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The Girlfriend Doctor w/ Dr. Anna Cabeca

Author: Dr. Anna Cabeca OB/GYN

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Dr. Anna Cabeca is The Girlfriend Doctor. She's the first call for the woman who has questions she would only ask her best girlfriend if her girlfriend were a triple-board-certified OB-GYN. This top health podcast is all about helping women live better lives — before, during, and after menopause.
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Are you ready to build your dream life? Today on The Girlfriend Doctor, we welcome Sheri Salata, former executive producer of The Oprah Winfrey Show. After her self-image collapsed, she reconnected with her higher purpose with intense self-healing. Sheri teaches you how to map out your life and conquer negative thought patterns, so you can choose to build a life full of happiness.  Life is full of transformational opportunities. Sheri guides you on your healing journey and shares how you can utilize plant medicine, trauma healing, and therapy to become your own source of love and fulfillment. She is an expert in baby steps and shows you easy ways to break free from habits that no longer serve you! In this episode, we discover the power of emotional wellness and empower you to choose a happy life. No transformation happens overnight, but you can make the decision today and change the trajectory of your spiritual journey, develop delicious curiosity of your psyche, and step into a new phase of phenomenal transformation! KEY TAKEAWAYS [1:00] The path of transformation  [6:00] Keeping yourself centered [7:10] Only you can solve your love problem [10:18] Shamanistic healing  [15:00] Healing the mother wound [18:00] How your organs hold emotions [19:20] The spiritual journey of a plant medicine  [21:50] Start small with gentle changes [24:45] Transformation retreats   [30:00] Recognizing negative patterns  [31:50] Mapping out your life [36:30] Developing delicious curiosity    MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Instagram   MEMORABLE QUOTES “Really load my life up with those things that keep me so centered, and understanding that not only do I want the joyride, I deserve it, and I always have!”  [6:14] -Sheri Salata “What you’re doing is coaxing yourself onto the path. You’re coaxing yourself, you’re not whipping yourself. You’re not beating yourself up.” [24:00] -Sheri Salata “ What I like to do, is make sure that everybody has their basic practices going, so it isn’t like you’ve gone from zero to chanting. You have your little practices going, you’re not uncomfortable guiding yourself on the path a little bit, and so then, when we get to a place like that, away from our lives. Then here’s the question, what is the sacred opportunity sitting right in front of me?”   [27:11] -Sheri Salata “There is a new story to be told, and when you tell that story, Dr.Anna, as I know you know, there is a new life that comes with it, the life of your dreams.” [35:45] -Sheri Salata   To learn more about me and to stay connected, visit the links below: Website: The Girlfriend Doctor Instagram: The Girlfriend Doctor  
Today on The Girlfriend Doctor, we welcome Dave Asprey as he launches his revolutionary book Smarter Not Harder. He takes you on a journey, as you rewire your biology for rest and rehabilitation instead of living in fight or flight.  Exercise has not changed since its inception, and Dave is here to uproot the traditional system of endless vigorous exercise. He found the flaw in the logic of working hard for better results. It turns out that your body craves rest, and endless workouts are conditioning your body to stay in perpetual survival mode! He teaches you how to reprogram your biology to achieve the best health of your life! Most people are not eating enough food, or are eating nutrient-deficient diets and depleting their energy with long bouts of extreme exercise. The path to health does not need to be a struggle. Dave teaches you how to dismantle your limiting beliefs about your health, so you can own your biology!   KEY TAKEAWAYS [2:50] Dave’s evolution into bio-hacking [9:00] The laziness principle [13:00] Training your mitochondria  [16:00] Strategizing according to your goals [18:00] The psychology of laziness [21:50] No sweating allowed! [25:00] Picking your path to your definition of health   [30:00] Understanding mineral deficiencies  [34:10] Biohacking and stress [38:00] Getting your energy back [43:00] Dismantling layers of limiting belief   MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Smarter Not Harder  The Human Upgrade Podcast Danger Coffee Upgrade Labs 40 Years of Zen   MEMORABLE QUOTES “Everything that we doin exercise today is pick up rocks or run away from tigers, or maybe some stretching. That’s all of excserze for all of history. Well, it turns out, we can change the environment around us, so that our body, can go, maybe there’s not a tiger, maybe it’s so convenient and easy, I’ll just fix my respritory system right now instead of doing it slowly over time.” [24:00]  -Dave Asprey “Oats are peasant food, designed to keep you alive in the winter, and one of the things that oats do is, they steal minerals, like zinc and copper and iron and calcium.”  [31:30] -Dave Asprey “What if you just turned it off, so the next time it happened, you can go ,oh, that wasnt very nice,  but you’re not triggered, and you don’t have to yell at anyone to change their behavior so you can feel safe in your skin, because you owned your own biology! The definition of bio-hacking.” [36:20] -Dave Asprey To learn more about me and to stay connected, visit the links below: Website: The Girlfriend Doctor Instagram: The Girlfriend Doctor
The Microbiome gets a lot of attention these days, but are you protecting your Glycobiome? Today on The Girlfriend Doctor, I welcome renowned fertility expert Dr. Robert Kiltz. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Parents Magazine, and CNBC for his work making IVF affordable and accessible. Using diet and mindset to supplement low-dose IVF therapy, Dr. Kiltz has reduced the cost of IVF to a third of the national average. He is investigating the efficacy of the American plant-based diet, and how a keto-carnivore diet could reduce inflammation, heal chronic diseases, and promote fertility.  Contrary to popular belief, fat is fuel to the body. When you consume sugar and amino acids, they are processed and converted into fat by the liver, which is evidence that your body's primary fuel source is fat. Plant-based diets potentially expose you to pathogens and microbes that ferment in the gut, destroy the Glycobiome, and cause chronic illness.  In this episode, Dr. Kiltz shares how his approach to nutrition is helping women become fertile again. He teaches the dangers of a plant-based diet, and how a carnivore diet may be the solution you have been looking for!   KEY TAKEAWAYS [3:20] Affordable and accessible fertility treatments  [4:00] Natural and low doses of fertility treatments  [7:00] How the standard American diet contributes to infertility  [9:00] Positive mindset is often the catalyst for healing  [12:00] The different approaches for men and women  [14:00] Fat is the only fuel for your body [16:00] Plant sugars are the leading cause that damages our dy [22:00] What is the Glycobiome [27:00] Questioning the efficacy of the microbiome hypothesis  [33:00] The estrogen and progesterone in plants create endocrine disruptors [34:00] The Carnivor space is the healing space [36:00] 99.9% of pesticides are made from plants [37:00] Fat goes straight to the lymphatic system  [42:00] Removing toxic components from your diet  [49:00] Visualizing your healed body [53:00] Healing the Glycobiome with fat and fasting    MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE CYN Fertility  Instagram   MEMORABLE QUOTES “I believe that fat is the only fuel for our body. Sugar is not, glucose is not a fuel for the body. It’s a precursor to our fuel, and a high plant-based, low-fat diet turns out to damage every nook and cranny of our body, especially the blood vessels.”  [13:36] - Dr.Kiltz “The exposure of plant antigens and the microbes that ferment in our gut, and destroy the Glycobiome is the leading cause of all disease.” [35:17] -Dr.Kiltz   To learn more about me and to stay connected, visit the links below: Website: The Girlfriend Doctor Instagram: The Girlfriend Doctor  
