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Welcome to The Founder Podcast, where we explore the journeys of some of the most successful and inspiring entrepreneurs from around the world. I'm your host, Chris Lee.
Throughout my career, I've founded multiple nine-figure companies and learned a thing or two about what it takes to succeed in the world of business. Now, I want to share those lessons with you by bringing on guests who have their own incredible stories to tell. I'm on a mission to find the most unique and entertaining individuals that have done it the right way.
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Join host Chris Lee on another exciting episode of The Founder Podcast, where he sits down with the renowned Dr. Chau Ong, a real estate guru with a unique approach to achieving financial freedom. Dr. Chau, formerly a pharmacist turned entrepreneur, has made a mark in the world of real estate by teaching thousands of individuals how to scale to a multiple six-figure income without massive upfront investments. In this episode, Dr. Chau shares his journey from immigrant beginnings, sleeping on a single mattress in a challenging neighborhood, to becoming a successful entrepreneur. With an MBA and a background in pharmacy, Dr. Chau decided to break free from the corporate grind and dive into the world of entrepreneurship. He reveals how he built an impressive Airbnb portfolio, garnering attention from industry giants like Tony Robbins and Grant Cardone. Chris, a seasoned real estate investor himself, explores the practicalities of Dr. Chau's methods and challenges him on the accessibility of such strategies for individuals with limited resources. Dr. Chau shares insights on mindset transformation and resourcefulness, emphasizing that anyone can overcome financial constraints with the right mindset and connections. Listeners get a glimpse into Dr. Chau's Financial Freedom Formula, where he breaks down the steps to achieving financial freedom through his unique approach. The conversation takes a turn towards mindset and personal development, with Dr. Chau revealing his commitment to continuous learning from industry elites like Tony Robbins and Richard Branson. Tune in to this episode of The Founder Podcast for an inspiring conversation that goes beyond real estate strategies, offering valuable insights into mindset, resourcefulness, and the pursuit of financial freedom. Learn how Dr. Chau's unconventional approach can empower everyday individuals to break free from the rat race and live life on their terms. Highlights: "It's not about me. It's about you. It's about leaving a legacy and helping people achieve their legacy." "Cash flow is king, cash flow is freedom." "The question to ask in business is not what kind of business do and the question to ask is, who is the ideal clients I want to serve?" Timestamps: 00:00: Introduction Dr. Chau BnB  01:34: Financial Freedom 07:35: Real Estate Investing 12:33: Overcoming Financial Obstacles 17:43: Personal Development 22:54: Investing in Yourself 27:39: Spirituality & Growth Live Links: Live Links: 🚀 Join my community - Founder Acceleration 🤯 Apply for our next Mastermind ⛳️ Golf with Chris 🎤 Watch my latest Podcast Apple - Spotify - YouTube -
In this vibrant episode of the Founder Podcast, we dive into the enthralling world of hiring all-stars! Get ready to discover how to attract top-tier talent to your organization and build a winning team. We kick off by exploring a fundamental truth: the essence of successful recruiting is salesmanship. If your sales game needs a boost, now's the time to level up! Read that book, tune into a sales podcast, or seek training from the world's leading sales experts. Then, we explore the topic of unraveling personalities using the DISC assessment. Don't miss this chance to gain invaluable insights into assembling a dream team for your business! Highlights: "You have to master the skill of influence. If you can't, you need to have a partner or somebody in your organization who can." "You don't have to be that personality to be a successful entrepreneur, you just have to balance yourself out." "If you are unwilling to stand up against me, I just believe that your opinion isn't that strong. And so I give people permission to fight against me, to conflict against me." Timestamps: (0:00) DISC Assessments in Hiring (3:56) Business Personality Types (7:04) Applying Personality Types (11:08) Personality Strengths/Weaknesses (14:29) Talent Recruitment Strategies Live Links: For more information: & 🚀 Join my community - Founder Acceleration 🤯 Apply for our next Mastermind ⛳️ Golf with Chris 🎤 Watch my latest Podcast Apple - Spotify - YouTube -
