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Overview If the road from scarcity to prosperity isn’t on your map, it’s time to pave your own road. Debra connects with Jolie Dawn, an intuitive business coach, writer for Entrepreneur Magazine, and the bestselling author of eight Amazon books including Empowered, Sexy and Free.    Embodying the title of her work, Jolie reflects on the myriad of ways that the Universe put her on the path to where she is now, helping her create her very own road to prosperity and deep self-love. Armed with the tools Jolie collected through her life experiences, her life’s work is financial empowerment through entrepreneurship with support from a trauma-informed way.    Jolie and Debra discuss the implications of abundant Earth energy. Using Jolie’s Astrological chart Debra shows the high road and low road and how it has manifested in Jolie’s life. Jolie and Debra also take a deep dive into Jolie’s family life, highlighting the differences in generational perspectives and how the choices Jolie made in her life were vastly different from her parents.   Jolie embodies the freedom to follow your own rhythm on your own terms; this conversation highlights catalytic moments and will inspire you to think about your own scarcity mindset and self-doubt. Speaking of a shift in mindset, if you have any doubts or ambivalence about Astrology, tune in for Jolie’s first hand experience of how her time with Debra shifted her perspective on the power and accuracy of Astrology.    Key Highlights From The Episode Jolie’s road from scarcity to prosperity How trauma can be a catalyst for mindset shifts The spectrum of Earth energy and how it can play out The importance of following your own rhythm  How much Jolie’s Astrological practice has impacted her Timestamps [00:52] Introduction of Jolie Dawn [02:09] Who Jolie is within the business world [04:05] The writer in Jolie [05:16] The juxtaposition of Jolie’s Earth and Debra’s Air in their Astrological charts [06:20] A message about youth experiences and the functions of the brain [06:50] A traumatic event in Jolie’s life and how it affected her life [10:20] Discussing Jolie’s Astrological chart [13:40] Jolie’s Saturn Return and her mother’s passing [15:40] The transmutation of parental and generational karma  [16:35] What Jolie’s focus would be if she wasn’t focused on online business and how it relates to her Rising Sign [17:37] “I wish people would…” [18:37] Something in life Jolie couldn't live without [18:58] Someone no longer living that Jolie would love to have a conversation with [19:23] What Jolie loves about her career [20:22] The wisdom Jolie would love to impart on her younger self [21:12] Jolie’s Moon sign and why she sometimes wishes she had a different Moon sign in her chart [23:34] How much Jolie’s Astrological practice has impacted her [24:48] The generational differences between Debra and Jolie [26:50] The rejection Debra received in her graduate studies [27:50] What turns Jolie on about work [28:31] Jolie’s experience of reframing prosperity from what her mother taught her and how her past relationship was part of the catalyst to support her karmic future [32:11] Jolie’s past ambivalence about Astrology and how her mindset shifted with Debra [33:55] What stayed with Jolie the most in her time studying with Debra [34:56] What Debra saw with Jolie’s growth from studying Astrology [35:57] The distinction in Debra’s Astrological studying system [36:25] Debra’s gratitude for Jolie and Jolie sharing a funny line about their friendship  
How do we stay confident through uncertainty? Normal is no longer working; we have to be ready for change. The future is written and we are living it now. This podcast conversation goes where few are willing to go by discussing the uncertain reality of life on Earth, a parallel to how we can lean into confidence during any uncertainty in our own lives. Combine Aquarian spiritual journeys with Capricornian practical application and you get a solutions expert who goes on vision quests!    Your mind will be on fire after listening to this intellectual conversation with fast-moving futurist Brenna Simmons-St. Onge, executive director of The Alliance Center in Denver, Colorado. Brenna is working to bring sustainability and regeneration to humanity, not only with environmental stewardship, but with a collaborative effort between all human systems. Debra interviews Brenna about her work and her passion (uncovered by a major accident) for creating lasting change through tackling the world’s multi-faceted problems.  Discussing everything from how The Alliance Center’s Regenerative Recovery Coalition was born from a vision in meditation, to how humanity got here 10,000 years ago to the modern-day consequences of separating ourselves from Nature, Spirit and each other, this podcast really shoots straight to the heart of the matter.    Tune in to learn about how meditation and spirituality (including Astrology) are keys to saving humanity, along with Debra and Brenna’s predictions for the future in our challenging times.    