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From sharing a Tooting council flat with 9 other family members to shaping the lives of 9 million people as the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan knows where ambition can take you. He also knows what the responsibility to his city has cost him, affecting all the other most important responsibilities in his life, from his mental health, his faith and even the safety of his family. Discussing everything from Donald Trump to responding to terrorist attacks, this is a landmark conversation, that breaks through all the usual smoke and mirrors of politics and takes a honest look at the person behind the power. Topics: Early years Working all the time Why are you a politician? What direction do you think London has gone in in the last 10 years? The knife crime problem Police officers attacking women Your hardest day as mayor Donald trump Your faith Have you ever felt your safety at risk? Suffering during covid Where have you let yourself down Politicians not being honest What’s labor doing wrong? Why don’t politicians lead with emotion? What are you most proud of? Your father The last guest question Sadiq: Instagram - Twitter - Watch the episodes on Youtube: Follow: Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Telegram: Sponsors: Bluejeans: Huel:
Do you control your emotions or do your emotions control you? Has the irrational parts of your consciousness ever hijacked your logical mind? Have you ever wanted to understand how to overcome these thoughts in order to become the person you always wanted to be?  This is exactly what Professor Steve Peters has helped people from all areas of life to achieve. He has worked with everyone from psychiatric patients to elite athletes. His classic book, ‘The Chimp Paradox’, has helped to change thousands of lives. In this enlightening conversations Professor Peters uncovers the ways that our mind is often at odds with itself, the psychological tricks used by Olympians to achieve gold, and the toll it takes upon the psychologists helping their patients through their trauma.  Topics:  Your professional Bio and experiences  What are you doing for these athletes?  Figuring out what your beliefs are  How do I manage my emotions?  Why do we find it hard to apologies  Why acceptance is so important  What role does trauma play in our reactions  Dealing with low self esteem  Where would you start with dealing with low self esteem  Do we choose what we believe?  How do you deal with your emotions?  Exercising your chimp  How we form habits Realtionships Your book  The last guest question  Steve:  Instagram -  Website -  Steve’s book:  Watch the episodes on Youtube:  Follow:  Instagram:  Twitter:  Linkedin:  Telegram:  Sponsors:  Intel -  Huel -  Craftd -
If you had to draw on a chart the levels of happiness over you lifetime what would it look like? Would it be all downhill after a carefree childhood? Or would it look like a hill, with the top being the years that your money worries are over and you’ve climbed the career ladder? Well in this moment Scott Galloway says it actually looks more like a smile, with the 2 highest points being childhood and old age. Scott discusses how overwhelming feelings of unhappiness and stress during different times of life are normal and a part of each of our journey, as life isn’t what happens to you but instead how you respond to it. Listen to the full episode here - Scott: Watch the Episodes On Youtube:
What do you think of when you hear ‘the footballer lifestyle’? Do you picture multi-million pound contracts, sports cars and celebrity-filled parties? What you probably don’t imagine is unbearable pressure, horrendous abuse or a job that takes you away from your friends and family. These are just a few of the struggles that Jesse Lingard has had to overcome before even stepping onto the pitch to represent England or Nottingham Forest. Being able to perform at the highest level has meant that Jesse has had to dig deep within himself to find a way to win. In this raw conversation, Jesse Lingard shows the sides of himself usually hidden from the cameras, discussing everything from his tumultuous family life, mental health battles and club politics. If you want to discover the real Jesse Lingard this is the episode for you. Topics: Early context Mothers depression First break at Manchester United Sir Alex Gareth Southgate Ads Why did Manchester United struggle with so many good players? Not going to the Euros Your mother being admitted to hospital & your depression Manchester United Nottingham Forest Your companies Jesse: Twitter - Instagram - Watch the episodes on Youtube: Follow: Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Telegram: Sponsors: Intel - Huel - BlueJeans -
As he would tell you himself, the football is in David Moyes’s blood. Growing up in Glasgow he was surrounded by the game, from his dad coaching to his mum washing the kits, this devotion has continued to now. Making the jump from player to manager, David has seen every side and evolution of football, and not all of it was pretty. From the highs of being handpicked by the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson as the manager of Manchester United to the lows of his very public sacking, and his miraculous return as ‘The Moyesiah’. In this conversation David speaks about what it takes to become one of the world’s best known managers, the winning habits and values he instills in his teams and why he is constantly renewing himself for the game he loves. Topics: Early context Skills from your dad as a manager What did you learn as a player? What does a winning culture look like? Affective management styles The process of signing players The goal for West Ham Being asked to manage Manchester United Culture change at Manchester United The toll of the criticism What does Manchester United need to do to get back on track Pamela The last guest question Watch the episodes on Youtube: Follow: Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Telegram: Sponsors: Intel - Huel - BlueJeans -