Are you in tune with your gut intuition? Today on The Girlfriend Doctor, I discuss the mind-body connection with leading functional-medicine expert, Dr. Will Cole. He is among the top 50 functional and integrative doctors in America and the author of The New York Times best-seller, Intuitive Eating. In this episode, we explore the connection between mental and physical health from his soon-to-be-released book, Gut Feelings.  Conventional medicine often overlooks the mind-body connection, usually only addressing a single aspect of health. Dr. Cole’s comprehensive approach to healing trauma, the gut microbiome, and restoring homeostasis to the body is helping patients reclaim their wellness.  Emotional stress has the power to reduce the effectiveness of your healthy habits, which is why you cannot separate mental health from your physical well-being. Dr.Cole guides you through a thorough analysis of your physical and emotional traumas to find the underlying factors causing chronic disease, thyroid issues, and digestive disorders. Join us as we uncover how your gut and emotional health affect your physical body!   KEY TAKEAWAYS [3:00] The relationship between mental and physical health  [6:00] How mental, emotional, and spiritual components impact the physical body  [8:00] Shameflammation: the connection between stress and inflammation  [12:00] Orthorexia and the overwhelmed of healthy eating [17:00] Looking at the aspects of your health that are often overlooked [20:00] How adverse childhood trauma leads to the destruction of the self [23:00] Intergenerational trauma: epigenetic heirlooms that predispose you to disease [27:00] Metabolising trauma: Healing without knowing the cause  [29:00] Polyvagal theory and understanding how trauma can be stored in the body [34:00] Determining your personal point of entry to healing  [39:00] Don’t confuse your doctor’s medical degree with your gut intuition   MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Instagram  Pre-order Gut Feelings Intuitive Fasting  The Art of Being Well Podcast MEMORABLE QUOTES “In many ways, I find it’s an incomplete conversation around mental health care. Where mental health is relegated as separate from physical health, but the reality is that mental health is physical health, and it’s really  a functional medicine conversation around mental health, and around trauma, and chronic stress, and shame, and how these mental emotions, spiritual things impact our physical body.” [4:35] -Dr. Cole    “I see people up against seemingly insurmountable things, and just as trauma can be inherited, so can healing. I see people break the chains of pain, break the chains of disease, break the chains of dysfunction by what you can do today.”  [25:50] -Dr. Cole   To learn more about me and to stay connected, visit the links below: Website: The Girlfriend Doctor Instagram: The Girlfriend Doctor
Today on The Girlfriend Doctor, we discuss how oxytocin is the key to unlocking longevity with Dr. Molly Maloof. Her book The Spark Factor is a riveting display of the effect that love and community have on your body. Dr. Maloof deconstructs how loneliness and stress affect your health and deplete your lifespan.  To fully understand how external stress affects your body, Dr. Maloof teaches you the importance of tracking your cycle because your period is a vital sign. If your period becomes irregular, it is a sign that you need to slow down and be kind to your mind and body. In this episode, Dr. Maloof shares her biohacking protocol for reframing stress from a destructive force to a transformational tool.   KEY TAKEAWAYS [2:00] Ensuring longevity by optimizing your organ reserve while your young  [3:45] How a stressful environment can deplete energy and cause hormonal imbalance [6:00] Your period is a vital sign and a window into your overall health  [10:30] Knowing the difference between good stress and bad stress  [12:00] Cognitive reappraisal and becoming your own performance coach  [16:25] Sitting in the satisfaction of what you have achieved and celebrating yourself [18:30] Reframing your mindset to act with joy to improve your attitude and cortisol levels [20:00] How love and oxytocin give life meaning and promote vitality and longevity [23:00] How isolation stress from a lack of community causes phycological diseases  [26:30] The role of mitochondrial dysfunction in inflammation  [29:00] The physiology of isolation and the challenge of cortisol testing [35:00] Hypertonic muscles and how you can train your body to relax  [39:30] The effect community has on your oxytocin levels  [41:00] What is the spark factor    MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Molly’s book: Website: Instagram:  Molly’s online course: YOUR HEALTHSPAN JOURNEY: master your blood sugar (your energy gauge & the ultimate biomarker!) to extend healthspan Dr. Molly Maloof’s book THE SPARK FACTOR: Supercharge Your Batteries for Limitless Energy and a Fitter, Stronger, More Resilient Future (on-sale 1/31). As a physician and Stanford lecturer, Dr. Molly Maloof has spent her career providing personalized medicine services to high-performing technology executives, billionaire investors, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, and Academy Award-winning actors. What she noticed is that women, specifically, were feeling the spark that once energized their lives beginning to dim. Not just metaphorically but in a measurable reduction in the energy output from their cells. In response, Dr. Molly developed a science-backed program focused on mitochondrial health, used successfully by her patients, which offered lifestyle changes that target the unique biology of women and provide immediate and long-term benefits--now available in her book The Spark Factor. “The idea is steady gradual improvement, not perfection. The goal is to help get your spark back, so you can spend the rest of your life empowered, alive, mobile, and resilient,” she writes.   To learn more about me and to stay connected, visit the links below: Website: The Girlfriend Doctor Instagram: The Girlfriend Doctor  
