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The Edge with Micah Parsons

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2x Pro-Bowler Micah Parsons is one of the most knowledgeable and opinionated players in the NFL. From week-to-week, fans get the unique opportunity to hear the Dallas Cowboys star edge rusher dive into the biggest headlines, debate the hottest takes and more from around every corner of the league.
12 Episodes
Micah explains why he supports Tom Brady calling out 'mediocrity' in the NFL, breaks down the Thanksgiving game against Washington and campaigns DaRon Bland for Defensive Player of the Year. He also shows love to Dak Prescott, gives his thoughts on Panthers moving on from HC Frank Reich and details why the Bills' struggles aren't all on Josh Allen. Micah also discusses his MVP candidates, AFC's best team and previews the Cowboys' Thursday Night Football game vs. Seahawks.See for privacy information.
Micah explains what made him sick during Sunday's win against Panthers, comments on Trevon Diggs' tweets about Josh Allen, and reacts to Zach Wilson getting benched. Before he previews the Thanksgiving Day matchup vs. Commanders, Micah passionately ranks his top 5 Thanksgiving side dishes.See for privacy information.
Micah discusses Sunday's blowout win against the Giants, hypes up C.J. Stroud's dominant performances, and explains why he doesn't like the Jim Harbaugh suspension. He also talks about the AFC North race, the 49ers getting back into their groove, and the Raiders' new winning ways.See for privacy information.
Cowboys star corner Stephon Gilmore hops on to recap the close loss against the Eagles, discuss the pass interference call late in the third quarter, and evaluate the first half of Dallas's season. Micah makes an MVP case for Dak Prescott and breaks down the current AFC and NFC playoff picture. The pair also shows love to Josh Dobbs & Kyler Murray and previews their upcoming matchup vs. the Giants.See for privacy information.
Micah breaks down Sunday's victory vs. LA, the 49ers' 3-game losing streak, and sends love to Kirk Cousins after news of his season-ending Achilles injury. He also shouts out Tyreek Hill's incredible year, Joe Burrow and the Bengals for rounding back into form and  takes a look at the upcoming trade deadline. The Lion also recaps his Halloween fit and previews the highly anticipated matchup with the Eagles.See for privacy information.
After Dallas's bye week, Micah breaks down Lamar Jackson's big game vs. the Lions, highlights Mac Jones performance in the win vs. Buffalo and reacts to the undeniable stat that Travis Kelce plays better when Taylor Swift is in attendance. He also talks about Myles Garrett and MVP discussions, Penn State's loss, Caleb Williams criticism, and previews the Cowboys upcoming matchup vs. Rams.See for privacy information.
Micah breaks down the Monday Night Football win against Los Angeles, questions the media for criticizing the Cowboys while defending the Eagles and 49ers losses, and tells LeBron to come back to Cowboy Nation. He also makes an MVP case for Tyreek Hill, ranks his ‘Always Open’ WRs, reacts to Julio Jones signing with Eagles, and answers if he’d join the 2028 Olympic Flag Football team.See for privacy information.
Micah goes over Sunday's loss vs. the 49ers, responds to George Kittle's viral shirt, and analyzes Brock Purdy's performance. Around the NFL, he breaks down whether the Lions are the real deal, if Bill Belichick is on the hot seat, Daniel Jones' struggles and previews next week's Monday Night Football matchup against Chargers.See for privacy information.
Micah talks beating New England, calls out the media for Zach Wilson coverage after Sunday Night Football, discusses what's wrong with the Bengals, gives his thoughts on the Eagles' "Tush Push," shouts out the best rookies right now and reacts to the Damian Lillard trade. Plus, he opens up on marquee matchup vs. 49ers.See for privacy information.
Micah explains what happened to the Cowboys on Sunday, reacts to Trevon Diggs tearing his ACL, goes over Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce dating rumors, Broncos' 70-20 L, Tyreek Hill calling him out, and reveals his top 4 AFC teams. Plus, he talks about Oregon trolling Colorado and facing Ezekiel Elliot and the Patriots next.See for privacy information.
After his big performance against the Jets, Micah sits down to respond to the Cowboys' critics, back up Joe Burrow and Justin Fields' slow start, and rank his toughest current QBs to defend. He also talks about the phenomenon of Colorado football and shares his thoughts on the late hit against Travis Hunter. See for privacy information.
On the first episode of The Edge with Micah Parsons, the Dallas Cowboys star edge rusher dives deep into the 40-0 win over the Giants fans and shares why he still believes in Daniel Jones. Micah takes a look at everything around the league from the competition in the NFC, Joe Burrow's Week 1 performance, Nick Bosa's record contract extension, and more.See for privacy information.
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Aakash Amanat

I just watched "The Edge with Micah Parsons" and I have to say, I'm even more excited to see what this young linebacker can do on the field for the Cowboys! Micah Parsons is an absolute beast, and this interview just confirmed what we've all been hearing about his dedication and work ethic. It's clear he's not only immensely talented but also incredibly driven to succeed.

Sep 20th
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