What do you want to do with your life? Does your answer change if you remove the idea of getting status, respect and admiration from it? In this moment Mark Manson explains how to find out what you ACTUALLY want from life. Mark discusses how you need to ask yourself honestly why you want what you want, instead of what everyone else says you should value. Because chasing this inauthentic idea of success with only leads you to dead ends and dark places. Listen to the full episode here -  Mark:  Watch the Episodes On Youtube:
Predicting the lottery, playing Russian roulette on live TV and tricking people into robbing a security van in broad daylight. These are just a few of the stunts that Derren Brown has performed in over 20 years of pushing the boundaries of the believable.  But while he may be best known for controlling minds, one he couldn’t control was his own. From battling with issues of self esteem, faith and coming to terms with his sexuality, Derren’s path to success has been one that is both internal and in the limelight.  In this intimate conversation with Britain’s alternative national treasure, Derren breaks the magician’s code and reveals his secrets, as well as the psychological tricks we play on ourselves and hold us back from our true potential.  Topics:  Early years  Shame, being in control and coming out  Self-hate, believes & insecurities  Journey into hypnosis & magic  Is the supernatural real?  What made you successful?  Goal setting & adversity  Love  Are you happy?  Your show  Last guest’s question  Derren:  Instagram -  Twitter -  Derren’s show:  Derren's books:   Happy -  A Book Of Secrets -  Watch the episodes on Youtube:  Follow: Instagram:  Twitter:  Linkedin:  Telegram:  Sponsors:  Huel -  Intel - Craftd -
Is the cup of life half full or half empty? Would you call yourself an optimist or a pessimist? What if you weren’t actually in control of this, but instead through the process of evolution your brain had been hardwired to be optimistic? Neuroscientist Dr. Tali Sharot calls this the ‘Optimism Bias’, it’s the belief that the future will be better, much better, than what has come before or even your current situation. This trick of the brain can effect how you remember the past and how you predict and plan for the future. In this episode, Dr. Tali Sharot discusses her groundbreaking work and the impacts it can have on all areas of your life, from relationships to career decisions. If you want to understand the mysteries of your brain this is a conversation not to be missed. Topics: Your professional background What really matters in our lives How do we dive into uncertainty How to become more optimistic Influencing people How to motivate people The optimism bias How contagious is optimism or pessimism ? How real is manifesting If someones negative how do I make them positive Happiness throughout our life Children impacting our happiness Marriage impacting our happiness Fearing people into action The role stress plays in peoples actions What are you working on next Tali’s books: Watch the episodes on Youtube: Follow:  Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Telegram: Sponsors: Huel - Intel - BlueJeans - Craftd -
Imagine being different and self conscious of this difference, then think of how it would feel to be reminded of this every single day of your life. In this moment Richard Osman discusses how he has been body shamed for over 30 years of his life. Ever since the impressionable age of 17 Richard has been made to feel small for his above average height. This changed his behaviour and meant that he held himself back from living the life he wanted to lead. Being ‘different’ has taught Richard about human nature and the hate in the world, but also empathy and what it means to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Listen to the full episode here - Richard: Watch the Episodes On Youtube -
Davina McCall has been an icon of television for 40 years. The host of Big Brother for over a decade, tens of millions of people looked to Davina to bring a national obsession into their homes.  But few know the real story of Davina. From a heartbreaking childhood that saw her take drugs with her mother to hosting one of the biggest shows in the world, she’s come a long way. At every step along her journey, no one was going to define her but herself. No matter how many times she got hurt no one could take away the one thing she could control, her resilience.  Consistently breaking down barriers and forging new paths, Davina was the first female television host to put her bubbly and occasionally feisty persona front and centre, and she was the first mainstream figure to create a fitness platform that has inspired millions of people to get active in the fifteen years she’s been in the game. Having consistently inspired so many people in her life, she dropped by to gift us some of her inspiration too.  Topics:  Your most defining moment  What did you want to be when you were 16?  When did you first go into TV  The moment you got off drugs  Hypnosis healing trauma  Your desire to be famous  Your states of happiness now  Your career in TV  Manifestation  Your sister Caroline  The process of grief  Your book Menopausing  Men dealing with menopausal women  Forgiving your mother  The last guest question  Davina:  Instagram -  Twitter -  Davina's book:  Watch the episodes on Youtube:  Follow: Instagram:  Twitter:  Linkedin:  Telegram:  Sponsors:  Huel -  Intel -
