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Hour 1 of The Drive talks about the silliness that is the NBA In-Season Tournament. Zach and Phil immediately transition into whether the Broncos control their own destiny or not. | Sean Payton throws a little jab at Russell Wilson when he details the final play. Did Russ bring more doubt than blame to himself after Sunday’s loss? | If Coach Prime was the HC of Florida St., would they be in the CFP? Zach and Phil go through what’s going through the committee’s heads right now. | The 2nd half woes continue for the Broncos as they try to figure out the best way to get the Offense kickstarted. Sean Payton and Lloyd Cushenberry admit the conversation is growing. The guys try to find a solution for them.
Hour 2 of The Drive just can’t make sense of why the Broncos passing game can’t get over the hump. Zach and Phil go through several moments that opened their eyes from the Houston game. Sean Payton confirms some things they believed, and they respond to his latest comments. Our Denver 7 Broncos Insider Troy Renck joins The Drive. Troy talks about whether Sean Payton is frustrated with Russ or not. Troy talks about how the Broncos running game can find more explosiveness. Troy details whether Russ is on track to return next season or not. | The Drive’s “Three Count” needs to know whether the CSU Rams Men’s Basketball team could make a serious tourney run! | Coach Prime spins the story like a DJ. Zach and Phil try to make sense of his comments about Sean Lewis leaving CU for SDSU.
Hour 3 of The Drive can’t emphasize enough how important the rest of the way is for the Broncos if they plan on going to the playoffs. Zach and Phil go through the numbers of what 1 or 2 losses could do for the Broncos. | The Broncos continue to defer to open the game. What will it take for the Broncos to score coming out of halftime? The guys use past and present examples of where the Broncos should be if they correct that one area. | Hot Take Tuesday is presented by Papa Murphy’s! Could the Broncos lose their way after this past Sunday’s loss to Houston? Also, Could Nikola Jokic be trending towards being apart of the most prestigious award-winning moment in NBA History? | The Deep Dive at 4:45 gets everyone set for Avs vs Ducks! Also, did Phil get Zach to change his tone on FSU joining the CFP?
Hour 4 of The Drive goes through the numbers that highlight what the Broncos must do to make the playoffs. Zach and Phil debate where Russ stands with Sean Payton right now. Our Senior Editor James Merilatt joins The Drive. James challenges Zach’s belief that Russ is driving Sean Payton crazy. James then gets into whether Sean is throwing subtle shots at Russ or not. Is Russ trending towards returning in 2024? James uses one thing to explain why that may be the case. | Mark Schlereth from Schlereth and Evans destroyed Russ during Telestrator Tuesday. Phil responds to Mark by explaining why Sean needs to prop him up. | Coach Prime is at it again in his latest interview. The guys have fun with Coach Prime and his comments to close the show!
Hour 1 of The Drive needs to know who realistically believed the Broncos had a chance. Zach and Phil go through how the Broncos put themselves behind the 8 ball. | The fellas go through why the Broncos offense keeps running into the same issues. Russ and the running game are becoming their separate issue and Phil explains why. | The Broncos defense couldn’t get the turnovers they usually get. How much did that hurt the Broncos? Zach and Phil discuss what the defense could’ve done better on Sunday. | Russell Wilson is all about giving his all for the team. Did that version of the Broncos cost them the game when it mattered most? Zack details why Sean has to keep things simple. 
Hour 2 of The Drive keeps the Broncos playoff chances in their back pocket as they explain what the numbers look like right now. Are the Broncos out of it? Zach and Phil go through how to describe a loss like the one the Broncos had to Houston. Our ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter joins The Drive. Adam talks about why the Broncos loss. Adam goes through whether CJ Stroud can win the NFL MVP or not. The LA Chargers may be in trouble! Adam details where the Chargers are and he answers more AFC West questions. | The Drive’s “Three Count” is all about the CFP! Should Alabama or Florida St. have gotten in? | Zach and Phil discuss the final possession for the Denver Broncos. What should’ve been different on that drive or final play?
Hour 3 of The Drive talks turnovers. How much should this loss be placed on Russell Wilson? Zach and Phil debate who’s responsible for how things went left. | The CFP discussion has been the hottest topic in sports lately! The guys keep their fire burning by expressing their disappointment with the CFP Committee not allowing Florida St. in as a 4 seed. | Zach and Phil discuss how the Broncos offense didn’t hold up their end of the bargain when it was time. Phil also discusses how the NFL has one rule that may be holding offenses back. | The Drive’s Deep Dive at 4:45 recaps the top stories in sports from over the weekend!
