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Author: Monique Koven

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Monique Koven is a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach and worked as a Social Worker for over 25 Years. As a survivor herself, she features conversations with Trauma experts & survivors to offer hope for the healing journey.

Disclaimer:The content on this podcast is not counselling advice nor a substitute for individual therapy. The content is for information purposes only. The information provided is not intended to be used as a replacement for medical and mental health advice. Follow the advice of your licensed mental health professional.
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Tamara McClintock Greenberg, Psy.D., M.S., a beloved returning guest joins me on the podcast today. She is the author of six books including The Complex PTSD Coping Skills Workbook & Treating Complex Trauma. Tamara is a clinical psychologist in private practice in San Francisco, CA, where she specializes in treating adults with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, trauma, and those who are coping with medical illness, either as a patient or affected family member. She also has extensive experience with older adults and their children regarding coping with dementia or other medical illnesses. In addition, Tamara treats couples, as well as families with adult children. Her therapeutic approach is active and engaging and she uses a variety of evidence-based techniques that focus on reducing symptoms and feeling more connected to others. She has been practicing psychology in San Francisco since 1997. As a Volunteer Full Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco, Tamara spent over 12 years seeing medical patients and their families in the UCSF hospitals and clinics and has spent the last 25 years supervising psychiatry residents, psychology interns and students in a number of different training centers. Watch here: Youtube Tamara’s Latest Book: Her Website:
We are joined again with therapist Dr. Mark McNear to discuss what spiritual bypassing is and how important it is to understand the whole person. Dr. Mark McNear, a licensed clinical social worker, and author of the book Finding My words, A Ruthless Commitment To Healing Gently After Trauma. Mark shares his personal journey of healing from childhood trauma and finding his words. Dr. Mark McNear's website: "Finding My Words" book: Meet with Monique Thank you Mark for sponsoring the episode.
Trigger warning: Childhood sexual abuse. On today's episode I am joined with Dr. Mark McNear, a licensed clinical social worker, and author of the book Finding My words, A Ruthless Commitment To Healing Gently After Trauma. Mark shares his personal journey of healing from childhood trauma and finding his words. To learn more or to purchase Dr. Marks book, head to the link below: Get his book here: Mark's website:⁠ This episode was sponsored by Mark M.McNear LCSW.
On today's episode I am joined with Michelle Mays. Michelle Mays is a Licensed Professional Counselor and expert in treating sexual betrayal and trauma. She's also the author of the book The Betrayal Bind: How to Heal When the Person You Love the Most Has Hurt You the Worst.  She reveals the depth of the devastating dilemma that betrayed partners face when their significant other is unsafe to connect with, yet connection is the key to healing. Michelle looks at betrayal through the lens of attachment, as our attachment system is the very thing that connects us with anyone in our lives, and how betrayal causes a break in the attachment bond to the person we are closest with, shattering trust, and leaving a betrayed partner feeling unsafe and violated. This was a very informative and rich conversation. If you can't see the video here, watch and subscribe to my youtube channel Michelle's Website & Resources Her Book⁠ can be found here: you to PartnerHope LLC for sponsoring this episode Consult with Monique
*Trigger warning: Talk of Sexual abuse On today's episode I sat down with Amy Nordhues, author and survivor of both childhood sexual abuse and sexual abuse as an adult at the hands of a mental health professional. Her story is detailed in her book “Prayed Upon, Breaking Free From Therapist Abuse.” During our conversation Amy touches on some of the following: The inner workings of the abuse process of adult victims  -How past childhood trauma can make an adult vulnerable to predators -Understanding how an otherwise functional adult can be duped provides much needed healing for the victim and aides loved ones in providing support -Recognizing and bringing “into the light” the defective beliefs that are causing victims to doubt their own realities and become ensnared by abusers and more. Thank you so much Amy for sharing your vulnerable and personal experiences with the world in hopes of helping others feel less alone and more empowered. Watch the episode on video on YouTube Thank you for your sponsorship as it helps to keep this podcast going. Link to purchase Amy's book Amy's website: Monique’s website
I am still in vacation mode and have taken a little break from recording and sharing, however I was inspired to record a short video after I shared a post over on IG which says "Feeling Safe is Essential To Healing." I realized a little video may be helpful to elaborate just a tiny bit. Should be back to recording sometime in August.
Today I am sharing a video episode to watch or listen to. Dr. Lindsay Gibson joins us on the podcast to discuss “Emotionally Immature Parents”. Dr. Gibson has been a psychologist for over thirty years, working in both public and private practice. In the past, she has served as an adjunct assistant professor in Clinical Psychology, teaching doctoral students clinical theory and psychotherapeutic techniques. Dr. Gibson is the author of four books: Who You Were Meant to Be, Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents, Recovering from Emotionally Immature Parents and Self-Care for Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents: Honor Your Emotions, Nurture Your Self & Live With Confidence. Lindsay’s book “ Adult Children Of Emotionally Immature Parents” prompted me to reach out to her to ask her more. YouTube video ***Note *** I will be taking some time away. I have some great guests conversations lined up for when we resume. Take good care everyone!
