort, that's a massive win. You should feel proud of yourself.There's a delusion period that often happens when we pivot to working for ourselves. Ask yourself: what exactly are you wanting to build? Are you wanting to build your forever dream home (figuratively speaking), but you're stuck in the basement suite without much natural light? If you want to rise up and move into that big home, you're going to have to make some sacrifices and put in the grind in order to achieve that dream. Put aside your fixation on keeping up with those sports match results and learn to level up with your own personal development. That's the only score that matters now. Balazs is giving us the real talk today, telling it as it is if we are wanting to live our Diamond Life. When you distill it down to that aha moment when you knew that you needed to make a change, and then look at the disconnect between that and what you're doing now, and put aside any blame, you'll see that there is work to be done. Stop following celebrities and start following the people you want to build relationships with. Opportunities will arise as you build relationships. This is the Success Mindset For Beginners. Let's go! "If you're always chasing the next new thing that just came out and trying to add it into your business as some kind of hack, you're always going to feel overwhelmed, you're always going to feel behind. But principles, they don't change." ~ Balazs W KardosIn This Episode:- Living in a state where 'maxed out' is normal - how do we change that?- Understanding why leisure has to be the first thing to go when you set out to achieve- The importance of having accountability partners in your life - What gave you the 'spark' to want to make a change? - Generating leads through organic social media and outreach campaigns- How to have a lead generation conversation each and every day- Learning to have a thick skin when people ghost you – just do it!- Taking ACTION through a temporary season- The only thing that kills a great idea is your better idea - Measure your own results by the actions you can take that moves the needle forward- Why a season of sacrifice is double the work- Why you need to have conversations with people- Investing in yourself (read the book you need to read)- Waking up inside the dream: you’ve arrived!And more!Connect with Balazs W Kardos:WebsiteFacebookThe Diamond Life CommunityLinkedInYouTube
Do you love location freedom? Do you want an uncapped earning potential in terms of the value you provide to other people while being able to come and go as you please? Growth, health, wealth, and living life on your own terms — designing the life of your dreams — is possible, and Balazs is here to show us how. How can we move into the upper right-hand quadrant of The Diamond Life Cashflow Quadrant (please check out the previous episode #7)? Being great at something isn’t necessarily the best choice for you in terms of a business model. Perhaps you’ve wasted years in a career that hasn’t given you the time freedom you deserve. Well, it’s time to change that. The Diamond Life Business Model is here to support you as you make that shift to express your authentic self more fully. Stop working the 9 to 5, embrace the challenge of learning new skills, be prepared to put in hard work at the beginning, unpack some of the stigmas you might have around network marketing, let go of your fears around your own capabilities — and let’s go!“If I did nothing — if I literally stopped working, if I turned off my podcast, if I deleted all my social media, if I literally just didn’t work — that money would keep coming in. And here’s why: because residual impact leads to residual income.” ~ Balazs W KardosIn This Episode:- Would you rather have 1% of 100 people’s efforts — or 100% of your own?- Are you okay with learning new information to match your new business aspirations?- How to understand averages — and then leverage other people’s time and efforts- The value of selling higher ticket items to hit your income goals- Understanding marketing software and automated systems that do the heavy lifting for you- What is your willingness to do the work, learn something new, and embrace a turnkey business?- Why residual impact leads to residual income- What are the pros and cons of network marketing? - How can you get to the right-hand side of the Cashflow Quadrant? - What is your next step to join The Diamond Life Mentor program or learn more? — DM ‘FREEDOM’And more!Connect with Balazs W Kardos:WebsiteFacebookThe Diamond Life CommunityLinkedInYouTubeInstagramThe Diamond Life Mentor Instagram