Get ready for a thrilling ride in this episode of the Founder Podcast, featuring the charismatic Jayson Waller, founder of Power Home Solar, known as Pink Energy. Jayson's entrepreneurial journey is a captivating tale of scaling a business to billion-dollar heights and facing sudden, steep challenges. In this candid conversation, he shares the rollercoaster of emotions and decisions involved in leading a high-stakes business. This episode is a treasure trove of raw, honest insights, delving into the complexities of entrepreneurship, the impact of public perception, and the resilience required to navigate through tough times. It's a must-listen for anyone intrigued by the real stories behind business headlines – whether you're just starting out or have been in the game for years. So, tune in as we explore Jayson's remarkable story, filled with valuable lessons, humor, and genuine reflections. His openness and hard-earned wisdom are not only inspiring but also a reminder of the relentless spirit of entrepreneurship. Let's embark on this journey of learning, inspiration, and a bit of laughter with Jayson Waller! Highlights: “I have an 80 20 rule... The bottom 20% are on a pit plan. If they can't get off the pit plan next month, they're fired.” “Somebody else's opinion of you says more about them than it does about you.” “It's okay to have your name on a business, but then you outgrow that.” Timestamps: 0:00 - Building a billion-dollar business and its downfall. 2:50 - Company closure and product liability. 5:38 - Dealing with negative publicity and death threats. 8:31 - Building a successful company and dealing with criticism. 11:35 - Business struggles and recovery after losing $400 million. 14:24 - Business regrets and net worth reset. 18:03 - Entrepreneurship, reality TV, and personal life. 25:07 - The human side of reality TV and dealing with criticism. 29:11 - Overcoming haters and finding success. 32:27 - Entrepreneurship, business, and impact. 36:16 - Business name changes and marketing strategies. 40:16 - Overcoming failure and starting a comeback story. 43:26 - Aliens, mentors, and business success. Live Links: 🚀 Join my community - Founder Acceleration 🤯 Apply for our next Mastermind ⛳️ Golf with Chris 🎤 Watch my latest Podcast Apple - Spotify - YouTube -
On this weeks enlightening episode of The Founder Podcast, I join the ConsistencyWins Podcast. Listeners gain a deeper understanding of diminishing consumerism in business. I share invaluable insights, emphasizing the importance of cultivating a business that not only thrives sustainably but remains consistently productive. A must-listen for those aspiring to build a resilient business model immune to the shifts of consumer trends. The conversation delves into the genesis of Solgen, my revolutionary vertically integrated solar company. We discuss the challenges we  encountered in navigating the heavily regulated solar sector, underscoring the pivotal roles of a robust team and effective standard operating procedures in overcoming hurdles. This episode transcends a mere interview; it serves as a masterclass in business and sustainability. Don't miss the opportunity to glean wisdom from my time on the ConsistencyWins Podcast. Highlights: “I utilize the law of management, which says no one person can manage more than five to eight people.” “Once it becomes impossible to grow, then now it's time to hire and time to delegate.” “So important in running a business that you have to own the truth and be willing to work with what is true.” Timestamps: 00:00: Introduction on ConsistencyWins Podcast    02:58: Overcoming Limited Beliefs  08:57: Importance Of Culture  14:45: Risk Taking  17:09: Entrepreneurship 28:08: Prioritizing Focus  35:47: DISC Assessment  40:41: 5-Year Growth Chart  50:59: Business Growth    Live Links: 🚀 Join my community - Founder Acceleration 🤯 Apply for our next Mastermind ⛳️ Golf with Chris 🎤 Watch my latest Podcast Apple - Spotify - YouTube -
Join us for an enlightening episode of The Founder podcast, featuring Casey Adams, a 23-year-old entrepreneur who started his podcasting journey at the age of 17. Casey's story is a true testament to the power of ambition and hard work. In our conversation, Casey explores his entrepreneurial endeavors, offering precious insights and advice for those dreaming of a similar path. He emphasizes the importance of effective listening, asking meaningful questions, and the invaluable impact of mentors in navigating the business world. Get an inside look into Casey's latest project, Listener FM, a groundbreaking platform designed to transform the podcasting landscape, making it more accessible and user-friendly than ever before. Discover how Casey's forward-thinking and innovative approach is shaping the future of digital media. Beyond business, Casey shares his personal experiences, revealing the challenges of balancing a professional career with personal life and how he maintains motivation in the face of adversity. His passion and determination are palpable throughout our discussion, offering a dose of inspiration for every listener. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or an avid business enthusiast, Casey's insights and experiences are sure to ignite your passion and broaden your perspective. Tune in and be inspired! Highlights:  "I've never learned anything while I was talking."  "The thing that we could all do, is just bring on interesting people and ask unique questions coming from different walks of life, having different perspectives." "The biggest thing that I've learned is that you have to be willing to take the first step."  Timestamps:  00:29 - Casey's podcasting start and audience growth. 06:00 - Startup challenges and staying driven. 09:00 - Listener FM's inspiration and goals. 15:00 - Maintaining podcast consistency and guest relations. 22:54 - Casey's approach to new projects. 24:00 - Importance of market and content strategies Live Links: 🚀 Join my community - Founder Acceleration 🤯 Apply for our next Mastermind ⛳️ Golf with Chris 🎤 Watch my latest Podcast Apple - Spotify - YouTube -