Key Highlights From The Episode Five bullets from the episode that will really stick out for the listener Birthing a new humanity Healing the harm that has been done through regenerative systems Catching up to the futurist vision in the Age of Aquarius Brenna’s lessons from a major accident How meditation and spirituality (including Astrology) are keys to saving humanity Timestamps [1:56] Brenna introduces herself  [2:43] How and why Brenna crafted her own major in college  [3:55] Debra shares Brenna’s chart and explains her personality [6:26] Brenna discusses sustainability and our world systems [7:45] Getting to to the point of regeneration and healing the harm that has been done [8:10] Debra speaks on how Brenna is from the future [9:54] Debra asks Brenna about her spirituality [11:24] Debra says Brenna is a role model for living your purpose [12:31] A major accident where Brenna says she should have died and how it became a catalyst for stepping into service [15:04] Brenna’s working in a journal called Expanding Consciousness [15:42] How Debra was directed to Brenna [16:15] Brenna speaks to the opportunities with The Alliance Center  [18:26] How the world is responding to the futurist vision [19:03] How a daily meditation practice produced the vision for the Regenerative Recovery Coalition  [19:50] How Brenna knew the pandemic shutdown would change everything [20:31] The Alliance Center embraced her vision and has grown into a force for change [21:02] A breakdown of how the Regenerative Recovery Coalition operates [22:18] Hopes of creating a future where the Earth and all its inhabitants are being tended to [23:02] Brenna discusses a program called Extended Producer Responsibility [24:09] Brenna’s philosophy of environmental and social solutions [24:45] Debra asks Brenna a series of fun questions [29:56} How businesses and individuals are finding the Regenerative Recovery Coalition [31:53] The significant movement in workforce development with regards to climate change [34:02] Brenna describes her leadership style, learning to meet people where they’re at [35:37] Debra discusses some strong aspects in Brenna’s Astrology chart [37:09] How we are in the birth canal of a new humanity [38:50] What Brenna sees in the future [39:18] How climate change crises are going to be unmistakable and irreversible in the next 10 years [40:04] Brenna mentions the book author, Laura Stone who details how we got here through the ages and where we are now [41:03] How every big human evolution has continued to exasperate our separation [42:00] Remarks on the Age of Aquarius, a time of healing and regeneration [42:49] How do we extend the time that humans have on Earth? [43:12] Debra’s theory on the “bad” design of the human brain and how we can alter our program  [44:07] Why Debra presents climate issues on her platforms and podcast [44:50] Debra asks Brenna to discuss her meditation practice and how it came to be [48:34] Different ways of “knowing” to help us all tap into more source wisdom [49:46] Soul work and spirituality as Brenna’s base note [50:33] What Debra got out of the COVID lockdown period [51:01] Debra thanks Brenna and her Aquarius Rising  [53:18] Brenna’s visions of the time spiral continuum when she meditates [53:57] Debra’s Astrology chart reading on Brenna’s oldest son [54:42] Western medicine and Astrology [54:54] Don’t let labels define you or your kids
An open mind that releases all assumptions is the pathway to a diversity of ideas. Science, spirituality, gender identity, queerness, human evolution- this episode delves into all of these topics and beyond, allowing us to drop preconceived notions about what we think we know. We welcome you to a profoundly unique discussion that explores the depths of a Pisces and Gemini mind that award-winning author, filmmaker, and producer Kristen Wolf embodies.  Tune in as Debra and Kristen discuss how they create new realities by seeing the world through the eyes of an explorer, and offer permission to all people to open themselves up to the endless possibilities on this planet. With strength and vulnerability, Kristen opens up about her own journey as a queer person and the development of her innate creative talent as a writer and producer. Her first novel, The Way, beautifully explores gender identity and divinity in a compelling way, with a twist that will blow the minds of readers and critics. It’s a novel that got the attention of O Magazine, which recommended The Way as a “title to pick up now.” Kristen’s second novel, The Escapement, has also won multiple awards and numerous accolades from readers and writers alike. As an endless dreamer, Kristen has a special gift for getting people to push beyond boundaries of thought and expression; a very Pisces gift. Her honesty is penetrating yet gentle, and through her own explorations and writings, she shines a light on how one can cultivate a pathway of self discovery. With striking realness, Debra and Kristen dive into the fluidity of releasing attachment and avoiding the trap of fixed ideas. This is a powerful conversation you’ll want to repeat again and again as it gently guides you to look beyond your own assumptions about truth and possibility.  