As you age, it’s common to feel stuck in certain patterns but today’s guest gives you the tools to reimagine your life, health and purpose. Natalie Jill, pivoted from her wildly successful fitness brand to create her podcast Midlife Conversations. Although she was thriving in her career as a fitness influencer, she no longer felt that spark of passion, so she began questioning her purpose. By following three simple steps, Natalie was able to  reshape and redefine her purpose to create a new and fulfilling path.  Decision, vision and action are at the core of long lasting change! Many women struggle to change because they focus on the action before committing and envisioning the results of the path they would like to take. Once you have gotten clear on what it is that you want, action comes naturally! Nothing is set in stone, you can improve your diet,  your relationship, your job, your home and your health all by choosing to do so and believing in the possibilities beyond your current circumstances. In this episode, Natalie shares how you can use gratitude and these simple principles to manifest a life of purpose.    KEY TAKEAWAYS [1:30] As soon as you lose passion for something you’re not going to be an effective coach  [2:50] Women are so much more than their fitness and nutrition [5:00] Finding purpose when transitioning into your menopause years  [9:00] Support versus suppression of your menopausal symptoms  [12:35] Creating a new life for yourself with Decide, Vision and Action:  [17:45] Improving your self image by visualizing the possibilities and how that would feel [20:00] Shifting your energy by focusing on the things that you do appreciate about yourself [23:50] Getting results by revisiting your commitment every day [25:40] Action only works when you’ve first decided and envisioned the results that you want [27:00] You will be rewarded if you intentionally focus on gratitude [30:00] Manifesting your future with a dream book    MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Midlife Conversations Podcast  Instagram    MEMORABLE QUOTES “Most people say they want to be happy and want to be confident and that really comes down to purpose because when you are living on purpose, it’s amazing how  you feel and how you look.” [6:37]  -Natalie Jill “I really think that is such an important skill set for us to be using in midlife, is to be focusing on what we want and how we want to live versus the problem of what is.”  [15:36] -Natalie Jill “You have to take time on the vision first! The actions only work after decision and vision. Most people go to action first.”  [25:26] -Natalie Jill   To learn more about me and to stay connected, visit the links below: Website: The Girlfriend Doctor Instagram: The Girlfriend Doctor
Today on the girlfriend, I am simplifying hormonal treatment plans to give you a crash course in the history, application and data on all hormone replacements, bioidentical hormones and natural ways to replenish your natural supply of hormones. Women have been needlessly suffering simply because the medical knowledge was lacking, conflicting or at times flat out wrong. In this special episode I am answering questions directly from listeners like you in hopes to help you better understand which form of hormone therapy is right for you.  As an advocate for hormone replenishment over full blown hormone replacement, I always steer my patients towards lifestyle changes that can promote a healthy resolution of menopausal symptoms because it takes more than hormones to fix your hormones! Unfortunately, hormone replacement therapies do literally replace your ability to produce your own hormones. Through education and advocating for a treatment that suits the preservation of your ovaries and enhances your body's natural  hormonal production,you can enter the second spring in the best health of your life Ovarian function is a marker of longevity and it all starts in the womb. Lifestyle is 90% of what you need to do. Your diet, sleep and stress management all have a big impact on your hormonal health. Your hormones are a reflection of your overall health so let this episode be a resource on your journey reclaiming your hormonal health.    KEY TAKEAWAYS [2:50] It takes more than hormones to fix your hormones [4:00] 85% of women experience menopausal symptoms which a sign of hormonal imbalance [9:00] How one study in 2002 spread misinformation about hormone replacement therapy  [13:00] Women at risk for cardiovascular disease should always be on transdermal estrogen [17:45] Transdermal estrogen decreases triglycerides giving it a better cardiovascular profile  [20:00] The catastrophic flaw in the Women's Health Initiative study   [24:00] The problem with hormone replacement is that it stops your natural hormone production [25:00] The keys to hormone replenishment: Adrenal adaptogens, detoxing and eating clean  [27:00] Oral hormone replacements is risky post menopause, as it increases inflammation [38:00] How to retrain your bladder and avoid unnecessary surgery  [45:00] How do you know when menopause starts if you’ve had a hysterectomy  [51:00] Understanding the difference between normal and optimal labs  [58:20] There is no ideal way to test your hormones because they are energetic molecules [61:00] Stress and toxins are always triggering to hormonal imbalance  [64:00] You cannot heal your hormones without first healing your gut first [68:40] How to naturally treat menstrual migraines with diet and supplements [72:00] Doing the KetoGreen Detox before going on bio-identical hormone creams [79:30] Take the first steps with my Healthy and Happy Hormone Quiz! MENTIONED IN  THIS EPISODE How Healthy and Happy are your Hormones Quiz Mighty Maca The Hormone Fix  PCCRX.COM NYT Article: Women Have Been Misled About Menopause   MEMORABLE QUOTES “We need to be self educated on our hormones. We need to be self educated on our own bodies and what the changes are, so we can intervene as early as possible.” [4:17]   “You have to ask for the bio-identical progesterone or you have to advocate for yourself and use a transdermal formula that is good and effective, with again, the right information, the right education and lifestyle around it. These are things that will make a difference around hormone replacement but even better than hormone replacement is hormone replenishment!” [24:11]   “When I did get really good at using bioidentical hormones preoperatively, my patients would come in for their pre-op visit and say, Dr. Anna! I am no longer having symptoms, I'm not leaking anymore! I went for a run, I'm jogging, I’m jumping on the trampoline, I’m playing, laughing with no problems, so surgery became unnecessary!”  [40:25]   “If our hormones are low or we’re experiencing early ovarian failure or perimenopause, Why? What is suppressing our body’s natural productions? It’s always toxins,it’s always stress; these are two key factors that play with our hormones!” [61:53]   To learn more about me and to stay connected, visit the links below: Website: The Girlfriend Doctor Instagram: The Girlfriend Doctor