What if everything that you knew about health was wrong, if calories didn’t count and food labels lied? That is exactly what Tim Spector OBE says in his multiple books, innumerable articles and TV appearances. Following the ancient greek belief that food is medicine, Tim has made it his mission to let people know how central gut health is to overall health, affecting your immune system, energy and even mental health. In this essential conversation, Tim discusses everything you need to know for your health, from eating the rainbow to fasting, this episode will change the way that you look at food and diets forever. Topics: Professional bio Why are you doing this The gut microbiome The counting calorie myth Definition of quality food Intermittent fasting The myth around vitamins The Keto diet Coffee Gluten intolerance Exercise Sugary vs zero sugar drinks The link between the microbiome & our mood Focus & ADHD Your company Zoe The last guest question Tim:  Website - Instagram - Twitter - Watch the episodes on Youtube: Follow: Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Telegram: Sponsors:  Huel - Intel - BlueJeans - Craftd -
What is real vulnerability? So often when we say that we are being vulnerable we are still giving a version of ourselves that we want and choose to show to the world. In this moment Matthey Hussey discuses the difference between a curated social media style vulnerability where you still have control, and genuine vulnerability. To be truly vulnerable means taking the risk of opening up to the world a part of yourself that you never wanted anyone to see and you cannot know if people will like. But Matthew says the reward for taking this step is huge, as it represents the start to deeper and richer relationships. Listen to the full episode here - Matthew: Watch the Episodes On Youtube -
In this episode I wanted to do something that I haven't done in a while. It's been too long since it was just me, the microphone, and you. If there's one request I get over and over again, it's for more episodes of DOAC like in our early years, just me what's front of my mind - an authentic 'Diary of a CEO'. It's been an incredible 2022, our level of guest and conversation has only got higher and higher, but I wanted to look forward to 2023. Specifically, something that's been on my mind lately, how do you actually make new years resolutions stick? We all have our own theory, but what does the science say? In this episode you'll hear the surprising things that people get WRONG when they make resolutions. Using the latest from the fields of neuroscience and psychology, you'll hear about the surprising powers goal setting has to help you practice better habits. And not just how to pick up those habits, but how to make those habits last a lifetime. Topics: What are habits & why do we have them? Rule 1 - Stress is your puppet master Rule 2 - Know your cues Rule 3 - Don't focus on stopping bad habits, focus on breaking them Rule 4 - You need a better reason to quit Rule 5 - Will power is not enough Bonus rule number 6  Watch the episodes on Youtube: Follow: Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Telegram: Sponsors: Huel - Intel - Mercedes-Benz -
If you have a social media account you’ve seen Gary Vee, but this is a version of Gary Vaynerchuk that you’ve never seen before. You probably know him as the fast talking business sage who has industry leaders and CEO’s hanging on his every word, now see him speechless. A Belarusian immigrant to America, Gary has always been driven and hungry for the next big opportunity. Using the burgeoning young internet he transformed his families wine business and fortunes and hasn’t stopped since. In this conversation Gary discusses the endless graft and struggle behind the glistening sheen of success and social media slogans, and just what it takes to become the investor that investors invest in, the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. Topics: The best insights from your early years How do we build confidence Public criticism Is mindset a privilege? How does someone find out what they're good at Using content to lift people up Whats your dark side Your regrets Your mother Gary: Instagram: Twitter: Watch the episodes on Youtube: Follow:  Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Telegram: Sponsors:  BlueJeans - Huel - Intel - Wework -
Marie Forleo lives her life by mantras. In this moment she shares one of her most powerful; “clarity comes from engagement not thought”. You have interests and aspirations but too often they seem more like impossible dreams than achievable goals, to this Marie says ignore the excuses and “get off the couch”, as you’re never going to figure it out there. Combined with this, Marie believes you have to uproot your fear of quitting and instead give yourself permission to experiment and start before you’re ready, as there will never be a more perfect time than now. Listen to the full episode here - Marie: Watch the Episodes On Youtube -