Hour 4 of The Drive express their nervous nature from the Broncos vs Texans ending. How did the Broncos get in a position where Russ needed his rookie TE to win the Broncos a game? Zach and Phil discuss how the Broncos got there on the final drive. Our Senior Broncos Writer Andrew Mason joins The Drive. Mase talks about how Russell’s final drive may or may not speak to the overall offense. Also, how do the Broncos fix their 2nd half issues? | Should the Broncos still be in playoff consideration? Zach and Phil discuss how the Broncos should go about handling the potential march towards the playoffs. | Does Sean Payton have the proper sense of urgency? The guys end the show talking about the challenges that come with preparing for a game after a tough loss.
Hour 1 of The Drive is excited about this Broncos vs Texans! The crossover talks about the anticipation that built up this moment. Should the Broncos be favorites? | Von Miller’s recent allegations have come to light. Zach and Phil discuss it and put a bow on a very tough subject. | The Broncos may be in trouble in one specific category. The guys talk about the trend that could come back to haunt them vs Houston if they don’t set the tone early. | Texans HC DeMeco Ryans spoke to the media about Denver, his HC opportunity, and Russell Wilson’s deep ball. Speaking of the deep ball, Zach and Phil have another blowout argument about Russell Wilson not going deep like he did in Seattle.
Hour 2 of The Drive compares Coach Prime to The Sheriff, Peyton Manning. What do they have in common? The guys go through it and discuss what else Prime needs to do to get Colorado over the top starting next year. The Drive opens the phone lines for Buffs Nation and Broncos Country to let loose on what they think of the road ahead. | The Drive’s “Three Count” has one game in mind this weekend and it isn’t the SEC championship! | CJ Stroud is special and a real MVP candidate. Vance Josph and Sean Peyton discuss what makes CJ special. The guys react to their comments and discuss how to slow down this prolific passing game.
Hour 3 of The Drive comes back in with the one and only 9 News Broncos Insider Mike Klis! Mike talks about what happened to his twitter page. Mike also discusses how the Broncos should view this game as it’s 1 of 3 consecutive road games. Is this the weekend the Broncos offense takes another step? Also, how are the injuries coming along with the Denver Broncos? | Zach and Phil go through the CFB Championship Weekend slate for this weekend. Which game is the best? | Do the Broncos have a “set the tone” problem? Zach and Phil give the numbers to explain further what setting the tone should look like for the Denver Broncos! | The Drive’s Deep Dive at 4:45 sets the scene for all things Denver Sports heading into the weekend!
Hour 4 of The Drive talks about what a monumental moment this Broncos vs Texans game is this weekend. Before Zach and Phil go there, Phil has a funny moment to open the hour. Sean Pendergast, Host on The Morning Drive from Sports Radio 610 in Houston, joins The Drive. Sean talks about how surprised Houston is about the Texans epic turnaround. Sean covers how the Texans have won and loss some close games but that doesn’t tell the whole story. How close were the Texans to drafting Bryce Young? Sean talks about the health of the Texans right now. | It’s Trivia Friday on The Drive! Which blast from the past is still tied to a very significant stat in Houston Texans history? | The guys give their final predictions for the weekend!
Hour 1 of The Drive forced Zach to turn on the Buffs! The Rams got a huge win vs CU in Fort Collins Wednesday Night! Zach and Phil go through the why the Rams could go on a run when March comes around. | Von Miller unfortunately found himself in another tricky moment on Thursday. Zach and Phil try to explain how and why Von finds himself in this situation. | How can the Nuggets get this more often from MPJ? The guys go through his role on the Denver Nuggets. What more can Nikola Jokic do to remind people of how great he is? | The Broncos TE room is not dynamic right now. Zach Ertz was released by the Arizona Cardinals today. Zach and Phil discuss whether the fit is worth the risk. 
Hour 2 of The Drive needs to know how much of a chance do the Broncos have against their last few opponents. Zach and Phil discuss the latest percentages that were released by ESPN Analytics. Broncos Analyst Cecil Lammey joins The Drive. Cecil Lammey talks about how the Broncos are getting ready for Houston this weekend. Is CJ Stroud a true MVP Candidate? Cecil then gets into how Marvin Mims and Jaleel McLaughlin may used moving forward. Will Brandon Johnson take over as the Broncos #2 WR when he comes back? | The Drive’s “Three Count” needs to know was CSU wrong for storming the court after beating CU in Fort Collins? | Would Sean Payton still be the Broncos HC in retrospect? Zach and Phil go through how life would be different for the Denver Broncos if the Broncos Brass would’ve gone in a different direction.