Welcome to another episode of the Founder Podcast! Today, Chris Lee, explores the topic of finances. Operating a business often starts with a cash-based approach, especially during the early stages. Chris reflects on his experience running Founder Acceleration, a group of 50 entrepreneurs, and emphasizes the critical role of understanding the basic financials for scaling your business. As Chris shares insights gained from scaling a business from zero to $233 million annually, he highlights the importance of CEOs and founders having a solid grasp of financial principles. While hiring professionals like controllers, CFOs, or accountants is valuable, Chris asserts that CEOs must possess fundamental financial knowledge to guide decision-making and drive profitability. If you're looking to enhance your understanding of financial aspects crucial for business growth, this episode provides valuable insights. Tune in and take the first step toward becoming a more informed and strategic founder! Don't forget to check out Founder Acceleration, where entrepreneurs gather weekly to discuss and learn from each other's experiences. Visit to apply and join this dynamic community of business leaders. Highlights: "Understanding the basic financials of your business is absolutely imperative to really be able to go and scale." "You can hire a controller, you can hire a CFO, you can have a great accountant. But as the CEO, as the founder of your organization, it's imperative that you have a grasp on the basic knowledge." "Your gross profit margin percentage should not vary tremendously, it should be within one to two points if you have a really tight dialed-in direct labor cost of goods sold, managing your inventory and those types of things." Timestamps: 00:00: Introduction 02:21: Product Cost & Profitability 03:59: Revenue & Gross Profit 06:34: Acquisition Cost 08:19: Cost Management Live Links: 🚀 Join my community - Founder Acceleration 🤯 Apply for our next Mastermind ⛳️ Golf with Chris 🎤 Watch my latest Podcast Apple - Spotify - YouTube -
Welcome to another episode of the Founder Podcast with host Chris Lee. In this inspiring episode, Chris sits down with Pilar Deza, a trailblazing serial entrepreneur from Peru. Pilar's journey is nothing short of extraordinary as she defied societal norms and government restrictions to pursue her passion for education. The episode starts with Pilar recounting the challenges she faced when the government forbade teaching English in Peru. She shares her powerful mantra of not obeying the rules and how she navigated through obstacles. Pilar reflects on growing up in Peru and her decision to start a preschool, defying societal expectations. She shares the challenges and triumphs of building a foundation that would eventually impact thousands of lives. Listeners gain insights into Pilar's commitment to social leadership and education. As the president of the Harvard Club of Peru, she discusses her experiences at Harvard's OPM program and her dedication to giving back to her community. Tune in to this captivating episode of the Founder Podcast to witness the incredible journey of Pilar Deza and discover the transformative power of purpose-driven entrepreneurship. Highlights:  "I love problems. I love problems. And that is one of the things that we let the kids learn here. No, because you know, the problems are full of opportunities, to better strategies to be a problem solver." "I believe that God loves me. And that it is very, very important that you feel sure yourself. And then you are all the time in a learning you are a continuous learner, continuous learner." "If you don't engage, if you're not passionate, you have to be passionate and enthusiastic and to vibrate for what you do." Timestamps: 00:00: Entrepreneurship 04:39: Social Leadership 11:19: Perseverance 17:24: Education 23:07: Daily Routines 29:43: Resilience  Live Links:  🚀 Join my community - Founder Acceleration 🤯 Apply for our next Mastermind ⛳️ Golf with Chris 🎤 Watch my latest Podcast Apple - Spotify - YouTube -
In this episode of The Founder Podcast, I join host Nikhil Sai on The Nikhil Sai Show. Join us as we explore my journey from growing up in a small town to becoming a millionaire and launching various businesses. Discover how I navigated failures, bankruptcy, and ultimately built Solgen into one of America's fastest-growing companies. Learn the secrets behind leadership, team building, and an innovative approach to digital door knocking. I share insights on culture, operations, and the mindset that fueled Solgen's success, attracting top talent and achieving a multi-million-dollar exit. Don't miss this inspiring conversation all about turning challenges into opportunities! Highlights:  "I was always looking for ways to change the world. Initially, I thought it was by being a doctor. And so I went and set up my roadmap in order to become a doctor." "Work is something that I've never been afraid of. And I've always enjoyed doing." "I saw an advertisement that said, 'Get paid a minimum of $13 an hour,' and I was like, minimum, what does that mean?" Timestamps: 00:00: Introduction 02:24: Work Ethic 06:12: Business Failures 13:02: Scaling Solar Company  15:22: Long-Term Cash Flow 18:00: Leadership  25:36: Hiring  29:19: Retaining High Level Talent 36:21: Culture 39:48: Scaling Growth 43:19: Selling 48:57: Acquisition 52:16: SOP's  58:30: Financial Planning   1:01:36: Priorities  1:12:41: Personal Growth  Live Links:  🚀 Join my community - Founder Acceleration 🤯 Apply for our next Mastermind ⛳️ Golf with Chris 🎤 Watch my latest Podcast Apple - Spotify - YouTube -