Today on The Girlfriend Doctor, I am joined by Dr.Mary Claire Haver, founder of the Galveston diet! Dr. Haver is helping you master your hormones so you can confidently step into the second spring of your life. Menopause is often viewed as a disease because so many women are suffering from imbalanced hormones and poor diets that are causing the symptoms associated with menopause.  Although weight loss is a beneficial side effect, The Galveston diet is not focused on weight management but on reducing inflammation. Every woman is unique but by focusing on lowering inflammation and balancing your hormones, you can reclaim your health at any age. In this episode, Dr. Haver teaches you how you can add intermittent fasting to your menopause tool kit, to help you combat inflammation and balance your hormones. Many doctors are still recommending that ovaries should be removed after menopause to avoid ovarian cancer but studies have revealed that even throughout menopause, your ovaries are always producing essential hormones needed for optimal health. With the Galvestone diet you can help restore  your hormonal balance and avoid unnecessary suffering to make your second spring the best years of your life.    KEY TAKEAWAYS [5:30] Working out more and eating less is not a viable weight loss plan for menopausal women [7:30] Abdomen weight gain is the most common weight gain in menopausal women [9:30] Menopause causes a brain function decrease of 20% since the brain is starving for fuel [10:30] Ovarian suppression from birth control can mask a womans menopausal symptoms [14:30] Menopause like puberty is not a disease state and neither should be suppressed [16:55] Intermittent fasting keeps glucose stable and lowers inflammation if it is done correctly [18:28] Basic inflammatory nutrition is the second pillar of the galveston diet  [20:00] Avoid packaged foods that have any preservatives because these are never healthy [22:00] Dairy is optional, unless you have lactose intolerant dairy is a safe addition to your diet  [23:00] In 2002 the Women’s health initiative trial wrongfully vilified all hormonal therapies  [25:00] We don’t exercise to get thin, it  serves to build muscles and build healthy bones [25:30] Ovaries age faster than any other organ in a woman's body [28:30] Your ovaries are still producing hormones after menopause and should not be removed HOW TO CONNECT WITH OUR GUEST IG: @MaryClaire   MEMORABLE QUOTES “I got off and was immediately menopausal, so that the birth control pill was giving me estrogen and progesterone and masking my menopausal symptoms.” [10:30]  “I’m getting very little feedback about weight loss.That’s not our focus. Weight loss might be a pleasant side effect but we’re here to give you your life back, your health back, with the focus of nutrition.” [16:27] “Be careful of packaging. Be careful of things in bags or boxes. I’m not saying never but that should not be the main source of your food. It’s not going to serve your health.”  [20:40]   To learn more about me and to stay connected, visit the links below: Website: The Girlfriend Doctor Instagram: The Girlfriend Doctor
Today on the Girlfriend Doctor, we examine how you can master your insecurities with Lisa Bilyeu, co-founder of Quest nutrition. Her book, Radical Confidence is an eye opening guide on how you can incrementally improve yourself by changing your thought patterns into a positive and empowering understanding of your own potential. Confidence is not inherent but is generated from relentless effort towards improvement.  In this episode, Lisa shares exactly how you can build awareness of the limiting beliefs that restrain your mind and subsequently the actions you take towards your best self. If you surrender to the fact that perfection is unattainable and confidence is created from competence, you will become unstoppable. You have limitless potential and a choice to shape and pursue your life mission.  By understanding yourself and defining your purpose, you will be equipped to reject anything that does not align with your heart and attract everything that does. How you perceive the world shapes your place in it. By questioning yourself, you broaden the possibilities available to you and can work towards a fulfilling and joyful life. Confidence is ultimately a skill and every failure gets you closer to the courage you desire.    KEY TAKEAWAYS [4:45] Confidence is a muscle you have to work out and develop each day to maintain it [6:40] Competence becomes confidence once you have failed and learned from your mistakes [9:30] Shifting from a limiting emotional belief to an action plan to develop the skill you desire [15:00] Question your perception of normal because everyone is raised to think a different way [19:00] The key to a long lasting marriage is honesty with the purpose of overcoming issues  [24:00] How to remain emotionally sober during hard conversations [27:00] Pausing, in the moment, before you react on emotions that may lead you astray  [29:20] Strive for incremental improvement because perfection is not a realistic goal [33:10] Personalize your path to confidence and positivity instead of relying on others guidance [35:40] Understand how your habits and physiology affect your mood to improve yourself daily [43:30] When you feel lost in your identity it’s not the end, but an opportunity to try new things  [45:20] Create a mission statement for your own life that is concise with your what, who and why HOW TO CONNECT WITH OUR GUEST Book: Radical Confidence  Women of Impact Podcast IG: @lisabilyeu Youtube MEMORABLE QUOTES “In those moments when I don’t feel badass what can I do in order to show up to feel it? So it becomes this moment of practice and thinking through it and seeing what tools you can use to the best of your abilities.” [5:45] “I don’t just let my emotions take away with me and lead me astray. I don’t just let my emotions of how I am feeling in that moment end up being the thing that I regret having been reacted on because I do understand that sometimes emotions can lead you astray.” [27:54] “On those days when you don’t feel good enough, you better believe you need a mission that is so stitched to your heart, that you still get up and proceed.” [47:40]     To learn more about me and to stay connected, visit the links below: Website: The Girlfriend Doctor Instagram: The Girlfriend Doctor
Today on the Girlfriend Doctor, I discuss inner and outer beauty with Rachel Varga. She is a Double Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist. After personally performing over 20,000 procedures, Rachel now trains physicians and nurses, across the globe, to perform safe and holistic treatments. In her research, she has discovered some disturbing realities about the technology, products and even the lights you are exposed to in your daily life. In this episode, she provides healthy alternatives to toxic routines in hopes of reducing your toxic burden.  You may be unknowingly burdening your skin with electromagnetic frequencies that are actually making your blood sticky. Without proper circulation, your blood can not effectively deliver nutrients to your skin and also inhibits its ability to purge metabolic waste. Rachel teaches you how to mitigate exposure by grounding yourself in nature and detoxing from your devices at night.  Your skin is your body’s final alert system; redness, dryness or puffy skin indicates a deeper health issue. Topical treatments alone will have little effect on these symptoms. If you want to enhance the effects of your skincare routine, getting outside, reducing your toxic burden and detoxing from harmful frequencies will help you achieve natural beauty from the inside out! KEY  TAKEAWAYS [2:30] Red, dry and hyperpigmentation skin is last warning sign of a deeper health problem  [4:00] Derma rolling allows actives like copper peptide penetrate deeper into the skin [6:00] Instead of a Gua Sha stone, use your fingertips to energize your face and stimulate fascia  [10:00] Grounding in nature encourages healthy electromagnetic interactions in your blood  [11:00] Cut electromagnetics exposure at night with airplane mode and turning off your router  [12:50] Harmful blue light emitted from laptops, phones and LED penetrate deeper than sunlight  [14:26] Blue blocking glasses shield the delicate skin around your eyes and improve sleep [17:30] Pure epsom salt, avocado oil, baking soda and clean bar of soap for a detox bath [20:00] With any type of autoimmune disease, botox or laser treatments could be too toxic [23:40] Plastic bottled water introduces dangerous microplastic in your body MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Rachel Varga Research Use Promo Code: ANNACABECA for 15% off consultation School of Radiance   MEMORABLE QUOTES “When we’re outside, we’re barefoot and touching a tree, what happens is our red blood cells go back to the state they want to go back to which is nicely bouncing off one another like inner tubes or doughnuts; carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cells, to the organs, hello! The brain, the skin, the liver and carrying away metabolic waste products like CO2.”  [10:37]   “The LED’s that are more cost and time efficient, energy efficient rather; they’re actually damaging the skin, not to mention, messing with your hormones and your sleep and also, I postulate, promoting hair loss.”   [13:49]    To learn more about me and to stay connected, visit the links below: Website: The Girlfriend Doctor Instagram: The Girlfriend Doctor