What’s keeping you so loyal to a life that is keeping you so stuck? Are you ready to shift the way you generate income? Balazs is in your corner, asking you to reverse-engineer your dreams. What does your ideal day look like? How can you spend your day fishing (awesome parable inside)? Actionable answers lie in store for you in this motivational missive from Balazs as he shares The Diamond Life Cashflow Quadrant and Income Matrix as two tools you can harness for effecting positive change in your life today.Are you stuck on a golden hamster wheel and wanting to get off? Where did your career choices come from? What if that time in the future (that ideal day) never comes? Balazs is challenging us to answer these questions, and then consider a better future. The blueprints for that are the sublimely brilliant ‘The Diamond Life Cashflow Quadrant’ and Income Matrix — exquisitely explained by Balazs. As a kicker, Balazs is sharing people’s deathbed regrets, which will surely inspire you to go and get that Diamond Life!“When we think about happiness, how many of us are delaying our happiness for something in the future that, once we get there, once we achieve this, once we accomplish that, then I will be happy?”  ~ Balazs W KardosIn This Episode:- The Story of the Fisherman and the Businessman — reflecting on your life- The cadence and rhythm with which we are ‘supposed’ to go about life- What if that time in the future never comes?- Where did your career choices come from? Was it your parents?- What does your perfect day look like?- Understanding The Diamond Life Cashflow Quadrant- Are you just trading your time for money — and is there more for you?- Having the courage to go on your own and become self-employed- Upgrade the Hamster Wheel — or ditch it altogether?- How to get to the right-hand side of the quadrant — starting part-time- Having a ‘How Can I?’ attitude and belief - Understanding our three-dimensional reality – how time and space affect our income potential- Getting to a ‘mobile active’ or ‘semi-passive’ space on the Income Matrix- Learning from those who are at the end of their lives- The Top 5 regrets people have on their death beds- Are you choosing the best path to live your life to the fullest?And more!Connect with Balazs W Kardos:WebsiteFacebookThe Diamond Life CommunityLinkedInYouTubeInstagram
Are you concerned that there might be a recession fast approaching? How do you hold it down and protect your loved ones? Balazs is here with his 10 Keys To Thriving Through Economic Turbulence, which can help you navigate what is coming by addressing your current situation - and then taking action.This episode kicks off with more of Balazs’s origin story and how he got to where he is today, with a humorous reflection on his return from holiday to an empty trading office after the real estate crash in 2008. So Balazs has been here before: mired in panic, stress, and uncertainty. And he’s here to tell you that with a bit of preemptive planning, you can avoid the pain and prosper regardless. From focusing on what you can control to assessing how reliant you are on your government system, and from dealing with problem-solving in a creative way to being that voice of reason because you’re leveling up your self-improvement, The Diamond Life Mentor reminds us that no matter what color swan is coming, working on yourself remains key. And that starts here. “It’s better to plan ahead and to start taking actions now than it is to wait until the writing is on the wall.”  ~ Balazs W KardosIn This Episode:- Balazs makes connections and creates opportunity at an upmarket event- Balazs returns from holiday after the ’08 crash - to empty offices- Making emergency plans in the event of a likely recession- Focus on the ‘controllables’ in your daily operation- Understanding a ‘black swan’ event - Spending to avoid pain rather than spending to seek pleasure - Getting creative in the ways that you problem solve- It’s better to be prepared and not need it than need it and not be prepared- How reliant are you on your government’s system to survive?- Attack and go on the offense – taking massive action!And more!Connect with Balazs W Kardos:WebsiteFacebookThe Diamond Life CommunityLinkedInYouTubeInstagramThe Diamond Life Mentor Instagram
Why don’t more people unlock their freedom using their own unique master keys? Where do successful people hang out — and how do you get into that room? What have you created today? And what is holding you back from earning ten times more? These are the questions of catharsis that Balazs is asking us as we renew our vigor and determination to live The Diamond Life.Balazs is exposing his vulnerabilities today, sharing his struggles on life after the launch of his podcast. The Diamond Life Mentor has been a huge success worldwide thus far, but where does that leave our host after the initial expectation and excitement wears off? Being authentic rather than fronting as to how awesome everything is, Balazs reminds us to take imperfect action and continue with our constant and neverending learning as we grow into the more attuned version of ourselves we know we can be. Dealing with Imposter Syndrome is not something Balazs is immune to, and by taking us through his thought process, he ends up sublimely inspiring us along the way. You are worthy. Keep striving for growth.“We only have one life. Our life is short, and if we continue to do things that are stealing our joy, stealing our happiness, frustrating us, stressing us out… only you and I can make the changes.” ~ Balazs W KardosIn This Episode:- Looking in the mirror and saying, “this isn’t working for me anymore”- What is the highest priority for you to change as quickly as possible?- On the other side of perfectionism is a fear of looking stupid- What have you created today?- Sharing our growth and what we’re going through instead of ‘fronting’ - Focusing on what you DO have and owning your offering - Why accountability is one of the most inspiring things we can share- Acknowledging your own inner transformation and the journey you’ve embarked upon- Dealing with Imposter Syndrome- How Balazs worked his way up to higher levels of access at speaker events- Where do successful people hang out? - Unlocking the motivational part of yourself that’s always been there- Why your worthiness is an important piece of solving your puzzle - The higher the ticket, the more access you receive, and the more time you collapse!And more!Connect with Balazs W Kardos:WebsiteFacebookThe Diamond Life CommunityLinkedIn