What happens when your sense of identity is intertwined with your company to the point where stepping down feels like losing a part of yourself? That's the journey I embarked on after my nine-figure exit. This week, I sat down with Sean Kelly on "Digital Social Hour" to share the personal struggles I faced in the aftermath of stepping down. I had to rediscover my purpose and learn to appreciate the beauty and balance in life. Understanding the significance of masterminds, mentors, and the right circle of influence can be a game-changer. I give a peek behind the scenes of my journey, from attending masterminds that altered my life to building a team and facing the challenges of relinquishing power. Through a personal, life-threatening incident, I want to remind you of the power of appreciating the simple moments in life and the significance of cultivating gratitude. Join us on this enlightening journey that challenges us to reevaluate our definitions of success. Highlights: “And I think that's what people really want. They want authenticity, they want somebody that's done it.” "I think the biggest thing that I've learned is that you have to be willing to take risks.” "Nothing bugs me more than some self-help guru that is like 22 years old and never done it. Timestamps: (0:00:00) - Founder's Journey (0:01:47) - Transition From CEO to Chairman (0:07:50) - Harvard's Elite Owner-President Management Program (0:13:23) - Masterminds and Building a Team  (0:22:57) - The Power of Resilience and Gratitude (0:27:24) - Overcoming Comparison on Social Media  (0:31:45) - Gratefulness and Reflection on Life's Challenges Live Links:  Join my community - Founder Acceleration Apply for our next Mastermind Golf with Chris Watch my latest Podcast Apple - Spotify - YouTube -
This episode of The Founder Podcast offers an exclusive peek into what we've been building since my transition from CEO to Chairman and the launch of this podcast. Discover how my team and I are embarking on challenges that push us out of our comfort zones and how we're using these experiences to fuel our productivity. Listen in as I share my journey through a 130-day challenge of no sugar, no white flour, and no fried foods, and learn how accountability has played a key role in keeping me committed. I am excited to introduce you to our Founder Acceleration community, a vibrant group of like-minded entrepreneurs meeting thrice a month to analyze businesses, participate in Q&A sessions, and support each other. We also dive into the Founder Project, where we're partnering with businesses, investing in real estate, and making strategic moves to secure our futures. Find out how you can be a part of this thriving community and gain access to our wealth of knowledge and experience. Plus, get a heads up on my upcoming book, The Founders Core. So, tune in, follow, and share with your friends and family. This is not just a business structure we're building; it's a lifestyle! HIGHLIGHTS "Fear of loss is much greater than motivation to gain." "Life isn't just about the money; doing awesome things with awesome people is what truly matters." "I think that the world lacks incredible entrepreneurs... I want to make business education accessible to everybody." TIMESTAMPS 00:03 - Building a Nine Figure Business 01:05 - Challenge Accountability and Motivation 06:06 - Passionate About Educating and Sharing Knowledge 08:03 - The Founder Project and Community 🚀 Join my community - Founder Acceleration 🤯 Apply for our next Mastermind ⛳️ Golf with Chris 🎤 Watch my latest Podcast Apple - Spotify - YouTube -
Welcome to the special Halloween episode of the founder Podcast! Today, we have a unique guest on our show, Mr. Jay Wasley, a driving force behind the hit show, Ghost Adventures. This episode takes a different turn as we delve into the world of the paranormal.  Ghost Adventures, a reality TV show where the paranormal comes to life. Jay has been part of this show for over a decade, visiting haunted locations across the globe, including Dracula's castle, the catacombs of Paris, and much more.  With over 300 episodes and multiple spin-off series, Ghost Adventures continues to captivate audiences, offering a unique perspective on the afterlife. Jay shares his wildest experiences, including getting dragged by an unseen force in an old saloon basement, and witnessing objects moving on their own. What makes these encounters even more captivating is Jay’s belief that these occurrences are manifestations of energy left behind, often triggered by human emotions and actions.  