Today on the Girlfriend Doctor, I uncover the beauty of suffering with Dr. Jill Carnaham, a board certified integrative medicine specialist and author of Unexpected. As a patient, Dr. Carnaham survived breast cancer, crohn’s disease, leaky gut syndrome and despite facing her own mortality now seeks to help those suffering from a similar fate. Known as the Sherlock Holmes of medicine, she instills compassion and an investigative approach to medicine, to find the root cause of her patients' illnesses.  Growing up on a farm using the toxic herbicide Atrazine, triggered Dr.Carnaham’s lifelong battle with breast cancer. What was once an uncommon diagnosis for a woman her age is now prevalent in even younger patients; as our culture accepts the use of dangerous chemicals, destructive diets and obsessive work habits that destroy your immune system. Although it is agonizing to witness this increased suffering from sickness, it is possible to forge a new path to health for yourself and society. Amidst the steady suffering of disease, fatigue and burnout, Dr. Carnaham remains dedicated to compassion for herself and for others. Within her pain, she found that patients, like herself, are in desperate need of hope. Pain can be a profound teacher to those willing to seek meaning amidst their suffering. When facing death, you instinctually recognize the beauty of life and it is this lesson that Dr. Carnaham imparts to you. KEY TAKEAWAYS [4:50] How genuine connection can inspire hope and healing for patients  [6:00] Balancing the scientific masculine with the intuitive feminine  [8:30] The average baby is born with over 200 chemicals in their blood  [9:50] Atrazine, a cancer causing herbicide, is still used today by many farmers in the US [12:50] When you embrace gratitude unexpected miracles unfold [15:00] Workaholism is unfortunately a dangerous but socially acceptable form of addiction [20:00] Poor diet,on top of chemotherapy, leading to leaky gut syndrome and crohn's disease [24:40] Discovering mold exposure after experiencing shortness of breath and brain fog [26:10] The gift of the suffering: facing your own mortality to find your purpose in life [28:00] Sometimes,all a patient needs is the blessing of someone acknowledging their light [34:00] Doctor Patient Documentary: Jill’s journey alongside environmental medicine  [36:00] Everyone has suffering at times but it does not diminish your purpose or your joy [38:00] Compassion begins with yourself and then it can be spread outward to the world HOW TO CONNECT WITH OUR GUEST Book: Unexpected Free Chapter Instagram   MEMORABLE QUOTES “It’s taught basically don’t share your emotions, certainly don’t cry in front of patients, don’t share too much but it’s taking off that mask and becoming human and real to our patients that is so important to the connection and so important to giving them hope and healing.” [4:56] “We were both in this culture that was not kind and what happens in that culture is you suppress your needs. You literally go into dissociation at some points and all of that physiology in your body has to come out somewhere so often it comes out in illness.”  [17:40] “The truth is, if we can look and we can find those pearls in the midst of the suffering, they turn out to be the most beautiful things in our life.” [29:16] “There is a powerful healing in that kindness and compassion and it starts with us and then we can share it with the world.”[38:20]   To learn more about me and to stay connected, visit the links below: Website: The Girlfriend Doctor Instagram: The Girlfriend Doctor
Today on The Girlfriend Doctor, Elle Russ, author of The Paleo Thyroid Solution, joins us to discuss thyroid health. Elle has condensed years of knowledge from treating her own hypothyroidism to help women struggling to diagnose, treat or manage their thyroid health. Your Thyroid gland is integral to regulating everything from your sex hormones, metabolism and your endocrine system. Unfortunately, most conventional doctors are decades behind on the leading thyroid treatments and often make detrimental mistakes when treating patients.  You know your body better than any doctor could hope to with labs and testing. While there are general ranges for healthy hormones, every person has different needs that require specialized testing and individualized treatment. There is no “one size fits all” for thyroid treatment and many doctors are treating patients with an antiquated TSH protocol that is leaving patients in worse condition than they started at. If you feel worse after receiving hormone treatments, it’s a good sign to stop and find a functional doctor who has a better understanding of thyroid health.  Sometimes, the simplest changes have a huge impact. Some patients may need permanent hormone replacements while others have cured Hashimoto’s by detoxing and changing their diet. Ultimately, your health depends on your intuition and finding the right balance for you. In this episode, Elle teaches you everything you need to know to take your health into your own hands so you can detox, rebalance and start feeling whole again.   KEY TAKEAWAYS [3:30] The first signs of perimenopause that can be confused with thyroid issues  [5:00] The frustration of finding a doctor equipped to treat hypothyroidism [7:50] Inadequate thyroid hormones leads to accelerated aging, PCOS, and infertility [9:00] Often times hypothyroidism manifests gynecologically in women [11:00] Many doctors are misinterpreting labs and worsening patients conditions [14:00] The outdated TSH protocol that is keeping patients sick today [20:20] Optimal ranges of thyroid hormones to look for on your labs [23:00] Sometimes all you need is diet and lifestyle changes! [28:20] Its normal for your thyroid hormone needs to change seasonally and with lifestyle  [32:40] Black mold and heavy metals are dangerous triggers for hypothyroidism [36:00] Oral care has a profound impact on your heart, brain, breast and overall health [38:00] High fibrinogen levels accelerates edging and can be treated with systemic enzymes    HOW TO CONNECT WITH OUR GUEST  Free Masterclass Confident as F*ck  The Paleo Thyroid Solution   MEMORABLE QUOTES “Someone could show up on a testosterone test and have testosterone at the top of the range but still need testosterone! We can test the keys not the locks, so someone also might need to be a little bit higher in range for them to feel good.”  [21:55] “You could be extra stressed, you could be dealing with heavy metals and all the things you do to clean up your patients, you could be going through some of that. Just need a life detox. There are people that have solved Hashimoto's by just changing their diet! I’ve had people come to me and all they needed was iron!” [23:30] “The compounding pharmacy is the place to go today. What doctors do you know that you like that prescribe T14 and T3 compounded?That is probably going to be a doctor who knows more.”  [40:45]   To learn more about me and to stay connected, visit the links below: Website: The Girlfriend Doctor Instagram: The Girlfriend Doctor