What is life like after having attained financial freedom? What does that feel like — and where do you go from there? Today’s guest is the ‘Rich Mystic Man’, Clint X Morgan, and he’s journeyed from being a down-and-out broke new dad to wealth coach, musician, and family provider with his own set of master keys to freedom.Our host Balazs W Kardos can take some credit as he was Clint’s mentor when Clint was just about to give up on entrepreneurship after ten years of struggle. How the two connected, inspired each other, and attained those keys to freedom is the stuff of legend that they dive into in this super-inspiring episode. If you want to understand what Balazs does, and the power that mentorship and coaching has to effect positive change in one’s life, then be sure to pay attention to Clint’s story. You too can become the author of your own story. It starts with a curiosity to look at other people that are writing their own rules. Clint X Morgan is truly one of those people! Please join us. “One of the most important things in mentorship and coaching that I really stand for, and I believe in, is the power of believing in someone else, and their potential, before they really believe in themselves fully. So you’re speaking belief into somebody, seeing them as the person they become.” ~ Balazs W KardosIn This Episode:- Having mentors that can breathe belief back into you.- Being respected for doing things differently.- Have I done my best with what I have right now? - We are all powerful, all creative, all mighty beings.- The human need for validation and feeling part of a tribe.- Becoming the author of your own story.- What is life like having attained freedom?- Being curious about people that live life by a different set of rules.- Clint becomes a rapper!- Being able to support a brother going through cancer.- Flying with a one-way ticket: what freedom looks like.And more!Connect with Clint X Morgan:Website Connect with Balazs W Kardos:WebsiteFacebookThe Diamond Life CommunityLinkedInYouTubeInstagramThe Diamond Life Mentor Instagram
Are you living a life of quiet desperation, never finding the time to make space to do what you really want to with this, your one life? What would you change if you could recreate your life? Everything you’ve done in your life has brought you to this moment. It is time for you to discover that one treasure that is not only rare but also created from pressure: The Diamond Life.Balazs W Kardos is offering it all up in this sublime episode of The Diamond Life, outlining his 11 Master Keys to living the abundant life you know you were destined to live. From prioritizing freedom to embracing a ‘blissful dissatisfaction’ and from building alliances to carefully crafting YOUR legacy, it’s all here. If this doesn’t motivate you to find that inner shine, nothing else will. And as if all that wasn’t enough, Balazs offers the Five Facets of Living The Diamond Life that you need to commit to and focus on if you want to have it ALL yourself. The blueprint to this constant and neverending improvement is accompanied by some practical homework you can apply RIGHT NOW to start creating that money and time freedom. Forget quiet desperation. It’s time for some loud exuberance — the roar of success as we pursue abundance and growth. Please join Balazs!“Freedom is my top value.” ~ Balazs W KardosIn This Episode:- Prioritizing freedom in your daily life- Without our health, we are nothing — taking care of YOU first- Becoming YOUR best version of YOURself — learning to introspect- Not focusing on scarcity mentality — building alliances to WIN-WIN - Creating an abundant frequency: choosing the third option (“I’ll have both!”) - Taking 100% responsibility means that you 100% control what happens next- Appreciating that there are literally billions of people wanting to trade you for your worst day- How are you gaining maximum leverage and ROI? Growth mindset as a pre-filter- Making space to think about what is possible: time for some careful self-assessment!- Where are you NOW? What do you HATE now? And more!Connect with Balazs W Kardos:WebsiteThe Diamond Life CommunityLinkedInYouTubeInstagramThe Diamond Life Mentor InstagramFacebook
‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.’ This is just one of the pearls of wisdom offered up by Sir Darren Jacklin to our Diamond Life mentor host, Balazs W Kardos, on this second and sublimely inspirational episode. Are you ready to receive the Master Keys to Freedom?What makes this conversation even more powerful and poignant is that Darren IS Balazs’s teacher, having mentored him for many years through life’s ups and downs. Darren is a knighted philanthropist, investor, speaker, and all-around great guy who’s graciously joined Balazs from the jump on his podcasting journey. Together, they deliver a message on the power of manifestation and the triumph of fulfilling your life’s purpose.Where are you making requests in your life and asking the universe to provide for you? As Darren so eloquently emphasizes, if you change your ask, you will change your results. Take a deep dive with two consummate ‘mega manifesters’ and learn that success is something you attract into your life by the person you become. We are all connected through a network of conversations, as Darren again wisely points out, and this is one connection and conversation you are not going to want to miss! “When I meet with people, I say ‘Listen, I’m giving you an opportunity here right now to give you a seat at the table. You have an opportunity to level up and skill up your life.” ~ Sir Darren JacklinIn This Episode:- Darren’s down-and-out backstory of attempted suicide- “Meeting” Dale Carnegie and the beginning of Darren’s upward trajectory- Darren gets a waitress to sing for him at his table- ‘The Secret’ and how it relates to our understanding of the power of manifestation- The ‘Integrity Test’ and how your word creates your world- Darren’s ‘beggar story’ — shifting the paradigm of how you can earn money- Where are you not making requests in your life?- Appreciating the Ripple Impact your life can have on others- The value in believing in yourself and taking action - How Darren deals with adversity- Balazs’s reflections on how Darren has shaped his life for the better- Darren’s new book, Until I BecomeAnd more!Connect with Darren Jacklin:Darren’s BookDarren’s WebsiteConnect with Balazs W Kardos:WebsiteThe Diamond Life CommunityLinkedInYouTubea...
Are you ready to escape the matrix and start living the Diamond Life? Balazs W Kardos (‘Balazs’) has spent over a decade in sales and marketing and has made the successful shift to successful business mentor and life coach. He’s your enigmatic, charismatic, and even pragmatic host of The Diamond Life Mentor.The Diamond Life is about following your unique dream and achieving a balance between work, family, and spiritual growth that will set you apart from the other people out there that are only ticking one of those boxes. Are you time rich – or do you need a new plan?What’s evident from listening to Balazs’s story is how brightly his authenticity shines through. His story is relatable, his intention is highly commendable, and his passion for personal change is infectious. The Diamond Life is also about how we turn crisis into opportunity and how we stick to a life path that is continuously on an upward trajectory. Balazs has done it all himself over the years – his sharp business acumen speaks volumes to his success. And he’s still doing it. Which is why it’s worth joining him on this journey as he pays it forward. Drastic, immeasurable growth is promised if you do. Living The Diamond Life and receiving the master keys to freedom await you. Please join us. “I developed this desire within, that I have now named The Diamond Life, which is this balance of having it all in your particular way which is unique to you.” ~ Balazs W KardosIn This Episode:- Balazs’s origin story — growing up with an ‘escape energy’ - Questioning fake coaches who aren’t the complete package- Impacting lives and paying it forward — appreciating Balazs’s ideology- How curious are you about the people you admire?- Losing the tip of his index finger — how that shifted Balazs’s evolutionary process- How many of us live with a fear that is never realized? - How Balazs scaled up his sales business — and then found that it wasn’t sustainable- What does it mean to be ‘time rich’?- Creating paradigm shifts in the way you look at earning money- Having a sense of urgency to take action NOW- Balazs humbly expresses why he’s worthy to inspire you to play big And more!Connect with Balazs W Kardos:WebsiteThe Diamond Life CommunityLinkedInYouTubeInstagrama...
Are you living your dream life now? For most of us, the truthful answer is ‘not yet”. Balazs W Kardos is here to change that.Having spent the last decade directly helping thousands of people quit their jobs and find the freedom they’ve always wanted, he’s finally bringing his keys to unlock a freedom-filled dream life to the podcast world. Balazs’ game-changing strategies for financial freedom, career success, and life balance have generated over $500 million in total global sales, and have caught the eye and captive attention of over 100k followers on Instagram.Now, Balazs is ready to extend his impact here, with The Diamond Life Mentor™ Podcast. Join him weekly for practical steps and game-changing ideas to take your life, career, and financial health back into your hands.Through stories, conversations with epic entrepreneurs, and practical tips.The Diamond Life Mentor™ will help you build The Diamond Life™ you always wanted, without sacrificing your freedom or happiness along the way.
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