Could there be a connection between the energy we put out and the spirits we encounter? We explore the intriguing link between energy, spirits, and our own success in life. Join us in this hair-raising and thought-provoking episode as we venture into the world of Ghost Adventures and uncover the mysteries that surround us. You won't want to miss this spine tingling episode!  HIGHLIGHTS “My personal theory is that we're all made up of energy, right. And suppose the energy doesn't go away. So like, imagine you walk up and down the same hallway every day of your life, and then your body dies, it makes sense that a little bit of your energy might still linger and just kind of linger and move up and down that hallway.” "I think there's something that like watches out for us, there is something that like, kind of keeps things together in a way."  "It's a fascinating perspective that can extend beyond the realm of the supernatural and into our personal and professional lives." TIMESTAMPS 00:00: Introduction 02:19: Illegally entering the Paris catacombs 05:53: Energy & Spirits  12:57: Paranormal Experiences 17:11: Demonic Possession 20:23: Spiritual Energy 27:09: Exorcisms  30:54: Personal Experiences 38:06: Beliefs  41:37: Ouija Boards 47:45: Investigations 🚀 Join my community - Founder Acceleration 🤯 Apply for our next Mastermind ⛳️ Golf with Chris 🎤 Watch my latest Podcast Apple - Spotify - YouTube -
Get ready for a mind-expanding conversation with self-made billionaire and tech empire builder, Naveen Jain. This episode is a goldmine of ideas! Learn all about the power of asking the right questions, and the potential of new technologies to improve human health. We pull back the curtain on Mr. Jain's company, Viome, revealing its mission to understand and tackle the onset of chronic diseases. You'll get a front-row seat as we explore how asking "Why this? Why now? Why me?" before launching any venture can lead to success and profits. We'll also talk about Naveen's unique perspective on work-life balance, and the importance of integrating the two, rather than trying to balance them.Mr. Jain concludes the episode with a few gems on self-love, finding purpose, and the power of cross-subject learning.  Don't miss this opportunity to hear directly from one of the most successful tech entrepreneurs of our time. So, tune in for this episode brimming with valuable insights and lessons that are bound to inspire and propel your journey ahead. HIGHLIGHTS "Making money is a byproduct of doing things that improve people's lives." "Every culture has these stories around this that things that look bad turn out to be really, really good." "So it's for every day when you wake up, ask yourself what can I do today that will improve other people's lives? And if you keep doing it, one day you will find you created a massive empire." TIMESTAMPS 00:00: Introduction08:36: The Power of Asking Why14:16: Exponential Technology and the Microbiome25:39: Personalized Supplements for Improved Health29:42: Lessons and Perspectives as a Founder35:32: Embracing Self-Love and Finding Purpose40:56: Finding Balance Between Work and Life55:15: The Power of Cross-Subject Learning 🚀 Join my community - Founder Acceleration 🤯 Apply for our next Mastermind ⛳️ Golf with Chris 🎤 Watch my latest Podcast Apple - Spotify - YouTube -
Ever wonder what it takes to build a successful business from scratch, manage a large family, and still find time to pursue big dreams? Join us on a massive episode, with the founder of LightSpeed VT, Mr. Brad Lea! He opens up about his entrepreneurial journey from selling candy bars as a child to creating a thriving training platform. Hear how he leveraged the 'Rule of Seven' along with influencer marketing to expand his business empire. But that's not all, we delve into his near-death experience, and how it shifted his perspectives on gratitude and motivation. In our candid conversation, Brad isn't shy to discuss his family life, juggling a brood of seven children, and his learning curve as a family man. It's a genuine exploration of work-life integration rather than balance.  As we venture further, he offers insights into his biggest regrets, the importance of being present in family life, and the life-altering books he reads to fuel his ambition. From starting his own training company to now aspiring to become a billionaire, he shares his relentless journey and the power of thinking big. Listen in as he recounts experiences where he embraced risks and how it contributed to his success. Throughout this enlightening episode, Brad’s authenticity, resilience, and unwavering determination offer invaluable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and established business owners alike. It's a compelling episode that'll provoke thought, inspire action, and fuel your entrepreneurial spirit! Highlights "What turned me into an entrepreneur was I helped somebody make some money and change their life. I watched a family go from minimum wage, broke, struggling, no confidence, to making money and confident." "I think everybody makes [the mistake of not thinking big enough] at a level. There’s always bigger, there's levels." "If you can sell, that’s great, but in reality, it's marketing that's more important. If you take an average salesperson and give them more opportunities through marketing, they will outperform a top-notch salesperson with fewer opportunities." Timestamps: (0:00:00) - Entrepreneurship, Gratitude, and Motivation (0:11:29) - Starting a Business With the Rule of Seven (0:19:58) - Successful Training Platform With Collaboration (0:24:20) - Journey of Fitness, Family, and Business (0:28:21) - Regrets and Thinking Big (0:33:58) - Thinking Big, Marketing Power (0:45:24) - Overcoming Fear of Failure and Opinions 🚀 Join my community - Founder Acceleration 🤯 Apply for our next Mastermind ⛳️ Golf with Chris 🎤 Watch my latest Podcast Apple - Spotify - YouTube -