As we venture into the new year, it’s time for our annual Keto Green 16 Day Challenge! Join me and a wonderful group of women, as we embark on this challenge to rejuvenate and balance our bodies. Menopause is a natural and beautiful chapter of your life but suffering does not need to be a part of it! With this 16 day challenge you will track your PH levels, detox from caffeine and introduce a healthy ketogenic diet. I help you understand just how impactful the food you eat is on your health and how quickly your diet can reduce menopausal symptoms like hot flashes. Let this new year bring forth the second spring of your life!   KEY TAKEAWAYS [1:10] Menopause is natural but suffering is optional [3:20] Community and accountability are tools of success  [4:50] Symptoms of menopause from different cultures around the world [6:30] Dietary changes can curb hot flashes because they are symptoms of insulin resistance [8:10] The Keto Green 16 Challenge! [10:00] Increasing Urine PH reduces your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease [12:30] Eating greens to balance a ketogenic diet because it can be very inflammatory [17:20] Prep week starts on January 2nd! [22:30] Drinking too much liquid with your meal can dilute stomach acid  [26:00] Experiencing the second spring of your life naturally and empowered  [28:40] Ending the challenge with fasting!   Resources: Keto Green Challenge: MenuPause on kindle:   MEMORABLE QUOTES “Hot flashes are associated with low hormones, low estrogen but hot flashes are a symptom of, in my opinion, insulin resistance.” [5:30] “The more alkaline your urine Ph is the less risk of diabetes, less arthritis, less osteoporosis, less cardiovascular disease and we know that because alkalinity is more peace, repairing and regenerative.”  [10:30] “Alkaline water is typically mineral rich water and that’s what we want but between our meals not with our meals.” [22:59]   To learn more about me and to stay connected, visit the links below: Website: The Girlfriend Doctor Instagram: The Girlfriend Doctor
Today’s guest is Dr. Jason Conviser Ph.D, a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine who has published over 40 scientific journal articles on physical fitness. An anomaly in sports medicine, Dr. Convisor abstains from treating professional athletes because he believes every person is an athlete with the potential to optimize and strengthen their body. In this episode, he shares the therapeutic uses of whole body vibration.  Your body is a machine and it needs movement to perform optimally. Vibration is a simple way of warming up your muscles so you can get the most out of your routine. No matter what age or skill level you can start your fitness journey with a simple walk around the block and full body vibration therapy can help you along your journey. It has been proven to decrease cortisol, increase flexibility, strengthen muscles and support healthy bones. This tool was made to be customized and is used to aid people of all physical stages reclaim their health and live more fulfilling lives.  KEY TAKEAWAYS [5:20] The history of vibration therapy and how it became available to the public [8:45] Using vibration therapy to create more energy and to do activity optimally [11:50] Being muscularly strong creates bone force and leads to regenerative healthy bones [14:30] Whole body vibration decreases cortisol by increasing aerobic capacity [17:00] Exercise is the key to allowing glucose into your cells by making them permeable [23:30] Body plates are a great tool for pelvic floor exercise and improvement [30:00] Increasing strength and flexibility decreases pain and increases mobility [35:00] Stretching the upper body is essential to improve muscle strength in a sedentary lifestyle [39:40] Consult a doctor if you suffer from problems with balance or are recovering from surgery [46:00] Arthritis and bone on bone are a unique challenges which requires medical attention  [51:00] Many gyms are now carrying power plates if you are unable to get your own [53:00] Set a goal, start slow and don’t give up!    HOW TO CONNECT WITH OUR GUEST Website: Instagram:   MEMORABLE QUOTES “If we can deliver warm blood to the muscle that are going to be contracting we can warm up and then instead of hurting ourselves when we exercise, we warm up and then our muscles are prepared for firing and for doing good escersize.”   [8:00] “If you have cortisol  it slows the body down, it goofs up the immune system, it screws up everything in the body. The literature is extremely clear that with whole body vibration, cortisol levels decrease and decrease significantly.”  [13:05] “I’ve never had a client where I say, you should never exercise and exercise is bad for you. It doesn't exist. We modify the activity to deal with how someone presents and with vibration, it allows me exponential ways of approaching how to help a client feel better.” [27:50]   To learn more about me and to stay connected, visit the links below: Website: The Girlfriend Doctor Instagram: The Girlfriend Doctor
Today’s guest is Aimee Raupp, author of Yes, You Can Get Pregnant! She is a fertility coach helping women of all ages conceive. Aimee recognizes a common theme occurring in modern women; stress, premature aging and infertility. Since the 80’s women’s risk of developing an autoimmune disease has dramatically increased so it is no coincidence that women are not only struggling to conceive but are actually entering into menopause earlier in life.  Aimee’s holistic approach is informed by centuries of Chinese medicinal knowledge. This ancient culture understood just how powerful the connection between mind and body is and treated them equally. What you believe establishes your behavior and every behavior shapes your health. In this episode, Aimee shows you how to be kinder to yourself and your body so you enter into your 3rd chapter happier, healthier and fertile. KEY TAKEAWAYS [1:00] Undiagnosed autoimmune conditions causing fertility issues [5:50] Being at peace regulates your immune system  [7:10] Finding and questioning your core beliefs to a better feeling thought [10:40] Shifting your thoughts will change your neurochemistry and physiology  [14:30] Fertility is an extension of your health because it is restorative [16:00] You have an average of 50k thoughts a day and 90% of them are the same [19:50] Digestion is more than absorbing nutrition but how you are absorbing your world [22:40] Healing versus curing  [25:00] Looking at food as nourishment, enjoyment and energy [28:00] You need to get to bed before 11pm and sleep at least 7 hours [29:40] Increase your oxytocin by being kind and serving your community [34:30] Being present and leave your work at the office HOW TO CONNECT WITH OUR GUEST Website: Books: Instagram: Free Fertility Starter Kit:   MEMORABLE QUOTES “Chinese medicine always wants to look at it from this emotional perspective so it’s like; where are we attacking ourselves, not just on that physical or cellular level but on that emotional level and how are we aligned with ourselves?”  [2:15] “Your beliefs really do dictate your behavior and your behavior dictates your health.” [7:35] “By the age of 40, 1 in 8 women will have an autoimmune disease in the United states and another interesting statistic is that autoimmunity has quadrupled since the 80s and affects women 75% more than men.”  [21:40] “Drinking doesn't impact your body as negatively  as lack of community does.” [30:40]   To learn more about me and to stay connected, visit the links below: Website: The Girlfriend Doctor Instagram: The Girlfriend Doctor