There is love for the beautiful game and then there is the all consuming passion that Jamie Carragher has for football. From a top class player to one its best television pundits, Jamie has devoted his life and career to the sport. From a working class upbringing as a Bootle boy to “Mr Liverpool”, Jamie has always stayed loyal to his roots and to the city that nurtured and supported him in reaching the heights that his career soared to. However, the sense of duty Jamie felt for his city and its supporters loaded him with a crippling pressure and mental toll. In this intimate conversation, Jamie opens the door to a level of sporting achievement that only a select few people ever get to see, discussing both its highs and lows, victories on the pitch and in the mind. As well as the journey from a boyhood fan to the local legend that is ‘Carra’. Topics: Your birth High standards from your dad being obsessed with winning Gérard Houllier Finding people that have the right mentality Playing for England vs Liverpool Traits of people that don't make it Managers losing the dressing room Pivotal moment for Liverpool Ronaldo Managers and player relationships Being happy your career had ended Football knowledge Your partner The last guests question Jamie:  Twitter:  Instagram: Watch the episodes on Youtube: Follow: Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Telegram:   Sponsors:  BlueJeans - Huel - Intel -
For a lot of people black holes and string theory were topics that were filed in the mental box labelled ‘things I will never be able to get my head around”. However, all changed when Neil deGrasse Tyson began appearing on TV screens. Neil’s passion and energy for science is infectious and the reason why he is one of the world’s greatest science communicators. This fascination has lasted ever since childhood where he felt the universe reach out to him at the same planetarium he is now the director of. But while Neil was obsessed with the cosmos he was often brought back to earth, having to deal with racial prejudice and stereotyping as he followed his passion. In this conversation Neil discusses his quest in raising the global knowledge of space, the universe and the world’s beyond our own.  Topics:  Early context  Your parents direct influence  Your father being called the N word  How to decide what I want to do with my life  What are you concerned about with the human race  Social media polarisation  Do we matter  Where does happiness and meaning come from?  Whats required for a happy life for you?  The perfect way to tell stories  What do you struggle with  Mental health  The last guest’s question Neil:   Twitter - Instagram -  Neil's book: Watch the episodes on Youtube:  Follow us on Telegram:  Sponsors:  Huel -  Intel -  BlueJeans -  Craftd -
What are the habits and hacks that can make sure that you are as efficient as possible in all areas of your life? In this moment Will Ahmed the founder and CEO of Whoop, the wearable technology that measures Strain, Recovery, and Sleep, discusses his daily routine that embodies his companies values and mission: to unlock human performance. It’s not alway easy, from morning workouts to ice cold showers, but by investing in himself everyday, it turns into huge dividends. Listen to the full episode here - Will: Watch the Episodes On Youtube -
As the original Shark of all 13 seasons of the Shark Tank, Barbara Corcoran has never stopped swimming or hustling. Ever since 1973 when she borrowed $1000 to start her own real estate firm, Barbara’s relentless drive and spirit turned The Corcoran Group into $6 billion dollar business. Coming from a poor neighbourhood and the second of ten children, Barbara always knew how to scrap and stand out from the crowd. She also knew how to use any setbacks as fuel for success, whether that was being labelled the ‘dumb’ D grade dyslexic student to being bitterly betrayed by her boyfriend. In this candid conversation, Barbara shares her hard won no nonsense lessons in life and business, revealing how she had no other option but to become an entrepreneur and use everything at her disposal to reach the top. Topics: How did your childhood shape you? School & dyslexia Do you need a shrink? What did you learn from your 22 jobs? Becoming the biggest residential estate firm Work culture Your boyfriend running off with your PA Leadership & firing negative people As a shark tank investor, what advice would you give me? Your husband & out earning him Last guest’s question Barbara: Twitter - IG - Watch the episodes on Youtube: Follow us on Telegram: Sponsors: BlueJeans - Wework - Huel - Intel -
Told at school that he would either be successful or in prison, with a value of over $3 BILLION and earth’s atmosphere the only thing trapping him (for now), it’s an understatement to say that Sir Richard Branson became a success. But behind the Virgin empire and its global offshoots, lies a dyslexic school leaver who never saw himself as intelligent, let alone a business person, who threw caution and conventional wisdom to the wind, transforming from business Virgin to visionary. In this invaluable conversation, Richard shares the riches of his hard won lessons and the wisdom that can only come from an exceptional life. For all fans of The Diary Of A CEO podcast, this is truly a life changing conversation. Topics: Your parents Your ability to always push forwards Dyslexia Starting a student magazine Using failure to self educate What are you really good at? You break the law of focus in business Expanding to get out of trouble Why did you start an airline? Why did virgin win? Being synonymous with your brand Using competition to build a better brand Selling your record business Looking back on your life Why did you want to go to space The cost of all these endeavours The passing of your mother eve Saying parting words to your family What is a life worth living? The last guests question Richard: Watch the episodes on Youtube: Follow us on Telegram: Sponsors: Mercedes-Benz -  Wework - Huel - Intel -
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awesome episode

