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I host powerful debates on important topics and speak with thought leaders from around the world about whatever interests me, which happens to be a lot of different things.
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Kam Waters, co-creator of the documentary film soon to be released, Christspiracy, sits down with Tony Jones from The Reverend Hunter Podcast to debate if Jesus was actually a vegan. The Film “Christspiracy” documents Kam’s personal quest, as a lover of Christ, across the globe to answer the question “is there a spiritual way to kill an animal?” interviewing theologians, archeologists, Christian farmers and more. Kam grew up in the Bible Belt, was born and raised in the Christian church, and began questioning his traditions’ position on animal ethics when he realized there was more to the story than he had been told. Tony Jones is a writer, theologian, outdoorsman, and passionate hunter who believes the lack of people currently killing and butchering their own animals for food “is one of the most primal aspects of religion that has been lost.” He’s written many books including his latest “The God of Wild Places: Rediscovering the Divine in the Untamed Outdoors.” He teaches at Fuller Theological Seminary and lives in Minnesota with his wife, kids, and dog. Both of these men are passionate about their cause.  Kam and the Christspiracy team are shaking up the common narrative, but Tony comes in sharing where he thinks they go wrong. Did God put animals on this earth for us to eat and use how we see fit? What does “dominion over the animals” really mean? And what does it mean on a broader scale if Jesus really did advocate for compassion for animals? Or is eating animals without boundaries, a God - given right that is good? WHERE TO FIND TONY Website: Instagram: The God of Wild Places book: WHERE TO FIND KAM Christspiracy: Instagram: Kam’s Instagram: SPONSORS: Anima Mundi Herbals: Get 20% off with my code ELLENFISHER20 Cozy Earth: Enter COZYELLEN for 30% off your order OSEA: enter the code  ELLEN_10 for 10% off your order WHERE TO FIND ME  Get The Empowered Pregnancy & Birth course: Get my ebooks: My instagram: LISTEN to these episodes on Apple Podcast or Spotify: Elevate your videos with record-label quality music from Musicbed:
Alison Armstrong is a brilliant educator and author offering simple, partnership-based, solutions to improve our communication and intimacy by honoring ourselves and others. You might be in love with men, or frustrated by them - or both. In this conversation you’ll learn the core desires of both men and women and get an intimate look inside our hearts and minds to better understand ourselves and each other.  Discover a treasure chest of esoteric knowledge and unravel the mysteries of men's behavior by listening to her audiobook, The Queen’s Code, + get 6 exclusive Live Webinar Sessions with Alison here: I’ll be taking The Essentials course soon, which includes LUX: Liberation. Understanding. Xtraordinary Relationships, Understand Men, and Understanding Women. Join me here! WHERE TO FIND ALISON Website: Instagram: Why Criticism Never Works: SPONSORS: Act+Acre: get 20% off your order with the code ELLEN20 Indigo Luna:get 10% off with the code ELLENLOVE Open: get 30 days free here: OSEA: get 10% off with the code ELLEN_10 WHERE TO FIND ME  Get The Empowered Pregnancy & Birth course: Get my ebooks: My instagram: LISTEN to these episodes on Apple Podcast or Spotify: your videos with record-label quality music from Musicbed:
Two thoughtful advocates come together with very opposing views on the very hot and controversial topic of gender transition for children and if they should legally be allowed to medically transition under the care of their parents and physician. Desmond Fambrini is a public and private school teacher who is a learning specialist with a Master of Science from Johns Hopkins University. He began his journey in education after graduating from Dartmouth College, where he double-majored in Government and Gender Studies, focusing on Education Policy and Gender and Adolescence.  Allie Beth Stuckey is the host of the popular conservative Christian podcast “Relatable.”  She’s a wife, mom, commentator, speaker, and author of “You’re not enough and that’s ok” who’s passionate about helping women build their worldview upon the Bible. You will be pleasantly surprised how beautiful this conversation is on such a contentious topic between two respectful and kind individuals. WHERE TO FIND Allie Website: Instagram: WHERE TO FIND DESMOND: Instagram: SPONSORS: Catori Life: Get 20% off with my code ELLENFISHER PregZen: get 20% off with the code ELLEN20 Cozy Earth: Enter ELLEN35 for 35% off your order Anima Mundi Herbals: Get 20% off with my code ELLENFISHER20 WHERE TO FIND ME  Get The Empowered Pregnancy & Birth course: Get my ebooks: My instagram:  LISTEN to these episodes on Apple Podcast or Spotify: Elevate your videos with record-label quality music from Musicbed:
Today, we delve into the heart of parenting exploring two diverse parenting philosophies amidst what can be a contentious and emotional topic. With so much confusion on the best way to raise our children well, I brought together two passionate and expert voices in the parenting sphere to help clear the mud. Dr. Laura Markham is a clinical psychologist, mother, and advocate for Peaceful Parenting who inspires parents with practical information to choose connection and coaching over punishment and control. Abbie from “M is for Mama,” is a wife, mother of ten, and Bible-believing Christian, with 10 years of experience teaching high school Spanish, English, and ESL, who encourages parents to embrace the challenge of biblical motherhood and raise their children with love and wisdom. Together, we'll explore the nuances, challenges, and joys of parenting through differing lenses, aiming to find common ground and understanding of one another.  Check out their books: Dr. Laura Markham: “Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids” and “Peaceful Parent Happy Siblings.” Abbie Halberstadt: “M is for Mama” and “Hard is not the same thing as Bad”  WHERE TO FIND ABBIE Website: Instagram: WHERE TO FIND LAURA Website: Instagram: SPONSORS: OSEA: get 10% off with the code ELLEN_10 Open: get 30 days free here: Act+Acre: get 20% off your order with the code ELLEN20 Indigo Luna:get 10% off with the code ELLENLOVE WHERE TO FIND ME  Get The Empowered Pregnancy & Birth course: Get my ebooks: My instagram:  LISTEN to these episodes on Apple Podcast or Spotify: Elevate your videos with record-label quality music from Musicbed:
Arden Young, is an undercover investigative journalist from Sound Investigations. Her undercover work exposes PornHub executives admitting that they knowingly profit off of the sexual exploitation of minors AND that they knowingly allow content of rape and sexual abuse content on their site because of an ID loophole. Benjamin Nolot is the CEO and founder of Exodus Cry, a non profit that fights sex trafficking, and all forms of commercial sexual exploitation. He is committed to shifting cultural mindsets and laws that protect children from porn exposure and abolishes commercial sexual exploitation. He has been a featured speaker at the United Nations and is an award-winning filmmaker. Benjamin’s book Raised on Porn is a must read. In this conversation they expose the heart of today’s destructive porn industry, the human trafficking and sexual abuse content inevitably intertwined within it, and how porn is currently shaping an entire generation of young people. We cover the addictive nature of porn and how it is affecting our relationships in real life, what’s different about porn today versus when our grandparents were young, how children younger and younger are first getting access to porn, why PornHub execs should be in prison, and so much more. This was an INTENSE episode, and I hope you choose to listen to this important conversation for the overall NEED of awareness in this dire situation. **DISCLAIMER: please consider your mental state before consuming, as we talk about graphic and abusive content related to the porn industry.** WHERE TO FIND ARDEN Website: Instagram: WHERE TO FIND BENJAMIN Website: Instagram: The Exodus Cry Podcast: SPONSORS: OPEN APP: Get 30 DAYS FREE at Pique: Get 15% off + free frother at  OSEA: enter the code  FISHER_10 for 10% off your order: WHERE TO FIND ME  Get The Empowered Pregnancy & Birth course: Get my ebooks: My instagram: LISTEN to these episodes on Apple Podcast or Spotify: Elevate your videos with record-label quality music from Musicbed:
What an incredible first season of this podcast. I am grateful for all of you who have been joining along for this ride. Links to all these episodes and social media accounts to the guests in the episode are in the show notes. Stay tuned for next season, I cannot wait for what’s in store. CoPilot: Click my CoPilot link to get 14 days free with your own personal trainer! Anima Mundi Herbals: enter the code ELLEN20 for 20% off everything at OSEA: get 10% off your order with code ELLENGIFT10 Thank you to our partners for sponsoring today's episode GUESTS FEATURED IN THIS EPISODE Dominique Thompson Brenda Davis Lila Rose Matt Beaudreau Alicia silverstone Dr. Laura Markham Heather McKean Africa Brooke Sophia Esperanza Dr. Will Bulsiewicz Fully Raw Kristina Johny Cash Amelia Whelan Zuby Simon Hill WHERE TO FIND ME ⁠⁠Birth Course⁠⁠ ⁠⁠Recipe ebooks⁠⁠ ⁠⁠Instagram⁠⁠ ⁠⁠Watch the Podcast⁠
Nicholas Carter, an ecologist and environmental researcher, examines our food system and its impact on the environment. Our food choices greatly impact the planet, and the more we can make informed choices the easier it will be to shift towards sustainable ways to live and thrive with our ecosystem, not against it. We cover: problems with today’s industrialized model strengths and weaknesses of regenerative grazing  if dairy can be regenerative the environmental impact between plant vs animal agriculture If the government should play a bigger role in stewarding the earth  which dietary pattern is optimal to support our planetary health Sponsors: OSEA: enter the code ELLENPOD for 10% off Anima Mundi Herbals: enter the code ELLEN20 for 20% off everything at WHERE TO FIND NICHOLAS CARTER Instagram WHERE TO FIND ME ⁠Birth Course⁠ ⁠Recipe ebooks⁠ ⁠Instagram⁠ ⁠Watch the Podcast⁠
Few topics are more hotly debated than nutrition. With contradictory messaging abundant, it can be difficult to discern credible health advice and navigate which dietary patterns are optimal for our health and longevity.  Simon Hill, nutritionist and host of The Proof Podcast, cuts through the noise and breaks down today’s most popular diets and trends. Simon has a healthy obsession with nutritional science and uses reliable science-based information to form his dietary thesis philosophy. He focuses on nuanced, evidence-based research instead of biased black and white thinking. While science is not perfect, we do have clear biomarkers for longevity and preventing our #1 killers, and this episode goes into how these trends stack up against those markers. With so many experts letting their biases get in the way to form nutritional recommendations, Simon is the nutrition resource we need right now. In this episode we cover:  Popular diets: Paleo, Carnivore, Vegan, Keto, Plant Paradox, & Nourishing Traditions What “ancestral diets” get right and wrong Saturated fat vs. PUFAS Popular Trends: Butter, Bone Broth, anti-nutrients, seed oils, etc Eating to survive vs. eating for longevity  Why what’s “natural” isn’t necessarily what’s best for long term health Simon's resources in YouTube description box HERE Sponsor: Anima Mundi Herbals | enter the code ELLEN20 for 20% off everything at WHERE TO FIND SIMON Website Instagram Podcast Youtube WHERE TO FIND ME Birth Course Recipe ebooks Instagram Watch the Podcast
In this fiery conversation with my husband and friends Amelia and Matt, we discuss and debate the meaning and value of sex, marriage, and monogamous vs. polyamorous relationships.  Amelia and Matt recently celebrated their love in a non traditional marriage ceremony after dating for 5 years. They practice consensual non monogamy and value freedom, self expression and evolution as the foundation of their relationship. They share polar opposite life experiences to me and my husband Andrew, who have only ever been with each other intimately and waited until we were married to have sex. We’ve been together for over 20 years, started dating when we were 15 and 16 years old and our marriage vows are based in a life long commitment of growth and unconditional love, through the easy times and the hard times. We get into our differing perspectives on love and if having multiple sexual partners (either at the same time or throughout our lives) is best for society, raising children, and ourselves as individuals.  Sponsors: Branch Basics | Get 15% off all Starter Kits (except the Trial Kit) ⁠⁠ Anima Mundi Herbals: enter the code ELLEN20 for 20% off everything at We discuss topics such as: problems within monogamy vs polyamory for relationships, children, and society  The purpose and meaning of sex - is it sacred, solely for pleasure, etc? If our biology tells us anything about our optimal design for relationships Boundaries within non monogamy and polyamory. Should we give into all our impulses? What is the most supportive type of family environment for raising children? Is there a “one size fits all” for sex and relationships? Where to find Amelia and Matt Instagram Website  Youtube Where to find me ⁠⁠⁠⁠My birth course⁠⁠⁠⁠ ⁠⁠⁠⁠My ebooks⁠⁠⁠⁠ ⁠⁠⁠⁠Instagram⁠⁠⁠⁠ ⁠⁠⁠⁠Watch the podcast⁠