Key Highlights From The Episode Questioning what you think you know Approaching new things with a sense of wonder, creating new realities Queer identity and unpacking/celebrating the parts that are genuinely “you”  Assume anything is possible in all of science and spirituality Accept and explore the different sides of yourself, honor them in others Timestamps [1:21] Debra has been Kristen’s Astrologer for years  [1:47] About Kristen’s Big Three in Astrology [2:03] Kristen’s accomplishments in her own words [3:28] Kristen describes her book, The Way  [5:35] Debra explains Kristen’s imagination and how it connects to her chart [6:40] Delving into the binary conversation and gender fluidity [6:55] Debra describes Kristen’s gift of suspending the notion of time and assumed boundaries [7:27] Debra discusses Kristen’s Astrological chart  [9:04] What does Kristen read for fun?  [9:50] Debra discusses the professional placements in Kristen’s chart [10:36] The topics Kristen is interested in within the science journals she reads [11:19] Kristen discusses her hard drive and RAM memory, how she synthesizes information [12:31] Dismantling old constructs of society [13:15] Kristen enjoys looking beyond assumptions, like a scientist [13:47] You can’t find what you’re not looking for [14:12] Sexuality and gender identification [14:34] Kristen’s travels studying human mutations and abnormalities [15:41] Something Kristen has wondered about with those who identify as they/them [16:41] Science will eventually catch up to our feelings and instincts [16:51] The human tendency to leap to conclusion and need everything to be clearly labeled in boxes [17:04] The function of Astrology is the distinction of every human being allowed for diversity [17:53] Debra asks Kristen about her gender identity and how it evolved [18:19] Kristen’s Catholic upbringing  [19:03] How the idea for The Way got started. [19:20] Kristen being very spiritual as a child [19:44] Kristen’s experience with hiding her sexuality and then coming out [20:33] Kristen’s view of how queer people grow up as a version of themself [21:36] Supporting people’s courage to give themselves permission to be who they are [22:59] Kristen speaks about her most recent work on Broadway [23:39] An off-Broadway musical called A Strange Loop by Michael R. Jackson [25:00] Kristen’s support of the musical and helping to bring it to Broadway [26:45] The moral of that story, Debra says, is to follow your dream [27:05] Kristen being a “professional Pisces” [28:59] Something switched when Kristen turned 50 [29:43] Debra discusses Kristen’s ability to work with a team in the film industry [33:53] Kristen discusses a specific example of the artistic collaborative creation in her film [35:36] Debra discusses the fluidity of releasing attachment [35:55] Debra asks Kristen to finish a series of sentences [36:43] What Kristen would want to be if she wasn’t an author [37:19] The things Kristen can’t live without [37:43] Dead or alive, who would be at the top of Kristen’s list to converse with?  [38:51] When was the last time Kristen cried?  [39:50] Kristen looks at the fear and the optimism of what can happen with environmental issues [41:05] Sometimes the things that concern Kristen more are the things we don’t see coming [41:21] What will be the social impact of climate change?  [42:05] Kristen’s ability to expand (Pisces) and ground (Virgo) [42:45] Kristen’s authentic human self is non-linear [43:10] Accepting and exploring the other sides of yourself  [43:31] Debra’s promise in this lifetime to encourage uniqueness in people [43:53] Kristen loves how Debra mines potential for people and encourage them to embrace it [44:19] Debra’s experience with the people she reads for [44:47] About Kristen’s book, The Escapement [45:16] How Kristen validates Astrology “in spades”
Take a dive with a double Gemini into the nature of destiny, what’s beyond the veil, and how everything is medicine and everything serves. Be ready to enjoy heartfelt depth delivered by lyrical prowess and divine wisdom.    In this episode, we meet Ash Ruiz. Ash and Debra met at a memorial for a mutual friend, which Ash shares about in this podcast. An immediate Gemini-to-Gemini connection was sparked, and the rest is history… with the future ever so bright together.    Ash details his life thus far, having performed in his teens for millions of screaming fans across the planet with Latin-sensation band, Menudo, which led him to experiences in Peru that changed everything.   With an intensely vivid clarity spiked by constant spasms of rolling laughter, Ash’s workshops, talks, plant medicine ceremonies and music have been featured at The United Nations, on ABC’s Good Morning America, and in large spiritual communities and performance venues throughout the World. He has shared the stage with Deepak Chopra, The Oracle of Tibet, Neale Donald Walsch, Byron Katie, Ravi Shankar, Adyashanti, Gangaji, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Don Miguel Ruiz ... and now he is here, delighted to be of service to your ever-opening heart, on your adventurous freefall into vivid clarity.   You’ll walk away from this “hitchhiking trip” with Ash and Debra with a more peaceful perspective, and a yearning for more truth knowing destiny is directing the show, not the ego.    Enjoy more of Ash in Debra’s Astrological Immersion, happening now through early February!  