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Four-time NBA champ Draymond Green gives his instant reactions to NBA playoff games just hours after they end, giving fans an unprecedented perspective that they truly can't get anywhere else. He also sits down with some of the biggest names in basketball for revealing conversations about their lives both on and off the court.
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Draymond Green breaks down Game 3 of the NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and Dallas Mavericks, the Celts taking a 3-0 lead, whether or not the Bucks gave them the Championship by trading Jrue Holiday, and more. Then Dray pays his respects to Jerry West after his tragic passing.  Produced by: Jackson Safon #Volume #HerdSee for privacy information.
Draymond Green is joined by Kevon Looney to break down game two of the NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and Dallas Mavericks. They discuss how the Celtics have gone up 2-0 and what the Mavericks can do to adjust. Then they discuss the Lakers coaching rumors + Loon's future with the Warriors.  0:00 Start 8:00 Steve Kerr story  12:00 Finals MVP narrative 20:00 Mavericks adjustments 44:00 Dan Hurley to Lakers? 50:00 Looney's future w/ Warriors Produced by: Jackson Safon #Volume #HerdSee for privacy information.
Danny Green joins the show for the first game of our #ChampsOnly NBA Finals breakdowns. Danny and Draymond discuss the Boston Celtics win over the Dallas Mavericks, how the Celtics defended Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving. They also discuss the Los Angeles Lakers coaching search with JJ Redick and Dan Hurley, and why the Golden State Warriors can still be contenders.  0:00 Start 6:00 Celtics set the tone 11:00 Defense on Luka/Kyrie 22:00 Lakers coaching rumors 32:00 Warriors future Produced by: Jackson Safon #Volume #herdSee for privacy information.
Draymond Green breaks down every angle of the NBA Finals including the biggest edge for the Boston Celtics, the challenges in bringing back Kristaps Porzingis, how Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Jrue Holiday, and Derrick White can collectively guard Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving as the x-factor, and what the Dallas Mavericks can do to win the series. Then he discusses the viral debate started by Rasheed Wallace: the 2004 Detroit Pistons vs. the 2017 Golden State Warriors, the recent Caitlin Clark/Chennedy Carter/Stephen A. Smith/Angel Reese situation, and Skip Bayless. 0:00 Start3:51 Finals preview16:00 Celtics defense on Luka27:00 Mavericks defensive strategy40:00 Pistons vs Warriors52:00 Caitlin Clark situation #Volume #HerdSee for privacy information.
Juan Toscano-Anderson sits down for this edition of the Sloane Knows! Podcast. Sloane & Juan discuss his time in the NBA, suffering a near-death injury while playing, why Kevin Durant was his toughest matchup, his starting lineup of the best teammates he's played with on the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors, the best basketball players in Marquette University's history, and more! 3:46 - Juan Toscano-Anderson at 16 10:17 - Players he played against before the NBA 15:35 - Picking his dunks in the dunk contest 20:01 - Splitting his head open 23:51 - Hardest player to guard 28:44 - Rapid Fire 36:17 - Trivia #Volume #DraymondSee for privacy information.
Shaquille O’Neal joins ‘The Draymond Green Show’ to discuss criticizing NBA players like Dwight Howard, why he decided to make his apparel line affordable, Kobe Bryant telling him to relax in the NBA Finals when the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Indiana Pacers, why Shaq demanded the Orlando Magic draft Penny Hardaway, his first big fight with Dwyane Wade on the Miami Heat, how Jerry West broke the news to him about his Lakers contract, Shaq’s jealousy of modern bigs like Joel Embiid, Nikola Jokic, and Victor Wembanyama, stories from ‘Inside the NBA’ and thoughts on the new NBA broadcast rights deal. 00:00 - Start 03:50 - Criticizing players 14:00 - Making shoes affordable 23:00 - How Shaq handles money with his kids 25:00 - Kobe Bryant’s mentality 28:00 - Drafting Penny Hardaway 30:00 - Fighting with Dwyane Wade 39:00 - Jealousy of modern bigs 42:00 - Inside the NBA Produced by: Jackson Safon #Volume #HerdSee for privacy information.
