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Author: Harland Williams

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Get your dose of Harland's twisted world of comedy on The Harland Highway. This is the place to be for Harland Williams jokes, commentary, interviews, observations & hilarious reoccurring characters. Put the pedal to the metal & tear on down The Harland Highway!
1186 Episodes
JASON ELLIS talks skateboards, koalas, GOD, and goes on an Australian walkabout with Harland Catch Harland LIVE at his upcoming comedy shows:  WISEGUYS - LAS VEGAS - JUNE 7 - 8 DESERT RIDGE IMPROV - PHOENIX, AZ - JUNE 14 - 16See for privacy information.
The hilarious Jeff Richards joins this week's Harland Highway Podcast  Catch Harland LIVE at his upcoming comedy shows:  WISEGUYS - LAS VEGAS - JUNE 7 - 8 DESERT RIDGE IMPROV - PHOENIX, AZ - JUNE 14 - 16See for privacy information.
Mark Normand joins the Harland Highway and talks hecklers, Norm Mcdonald, and losing his virginity to a cougar! Catch Harland LIVE at his upcoming comedy shows:  SHOWTIME COMEDY CLUB- ONTARIO, CANADA - MAY 24 - 25 WISEGUYS - LAS VEGAS - JUNE 7 - 8See for privacy information.
Kirk Fox joins the Harland Highway again to talk orgies, art and eight to ten inches.See for privacy information.
Francesco Ramos opens up about marriage, the rise of AI, and the hunt for serial killers in latest interview #107See for privacy information.
Comedian Todd Glass tells us about his love for entertaining friends, creating his new show, and gum-swallowing!See for privacy information.
Harland Williams answers important fan questions!See for privacy information.
From Will Ferrell stories to Larry's Fish and Chips - Harland answers questions from viewers like you!See for privacy information.
Harland breaks down humanoids, Nicolas Cage, Bigfoot, and more in this solo episode!See for privacy information.
Harland Williams and Howie Mandel talk about childhood games, pranks, and growing up!See for privacy information.
Jeremiah Watkins and Harland Williams talk about the dark side of entertainment, and show us how a praying mantis prays!See for privacy information.
Our 100th EPISODE with SNL star KEVIN NEALON - showbiz stories and an open wound as he bleeds on this enchanting episode!See for privacy information.
Greg Fitzsimmons talks disturbing doctor visits, honeymooning in Bali, and much more!See for privacy information.
Comedian Jeff Dye talks baseball, addiction, and all things Big Foot!See for privacy information.
Comedian Taylor Williamson talks lot lizards, swingers, and auditions to be the next mole man! See for privacy information.
Craig Shoemaker talks mules, childhood memories, and his look-alike Kevin Costner! See for privacy information.
Comedian Pete Holmes talks children in earthquakes, life, therapy, and the cycle of a butterfly!See for privacy information.
Jeff Ross, the Roastmaster, talks about some of the stand up greats that died recently, and also gets handed the ultimate roast challenge by Harland.See for privacy information.
Kirk talks orgies, blow darts and exotic cars! Always insane and ridiculous!! FUN!!See for privacy information.
Harland talks Tesla, warns of possible alien invasion, and freaky garden critters!See for privacy information.
Comments (22)

Barry Horton

pathetic vulgar self-serving. shame on you both .

Jan 13th

Andrew Evan

chin will go down as one of the worst producers of all time. asian cuck. build railroads

Oct 3rd
Reply (2)

JD Sea

I don't listen to podcasts. But this one I have.BOOM

Feb 9th

Johanna Armone

This woman is garbage.

Jun 7th

Justin C Parrish

Cocooning, lol. Just finished spraying webs out analis

Apr 5th

Adam J Southcott

oh, how could i forget about my favorite TV show: how white is my rice?

Dec 19th
Reply (1)

Adam J Southcott

this episode blew my mind. I called in and rapped after the Rutherford Grimes character made me laugh till I cried. somehow Harland hit two birds with one stone by playing my clip AND doing my favorite bit on Forest Whittaker while riffing on my call. what more can I ask for. amazing 👌

Sep 11th
Reply (1)

My random videos

come back

Aug 31st


gonna miss ya, Harland. Thanks for the laughs.

Aug 20th


S'Mores ghost in the tent. lol

Feb 18th

Brian Walker

It isn't a sidestep when people say "conversation" it's usually intelligent people that understand there's more nuance to the issues than the people trying to push them through. Do you think these politicians don't have an agenda? When there's no conversation that's when you know you're getting fucked. So you think they should just do what they want instead of explaining the process or sorting through their differences?

Feb 8th
Reply (1)


Fun podcast. Great guest.

Jan 30th


omg...I cried at the stand up part.

Jan 7th


I think Wally trained under Mr. Featherstone.

Dec 13th

B Ta

Quality, one man variety show! Wild, imaginative, current, thought provoking, sincere (adult) entertainment. L

Jul 30th

Constant Reader

Needs guests. occasionally do it alone, but talking to himself is annoying

Jul 24th

zac juggalozac420

Harland is the 🐐

Apr 16th