Key Highlights From The Episode Five bullets from the episode that will really stick out for the listener How the energy of Neptune has influenced Ash’s life Bite-sized musings on the nature of destiny Finding magic in the mundane moments Everything has a place in the Universe What Debra calls “13th zodiac sign” Timestamps [01:03] Introducing the podcast and Ash Ruiz [02:34] Viewing Ash’s chart (see our video upload on YouTube for Ash’s chart) [04:41] How Ash and Debra met [05:14] Ash’s poem in memorial of a dear friend he shared with Debra [08:11] The beginning of Ash’s story [10:54] How a lack of language around sexuality in Latin culture manifested during Ash’s time in Menudo [11:45] Ash’s experience in knowing his sexuality at a young age and how his father was like his personal Jesus [14:10] More on Ash’s experience in his younger life within and after Menudo [17:22] Ash’s enlightening experience at Machu Picchu [19:47] The evidence of unwavering peace [21:15] The only thing that is real [21:47] Ash’s entrance into knowing plant medicine [23:52] Debra’s invitation to “hitchhike” with Ash [25:10] Ash’s musings on fame [25:37] Ash’s return to Peru where he stayed for two years [27:42] A trip to the veterinarian for Ash’s pet monkey presents an incredible ayahuasca opportunity [29:47] Ash’s intention for his ayahuasca journey [30:27] Details of Ash’s plant medicine journey [31:22] “What about this moment is the same?” [32:43] Ash’s love in sharing and connecting with the awareness of others [33:30] What Debra calls “the 13th sign” [34:30] The invitation in this moment for simplicity [35:25] What Ash focuses in his offerings to others [37:01] Evolutions and shifts in society and thought [37:39] How your storyline is an invitation from your soul to bring you home [38:52] Some of Ash’s teachers [39:20] The option of kindness [40:08] Musings on the nature of illusion [40:53] The only ingredient in the cosmos [41:33] The truth of consciousness and continuity [42:04] What meditation doesn’t require [42:40] Summarizing Ash’s story and its major points [43:55] In this lifetime, you’re preparing for your next one [44:38] The definition of being in love as told by Debra [44:55] Ash breaks into song and poem [49:00] Debra speaks to what you may be thinking after indulging in this podcast trip with Ash [49:47] Everyone has a permission slip to find their way, powered by Astrology [50:27] Ash and Debra’s common perception and how it plays out  [51:08] Ending with gratitude
Overview Everyday devotion is something Debra and our TWO very special guests hold with the utmost importance.This episode is like the slumber party we all want to be invited to! Both fun and profound, it’s the perfect podcast to grab a beverage and sink into a comfy chair. Take in the wisdom of these mystical dynamos who go deep but also bring the fun factor!    Debra Silverman and Colin Bedell, with bonus guest Colette Baron-Reid, come together to discuss their daily rituals, their commitment to service and, no surprise, to have a little fun!    Colin Bedell, Astrologer and author currently featured on Written In The Stars, found his calling during a personal crisis which led him to make significant adjustments in his life to put himself on the path of his Divine Destiny. His playful yet hard-hitting approach to Astrology blends universal spiritual principles with interpersonal health.    The perfect match to Debra’s Gemini Sun, Colin is a Gemini Sun and an actual twin to boot! And Colette Baron-Reid, one of Debra’s dearest friends, adds her Cancer Sun energy to the convivial flow. From speaking Italian to singing to psychic premonitions, this trio discusses the pleasures of life and how they find beauty in every moment.    Staying upbeat in the midst of tension and struggle is the path of the spiritualist. Even the most advanced mystics have bad days, but that’s where the daily practices come in handy, to keep the soul on course. Try not to feel uplifted and inspired after listening to this episode, we dare you! Take a listen for an instant mood lifter.  Key Highlights From The Episode Everyday devotion practices are the foundation to overall growth Why keeping daily rituals simple and authentic to you are important The drive within us to be in service How Astrology helps you in acknowledging the impact you have How connection is a vital human trait Timestamps [2:46] How does one deal with the weight that comes to being an old soul? [3:18] Colin speaks to grounding down in the wisdom of Astrology, morning rituals [4:17] Musing on sixth house placements [5:17] The important piece in Colette’s routine [6:13] Colette’s simple meditation of gratitude [6:39] The old soul is afraid the world won’t wake up in time [7:33] Debra’s love of life juxtaposed to her vulnerability [8:02] Colin’s daily practices  [8:52] Keeping daily rituals simple [9:10] Starting the day with the angels instead of ego [9:46] The ego mind and its effect on God’s order [10:59] Writing with the small self and the higher self [11:24] Colette is the mystical pirate [11:50] An important message on your daily practices and devotions [13:48] Asking why Colin’s life is so shiny and sparkly? [15:26] What created the motivation to serve within us? [16:09] Colette’s second chance at life [17:08] Astrology gives you a reliable map of potentiality [17:34] A decision to be in service [18:49] Colin’s backstory that brought him into a life of service [19:40] A really bad breakup for Colin [20:09] Devotion is what brought us here [20:45] How the three stories of our guests come together [22:05] Being devoted to life - who can I help today? [23:17] What