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The House is Canada's most popular political affairs show. Every Saturday the program takes you to Parliament Hill — and around the country — for in-depth coverage and analysis of the week’s major political news.
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MPs, gun control advocates and a gun range owner weigh in on a dramatic shift in the Liberals’ gun control policy, before Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino sits down to talk about what might come next. B.C. Premier David Eby describes what he’d like to see in major health care negotiations starting next week. Plus — The House takes an in-depth look at why Canada is showing renewed interest in the final frontier.
Former MPs Scott Simms, Lisa Raitt and Peggy Nash discuss the Liberals’ pending decision on the Rogers-Shaw merger and growing government consulting costs. Defence and intelligence experts weigh in on the Russian mercenary Wagner Group. Opposing lawyers Paul Champ and James Manson each give their side of the case in the developing convoy protest class-action. Plus — former clerk of the privy council Alex Himelfarb discusses an attempt to quantify the costs of misinformation.
Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc discusses the debate over increasing privatization in health care, then journalists André Picard and Rob Benzie weigh in. An Afghan MP discusses the threat to her life. Plus — two experts talk about the fight against Russian disinformation in Canada and abroad.
Canada’s ambassador to the UN Bob Rae discusses the situation in Haiti and what sort of role this country might play. The House hears from a Nova Scotian whose mother-in-law died after a lengthy ER wait, and two experts weigh in on how to get more family doctors into the health-care system. Plus — journalists Shannon Proudfoot and Paul Wells analyze what former finance minister Bill Morneau’s book says about the prime minister’s approach to governing.
Transport Minister Omar Alghabra discusses significant delays and cancellations of planes and trains over the holidays, and The House hears from those fighting for accountability for Flight PS752. Plus — Ambassador Kirsten Hillman talks about the effect of a new U.S. Congress on Canada-U.S. relations, and political strategists Dennis Matthews and Dan Arnold analyze the impact of Pierre Poilievre’s “everything feels broken” slogan.
The Emergencies Act inquiry saw dozens of witnesses testify over six weeks — from protesters and the people affected, to police and politicians — all giving their side of how the self-styled Freedom Convoy came to take hold and why the government ultimately used the Act’s extraordinary powers to dislodge them. The CBC’s Janyce McGregor followed every day of the inquiry and on this special edition of The House, walks through the moments that mattered most.
It was a busy year in Canadian politics — but how much of it do you actually remember? Listen along and test your political smarts as host Catherine Cullen quizzes three political journalists on some of the most important political twists and turns of 2022.
The House travels to Montreal to talk with experts and decision makers at the COP15 biodiversity conference, including Kenyan coral reef scientist David Obura, former top COP negotiator Tim Hodges, academic and Amazon activist Alicia Guzmán León, Indigenous biodiversity expert Tyson Atleo and Canada’s Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault and Germany representative Jochen Flasbarth.
Chief Kyra Wilson of Long Plain First Nation talks about her efforts to push forward a search for the remains of missing women in Winnipeg. The House speaks to the owner of a gun range in Calgary about his concerns over government firearms laws, then Liberal MP Taleeb Noormohamed defends his party’s efforts. Plus — an in-depth conversation with U.S. Ambassador David Cohen about Canada’s approach to China and his first year in Ottawa.
The CEO of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce and two political strategists talk about the Alberta Sovereignty Act. The head of a gun control group discusses the uproar over amendments to a firearms bill. Experts Vina Nadjibulla and Jeff Nankivell analyze Canada’s Indo-Pacific strategy. Plus — the EU executive’s vice-president outlines Europe’s energy needs in the face of the ongoing war in Ukraine.
On this week’s show: The Prime Minister appeared at the Emergencies Act inquiry – journalists Tonda MacCharles and Paul Wells discuss his testimony. Then, the mayor of a town devastated by floods reacts to the new National Adaptation Strategy. Plus — Elizabeth May and Jonathan Pedneault explain how they’ll co-lead the Greens, The House looks into Alberta’s upcoming Sovereignty Act and Estonian President Alar Karis discusses Russian aggression.
On the sidelines of the Halifax Security Forum, The House speaks with a troop commander fighting for Ukraine about the stakes for her country, U.S. senators James Risch and Jeanne Shaheen about American military aid, and Anita Anand on Canada’s contributions. Two experts break down the threat of Chinese espionage and election interference. Plus — journalists Susan Delacourt and Stuart Thomson discuss Trudeau’s G20 encounter with Xi and amplification of misinformation on Iran.
The head of a children’s hospital talks about his efforts to cope with rising admissions, and health columnist André Picard explains developments in ongoing funding negotiations. From the sidelines of COP27, Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault discusses his government’s emissions plan. Plus — historian Anne Applebaum talks about what a possible end to the conflict in Ukraine might look like.
The House hears from a Canadian struggling to keep up with rising costs, before Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland details the government’s plan for the economy. Extremism expert Barbara Perry discusses what she saw this week at the Emergencies Act inquiry. Plus — the CBC’s Jennifer Chevalier takes an in-depth look at the debate over the notwithstanding clause, and two experts analyze the potential effects of new immigration targets.
The House digs into Canada’s changing foreign policy, hearing from Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly, before former diplomat Michael Small and the Business Council of Canada’s Goldy Hyder discuss the concept of “friendshoring.” Then, the CBC’s Emma Godmere looks into the trend of federal and provincial politicians taking up municipal roles. Plus — two journalists break down this week at the Emergencies Act inquiry.
Two experts discuss the impact of calls for reform, public inquiries and high-profile crises on policing in Canada. The House hears from someone with a disability about her struggles to get by, before Minister Carla Qualtrough explains why a new benefit could be a “once in a generation” piece of legislation. Plus — 45 years after Commons proceedings were first broadcast and The House went to air, two former MPs stroll down memory lane.
Journalists Susan Delacourt and Matt Gurney analyze the first days of the inquiry into the use of the Emergencies Act and its potential political fallout. Governor General Mary Simon discusses Arctic security and spending on her diplomatic trips. Plus, a Ukrainian MP describes her view of the war, and the head of the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine talks about tracking human rights abuses during the conflict.
Alberta has a new premier. Danielle Smith discusses her vision for the province’s future and two strategists weigh in on what this leadership change means for the rest of Canada. Plus — we hear from women inside Iran who are protesting their government and a foreign affairs analyst breaks down Canada's new sanctions. Plus, two energy experts talk about what this country needs to do to expand and secure its electrical grid.
Two MPs whose ridings have been struck by natural disasters discuss how to deal with the emotional toll, the immediate cleanup and the long-term rebuild. The House looks into whether Canada should have a dedicated disaster relief force and Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino responds to the federal-provincial battle over firearms restrictions. Plus — Canadian Medical Association president Dr. Alika Lafontaine reflects on reconciliation in the health-care sector.
UN Ambassador Bob Rae discusses Russia’s limited mobilization and the evolving war in Ukraine, MPs Nathaniel Erskine-Smith and Don Davies talk about a review of Canada’s cannabis rules and CBC reporter Kate McKenna digs into the issue of immigration in the current Quebec election. Plus — political scientist Jared Wesley and pollster Christian Bourque compare and contrast sovereignty movements in Alberta and Quebec.
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I am not a gun owner and not supporting any pro-gun legislations. But I loved the way Catherine told the Liberal MP “that was not my question” when the MP was going to make a speech about his ideology instead of answering the question. More of this is needed to get some real responses from all politicians. Well done Catherine 👌🏼