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this was helpful. As a regular consumer of habit creation material, it was great to see it summed up succinctly here.

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She's a very interesting character. Loved her story about her making a decision to stop doing drugs and have a drive to prove her mum she could do more. Very inspirational. However, as with most of Stevens podcasts, they're unscripted and she tends to waffle on about issues not related to Stevens podcast. A lot of time wasted where I had to fast forward to listen to what was inspirational to me.

Jan 6th

Asaf Hussain

Maisie Williams thank you!! You talked about something that I have never ever been able to talk about. And I am in my 50s !!! But listening to this podcast something shifted in me, and it will help me. So thank you so much. By the way Arya is my most favourite character in GOT.

Dec 28th

Marina Stanic Palasti

I've listened to Melo more than a few times, but THIS conversation... 🤯 I had so many aha moments about myself that I'm gonna listen to this one on repeat. Such clarity that I strive for and desperately need reveals itself just listening to this interview ❤️ Thank you Mel and Steven, you are doing so much good to the world "just" talking. Conversation is everything

Nov 23rd

Amy Hall

Scott is a Left wing shill and cannot be trusted. He's a complete con artist, just saying Tates core messages whilst lying about Tate himself. Vile man.

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I aready listened to one… And I’m hooked

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This is by far the best podcast I have heard in my life! Filled with passion, depth and love and intention! Definitely will be a reason I am staying here for a long long time!

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