devotion is to Debra [24:00] Breath work and mindset prayer [25:26] What Colette does after morning meditation and prayer [26:15] Debra’s energetic need each day [28:20] What Debra calls the soul [31:04] How Colin has been blessed by Astrology [32:09] The simple answer to everything! [33:09] What to say to people who say they “don’t like people” [35:37] The honor of collaborative kindness [36:17] Debra and Colette have a blooper reel from their collaborations [36:58] Colette had a “broken chart”  [37:54] How everyone has a reason for being a little bit awkward [38:51] The sacredness of bearing witness to a person's chart in action [39:20] Colette’s intuitive visions [41:15] Colette’s nanny story who told her she had “the sight” [43:09] When Colin’s gift showed up [45:04] Colin discusses how A Course in Miracles led to his astrology career [46:01] How Colin and Debra met on 5th Avenue in New York [46:39] Debra shares her story [49:21] Carrying the story of imposter syndrome [49:31] Colette’s first professional path before becoming an intuitive [50:50] Colin being a true Gemini twin! [51:49] Child psychology and Astrology for children [52:32] Colin shares his gratitude [53:08] Debra shares her appreciation [54:25] Debra came into this life to show people how to be in love  [54:46] Colette shares her gratitude as well [56:50] Colin’s time in Italy
If you’re looking for a shot of energy, take a listen to this electric podcast episode with Jill Bolte Taylor, neuroscientist and author of My Stroke of Insight and Whole Brain Living.  We hope you enjoy this episode and let it energize you- it’s better than espresso!   Jill’s background in neuroscience was her gateway to spirituality, she reveals, after she had a stroke and spent some time living in her right brain. According to Jill, the “old her” died after the stroke and she was reborn into the person she is now. Thus, Jill has two Astrology charts, her original birth chart, where she has Sun in Taurus, and her rebirth chart which boasts a Sun in Sagittarius! What a difference! Tune in to hear Debra and Jill explore the dynamics of both charts in this episode which is such a unique perspective.    Jill explains her major life moments as “tsunamis” and how these profound experiences allowed her frequency to become “regulated for love.” After Jill’s first-to-go-viral TED Talk in 2008, she became an international speaking sensation and proceeded to work on her next book about “whole brain living.” Whole brain living defines the four parts of our brain that act as the control center, and demonstrates how to balance them for maximum happiness. Character 1 goes to work, Character 2 keeps us safe, Character 3 likes to play and have fun, Character 4 connects us with greater purpose. Keep these characters in mind while you listen to this episode.   Turning on the Observer, as Debra teaches, allows one to be able to pull back and see their four characters; to choose who to be and how to respond. As Jill says throughout the episode, we have the power to choose who and how we want to be in each moment. Astrology and the four elements beautifully mirror the whole brain and the four characters.    This is a story that couldn’t possibly fit in the allotted time, but Debra and Jill pack a punch of wisdom into this episode. It’s a don’t miss for anyone seeking confirmation of their varied, unique selves or those looking for a funny, profoundly inspirational listening experience that has a message of universal love!   Key Highlights From The Episode What we are all here to do in this lifetime and how it’s our super power How we are hardwired for fear and attraction to each other Understanding whole brain living and our four characters The power of water, osmosis, and how science and spirituality are entwined  Our ultimate purpose in life Timestamps [1:10] Intro of Jill Bolte Taylor [1:25] An energetic explosion of the brain [1:38] What it’s like to have Moon in Aries [2:06] Jill tells her backstory, from her stroke until now  [2:40] Debra gives the Astrological version of Jill’s bio [2:54] An alternate point of view that scientists would have never considered before Jill’s books came out  [3:48] Whole brain living describes the four personalities or characters in your Brain  [4:11] Jill explains the four characters/personalities or selves in our brains [5:45] Debra discusses Jill’s charts - her birth chart vs. her rebirth chart post-stroke [7:55] What would your alternate ego be if you weren’t a neuroscientist?  [10:10] Our #1 job in life is to love one another, period. [11:01] The brain is programmed with divine influence but with a design flaw that limits us [12:09] The amygdala controls our decisions with fear and curiosity, one part attracts while the other repels  [13:13] Consciously choosing to find the connection with someone before determining the differences [13:45] We have the power to choose, moment by moment, who and how we want to be in the world [14:29] What was going on before Jill’s stroke [16:10] The rebirth of Jill [17:15] The chart of what happened the day of Jill’s stroke [18:27] Putting science and spirituality in the same brain [18:45] Whole brain living was the reason Jill survived [20:00] In every relationship, we have eight characters (four for you, four for the other)  [20:58] Debra parallels the Observer to