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Author: Sandy Ciaramitaro

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Hi Kids! Welcome to The Good Eggs podcast! The Good Eggs is a book series just for you (ages 6-12)! Follow the Eggs as they learn lessons about virtues, diversity, and service. Kindness, understanding, and helping others are important things to learn as you grow into a Good Egg! My name is Sandy Ciaramitaro and I am an author and school teacher (like Ms. Poach!) I know you will love the Eggs - be sure to visit our website,, for more! There are word searches, videos, a newsletter, a parent blog, plus you can read all about our foundation, which helps kids in need. Enjoy!
66 Episodes
Hi Kids! Welcome back – the Eggs are just finishing up packing food boxes for the Albumen Breakfast Stop. Let’s see how many they packed . . . and listen to what else might happen!
Hi Kids! Welcome to Chapter 4 of The Good Eggs in the Community! For the next two months, the Eggs have a very special assignment. They will be serving at a food bank. What’s that, you ask? Well, let’s listen in on the Eggs and find out!
Hi Kids – I hope you are doing well and have been giving your pets some extra love this month! Remember, we left off with not knowing about Snowball and Daisy, and whether or not they would be adopted by Megg and Coach Flo. And the pet supplies drive was in full swing. Let’s check in and get an update . . .
Hi Kids! Welcome to Chapter 3 of The Good Eggs in the Community! The next two months the Eggs will be serving at their local animal shelter, The Albumen Animal Rescue, or better known as the AAR. I wonder what they will learn and discover about our furry friends! Let’s check in and find out!
Hey kids – welcome back! The Eggs are finishing up their community service with the Albumen Omelette Oasis and the seniors that live there. Remember, Reggie kept sneezing and everyone thought he was getting sick. They were concerned about the older residents catching a virus. Let’s check in and see what’s happening . . .
Hi Kids – and welcome! During the months of November and December, we will explore Chapter 2 of The Good Eggs in the Community! It’s all about helping the older folks around us, which we call our elders. An elder is someone who is older than you and is living a life filled with wisdom, however, sometimes they may need a helping hand. Let’s see how the Eggs get involved with a senior living center in Albumen!
Hi Kids and welcome back! Last month we began Season 3 - The Good Eggs in the Community. The first type of service the Eggs participated in was to help children. They learned about Operation Egg Equip and found it to be an amazing organization! After Mr. Crackle’s tour, the Eggs are ready to get to work; but I wonder why Benedict is so preoccupied with the Little Egg in the film? Let's find out . . .
Hi Kids and welcome to The Good Eggs in the Community! In previous podcasts, we were introduced to the Eggs in book 1 as they learned about virtues, then we journeyed with them around the world in book 2. Now with book 3, we will be back home with the Eggs in Albumen to see what it means to serve the community! Are you ready? The Eggs are back at school and discussing the Ambassador program from the United Nations, which will have them working in different kinds of community service – today they’ll learn about being ambassadors for children! Each service project expands over two months, so we will do these chapters in two parts; one each month. I know you'll love this last book in the series. Remember to visit for more information and fun!
Hi Kids! Can you believe we have come to the end of Book 2, The Good Eggs Travel the World? This last chapter has the Eggs returning to their hometown, but first making a stop in New York City to talk with the United Nations about their year of travel. They even reunite with a special friend at the airport! The Eggs are ready to have their meeting with the United Nations to discuss their trip around the world! Listen in! Make sure to join us in September for the third and final book in this amazing series, The Good Eggs In the Community! See you then!
Hi Lassies and Lads - are you ready to explore Scotland? The Eggs are landing in Edinburgh airport, the capital city of Scotland. In this episode, they will learn about Scottish history and heritage, and even explore a real castle! And do you think they'll see Nessie, the Loch Ness monster? Ms. Poach is unsure of what a boat trip in the Loch will bring them. Are her fears realized? Listen to find out!
Hi Kids! The Eggs are landing in Oslo, the capital city of Norway! Oh the sites they'll see! Breathtaking! They will also take a cruise down a fjord (fee-ord) and end up near the Arctic Circle in the summer where the sun shines for 24 hours a day! Enjoy your adventure!
Hi Kids! Are you ready to explore Italy? It's my favorite place - I love it there! Listen as the Eggs meet Angelo and Margherita, say hello to Peggy and goodbye to Benedict. The Eggs explore this beautiful country with a visit to Pisa, Venice and more! And Benedict gets an unwanted bath! Have fun and enjoy some pizza tonight!
Hey Kids! After a short plane ride, the Eggs land in Tel Aviv, Israel! They experience a beautiful sea and a Shabbat tradition. What's that, you say? Listen to find out! You'll also visit the Old City (Jerusalem) and even discover how they float in the Dead Sea without a raft! What? Enjoy this episode!
Hi Kids - the Eggs made it to Egypt! What will they discover here? So much to explore - and how does Benedict become a hero? Does Ms. Poach get slimed by a camel? Listen and put yourself in Egypt with the Eggs - imagine the pyramids and beautiful scenery. You'll even learn how to write a secret language!
Hi Kids! The Eggs are landing in New Delhi, the capital city of India! They will be introduced to Shelly's friend, Rashi, who will be their host during their time in India. They will attend a real Indian wedding, complete with dancing music and amazing food! They also attend a cricket match (what's cricket, you say?) and visit a tiger reserve - take a listen! So much to learn!
Hi Kids! Well, the Eggs left Australia and headed for the Land of the Rising Sun - Japan! When they landed in Tokyo, they were greeted with a surprise show of fireworks in the sky - but why? They also took a speedy ride on the Bullet Train with their new friend, Takumi. They flew kites, had a tea ceremony and played a baseball game! You will also learn some Japanese words - do you know how to say hello and goodbye in Japanese? Enjoy this episode!
Hi Kids! Well, the Eggs landed safely in Australia and met a new friend, Lishy. She took them on a glass-bottom boat over the Great Barrier Reef! Wow - it was an amazing sight to see with all the vibrant colors of coral and sea life. And a surprise guest arrived, too! I wonder who it is? And - more adventure awaits . . .
Hi Kids! Welcome to Zambia, Africa! This is such an exciting place to be - the Eggs will experience the Victoria Falls, eat some yummy food, attend a drum beat dance party, and even go on a safari! Which animals do you think they will see? And which animal did Reggie want to see the most? : )
Hi Kids! Are you ready to get started traveling the world? I know the Eggs are ready! Enjoy learning about the country of Chile! The sights are incredible and they meet a new friend, too!
Hi Kids! We are back from summer break and ready to begin a new school year full of surprises for the Eggs! Book 2 in The Good Eggs series, The Good Eggs Travel the World, is full of travel, learning, and adventure. You will learn about people all around the globe. Their customs, culture, and language will give you a glimpse into the amazing diversity that fills out world. This first chapter focuses on how the Eggs learned about their study-abroad program. So get ready and fasten your seat belt - our plane is about to take off!
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