As a new mother, we want to give our baby the best nutrition and care. It is of our highest priority, and feeling empowered with nutritional information and support is so crucial to helping mom’s feel confident during the postpartum phase. In this follow up episode with two dietitians Whitney and Alex from Plant Based Juniors, we sit down to discuss postpartum care, optimal nutrition for mothers, and a dive into starting baby on solid foods.  I loved this conversation about the messy yet beautiful journey of the postpartum experience, and value all the information and expertise Whitney and Alex share. Both mothers to predominantly plant-based children themselves, Plant Based Juniors was created because they saw a need for easy-to-access information on evidence-based nutrition for pregnancy and kids. They’ve since helped families all around the world feel confident and empowered in nourishing their families with plants as the primary focus. In this episode we cover tips for successful breastfeeding, what the science says about raising children plant-based, baby led weaning, and much much more! I hope you enjoy today’s episode. Sponsor: Branch Basics | Get 15% off all Starter Kits (except the Trial Kit) ⁠ We also cover: Nutrition considerations for postpartum mothers and throughout the breastfeeding journey If diet plays a role in successful breastfeeding Starting baby on solid foods & what the research says  The optimal foods to start baby on Picky eating and how to introduce new flavor profiles  The importance of food play and food exposure  The research around raising plant based kids and more. WHERE TO FIND WHITNEY & ALEX ⁠website⁠ ⁠instagram⁠ ⁠Learning Center⁠ ⁠Course⁠ WHERE TO FIND ME ⁠⁠⁠My birth course⁠⁠⁠ ⁠⁠⁠My ebooks⁠⁠⁠ ⁠⁠⁠Instagram⁠⁠⁠ ⁠⁠⁠Watch the podcast⁠
One of the reasons why I started this podcast was to expand my passion of engaging in deep conversations with others because, meaningful dialogue lights me up. We could all benefit from expanding our healthy communication skills, which is why I was so excited to talk to Richard Newman, a keynote speaker, coach, speechwriter, and an award-winning expert in communication, storytelling, and influence.  Richard Newman is an introvert who has dedicated decades to understanding and improving communication. He is the CEO and Founder of UK Body Talk, a global leader in training on the science of communication. His team has coached over 120,000 people including Microsoft, London Business School, NYU, and many more Fortune 500 companies. This episode covers how to cultivate healthy communication in all kinds of relationships including work, romantic, family, and friends. Sponsor Anima Mundi Herbals: enter the code ELLEN20 for 20% off everything at This episode covers:  How to communicate peacefully with those you disagree with to create a positive outcome Communication techniques that can create respect, fruitfulness, and results  The connection between mental health and emotional wellbeing with communication Important strategies everyone can use before important conversations to ensure better outcomes The age of digital communication and how it can lead to surface level relationships How to avoid conflict, by recognizing the difference between the facts and the story your ego tells you The difference between internal vs external validation and why it’s an important distinction  How to be a change-maker and do meaningful work. And much more  WHERE TO FIND RICHARD NEWMAN  Body Talk Instagram  Podcast WHERE TO FIND ME ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠My birth course⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠My ebooks⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Instagram⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Watch the podcast⁠⁠