Hour 3 of The Drive is all about Feeding Phil! How bad was Phil’s time in Houston? Phil details a long story that led to him going to Houston after leaving Denver. | Russell Wilson talks about playing into his 40’s. Zach has a special message for Russ about living in the present. | Feed Phil continues as Phil breaks down his theory on a 180 degree turn vs a 360-degree turn! Did Phil listen to 104.3 The Fan as a player? | Dan T. Jacobs, 104.3 The Fan's Weekend Host and Full-Time Judge/Lawyer, joins The Drive. Dan explains where things go from here in regards to Von Miller’s latest charges. Could his incident from his case with the Parker Police play into this case as well?
Hour 4 of The Drive wonders could the Broncos be facing their biggest game since Super Bowl 50! Zach and Phil discuss who else needs to level up in the passing game to help Courtland Sutton and Russ take that next step. How do the Broncos find 4 more wins the rest of the way? Our Senior Broncos Writer Andrew Mason joins The Drive. Mase talks about how the Broncos offense could increase the passing game. Who should the Broncos trust more at the end of the game: Russell Wilson or Wil Lutz? Mase details what Greg Dulcich could do for the Broncos when he returns. | If the Denver Broncos owners could’ve had it their way, would Sean Payton still have become the HC of the Broncos? Zach and Phil juggle the idea of what life could’ve looked like with Sean Payton. | The guys close out the show with audio that’ll remind everyone that all is well with the Denver Nuggets.
Hour 1 of The Drive discusses who the MVP’s of the Broncos 5-game winning streak have been so far. Is this the most starless, successful Broncos team ever? | Zach and Phil get into how things are the same and different at the same time. Why isn’t Russ throwing more? The guys detail the trend that’s in the NFL right now. | PJ Locke appears to have the new starting safety role locked up but is everyone sold? The guys discuss whether Kareem can overcome his predecessor. | Broncos HC Sean Payton spoke today at his Wednesday Press conference. The Drive brings you the latest from Sean. 
Hour 2 of The Drive reacts to Sean Payton and some shocking developments. Is Jerry Jeudy going to be fine by Sunday? Phil goes into taking advantage of the break’s teams get down the stretch. Phil also goes off about Russ making his reads. Our Broncos Analyst Cecil Lammey joins The Drive. Cecil talks about who he talked to today at practice. Also, how’s Jerry Jeudy and Greg Dulcich doing? Cecil also discusses how Russ is working to get certain guys open more often. How will Dulcich be factored in once he comes back? | The Drive’s “Three Count” can’t believe the NFL allowed this to happen. | Sean Lewis, former OC at CU, takes the high road at his introductory press conference. Zach and Phil discuss how the Buffs season unraveled before our eyes.
Hour 3 of The Drive talks about “What to Watch” this Sunday regarding rooting interest for the Denver Broncos. Does Sean Payton keep up with the playoff standings? | Kareem Jackson is all about cleaning the dirt off his name. Zach and Phil go through how Kareem has gotten here and does he still have a leg to stand on. | Jake Shapiro from joins The Drive to preview CU-CSU on the Rocky Mtn. Showdown on the hardwood. Where does this game stack up to past games in CU history? Which team has the chance to go the farthest in March? Jake tips his hand at who the new OC may be for the Buffs football program. | The Drive’s Deep Dive at 4:45 gets everyone set for Nuggets vs Rockets and CU vs CSU!
Hour 4 of The Drive discusses the Denver Broncos MVP for the 5-game winning streak they’ve embarked upon. Zach and Phil also go through who the unsung heroes have been thus far.’s Will Petersen joins The Drive. Will gives his MVP! Also, did Sean Payton help Vance Joseph turn this defense around? Will and the fellas get into a heated debate about who’s responsible for this turnaround. Is Russ a lock to return in 2024? | The conversation about Russ continues! Zach isn’t sold on Russ as a lock and he explains why. | Breaking News comes into The Drive to close the show! Zach and Phil close the show with their score predictions for Nuggets vs Rockets and Buffs vs Rams!
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