Draymond Green breaks down the Minnesota Timberwolves’ win over the Dallas Mavericks in Game 4 to extend the Western Conference Finals, Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns having big games, Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving struggling, and keys for the rest of this NBA Playoff series. Dray also breaks down the Boston Celtics sweeping the Indiana Pacers, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown’s big closeout game, Ty Lue getting an extension for the Los Angeles Clippers, and the tragic passing of Bill Walton. 00:00 - Start 02:45 - Wolves-Mavericks Game 4 14:00 - Winning is a mindset 25:00 - Mavericks adjustments 33:00 - Celtics sweep Pacers 41:00 - Ty Lue extension Produced by: Jackson Safon #Volume #herdSee for privacy information.
Draymond Green breaks down Game 1 in both NBA Conference Finals between the Boston Celtics and Indiana Pacers + Minnesota Timberwolves and Dallas Mavericks. He discusses Tyrese Haliburton's late turnovers, Jaylen Brown's huge three, Jayson Tatum's up and down performance, Anthony Edwards vs. Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving, and more. 0:00 Start 11:00 Problem with drop coverage 16:00 Ant Man's press conference 22:00 Minnesota's adjustment 30:00 Celtics survive Pacers 36:00 All-NBA teams Produced by: Jackson Safon #VolumeSee for privacy information.
Draymond Green breaks down the Minnesota Timberwolves upsetting the Denver Nuggets and the Indiana Pacers upsetting the New York Knicks, both advancing to the Conference Finals.  0:00 Start 2:00 Timberwolves-Nuggets 21:00 Knicks-Pacers Produced by: Jackson Safon #Volume #HerdSee for privacy information.
Draymond Green breaks down the Minnesota Timberwolves crushing the Denver Nuggets in Game 6 to force a Game 7 in the NBA Playoffs, and what adjustments Anthony Edwards, Nikola Jokic, Jamal Murray, and each team could make. Then, Dray breaks down Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks facing Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 6, why the Boston Celtics’ expectations are championship or bust, and Bronny James’ NBA Draft stock.00:00 - Start02:30 - Nuggets-Wolves13:00 - Biggest Adjustments24:00 - Game 7 Prediction28:00 - Mavericks vs. Thunder34:00 - Championship or bust36:00 - Bronny’s draft stock Produced by: Jackson Safon #Volume #herdSee for privacy information.
Former NBA guard Nick Young sits down to be interviewed on this episode of the Sloane Knows! Podcast. Sloane & Nick discuss Young choosing to play for the USC Trojans, the backstory behind his nickname “Swaggy P,” how to fix the Los Angeles Lakers this NBA offseason, Anthony Edwards as the future face of the league, and much more! 07:40 - Choosing USC08:45 - Origin of Swaggy P010:30 - Fixing Lakers14:40 - Anthony Edwards20:30 - Speed round25:45 - Trivia (Timestamps vary based on ads) #Volume #DraymondSee for privacy information.
Draymond Green discusses the New York Knicks beating the Indiana Pacers in Game 2 of their NBA Playoff series with Knicks super fan Jason Calacanis. Dray talks Jalen Brunson vs. Carmelo Anthony, how the front office in New York deserves praise for getting good culture fits such as Josh Hart, Donte DiVincenzo, and OG Anunoby, plus what the Knicks must do to continue their deep postseason run. Dray also discusses the Oklahoma City Thunder being up 1-0 on the Dallas Mavericks behind Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and Nikola Jokic winning his third NBA regular season MVP award. 00:00 - Start03:00 - Brunson vs. Melo38:00 Thunder vs. Mavericks46:00 - Jokic MVP Produced by: Jackson Safon #Volume #HerdSee for privacy information.
Draymond Green breaks down Anthony Edwards, Karl-Anthony Towns and the Minnesota Timberwolves "annihilating" Nikola Jokic, Jamal Murray and the Denver Nuggets, all without Rudy Gobert. Then he discusses Jalen Brunson leading the New York Knicks to a Game 1 victory over Tyrese Haliburton and the Indiana Pacers and previews the Celtics-Cavaliers series and Thunder-Mavericks series.  0:00 Start2:00 T-Wolves-Nuggets16:00 Anthony Edwards28:00 Knicks-Pacers43:00 Mavericks-Thunder prediction Produced by: Jackson Safon #Volume #HerdSee for privacy information.
Draymond Green breaks down the latest across the NBA Playoffs, including the Indiana Pacers eliminating the Milwaukee Bucks, Tyrese Haliburton trolling, Patrick Beverley’s strange antics, Damian Lillard falling short, James Jones making interesting comments about Kevin Durant on the Phoenix Suns and how that compares to his time with the Golden State Warriors, Jalen Brunson’s New York Knicks eliminating Joel Embiid’s Philadelphia 76ers, and much more. 00:00 - Start 1:00 - Pacers win 16:00 - Pat Bev 28:00 - Knicks advance Produced by: Jackson Safon #Volume #HerdSee for privacy information.