I sit down with Dr. Klaper, an internationally recognized teacher, speaker, and gifted medical practitioner who’s been helping patients reverse chronic illness with plant-based nutrition and integrative medicine for the last 40 years. In this episode we hone in on optimal nutrition to prevent America’s biggest killers - heart disease and diet-related cancers.  We know that dietary patterns are a key component to preventing and even reversing many common diseases that are prevalent here in the US. Yet this education is still rarely taught to our medical students, emphasized in the medical course curriculum, or even discussed in the general population. Dr. Klaper and I also discuss how to build a nutritious plate with plant-forward nutrition and what specific foods help protect you against these diseases. Sponsors: SafeSleeve | Get 10% off your order with code ELLEN10 Anima Mundi Herbals: enter the code ELLEN20 for 20% off everything at We also cover:  How prevalent diet-related cancers are in America today Lifestyle risks like smoking, pollution, chemicals, and stress and how this effects disease in the body Hormone driven cancers such breast, prostate, and colon cancer Why the medical community doesn’t often speak about diet for cancer prevention  What dietary steps you can take to reduce the risk of generating cancer  If sugar feeds cancer growth What specific foods protect against diet-related cancers What steps can you take to prevent / reverse high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease Why there is so much conflicting public opinion on if animal products and processed meats causes heart disease  The effect a heavily processed food diet has on increasing the risk of disease  What other factors are related to health and the prevention of disease besides diet WHERE TO FIND DR. KLAPER instagram website Moving Medicine Forward WHERE TO FIND ME ⁠⁠⁠⁠My birth course⁠⁠⁠⁠ ⁠⁠⁠⁠My ebooks⁠⁠⁠⁠ ⁠⁠⁠⁠Instagram⁠⁠⁠⁠ ⁠⁠⁠⁠Watch the podcast⁠⁠
Birth is one of the most sacred and important experiences in a mother’s life and every woman has the right to true informed consent and refusal in the birthing process. Too often women are not given all their options with unbiased information but are instead coerced into decisions that benefit the doctor’s convenience, our broken medical system, and their pockets.  Dr Stuart Fischbein, a rare gem in the world of physicians. packs this episode with information on making informed choices and ensuring bodily autonomy in the birthing process. He’s a practicing obstetrician since 1986 who supports VBAC and specializes in community based natural breech & twin birthing and is a strong believer in the midwifery model of care. He travels around the country and internationally teaching the disappearing art of breech delivery and his podcast, Birthing Instincts, is helping women all over the world reclaim their power in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. This episode covers: Dr. Stu’s story from being a practicing OBGYN in the hospital to assisting midwives at home with breech and twin deliveries Problems with our standard medical birthing model The cascade of interventions that happen in a hospital setting The prevalence of personal bias in scientific papers and poorly controlled research Red flags when choosing a practitioner Birth as a medical problem versus a normal natural function of the human female body VBAC safety vs risk Vaginal breech and Twin delivery The rise in cesarean deliveries And so much more Sponsor: Get this OSEA limited-edition set and support this mother-daughter brand by using my code ELLENGLOW ⁠⁠ Get The Empowered Pregnancy & Birth Course here: ⁠ WHERE TO FIND DR. STUART FISCHBEIN Website instagram Podcast WHERE TO FIND ME ⁠⁠⁠My birth course⁠⁠⁠ ⁠⁠⁠My ebooks⁠⁠⁠ ⁠⁠⁠Instagram⁠⁠⁠ ⁠⁠⁠Watch the podcast⁠
I sit down with Whitney English and Alex Caspero from Plant Based Juniors, two dietitian nutritionists who are passionate about helping parents and kids get more plants on their plates. Their messages is focused on healthy pregnancy, baby-led weaning, and raising healthy kids, relying on evidence-based nutrition for their recommendations, giving advice based on research, not dogma. In this episode we cover: The best dietary pattern for fertility and pregnancy Are fertility issues on the rise and what we can do about it Hormonal birth control safety versus if it can effect fertility negatively  key nutrients of focus during pregnancy and plant-based considerations If there’s any scientific validity to the rising trend to consume organ meats while pregnant their thoughts on “ancestral diets” is there is a “one size fits all” diet for everyone? iron deficiency placenta health and so much more. Sponsors: Anima Mundi Herbals: enter the code ELLEN20 for 20% off everything at Indigo Luna: enter the code ELLEN10 for 10% off your order WHERE TO FIND WHITNEY & ALEX website instagram Learning Center Course WHERE TO FIND ME ⁠⁠My birth course⁠⁠ ⁠⁠My ebooks⁠⁠ ⁠⁠Instagram⁠⁠ ⁠⁠Watch the podcast