Dec 12th


Ahmed Hussen absolutely doesn’t know what’s going on in his department. Just take a look at the way he handled the backlog of immigration applications when he was minister of immigration and refugees. There was a question Jenny Kwan asked then about some numbers about PR applications and he didn’t have any idea about it. That clup is available on YouTube. Not sure how he is getting new roles on this government

Sep 5th


Wish you the best Chris

Jul 4th


Wow lots of beautiful numbers Minister Fraser mentioned. They put a lot more money to hire more staff to do the same job their department has been doing for a long time. They just changed the deadlines in their department to show things as shiny, like the waiting time for processing Citizenship applications was 12 months till 2 months ago and they suddenly changed it to 27 months (even for the applications submitted when deadline was 12 months) without giving any info about why their staff had delayed the old applications for more than 2 years. They give COVID as the main reason for the delays, but what about several applications still in progress from 2017??? Aren’t you tired of saying all these nonsense Mr Fraser? I can tell you that ordinary citizens and residents are so frustrated. You and your department are one of the main reasons a lot of people don’t have trust in the government anymore. You and your department are one of the main reasons immigrants prefer going to EU these days which will make things harder for Canadian businesses later when they couldn’t find skilled workers.

Jun 12th

Timera Boateng

it doesn't make sense to take people more since the price of there house rises. A house is not a liquid assets. there's a reason capital gains taxes exist

Apr 28th


Canada is not doing good on immigration compared to Europe. Just look at how EU is providing fast and easy work permits to the skilled workers to immigrate there and Canada is not even providing Permanent Residency and Citizenship to lots of entrepreneurs and skilled workers who have been working for years in Canada and paying lots of taxes. Instead, government decided to pour more money to the bucket of IRCC while the IRCC workers were collecting their salaries all these days and not doing what they supposed to do by delaying all the applications under their control. Canadian businesses will pay the price of this in the next 5-10 years for sure.

Apr 9th
Reply (3)


This is how you answer questions from the media asking if the government's response was good enough. Not with accusations and bluster, but with calm, diplomatic responses.

Apr 16th

Stacy Silver

Holy. Ease up! The woman didn't cause Covid19. It's hardly fair to rub her nose in or when her voice is quavering. She sounded exhausted.

Apr 5th

Janice Ackroyd


Jan 4th

Matthew Palomino

Yo manz have accent tho

Dec 13th

Jennifer Siemens

I had to skip this episode because I didn't want to listen to lies from Candice Bergen.

Nov 6th

Jennifer Siemens

anything you can do to improve the quality of audio when it comes to guests, especially ones who call in? it can be quite hard to hear them.

Jul 3rd
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