Draymond Green reacts to the Philadelphia 76ers beating the New York Knicks in overtime in Game 5, Tyrese Maxey and Joel Embiid's heroics, Jalen Brunson dominating the ball, and more. Then he discusses the Cleveland Cavaliers beating the Orlando Magic in Game 5, the Milwaukee Bucks getting a surprising win against the Indiana Pacers, the Denver Nuggets eliminating the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James's future with the team, why Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray are vulnerable against the Minnesota Timberwolves, why Russell Westbrook is the key to the Los Angeles Clippers beating Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks, and more.  0:00 Start3:00 Knicks-76ers21:00 Cavs-Magic26:00 Bucks-Pacers30:00 Lakers-NuggetsProduced by: Jackson Safon#VolumeSee for privacy information.
Draymond Green discusses the Minnesota Timberwolves sweeping the Phoenix Suns, Jusuf Nurkic having a tough series, the future for Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, and Bradley Beal, and how Anthony Edwards is helping Rudy Gobert and Karl-Anthony Towns reach another level. Dray also discusses Jalen Brunson and the New York Knicks taking a 3-1 lead over Joel Embiid and the Philadelphia 76ers, Paul George and the Los Angeles Clippers tying the series against Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks, whether LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers have a chance to come back against Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets, and much more. 0:00 Start 3:00 Suns Swept 24:00 Knicks-76ers 36:00 Lakers-Nuggets Produced by: Jackson Safon #Volume #HerdSee for privacy information.
Draymond Green gives his thoughts on the Denver Nuggets taking a 3-0 lead on the Los Angeles Lakers including Nikola Jokic's play, Jamal Murray's shot, Aaron Gordon's effort, LeBron James and Anthony Davis playing great, and D'Angelo Russell's struggles. He also discusses the Philadelphia 76ers winning Game 3 over the New York Knicks behind a 50-point effort from Joel Embiid overpowering Jalen Brunson. Finally he gets excited about the Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat series being tied and thinks we should keep an eye on that one. 0:00 Start3:00 Lakers-Nuggets27:00 Knicks-76ers36:00 Celtics-Heat Produced by: Jackson Safon #Volume #HerdSee for privacy information.
Los Angeles Lakers guard Spencer Dinwiddie sits down to be interviewed on this episode of the Sloane Knows! Podcast. Sloane & Spencer discuss his basketball path as a youth through high school and college, what Dinwiddie identifies as free agent “green flags” with NBA teams, joining the Los Angeles Lakers, his beef with New York Knicks fans, what he admires about Anthony Edwards, who he’d pick for a starting five among teammates he’s played alongside, why James Harden is such a tough player to guard and much more. 04:45 - Advice for young athletes06:00 - AAU stories08:00 - “I made it” moment11:00 - NBA free agency process12:45 - Joining Lakers17:30 - Spencer’s best teammates19:54 - Guarding James Harden22:00 - Lakers superlatives25:16 - Trivia (Timestamps may vary based on ads) #Volume #DraymondSee for privacy information.
Draymond Green returns for another episode of his podcast to discuss Anthony Edwards being THAT GUY over the weekend in the Minnesota Timberwolves win over Kevin Durant and the Phoenix Suns, Jalen Brunson and the Knicks outlasting Joel Embiid and the 76ers, why the Lakers are in trouble if D'Angelo Russell can't make shots, how LeBron James and Anthony Davis can adjust against Nikola Jokic and the Nuggets, Damian Lillard's heroics in the Bucks victory over the Pacers, why he still believes in Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving and the Mavericks over James Harden and the Clippers, and much more. 0:00 Start2:00 Anthony Edwards15:00 Lakers-Nuggets19:00 Dame Time26:00 Clippers-Mavericks Produced by: Jackson Safon #Volume #HerdSee for privacy information.
Draymond Green reacts to the Golden State Warriors' tough loss in the NBA Play-in Tournament to the Sacramento Kings, how the defense was able to hold Steph Curry to a modest game, and Klay Thompson's tough shooting night. Then, Dray discusses the future of the Dubs, including Klay's contract situation heading into free agency and what the team needs to return to the NBA Finals. Dray also discusses the rest of the play-in games, including the Kings vs. the New Orleans Pelicans without Zion Williamson, the Philadelphia 76ers beating the Miami Heat behind Joel Embiid's performance, Jimmy Butler's injury, and why Dray thinks the Sixers can beat Jalen Brunson's New York Knicks in the postseason. 0:00 Start 5:00 Kings loss 10:00 Future of Warriors 25:00 Play-in games Produced by: Jackson Safon #Volume #HerdSee for privacy information.
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Jose Cruz