The topic of how to feed upwards of 10 billion people with the least amount of deforestation and pollution is complex and layered. There’s clearly big issues within the standard industrial farming system, and in this conversation four guests get into what they believe is the best way to farm to feed the world, both on a small and large scale.  Speaking for the regenerative ranching positition is Will Harris and Jason Rowntree.  Will is a fourth-generation cattleman, who tends the same land that his great-grandfather settled in 1866. He uses regenerative farming methods where he was born and raised at White Oak Pastures. Will has been recognized all over the world as a leader in environmental sustainability and is the Beef Director of the American Grassfed Association.  Jason RownTree is a professor of Animal Science at Michigan State University where he holds the Charles Stewart Mott Distinguished Professorship for Sustainable Agriculture. Rowntree’s research focuses on identifying the metrics and management that reflect ecological improvement in grazing land and other agricultural systems.  Speaking for the regenerative plant agriculture position is Nicholas Carter and Jimmy Videle. Nicholas is an ecologist and co-founder of, a library of peer-reviewed articles and summaries on the evidence to shift to plant-based diets. His thesis focused on the global estimates of greenhouse gas emissions attributed to animal agriculture, and has since written reports and articles on biodiversity loss and food systems.  Jimmy Videle is a professional farmer, activist, consultant and researcher. He lives on a small-scale veganic farm in Québec and has been growing his own food and homesteading for over twenty-five years, with experience on eleven organic and permaculture farms around the world. This episode covers: What the best type of agriculture is to feed the world without destroying the planet The differences between regenerative ranching vs regenerative plant agriculture What they improve on the environmental metrics and if it is scalable Regulation and accountability (or lack of) within the regenerative label Soil issues, what causes it and how do we fix it? Is buying local food a way to reduce your environmental footprint? Is there enough land in the US, or globally, to support meat demands if we switched to grass fed/finished beef? If it’s unrealistic to expect people to reduce their meat and dairy intake Where most methane comes from and If there is such a thing as carbon negative beef Allan Savory and his claim that holistic grazing can reverse climate change  Sponsors: Branch Basics | Get 15% off all Starter Kits (except the Trial Kit) SafeSleeve | Get 10% off your order with code ELLEN10 Anima Mundi Herbals | enter the code ELLEN20 for 20% off See Nicholas' timestamped references here WHERE TO FIND WILL HARRIS Instagram WHERE TO FIND NICHOLAS CARTER Instagram WHERE TO FIND JIMMY VIDELE YouTube WHERE TO FIND ME ⁠My birth course⁠ ⁠My ebooks⁠ ⁠Instagram⁠ ⁠Watch the podcast
After much anticipation, I finally got my husband Andrew to sit down with me on the podcast and answer some of your questions about our relationship, what it’s like raising 5 children together, how we handle criticism, and keeping the spark alive after 20 years of doing life together. Andrew is often a man of few words, but once he gets talking about something he’s passionate about, he shines. He does so much for our family behind the scenes, is an incredible father with a servant heart to our children, and is my biggest support in life. I am so excited for you to be part of this intimate conversation to hear what we laugh about, what we take seriously, the good, the bad, and the in-betweens in our relationship. In this episode we cover: How we take care of ourselves individually to feel our best Why we prioritize health, nutrition, and fitness in our lives What it’s like to be married to each other Our life before YouTube and how we made the transition to Hawaii and working online His experience being a father for 5 home births How we handle disagreements in our relationship Keeping the spark alive and having a growth mindset The traits and characteristics he hopes to instill in our children Bis support behind the scenes How we have handled criticism online and being put in boxes + so much more Sponsors: OSEA | Get 10% of your order with code ELLEN_UABB SafeSleeve | Get 10% off your order with code ELLEN10 WHERE TO FIND ME My birth course My ebooks Instagram Watch the podcast