Get ready to unlock the secrets of entrepreneurial success! Today we revisit my exclusive Founder Mastermind Event. I invited the world's finest entrepreneurs to my home, to learn all about the fundamental pillars of successful entrepreneurship. From building a culture of trust and teamwork to the role of mindfulness and fitness in fostering success, this episode is packed with insights and experiences to inspire and guide you in your entrepreneurial journey. To top it all off, we'll share the exhilarating experiences of cold plunges, IVs, and even tactical shooting! So, gear up for an episode loaded with lessons, fun, and tools to supercharge your entrepreneurial journey. HIGHLIGHTS "The number one dysfunction of a team is lack of trust, when trust is just not there." "A lot of us, as entrepreneurs, as founders, we don't feel worthy of what we're accomplishing and we just feel like we're an imposter." "This is imperative. You need to help management see that it is imperative, that communication exists across all channels, but decision making and accountability only exists in the accountability chart. TIMESTAMPS 00:00: Introduction 02:11: Building Trust  03:56: The Power Of Meditation 06:21: Importance Of Fitness 08:34: DISC Assessment 12:37: Accountability and Communication  16:59: Building an Effective Accountability Chart 21:54: Affordable Membership  🚀 Join my community - Founder Acceleration 🤯 Apply for our next Mastermind ⛳️ Golf with Chris 🎤 Watch my latest Podcast Apple - Spotify - YouTube -
In this engaging interview, Mr. Alex Morton, a successful serial entrepreneur, joins Chris Lee to share insights into his journey from a humble dorm room to becoming a multimillionaire at just 33 years old.  Throughout the conversation, Alex discusses the core principles that underpin his success, with a strong emphasis on the value of hard work, dedication, and a relentless work ethic. He reflects on the misconceptions surrounding success in today's society, where external factors like family background, skin color, or educational institutions are often overemphasized.  Instead, Alex highlights the significance of hustle and grind, coupled with the ability to adapt and leverage technology, as essential components of his own journey to success. The discussion delves into the shifting seasons of Alex's career, from early financial struggles to helping others achieve financial independence. He explains how his work ethic remains a constant, but over time, it has evolved to include smarter approaches and technology-driven methods.  This interview provides valuable insights into the mindset, work ethic, and personal growth of an entrepreneur who has transcended adversity to find success and purpose. HIGHLIGHTS  "Work ethic is still one of the biggest components of my success." "If you see another human being doing something I firmly and fully believe you can do." "I'm here for a reason. I was created for a purpose." TIMESTAMPS 00:00: Introduction 02:08: Technology & Business Growth 08:13: Success Mindset 11:25: Overcoming Setbacks 18:47: Faith, Purpose & Fulfillment 28:33: The Power Of Visualization 36:10: Routines For Success 38:59: Personal Growth & Legacy 44:43: Side Hustles 47:15: Opportunities  🚀 Join my community - Founder Acceleration 🤯 Apply for our next Mastermind ⛳️ Golf with Chris 🎤 Watch my latest Podcast Apple - Spotify - YouTube -
In this captivating episode, we sit down with Ryan Pineda, a former professional baseball player turned real estate mogul and serial entrepreneur. Ryan's journey is a rollercoaster of entrepreneurship, resilience, and unyielding support from his family.  From his early days flipping furniture to scaling his real estate business, Ryan's story is filled with unexpected twists and valuable lessons. He shares insights into his transition from sports to real estate, the pivotal moments that changed the game for him, and the remarkable role his wife played in his success. Ryan's genuine character and unwavering determination have not only inspired millions but also propelled him to the pinnacle of the real estate industry Tune in to hear how Ryan went from flipping couches to flipping houses! If you're looking for motivation, entrepreneurship wisdom, and the power of unwavering support in your journey, this episode is a must-listen HIGHLIGHTS "Success isn't just about talent; it's about work ethic, it's about the hours you put in." "When I realized I wasn't going to make it to the Major Leagues, I had to find a new dream. "Failure is part of the journey. I've made terrible real estate investments, but I've learned from them." TIMESTAMPS 00:00: Introduction 02:06: Professional Baseball 05:02: Starting From Zero 11:04: Real Estate Flipping 14:43: Social Media Success  21:06: Gender Roles & Homeschooling  24:21: Realtionships 29:13: Parenting Challenges 32:35: Power Of Positivity 39:08: Faith & Core Values 43:08: Regrets 50:19: Personal Growth  🚀 Join my community - Founder Acceleration 🤯 Apply for our next Mastermind ⛳️ Golf with Chris 🎤 Watch my latest Podcast Apple - Spotify - YouTube -