On this episode of The Girlfriend Doctor, I discussed mitochondrial health with Sara Banta, owner of Accelerated Health Products, a line of natural supplements aimed at balancing your overall health. She is a health coach and biohacker, with her supplements you can bolster your immune system by giving your body everything it is not getting from the food you’re eating. Mitochondrial health is critical to the health of your entire body and begins at the cellular level which is why supplements are so important when addressing any health issue.  Sara works synergistically with nutrition, lifestyle and her supplements, which focus on frequency enhanced detox that help your body get rid of the toxins overloading your system. Your body is a delicate ecosystem and can easily become dysregulated when exposed to common toxins used in daily life. Your liver is the detoxification pathway of your body and many foods that are staples of a healthy diet may actually be burdening your liver. By conscious eating and adding Sara’s dynamic supplements you can expect to see a drastic improvement in overall wellness because whatever your ailment is, rebuilding that cell to cell communication will allow the body to self regulate and heal itself.   KEY  TAKEAWAYS [2:00] When you improve cell to cell communication your overall health improves [5:00] Sara’s journey from rock bottom to fully restored health [7:47] If your immune system is weak it causes inflammation and poor mitochondria health [9:50] Your body cannot break down inorganic proteins so you must eat wild and organic meats [11:25] Adrenal fatigue is common as women age as the adrenals take over hormone production [13:30] Liver health is essential because it is the detoxification pathway of the body [21:30] Only 3% of Leucine turns into HMB which is the metabolite that prevents muscle wasting [23:22] Diatomic iodine increases the risk of an allergic reactions and does not fully absorb [25:00] Iodine regulates estrogen production; Iodine deficiency can lead to estrogen dominance [35:40] Lack of sleep dysregulates your body and can negate the effects of healthy living   HOW TO CONNECT WITH OUR GUEST Use PROTEIN10 for 10% discount Website: Radio: Youtube: Instagram:   MEMORABLE QUOTES “The goal is to reduce inflammation, increase metabolism and increase metabolic health.”  [11:17] “Women in the menopausal age suffer from adrenal fatigue, more than most, because our adrenals are having to take over the production of our female hormones.” [11:57] “HMB comes from leucine and leucine is  what bodybuilders use to maintain their muscle mass but what they don’t know is that only 3% of leucine turns into HMB and HMB is what prevents muscle wasting.”[12:36] “Iodine deficiency is connected to depression, to hypothyroidism, to toxicity and when we are talking about weight gain and those stalls, it could be because you’re overloaded with toxins; so the best way to protect yourself is to be taking the  right iodine and that will keep your receptor cells from holding onto those halogens and even EMFs.” [24:14]   To learn more about me and to stay connected, visit the links below: Website: The Girlfriend Doctor Instagram: The Girlfriend Doctor  
On this episode of The Girlfriend Doctor, we sat down with Dr. Campbell and Danny Grannick, two pioneers who are uniting the world of dental and medical care today. Doctors are not trained to account for dental health when diagnosing patients, leaving many people vulnerable to Alzheimer's, Cancer, Infertility and a slew of other complications that are ultimately avoidable. Dr. Ellie Campbell has been working in family medicine for 30 years and is board certified by the American Academy of Integrative Medicine. Like most doctors, she was never addressing oral health with her patients until she witnessed the decline of a patient suffering from an unknown dental infection. Now, her stance is that absolutely no medical team is complete without an oral hygienist on staff.  Danny Grannick has developed an at home test kit ,using  PCR technology, to give people insight into the microbiome of their mouth. Understanding the imbalance of microbes in your mouth gives your dentist and doctor the information to address infections, prevent further decay and even prevent disease. Dentists and doctors alike are waking up to the reality that our entire body is interconnected and the two practices can no longer remain separate, because in reality they are not.  KEY TAKEAWAYS [6:00] No medical team is complete without a dental hygienist [13:00] How Bristle’s oral health testing is changing disease prevention [19:30] Recognizing the signs of dental diseases and how to address it [26:00] Why brushing and flossing are not enough to prevent oral decay [31:30] Identifying the cause of cavities   [34:00] Safely removing heavy metal fillings  [36:20] Using Ozone treatment on an infected tooth in order to prevent a root canal [39:05] Not all cavities need to be filled: Re-mineralizing superficial cavities [41:20] Understanding your Bristle home test   HOW TO CONNECT WITH OUR GUEST Dr.Campbell: Danny Grannick: Bristle:  Promo Code: DrAnna Find an Enlightened Dentist Near You: AAOSH   MEMORABLE QUOTE “We are an ecosystem and we need to be in balance but our diet, our drinks that we consume, our breathing all affects what happens in our mouth, leading to the epidemic of disease that is identified in the mouth but has symptoms everywhere else in our body.” [7:30] -Dr. Campbell “Unfortunately many dentists are not enlightened to the fact that these periodontal bacteria can cause diseases outside of the mouth.”[20:05] - Dr. Campbell   “Acidity in the mouth, not sugar, causes cavities.” [23:46] -Dr. Campbell   “The idea is if you do these two simple things you shouldn't get oral disease but we know that’s not true. Even people who do brush and floss twice a day, cavities and gum disease are the most prevalent diseases of the planet! They have been  for the last 30 years.” [26:00] -Danny Grannick   To learn more about me and to stay connected, visit the links below: Website: The Girlfriend Doctor Instagram: The Girlfriend Doctor
