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In the 25 years of covering golf, the development of the game, courses and the camaraderie that’s core to the culture, it was time for Matt to share some of the best stories he has heard around fire pits all over the world. From PGA Tour players, caddies, architects, avid amateurs and buddies-trip planners, Matt has forged relationships with some of the most colorful and influential people in the game. So grab a drink, a seat and settle in. We’re getting to the essence of one story per podcast. A narrative so deep and meaningful, you save it for a post-round fire pit, which is where no one is in a hurry for the night to end.
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In this Fire Drill podcast, Matt Ginella and Alan Shipnuck go deep on the complicated negotiations around the framework agreement, drawing on Alan’s new reporting. They also introduce Bonfires, events that will provide access, camaraderie, competition and quality experiences at some of the best courses and resorts in the world.🔥See for privacy information.
Wait, there's more?! In Part 9 of the Fire Pit series on L.A.B. Golf, Matt Ginella gets final reflections from all protagonists on Lucas Glover's accomplishments, the putter, the technology and the business. Lots more on Brett Rumford's "let go of control to take control" and how it relates to overcoming the fears in golf and life. Plus, Kelly Slater on his win at Pipeline, 100-foot waves in Ireland and Jason Kuhn, the former Navy Seal sniper on: "Train like you fight." Thanks for listening. 🔥See for privacy information.
In part 8 of this Fire Pit Podcast series on the rise and relevancy of L.A.B. Golf, Matt Ginella takes you through the second of Lucas Glover’s back-to-back wins on the PGA Tour. And then he gets Glover’s thoughts on being passed up for the 2023 Ryder Cup, the business impact of the two wins, as well as reflections from several of the series protagonists on the stories within the series, including hope, inspiration, overcoming the yips and the American dream. In addition to Glover, you’ll hear more from Adam Scott, Kelly Slater, Brett Rumford, Mac Barnhardt, Michael Sims, Stuart Smith, Adam Beach, Sam Hahn, Liam Bedford and Bill Presse. See for privacy information.
In part 7 of this Fire Pit Podcast series on L.A.B. Golf, it’s almost all Lucas Glover. When and where a new putter intersects with his battle with the yips, reflections on his life, career, more from the Navy Seal, bold predictions from his inner-circle, and ultimately a recap of his win at the 2023 Wyndham Championship.See for privacy information.
In Part 6 of the Fire Pit Podcast series on L.A.B. Golf, we’re getting to Lucas Glover, the highs and lows of professional golf, why friends and good management matters, and we talk to a Navy Seal about overcoming the yips. Thanks for following along. See for privacy information.
In Part 5 of this Fire Pit Podcast series on how and why L.A.B. Golf's technology and their putters are gaining in prominence and popularity, you'll hear from Brett Rumford, an Australian short-game guru. Rumford explains "giving up control to gain control," sheds light on the technology and why it's "cutting edge," he shares details of his relationship with Adam Scott, the bumps he overcame with Sam Hahn and the engineering team of the company, and he articulates his frustrations with pros who sign a putter contract: “Free up your contract and free up your putting and you just fill up all of your heart’s desires.” See for privacy information.
In Part 4 of this Fire Pit Podcast series on L.A.B. Golf’s rise to putter prominence, we hear how Kelly Slater impacted Adam Scott’s decision to make it his gamer and why Scott called Sam Hahn to tell him he could win the Masters with it. You’ll also hear from Adam Beach of My Golf Spy as to why the technology is passing his company’s sniff tests. See for privacy information.
In part 3 of this Fire Pit Podcast series on the rise and relevancy of L.A.B. Golf, the putters being used by the likes of Lucas Glover, Adam Scott, Ben An, Will Zalatoris, Camilo Villegas and more, you hear about some of the lean years, the struggles of branding, marketing, and how Sam Hahn went about getting it into the hands of Tour players. From Kelly Slater, Tim Wilkinson, Jeff Sluman and Vaughn Taylor, the proof was in the results. “His posture is getting taller and everything is looking better,” says Hahn about Taylor. “He has got hope.”See for privacy information.
In Part 2 of this Fire Pit Podcast series on L.A.B. Golf, you get the story of Bill Presse, the inventor, as he goes from developing the "magic dust" of lie, angle and balance in his garage, sleeping in and selling putters out of his car to ultimately selling a "lion's share" of the company to the Hahn family. In addition to Presse, you'll hear from Sam Hahn, Matt Holm and Stuart Smith on how and why Presse's "genius" defied doubters, critics and Internet trolls. See for privacy information.
L.A.B. Golf builds and sells putters that don’t look like most conventional putters. They’re big, some might say they’re ugly, unwieldy. But they’re effective, they’re resurrecting morale, careers and a love of putting. In this Fire Pit podcast series, Matt Ginella conducts over 20 interviews and pieces together the story of Bill Presse, the inventor, Sam Hahn, the CEO, and several other L.A.B. Golf employees who have witnessed the rise from Presse tinkering in a garage and selling his theories out of the trunk of his car in 2012 to Lucas Glover winning back-to-back PGA Tour events in 2023. Ginella talks to Vaughn Taylor, Kelly Slater, Adam Scott, Glover and so many more as he gets to the essence of the technology, design, brand and an American dream. In Part 1, you’ll meet Hahn, Presse, Bob Duncan and you’ll hear about how and why Hahn pushed all in and bought a “lion’s share” of the company.See for privacy information.