I had the absolute honor and pleasure of talking with author,counsellor, educator, activist and childhood sexual abuse survivor Rosie McMahan. I decided to share this one via video (available through spotify platform & youtube). Rosie is the author of Fortunate Daughter: A Memoir of Reconciliation. Rosie and her family were one of the first families to work with renowned Trauma expert and psychiatrist Dr. Judith Herman and therapist Emily Schatzow in the 1970's. Dr. Judith Herman understood the need for survivors to take back their power and speak their truth about the impact of the abuse. With their guidance and support Rosie participated in family confrontation and disclosure where she gave her "Victim Statement." Listen as we discuss her memoir and questions around disclosure, empowerment and healing. About the book: Fortunate Daughter: A Memoir of Reconciliation. Though the book begins as an all-too-common story of childhood sexual abuse, it gradually becomes a rare story of how one person heals from that early trauma. In this intimate first-person narrative, McMahan offers the reader a portrait of misery, abuse, and hurt, followed by the difficult and painful task of healing.  It’s a journey that, in the end, reveals the complicated and nuanced venture of true reconciliation and the freedom that comes along with it. Fortunate Daughter: A Memoir of Reconciliation is a first prize winner in the 2021 Chanticleer International Journey Book Awards. First, a daughter, sister, wife, and mother, McMahan identifies as an irreverent and opinionated white cisgendered woman, who is also a survivor, a feminist, writer, educator, counselor, attending Quaker, community activist, and avid botanical enthusiast. Her poetry has been published in several journals. She works at MA Mentoring Partnership and owns and operates Optimistic Options, a private practice rooted in trauma informed care and restorative justice principles. Learn more about her book Purchase Here Rosie's website Rosie's Podcast:  Heart2Heart Listen to conversation with Dr. Judith Herman and Emily Schatzow, the two clinicians that worked with Rosie and her family. Hear what they have to say on the topic of breaking secrecy.
On today's episode I welcome back psychologist and author Dr. Tamara McClintock Greenberg. The complexities of caregiving through illness, aging and the end of life issues is extremely challenging when there is a history of trauma/abuse/neglect by a parent in the family. This is a huge topic and one we will only cover very briefly. Dr. Greenberg offers ideas to help you think things through when it comes to determining your capacity & involvement. Dr. Greenberg's books: Her website: Monique's website:
In this episode I’m releasing an episode from 2021 with author, teacher, speaker and researcher Dr. Kristin Neff. In our conversation, Kristin explains what self- compassion is and how we can balance having both tender and fierce Self-Compassion on our journey of healing from Trauma. You can connect with Kristin www.selfcompassion. Thank you to our sponsor Dr Tamara Mc Clintock Greenberg.
On today’s episode podcast I am releasing one of the past most listened to episode. Podcast host Monique Koven is talking to trauma expert Kathy Steele about Trauma-Related Dissociation. Kathy Steel is a psychotherapist, consultant, trainer and author. She has co authored numerous books including Coping With Trauma- related Dissociation: Skills For Training Patients and Therapists & Treating Trauma - Related Dissociation. Thank you to sponsor Tyndale House Publishers. Strong Like Water Meet with Monique
Emma Stevens is back with us to talk about her second memoir “ A Fire Is Coming.” She is a U.S. domestic adoptee from birth and has survived layers of trauma that have put her on multiple journeys. Her traumas were born from first being relinquished, and then becoming an adoptee to abusive parents. Her developmental trauma increased her vulnerability to fall prey to an exploitative therapist. She has great courage to share and hopes to inform & educate others. You can get her book here.
On today's episode I had the joy of welcoming back trauma therapist and author Aundi Kolber.  Our conversation focused around her brand new book, Strong like Water: Finding the Freedom, Safety, and Compassion to Move through Hard Things--and Experience True Flourishing . Connect with Aundi Kolber at or on Instagram or TwitterFacebook: Strong Like WaterBUY ON AMAZON Thank you Tyndale House Publishers for sponsoring this episode. To meet with Monique :
Today I’m joined with clinical psychologist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner Dr. Susana Kugeares. We talked about somatic experiencing and how trauma patterns develop in the body and why when you are working with trauma and the body it’s important to go slowly with awareness as opposed to wanting to rush through the healing work. You can find Dr. Kugeares on Psychology Today and LinkedIn. Today’s episode is sponsored by Tyndale House Publishers. Dr. Daniel G. Amen newest book Change Your Brain Everyday is available for preorder To find out more about Monique's work