the four selves [23:40] Unhappiness is a character on a loop [24:50] Debra asks her students to vote on if Jill feels more like her original birth chart or her rebirth chart [25:31] How Jill’s personality and motivations have changed since the stroke [26:30] Water is sanity and Jill’s life on a riverboat [27:56] Who Jill would sit with living or dead that she’d want to have a conversation with [28:58] Debra’s favorite story in Jill’s book, My Stroke of Insight [30:52] Musings of Venus in Gemini  [32:04] Eternal optimism, people are realizing they have so much power over their own fears [32:43] It is our hero’s journey to love one another and to be that goodness in the world [33:10] How we as humans are missing meaning [34:24] How can we help people shut down the mean part of the amygdala to turn on the love [37:35] Deb does a prayer of gratitude with Jill, inspired to help us use our whole brains [39:27] The world of Astrology through a scientific perspective [41:48] We all have the super power of love
Love works. Danielle LaPorte is here to tell you why. Danielle LaPorte is a thought-provoking author and empowerment leader with a soulful focus on alleviating suffering and amplifying joy. She is a former director of a future studies think tank in Washington, DC, where she managed a team creating global scenarios. She now speaks about the intelligence of the heart.  There is a palpable effervescence in this episode, yet it is also steeped in profound conversation around spirituality and love. We get deep with Danielle discussing some key moments of difficulty in her life that became the catalyst to the resurrection of her bold and beautiful soul. We also delve into the Astrological aspects of Danielle’s chart that indicate her rooted connection and relationship with Christ energy and consciousness, while listening to the poetic power of her daily prayer.  Danielle has focused on leading with love and being in service, as shown in her publications, programs, and the organizations she works with. She poured her heart into her latest book, How To Be Loving, and it is poised to be the medicine needed for these turbulent times we are collectively and individually experiencing. Let’s face it- we are all here as souls having a human experience… let’s do the work to make it better together. What happens when you put two Geminis in a (virtual) room together? Tune in to find out! Key Highlights From The Episode Honoring your own unique gifts Danielle’s systemized programs and facilitators that foster antidotal (not anecdotal) conversations  Debunking the illusion of separateness from Mother Earth The climate crisis and its relationship to our psyches Danielle and Debra’s relationships with Jesus Timestamps [01:43] Danielle’s background and career [03:40] Danielle’s chart [04:38] How Danielle is a futurist [05:36] Danielle’s work and how that aligns with her chart [08:08] How Danielle thinks we should be using systems and structures [08:33] The esoteric Astrology take on Virgo  [09:31] The celebrations and cautions of using your sexuality in relationship with others [10:54] Honoring your own unique gifts  [12:24] How Danielle views the facilitators of her work [14:16] Danielle’s experience with and reflections on meditation [17:00] A truth and permission about meditation [17:37] Danielle’s daily prayer [18:29] What Danielle wishes people would do more [20:40] What Danielle would be doing if she wasn’t in her line of work [21:43] Something Danielle cannot live without [22:06] What Danielle is most excited about in her career right now [22:58] The last time Danielle cried [24:00] Reflections on motherhood [24:40] A person across history Danielle would love to meet with [26:00] Debra’s relationship with Jesus [27:30] Danielle’s thoughts on the climate and its relationship to our psyches [29:27] The “plastification” of beauty [30:20] Bringing the climate crisis to an individual level [31:29] Danielle’s relationship with her body [33:29] How Danielle’s body got her attention during a potent Astrological transit [36:00] Thoughts on “the dark night of the soul” [39:00] The most spiritual thing Danielle can do  [40:20] Debra’s daily devotion and how it relates to her youth [40:28] A book that has deeply impacted Danielle and Debra  [42:20] Danielle’s teachings and reflections about the nervous system [43:20] The importance of movement and the fluidity of energy [44:11] Part of Danielle and Debra’s similar paths [44:45] Danielle’s body of work [45:24] More on Danielle’s Astrological chart relating to her values in relationships [47:50] Danielle’s radical simplification [48:30] Danielle and Debra’s common energy and enthusiasm