In this episode of The Founder Podcast, host Chris Lee welcomes Mr. Richard Parker. Richard has an impressive track record, having acquired 13 businesses, selling 12 of them, and served as an advisor to countless entrepreneurs. He's also the author of the bestselling book, "How to Buy a Good Business at a Great Price," a topic every entrepreneur wants to explore. Richard shares his entrepreneurial journey, which began at a young age in Montreal. He recounts his early career and the pivotal moment when he decided to start his own business after a financial setback. His passion for acquiring and growing businesses led him to become a successful serial entrepreneur. During the conversation, Richard unveils his five golden rules for acquiring businesses, emphasizing the importance of aligning the business with your skills and preferences. He stresses the need for businesses to be sales and marketing-driven, have high margins, existing demand, competitiveness beyond price, and an element of exclusivity. Listeners will gain a deeper understanding of the intricate art of negotiation and the importance of building rapport and trust with sellers. Richard's wealth of experience and practical advice provide aspiring entrepreneurs and business acquirers with valuable insights into the world of mergers and acquisitions. Tune in to this episode to discover the keys to successfully acquiring businesses, negotiating effectively, and making sound entrepreneurial decisions. Richard Parker's expertise and engaging storytelling make this episode a must-listen for anyone interested in business acquisition and entrepreneurship. HIGHLIGHTS "I've always believed that you want to buy a good business, you don't want to buy a distressed business or garbage business." "The faster you can get the guts of that business in your belly and make all the decisions, the better off you are. You buy a business, you're the new sheriff in town." "As long as you've made the determination that that type of business is the right business to fit with your skill set, you like the business, you remain keenly interested in acquiring it. The conversations that you want to have with the seller are more casual. You want to keep their guard down." TIMESTAMPS 00:00: Introduction 01:45: Entrepreneurship Journey 04:18: Strategic Acquisitions 10:17: Buying & Selling Businesses 13:42: Small Businesses 20:04: SBA Loans 22:22: Negotiating Business Deals 32:31: Networking 38:00: Business & Personal Relationships 40:35: Common Business Acquisition Mistakes 46:36: Overcoming Obstacles 🚀 Join my community - Founder Acceleration 🤯 Apply for our next Mastermind ⛳️ Golf with Chris 🎤 Watch my latest Podcast Apple - Spotify - YouTube -
In this episode, host Chris Lee joins Sean Castrina on the 10 Minute Entrepreneur podcast. Chris shares insights and experiences from his entrepreneurial journey. Chris's path to entrepreneurship began with selling Cutco knives and doing door-to-door sales, where he realized the power of creating value and the importance of selling. Over time, he built two successful businesses that he exited for nine figures each, a remarkable achievement for any entrepreneur. Joining  Together, they discuss the secrets behind Chris's successful exits, emphasizing the significance of building a strong company culture, maintaining clean operations, and assembling an exceptional salesforce. They also touch on the importance of partnership and attracting the right talent to scale a business effectively. As Chris reflects on his entrepreneurial journey, he shares his post-exit plans, including his involvement in consulting and helping other entrepreneurs reach their seven, eight, or even nine-figure exits. Chris believes that strategic thinking and identifying opportunities for growth are key to revitalizing businesses that may have plateaued. Tune in to this episode to gain valuable insights from Chris Lee on entrepreneurship, sales, building a winning culture, and the exciting prospects of partnering with businesses to fuel their growth! HIGHLIGHTS “Both of my businesses were built with partners. Because I knew that I could run faster with incredible people than I could alone. And I've never met a billionaire that did it completely on his own." "So, I'm very much a strategist, and I can identify, you know, issues and potential within businesses. And so really, the next step for me is partnering with businesses that are that are at a plateau that have been around for a while haven't experienced a lot of growth, maybe they're just been steady and coming in and given them a new fresh eyes, how to market and sell and scale and attract good talent." "I'd rather have 50% of something growing than 100% of something dying." TIMESTAMPS 00:00: Introduction 01:28: Exit Strategies 05:17: Scaling 07:31: Partnerships 11:53:Leadership Strategies 🚀 Join my community - Founder Acceleration 🤯 Apply for our next Mastermind ⛳️ Golf with Chris 🎤 Watch my latest Podcast Apple - Spotify - YouTube -