In this throwback podcast on the history of Bandon Dunes, part 2 picks up on May 1st, 1999 on the eve of Bandon Dunes opening for business. I’m not even sure Mike Keiser could’ve dreamed something as big as what Bandon has become. We hear from Bandon's original caddy master, Shoe, and the local barber, Mick Peters, who has hit the first tee shot on every course at Bandon, as well as reflections from Mike Keiser, David Kidd, Josh Lesnik, Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw as we also celebrate the opening of the Sheep Ranch, their third course on property.See for privacy information.
In this throwback podcast you’ll hear part 1 of the building of Bandon Dunes, as told by Mike Keiser, the owner, David McLay Kidd and his father, Jimmy, the architects, and Josh Lesnik and his father, Steve, who won the bid to manage it. Bandon Dunes, the original course at what is now the best pure golf destination in America, and arguably the world, was an outlier that opened in 1999. Like Sand Hills in Mullen, Nebraska, which opened in 1995, to build a golf course in a remote location using a minimalist architect or architects was anything but what was being built in America in the 90s.See for privacy information.
Part 1 of this throwback podcast leaves off in 1985, when Ben Crenshaw convinces Bill Coore to partner up. In part 2, we get them through some lean years, making a name for themselves in Maui, and tell the story of striking pay dirt and pink flags in the sand hills of Nebraska.See for privacy information.
Part 1 of this throwback Fire Pit Podcast includes the people, places and things that had an influence on what Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw have become as architects, how and when they met, who was involved and why it works.See for privacy information.
In this Fire Drill podcast, Alan Shipnuck and Matt Ginella welcome the team behind the renovation of the Golden Gate Park Golf Course: Dan Burke, CEO of First Tee of San Francisco; Jay Blasi, the golf course architect; and Josh Lewis, project manager and agronomy guru. Burke, Blasi and Lewis reflect on the before, during and after of the resurrection and what this revitalized city asset will mean to the community.See for privacy information.
In part 2 of this spirited rollback debate, Matt Ginella and Alan Shipnuck are joined by world renowned golf course architect Mike Clayton to continue their discussion on the recent decision to modify the golf ball.  See for privacy information.
In this extremely spirited Fire Drill, Matt Ginella is joined by Alan Shipnuck and Micheal Bamberger as the three lay out their opinions of the recently announced golf ball rollback. See for privacy information.
In this Fire Drill podcast, Matt Ginella and Alan Shipnuck provide lively updates on two ongoing FPC docuseries, one at Golden Gate Park GC and the other at Pasatiempo. They also have some fresh reporting on Shorty’s, the new par-3 course that is taking shape at Bandon Dunes.See for privacy information.
Upon hearing about his competition in this year’s Wishbone Brawl at Goat Hill Park in Oceanside, Calif., in which Xander Schauffele (No. 6 in the world) and Chris Riley (PGA Tour winner and former Ryder Cupper) will be taking on Geoff Ogilvy (U.S. Open winner) and Colin Featherstone (Korn Ferry Tour player and local legend), as well as Jasmine and Janae Leovao, 19-year-old twins who are sophomores at Long Beach State where they’re coming off back-to-back team wins in the Big West Conference, and who grew up playing Goat Hill Park,  Schauffele couldn’t help but acknowledge what most people are thinking: “When I said we were slight underdogs, I was talking about the field.” In part 2 of our Fire Pit podcast series previewing Wishbone Brawl VI, Schauffele shares his thoughts about how and why this event means so much to him, John Ashworth’s effective leadership, the evolution of the course’s condition, the magic in that land, the smiles on the kid’s faces and why Goat Hill Park, a 4,500-yard, par-65 municipal course is so conducive to this type of event in which women won’t just play with the men, they’ll play against them. For updates throughout the day and during the Wishbone Brawl, be sure to follow Fire Pit Collective’s social channels, Goat Hill Park and Linksoul.See for privacy information.
In this year’s Wishbone Brawl at Goat Hill Park in Oceanside, Calif., women won’t just play with the men, they’ll play against them. This Saturday, Nov. 11, at a 4,500-yard municipal golf course where the motto is “World Class for Working Class,” what has become one of the greatest events in golf will open the gates at 9:30 AM, there will be a range clinic at 11 AM and the tournament tips at Noon. Tickets are $50 for adults, kids are free and dogs are welcome. There will be food, drinks and parking is somewhat limited, so carpooling or Ubering is encouraged. All proceeds will benefit North County Junior Golf Association and Goat Hill Park’s Junior Caddie and Leadership Academy. This year’s Brawl will consist of bona fide professionals and elite amateurs, they’ll dust off persimmon woods, pick up junior caddies, and they’ll play in front of roughly 1,000 adults, 300 kids and 100 dogs. “It’s kind of a homemade backyard hang-out scene,” says John Ashworth, caretaker of Goat Hill Park. “Winning and losing doesn’t really matter, it’s just about having a blast, getting the whole community together and doing something special for the kids.” It’s Xander Schauffele, who has seven PGA Tour wins, an Olympic Gold Medal and is currently No. 6 in the world, teaming up with Chris Riley, who won a PGA Tour event and partnered with Tiger Woods in the 2004 Ryder Cup. They’re playing against Geoff Ogilvy, who won the 2006 U.S. Open, and Colin Featherstone, a local and current Korn Ferry Tour player. And then there’s Jasmine and Janae Leovao, 19-year-old twins who grew up at Goat Hill Park and are now sophomores at Long Beach State where they recently helped the 49ers win back-to-back tournaments. “I think the twins could win the whole damn thing,” says Peter Beames, who once played on the European Tour and has written books on golf instruction. “They’re that good and they’re not afraid.” For a deeper dive on this year’s Wishbone Brawl, we’ve prepared a Fire Pit Podcast in which you’ll hear from Ashworth, Beames, Featherstone, the Leovao twins and more.See for privacy information.
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