Today's guest is Dr. Tamara McClintock Greenberg. She is a clinical psychologist in private practice in San Francisco and a clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of California. She is also an author and her latest book is The Complex PTSD Coping Skills Workbook: An Evidence-Based Approach to Manage Fear and Anger, Build Confidence, and Reclaim Your Identity.  During the episode, Tamara talks about the importance of having present day coping skills to manage some of the common symptoms of complex PTSD such as anger and fear and how they can show up in present day relationships.  She shares why she views Trauma as an "Identity Theft" and talks about the difference between PTSD and Complex PTSD. Tamara's writing has focused on care taking, health psychology, psychodynamic psychology, women’s issues and trauma, with the aim of helping people navigate complex physical and/or psychological issues. Tamara is the author of six books and numerous contributed chapters. She is a champion of combining multiple approaches to treating the nuances and intricacies of psychological problems and has advocated for integration of psychotherapy methods, as dogmatic adherence to just 1-2 approaches can limit the help we can provide to clients. Tamara's books:  The Complex PTSD Coping Skills Workbook: An Evidence-Based Approach to Manage Fear and Anger, Build Confidence, and Reclaim Your Identity Treating Complex Trauma: Combined Theories and Methods. When Someone You Love Has Chronic Illness To find out more about her work Meet with Monique through a 1:1 Consult
This episode is a rerelease recorded two years ago with best selling author, speaker and psychotherapist Dr. Tina Payne Bryson. We chat about attachment science and ways that parents can start to reflect and make sense of their own attachment history. ⭐️TRAUMA SUPER CONFERENCE FREE REPLAY REGISTER FEB 25- 27/23 Thank you to our sponsor Tyndale House Publishers Company. Dr. Daniel G. Amen newest book Change Your Brain Everyday is available for preorder Dr. Tina Bryson More info on Monique's work
It has been 30 years since renowned trauma expert and psychraist Dr. Judith L Herman wrote her groundbreaking work TRAUMA AND RECOVERY.  She changed our understanding of trauma.   Her new book TRUTH AND REPAIR: How Trauma survivors Envision Justice is coming out March 2023 I am so thrilled to be sharing this conversation with you.  *Note: This is a video podcast episode available through spotify platform. All other platforms are audio only.  A couple of highlights of the conversation.  A little bit of history of the development of her groundbreaking work. What she discovered that lead to the development and concept of Complex PTSD. " If trauma originates in Injustice, doesn't recovery involve justice?" Talked about what she found survivors really want most when it comes to justice. Her book is now available on preorder and release date is March 14, 2023 **TRAUMA SUPERCONFERENCE REGISTRATION  begins this week!  Feb 13 - 19/23 More information on Monique's Work *watch on YouTube
Today I am joined with a much loved former guest Owen Morgan. Owen is a wellbeing coach and founder of The Awareness Space.  Owen gets real and personal as he shares his recent journey of becoming more and more embodied.  He talks about experiencing emotions he hasn't felt before and that because of early trauma he left his body and began to live mainly from his thinking mind.  To learn more about Owen's work & podcast - TRAUMA SUPER CONFERENCE REGISTER HERE   FEB 13 -19 /2023 Thank you to our sponsor Tyndale House Publishers Company. Dr. Daniel G. Amen newest book Change Your Brain Everyday is available for preorder More info on Monique's work
l am joined with Dr. Maureen Gallagher, psychologist, Somatic Experiencing faculty member, and Inner Relationship Focusing Trainer. Maureen is my teacher at S.E and I’m asking her lots of questions to support you in your understanding of what is happening in your body and mind as it relates to trauma.   TRAUMA SUPER CONFERENCE REGISTER HERE For more information on Maureen's work, visit: Thank you to our sponsor Tyndale House Publishers Company. Dr. Daniel G. Amen newest book Change Your Brain Everyday is available for preorder More info on Monique's work
Trigger Warning: The following episode contains conversations touching on suicide of a partner.  On today's episode I am joined with Alexandra Wyman.  Alexandra is an Amazon best-selling author of The Suicide Club: What To Do When Someone You Love Chooses Death, a guide to navigate the grief process after loss by suicide.  Alexandra was plunged into grief and shock when her husband died by suicide. The sudden loss of the love of her life left her reeling with so many unanswered questions.  One of the reasons she decided to write the book was to provide others with the kind of guidance and support she needed and could not find.  You can find her book here:The Suicide Club: What to Do When Someone You Love Chooses Death  Her Website: Thank you Scribe Media for sponsoring this episode. Trauma Coaching Offerings and Resources
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Lori Lavender Luz

I really loved listening to Emma Steven's story of healing from trauma. I've got her book in hand and I can't wait to read it. Thanks, Monique, for a wonderful interview.

Jul 23rd

Michelle Barbieri Bailey

great episode and topic! that was a discussion that was so needed!

Jun 29th


Monique you are such an inspiration! Thank you for all that you do.

Apr 24th
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Moriah Jule

Thank you so much Monique!!! your podcast episodes help me so much! If you're thinking about working with Monique one on one you definitely should. I've worked with her and she has helped me so much. she's so compassionate, insightful, and thoughtful!!

Nov 30th

Moriah Jule

you have such a gift Monique!! thank you for sharing your gifts with the world!!!

Nov 26th
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Discernment Queen

Better audio please. Very low on my end. Love your content. Thanks!

Nov 8th
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Moriah Jule

I really enjoy listening to these podcasts! Monique is so compassionate, you can hear it through her voice. I got a lot of insights and support through these podcasts, thanks Monique!!

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