Welcome to another exciting episode of "The Founder Podcast" with your host, Chris Lee. In this installment, Chris reflects on the incredible journey of the podcast, approaching a million downloads since June. He shares the importance of leaving reviews on platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify, emphasizing the value of good feedback. Chris believes that everyone should treat their life like a business, whether you're an entrepreneur or an employee. You are the founder of your own corporation, and this podcast is here to provide invaluable business knowledge to help you succeed. In this episode, Chris dives into a critical aspect of entrepreneurship: partnerships. Drawing from his own experiences, he discusses the significance of cultivating a positive company culture and structuring partnerships to incentivize growth effectively. Chris distinguishes between good and bad partnerships, highlighting the role of culture and equity sharing. He explains the importance of a vesting schedule, ensuring that all partners, including founders, are committed for the long term. The honeymoon period, Chris notes, lasts at least six months, during which you'll discover if a partner is truly invested in your venture. Chris offers a 6-18-36-month vesting program as a structure to consider, explaining how it works to align interests and commitment. He underscores the power of equity in attracting partners who are willing to forego salary for a piece of the business's future success. Throughout the episode, Chris explores various equity-sharing methods, including cliffs, daily vesting, phantom equity, and profit shares. He emphasizes the role of equity in scaling a business and shares his own success story with private equity. Additionally, Chris introduces the concept of profits interest, a strategy for incentivizing employees with a strike price that has unique tax implications. Join Chris as he imparts his expertise on partnerships and equity-sharing, providing valuable insights to help you navigate the complex world of entrepreneurship. Whether you're an aspiring founder or an established business owner, this episode is packed with knowledge to guide your journey. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from a seasoned entrepreneur and take your business to the next level. Tune in now! HIGHLIGHTS “Everyone has to treat their own life like a business and be the founder of it." "Good culture is imperative, people will bleed for it." "Properly structured equity can bring in top talent even if you can't afford high salaries." TIMESTAMPS 00:00: Podcast Growth & Monetization 01:13: Culture Importance  03:05: Equity Structure  07:15: Growing Businesses  With Partnerships 09:27: Incentivizing Employees 🚀 Join my community - Founder Acceleration 🤯 Apply for our next Mastermind ⛳️ Golf with Chris 🎤 Watch my latest Podcast Apple - Spotify - YouTube -
In this episode of The Founder Podcast with Chris Lee, Chris shares his personal journey to becoming a millionaire by the age of 33, long before his massive success with his business.  He delves into financial strategies and principles that helped him achieve this milestone. Chris emphasizes the importance of discipline, delayed gratification, and smart financial choices, including leveraging real estate as a wealth-building tool.  He breaks down the five ways to make money in real estate, from cash flow to principal buydown, depreciation, interest savings, and appreciation.  Tune in for valuable insights on building wealth and achieving financial freedom!  HIGHLIGHTS  "You only buy luxuries with Level Three income... A luxury is something you don't need to survive." "Always look for opportunities to experience pain and discipline in the moment because when you do so, I promise you the real fruit is so much sweeter." "Your personal home is not an asset... It's got to be viewed as a money pit." TIMESTAMPS 00:00: Introduction  04:37: Smart Financial Habits  09:46: Saving & Investing 14:29: Real Estate Investments  19:08: Strategies & Returns 24:05: Tax Savings 🚀 Join my community - Founder Acceleration 🤯 Apply for our next Mastermind ⛳️ Golf with Chris 🎤 Watch my latest Podcast Apple - Spotify - YouTube -
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Aakash Amanat

I just wanted to chime in and say how excited I am about "The Founder Podcast." The world of entrepreneurship and startups has always fascinated me, and I'm thrilled to see a podcast dedicated to exploring the journeys, challenges, and successes of founders. The first few episodes have been an absolute goldmine of insights. It's truly inspiring to hear firsthand accounts from founders who've taken their ideas from the drawing board to reality. The transparency about their failures and the lessons they've learned along the way is both humbling and motivating.

Aug 21st
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