On this episode of The Girlfriend Doctor, we sat down with Dr. Kelly Brogan a clinical psychiatrist turned holistic psychiatrist after witnessing the toll addictive psychiatric drugs had on her patients. The endemic of over diagnosis has convinced many people they are sick when in fact they may just be suffering from their own narrative. If you believe you are a victim it can manifest outwardly as anxiety and depression. You won’t find solace in a prescription but by recognizing your defense mechanisms and reclaiming your power of choice, you may find you weren't actually sick to begin with!  You are rarely truly victimized in this life, because everyday you have the autonomy to choose your outlook, your location, your reactions and an infinite amount of things that make up your experience. Understanding your desires and consciously deciding  to pursue and communicate them will naturally uplift your spirit. Exploring your sexuality is just a microcosm to the greater dynamic of your life, if you can communicate your needs to a partner you can carry that capacity into every other aspect of your existence, no longer feeling victimized but empowered at every opportunity.   KEY TAKEAWAYS [4:00] Defense mechanisms hidden in judgment, superiority and control [6:10] Stepping out of your victim mentality [9:00] Awareness begins in your body [10:20] The root of all your defense mechanisms  [12:00] The Existential Kink: Having is evidence of wanting [15:20] Suffering ends where meaning begins [18:10] Using your power of attention [26:30] The dark reality of marketing addictive pharmaceutical [31:20] Taking radical responsibility  [36:20] Reclaiming your power of choice! [38:20] Getting off of addicted psychiatric medications [42:30] Embracing your femenine desire for a masculine man [43:40] The paradoxical safety within BDSM [46:30] Without clarifying the full extent of your desires, there is no consent [50:00] Getting to the basics of self intimacy [53:00] The difference between nourishing and satisfying [56:20] The divine opportunity for eyes open connection HOW TO CONNECT WITH OUR GUEST Website: Book: Instagram: Youtube:   MEMORABLE QUOTES “That was so reflexive I never felt the feeling. That’s the point of defenses, is that they keep you from feeling. Why? Because we imagine and learn as children that this is an existential matter, that those feelings get coupled with literally, life or death consequences.” [10:27]   “If I can find meaning in what I am experiencing, I have a couple degrees of freedom, where then I can begin to play with possibilities that, maybe,what I think may not actually be the full truth.” [15:20]     To learn more about me and to stay connected, visit the links below: Website: The Girlfriend Doctor Instagram: The Girlfriend Doctor  
On This episode of the Girlfriend Doctor, we had a conversation with Dr. Mindy Pelz, a fasting expert and author of Fast like a Girl! She is making fasting accessible and safe for women to practice in their daily lives. The key is to build awareness of your cycle and strategically plan your fasting to support your hormones. By tapping into your body’s wisdom, you can reap the full health and spiritual benefits of fasting.  It is no coincidence that most cultures practice fasting because it allows your body and mind to cleanse. Fasting is known to increase your energy and by integrating fasting into your life you can live longer, healthier and happier lives. Your energy is often reflected back at you by those around you and fasting is a natural way to  clear negativity and gain clarity in moments of turmoil.    KEY TAKEAWAYS[1:30] The effects of long term fasting [6:50] The ideas behind Fast like a Girl [8:30] The key to the fasting cycle [11:30] Structuring your fasting around your menstrual cycle [16:30] The science of fasting [18:20] How to properly break your fast [20:40] Using fasting to rebuild the microbiome [22:20] The ideal meal to break the fast [26:30] The best diet is the one you can keep [28:10] Snacking during your fast can help you endure longer fasts [30:10] How long is too long [35:00] short term dry fasts can promote fat loss [39:00] The spiritual side of fasting [43:20] The people around you often match your own energy [45:00] Should you fast during the flu HOW TO CONNECT WITH OUR GUESTWebsite: Pre Order Book:   MEMORABLE QUOTES “I see a lot of evidence that you are rebooting dopamine receptor sites, you know if you really want to heal the body, you get to know yourself in a 72 hour fast. I love the longer fasts for women they just have to be timed to a woman’s cycle if she still has it”  [2:48]   “If we look at a woman’s menstrual cycle, when hormones go high during ovulation and the week before our period, that’s when things have to change and each one of those sections have to be a little bit different.”  [11:35]     “ When you’re fasting you’re changing your whole microbiome in your gut and when we look at some of the critics of fasting there’s a lot of people, mostly men, that are saying, no it’s bad for the microbiome. Well, what it’s doing is you’re breaking down the old and you’re bringing back the new.” [20:40]   “When you take water out of the equation, you force your body to go find other areas it stores water and burn that.” [36:40]     To learn more about me and to stay connected, visit the links below: Website: The Girlfriend Doctor Instagram: The Girlfriend Doctor
On this week’s episode of The Girlfriend Doctor, I spoke with Jenn Pike, the head mentor at The Hormone Project. Jenn is a medical exercise specialist and a functional diagnostic nutritionist. On her YouTube channel, Simplicity TV, she is helping women break free from negative patterns and discover their courage to live a life of authenticity.  When life demands so much of your time and attention it is easy to lose yourself, one sacrifice at a time. When burnout consumes you, there comes a moment when you must decide to prioritize your own joy and desire. Bravery can be as simple as making time for yourself everyday.  Living your authentic self is more than just a mindset, it is committing to the lifestyle that energetically aligns with your desires. This can mean giving up things you once loved or adding in new experiences that fulfill you. No matter what you’re called to do, using your body as the guide will lead you to act on what fulfills, nourishes and inspires you. It can be difficult to let go of the woman you once were but how much more exciting is it to become the woman of your dreams!   KEY TAKEAWAYS: [4:40] Unapologetically stepping into your authentic self [6:45] How to see your “regrets” for what they really are…learning experiences  [8:12] Health issues often manifest when you aren’t in alignment with yourself [9:40] Lifting the energetic weight to live the life you desire [10:40] Breaking free of patterns and dealing with burnout  [11:30] Making room for joy and relaxation everyday [12:40] Addressing the root causes instead of focusing on the symptoms [13:30] Grieving the woman you had to be  [16:50] Rebirth can be simply getting better at what you already do [18:30] Making time for your Soul Appointment [23:40] Allowing yourself to evolve and become courageous [25:30] Menopause is when you level up into the wisest version of yourself [32:00] What you believe becomes your truth   HOW TO CONNECT WITH OUR GUEST   MEMORABLE QUOTES “The only person who has to actually know that this is where you are at in your life, in the beginning, is you.” [5:40] “We go through kind of different phases of emotions, so I find for a lot of women and I went through this at times too when there’s actually a bit of a grieving process that has to happen, where you grieve the women that you had to be or that you once were and you allow her to be released and dissolve so you can actually step forward into this new energy.” [13:37] “There is this shift that happens when you are no longer prepared to sacrifice your level of comfort for “the thing”.” [19:40]     To learn more about me and to stay connected, visit the links below: Website: The Girlfriend Doctor Instagram: The Girlfriend Doctor
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