I sit down with Erin Stanczyk from YouTube channel “Eat, Move, Rest” that she creates with her husband Dusty, to talk all things food, fitness, and mindfulness. Erin is a mom of two and passionate plant-based eater who grew up in Nebraska and recently moved her family to Florida, and in this episode she shares her health and transformation story. We also get into what eating plant-based in a cold climate can look like and talk about life on social media, raising healthy kids, and how she chose to start over and start creating content on social media. We have a lot in common to bond over so buckle up because this is a fun one! This episode covers: Erin’s health and transformation story How she ended up sharing her passions on YouTube and life on social media Tips for eating plant-based in a cold climate Raising healthy kids Uprooting and starting over to follow your dreams and desires What moving across the country with no family can look like Sponsors: SafeSleeve | Get 10% off your order with code ELLEN10 OSEA | Get 10% of your order with code ELLEN_UABB WHERE TO FIND ERIN Instagram YouTube Website WHERE TO FIND ME My birth course My ebooks Instagram Watch the podcast
How often do you find yourself going through the motions of life without patience or living in the present moment? Hurried busyness is so common in our modern lives that it’s become the norm. Even if you have never meditated regularly, you likely know the feeling of being in flow — that pure state of presence and calm, which can often feel so unattainable in a culture that constantly presses us to outdo yesterday’s productivity. Thankfully, meditation has been having a zeitgeist moment. More people than ever are familiar with the concept of mindfulness, and nowadays those who are dabbling in meditation don’t always fit the stereotype. It seems the deeper and deeper enmeshment of technology in our lives has also brought greater accessibility to meditation teachers, especially for those of us who need more guidance in a practice that feels so foreign. One of these meditation teachers and thought leaders is Manoj Diaz, a speaker and meditation teacher who was born in Sri Lanka and later raised in Australia. In this episode Manoj gives us simple steps to start a mindfulness practice with meditation and breath work. While starting meditation and breath work may feel daunting, it doesn’t have to be. This conversation aims to demystify meditation, show you how to quiet your mind, and inspire you to open up and slow down. this episode covers: How to start a meditation practice and the reasons why The benefits of breath work How to be more present and connected in your life Cultivating a disciplined mind Why it can be hard to quiet our mind How just 5 minutes of meditation a day can change your life Thank you to our partners for sponsoring today’s episode Anima Mundi: enter the code ELLEN20 for 20% off everything at Indigo Luna: my favorite lounge wear and yoga clothes. enter the code ELLENLOVE for 10% off your order HERE WHERE TO FIND MANOJ instagram Website Open app WHERE TO FIND ME My birth course My ebooks Instagram Watch the podcast
We all want to be the best parents we can be for our children, and show up for them in ways that will positively nurture their development to grow into responsible, happy, and considerate kids. While many parenting books are inspiring, we can often feel left hanging a bit, and think “ok, but how do I implement that?” Enter Dr. Laura Markham Dr. Laura is a clinical psychologist, mother, and founder of online resource Aha Parenting. She’s the best selling author of two books, “Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids” and “Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings,” inspiring parents every day with practical information and key examples in common parenting situations to choose connection and coaching over punishment and control.  