Why everybody hates on N.Y.? oh! I forgot, everybody wanna be like us! This Washed up old head draymond said Knicks is a fluke! Not only do u sound stupid, but you are stupid! U gonna analyze a team be professional and real about it. Don't let your personal feelings supersede whatever little intelligence u have left. U on your couch watching us! And get used to it Punk! I ever see u in N.Y. I'm gonna go out my way to try and slap u like the bitch u are!!

May 10th
Reply (3)

Amir Asadzadeh

listening from iran. watching all your games at 4am in our time. i just wanted to let you know this is how much impact and joy this sport can bring

Apr 16th

Ruddy Moreno

and still they lost by a couple of points

Mar 14th

Ruddy Moreno

as much as mr. Thomas is somehow right he is also wrong , Warriors never make an excuse of this but if i remember well , Curry was just coming out of an injury , Iguadola couldn't even walk and Bogut also was terrible hurt, unlike Cavaliers making excuses the year before Warriors took it like a mans !!! respect.

Mar 14th

Alisher Tagirovich

Böyük bukmeker axtarırsınız? Mən şəxsən sizə 1win ilə əlaqə saxlamağı məsləhət görə bilərəm. 1win istifadəçilərinə bir çox idman növlərinə, o cümlədən futbol, ​​basketbol, ​​tennis, xokkey və başqalarına mərclər təklif edir, həmçinin müxtəlif növ mərclər, məsələn, birbaşa, parlay, sistem və s. Bahislərdə yüksək əmsallar oyunçulara böyük uduşlar əldə etməyə imkan verir.

May 1st

T Taylor

dubs in six. no blue line

Apr 27th

Cindy Miller

hey draymond I'm a die hearted warriors fan..I'm in Cleveland ohio..I want to know how can I get u or some of ur team mates free bobble heads to add to my WARRIORS ROOM

Apr 13th

Leslie bailiff

This was the best Podcast! Thank-you for showing Tristan is such a positive light.

Mar 30th

Tre Goodwin

Really? why put out a cast that doesn't address the punch 🤔 😒

Oct 7th


Thanks for the information, I will try to figure it out for more. Keep sharing such informative post keep suggesting such post..

Jun 14th

Abel Alcaraz

Dray! what a game, go dubs! Warriors in 6

Jun 11th


łove how quick he put these out

May 2nd


what a GREAT interview!! Thanks for sharing.

Dec 25th