In this episode we cover: The foundational principles for a peaceful home & raising happy, considerate, and responsible kids Does gentle and respectful parenting create weak and entitled children? What’s wrong with strict parenting? How to connect with our children to build a stronger, sweeter bond instead of struggling for control Specific examples on how to respond in tough moments with kids What is the source for sibling rivalry? How to stop the fighting and raise friends for life Does respectful parenting take more time and effort? The secrets every parent needs to know about saying “no” Thank you to our partners for sponsoring today’s episode Anima Mundi: enter the code ELLEN20 for 20% off everything at Indigo Luna: my favorite lounge wear and yoga clothes. enter the code ELLENLOVE for 10% off your order HERE WHERE TO FIND DR. LAURA MARKHAM Website Instagram WHERE TO FIND ME My birth course My ebooks Instagram Watch the podcast
This episode is all about rejecting the one-size-fits-all approach to take on a load of debt from student loans, purchase new cars and rack up credit card debt, then work decades to pay for it all. You might find yourself reevaluating your life and changing some big financial decisions by the end of this episode. Financial expert Brad Barrett breaks down the simple steps to maximize your savings, earn double and triple your money through investing, and becoming financially independent potentially decades before you thought you could. Brad is a certified public accountant, host of the top 50 business podcast ChooseFI, and was featured in the documentary Playing with F.I.R.E. He achieved Financial Independence at 35 and has a passion for helping people take action to make their lives richer in every way, from money saving hacks to having a positive mindset, and living a happier, more intentional life. SponsorIndigo Luna: my favorite lounge wear and yoga clothes. Enter the code ELLENLOVE for 10% off your order In this episode we cover: Why it’s become a societal norm to live in debt What does financial independence mean exactly? Having a positive mindset and living a more intentional life How does the Financial Independence movement differ from Dave Ramsey’s message that has helped so many people get out of debt and start building wealth? How to maximize your income and savings to not be a slave to your job Where people are commonly overly spending Many saving hacks and tips for reducing spending Bigger steps to reach Financial Independence quicker Practical tips for investing and where to put your savings Breaking down the stock market so it’s easy to understand and not intimidating WHERE TO FIND BRAD Website  Instagram Podcast  WHERE TO FIND ME My birth course My ebooks Instagram Watch the podcast
Comments (3)

James Ansell

Ellen Fisher has a record of spreading misinformation on vaccines so is a poor judge of Dr Malone's claims. When I heard about Dr. Malone's career I was initially hopeful that she was going to talk to someone who challenges her views. Instead it appears she's cherry picked the one expert who agrees with her. Yes Dr. Malone is credentialed in the correct field to talk about this topic however there are many other scientists just as qualified who have come to the opposite conclusion. It's a great thing that we have many scientists in many fields of research. Unfortunately this also raises the odds that a small percentage will come to inaccurate conclusions and some may find a media career talking to the public about their unsubstantiated views. I find it telling that Dr. Malone has started speaking at anti-vaccine rallies and doing podcasts with people like Ellen Fisher and Joe Rogan who have a reputation for previously spreading misinformation. If I wanted my unorthodox scientific views

Feb 1st

Jordan Nicole

My favorite question was about pushing your religious beliefs on your children and I couldn't agree more. I really hoped she might go into how this might relate with veganism. My children have been vegan their entire lives but my parents are often giving me a hard time for telling my child something like "that has animal products in it so we don't buy it, if you'd like we can find a vegan option or make a vegan version at home." They say I'm forcing veganism on my children, would love to know your thoughts, Ellen, or Dr. Shefali's thoughts.

Jan 12th

Lori Daly

Awesome conversation. It was always about the mass vaccination program. Everything is Covid now. A teen going to the hospital with adominal pain and fever. Tested positive for covid and sent home. goes back the next day and turns out his appendix burst, but he was misdiagnosed. Crimes against humanity!

Oct 15th