The Earth’s climate is changing, and people all over the world are affected by it in some way or another. Climate change poses a huge threat to economies, compels death and various diseases, and prompts conflict between peoples as one geopolitical issue would be able to affect food security. Due to these grim forecasts, many countries around the world have come together to try and find ways to fight against climate change.   Five indications that climate change is real:   1) The climate change phenomenon will speed up the production and disappearance of air pollutants, increase the number of allergies, and affect people's metabolisms. 2) Major crops, such as beans and corn, will experience and endure a significant decrease in growth rates due to scarce water availability. 3) Ocean life threatened. Coral reefs are drowned by sea-level rise and no longer get sunlight on their smaller, lower parts. 4) Heat waves in many regions have influenced mortality rates concurrent with climate change. 5) Nepal has already been severely affected by hotter days, leading to more food scarcity, unemployment, and lost income.   Earth belongs to all species on planet, and humans cannot think we own it. Human’s dominance of the earth and climate change are affecting the planet's balance. Humans have changed the climate by burning fossil fuels, industrialising forests, breeding greenhouse gases from exhausts, etc.   We're joined by Jeff, an environmentalist, film maker, and climate change activist, to talk about how the world is changing due to the climate crisis the world faces and how we can take immediate action to start to reverse the effects of the changing climate.   00:00 Introduction 2:13 Jeff's chart: Sun - Aquarious, Moon - virgo, raising - gemini 3:07 Climate change: Acting on objective rational data 5:41 Can we reverse the effects of climate change? 11:48 What systems do we need in place to manage the climate crisis 16:32 Our Earth needs time to heal 19:15 What can we do to change the trajectory of the climate crisis 27:12 What will it take to leave less of an impact on the environment 34:29 What's next for Jeff? 37:43 What is our ost vulnerable resource 50:09 Closing thoughts   Connect with Jeff Orlowski:   Website: IMDb:   Connect Debra Silverman:   Website: Instagram: Facebook Group: YouTube: TikTok:
Klee Irwin is a businessman, author, and physicist who is the CEO and Chairman of Irwin Naturals Inc, as well as the Director of Quantum Gravity Research (QGR), a non-profit research centre he started in 2009.   Irwin Naturals, founded by Klee in 1994, is an award-winning global natural supplement company that sells alternative health and healing goods in thousands of stores, including Walmart and Whole Foods. Vitamin Angels, which strives to give lifesaving vitamins to mothers and children at danger of malnutrition, eliminating avoidable sickness, blindness, and death, and promoting healthier communities, is a long-time sponsor of Irwin Naturals.   Klee leads a specialised team of mathematicians and physicists exploring emergence theory as the Director of QGR. The organization's goal is to figure out how to unify space, time, matter, energy, information, and consciousness using geometric basic principles. The team has released a number of papers and magazine articles since 2009 that set out some of the mathematical building elements and axiomatic principles for this unification model.   Aside from his work in physics and nutraceuticals like CBD, Klee is involved in helping students, scientists, educators, and entrepreneurs find solutions that will have a significant influence on the world., Upworthy, Donors Choose, Moon Express, the X PRIZE Foundation, and Singularity University, where he is an Associate Founder, are among the individuals, causes, and enterprises he has supported and invested in.   0:54 Introducing Klee 3:05 Klee's work as an entrepeuneur and as a scientist // discussing reality as a simulation 9:35 Reading Klee's chart 10:40 Talking about the self simulation hypothesis: everything is thought 16:59 Asking Klee: "I wish people would ____"? 18:50 The current scientific denial of a spiritual reality 23:43 How did Klee become conscious of spirituality 27:49 If there is a reality design, how come our unconscious is so vulnerable to negative thoughts? 31:35 Using ego dissociate techcniques for mental health and awareness 35:36 Are we evolving as a human species? 40:12 Klee's thoughts on E.T. intervention: E.T.s are us, but from the future 54:13 Klee's mission: open the door that questions what is reality 57:24 What dead person would Klee like to talk to?   Connect with Klee Irwin:   Website: Medium: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Instagram:   Connect Debra Silverman:   Website: Instagram: Facebook Group: YouTube: TikTok:
Pisces men and women are emotional water signs. They easily feel suppressed, not just towards themselves but others too. It is because they are mega empathetic. They have this ability to identify with others' feelings and pain due to their dealings with their own emotional sensitivity.   Just like any sign, the quirkiness of a Pisces is no exception. They can be quite secretive, hard to control, and restless. One might say that they have built-in-rebellion in them, which allows them to have an inner thirst for freedom, life experiences, and something new.   If ever met with negative energy or draining interactions, it is best for him/her to set bounderies to generate a positive energy boost.   We are joined on this episode by Tommy Chong. As half of the famed comic team Cheech & Chong, Grammy Award-winning comedian Tommy Chong is legendary for his significant contribution to American counter-culture. The twosome recorded six gold comedy albums during their reign, including the Grammy-winning "Los Cochinos" in 1973, and acted in eight films, the majority of which Chong co-wrote and directed. Up In Smoke, the first, was the highest-grossing comedy of 1978, collecting more than $100 million. The Corsican Brothers, Cheech and Chong's Next Movie (1980), Nice Dreams (1981), Things Are Tough All Over (1982), Cheech and Chong: Still Smoking (1983), and Cheech and Chong: Still Smoking (1983) were among the others (1984).   1:31 Tommy's double pisces and its meaning 5:10 Some of Tommy's childhood memories and early influences 8:21 Reading Tommy's chart 9:38 Tommy's memories from the home 15:32 What was marijuana's contribution for the colective? 20:00 Tommy and Shelby's love story 24:39 What dead person would Tommy like to talk to 28:27 Double pisces and how it deals with fear 34:20 Tommy Chong's bottom liner: a message for the collective   Connect with Tommy Chong:   Website Instagram: Twitter:   Connect Debra Silverman:   Website: Instagram: Facebook Group: YouTube: TikTok:
How to follow your soul, regardless of the path the outside world tells you to take. That is the message of this podcast interview with a deeply intuitive and charismatic person who could see his own soul-aligned future, leading him down a road that wouldn’t serve his father’s wishes, but would fulfill his own karmic purpose and healing.    (TW: mentions of war)   Debra is joined by Kute Blackson, a beloved inspirational speaker and transformational teacher. Kute is widely considered a next generation leader in the field of personal development. His mission is simple: To awaken and inspire people across the planet to access inner freedom, live authentically and fulfill their true life’s purpose.    Kute shares miraculous stories from his childhood, along with life-changing moments that, with Sun in Cancer in the House of the futurist, were guided by his inner knowing. Kute echoes Debra’s interpretations of his Astrological chart, connecting her insights into pivotal moments of his life, including his life theme of karmic healing through his emotional bonds.     From saying no to a predetermined path chosen by his father, to following his intuition to go to the United States with very little to his name, Kute’s experiences moving through the humble beginnings of his career are another inspiring facet to who he is and has become in this lifetime. This is an interview that will have you captivated from the very beginning, leaving you empowered to continue on your unique journey of your soul’s calling.   Learn more about Kute Blackson at Get Kute’s books, The Magic of Surrender: Finding the Courage to Let Go and You Are The One: A Bold Adventure in Finding Purpose, Discovering the Real You, and Loving Fully  Key Highlights From The Episode How to follow your soul and listen to your inner knowing Nudges from God/the Universe when you are (or are not) living in alignment The Astrological meaning of Jupiter Return How to determine your life theme through your Astrological chart and how that has played out for Kute The importance of finding peace within our own lives Timestamps [00:55] Introducing the I Don’t Believe In Astrology Podcast and an introduction of our guest, Kute Blackson [01:18] Kute shares about the spiritual dynamics of his father and his own upbringing, including an experience Kute’s father didn’t share with his congregates [02:11] Miraculous memories that Kute has from growing up [04:30] What happened to Kute at age 8 and age 14 and how those events did not align with his calling [06:07] Debra walks through Kute’s Astrological chart and interprets the theme of Kute’s life [07:18] How Kute navigated coming into alignment with his purpose and telling his father that he would not be following the path his father had decided for him [11:20] The way that God answered Kute’s calling [13:40] Kute set foot onto U.S. soil; what he does next [15:04] Kute recalls a collect call made to his mother in the midst of him worrying about whether he made the right choice [16:05] Kute’s humble beginnings as he started his journey in the U.S.  [17:26] Where is Kute now? His introduction of himself and his work [19:36] The titles of Kute’s two published books [20:02] What was the bridge between Kute having nothing to entering into his true destiny? [21:35] Kute has a promise to be a star yet his intuition tells him it’s not aligned; what he does next [23:13] Debra talks about Kute’s Jupiter Return, with Kute sharing how that has played out for him [23:50] Kute comes back to America after traveling the world, feeling at peace while having nothing, and the entrance of his coaching practice [24:42] A neighbor asks Kute to help her ex; Kute “downloads” a process of uncoaching to change this man’s life [26:01] How Kute’s “uncoaching” career began [27:36] How Kute’s parents ended up feeling about his career and the message from Kute’s mother after her passing that changed his relationship with his father [29:38] What happened in 2022 that felt like evidence of karmic healing for Kute [30:59] Debra interprets Kute’s karmic healing through his Sun in Cancer in the 11th House, along with his grounded Moon in Capricorn  [32:41] How does Kute feel now within his life? [33:33] What are Kute’s feelings about our collective future on this planet? [35:30] Debra shares about her thoughts on the eras of the people in our lives [36:09] How can we have peace on the planet without having peace in our individual lives? Kute and Debra share their perspectives [37:11] The last time Kute cried [38:04] Kute shares about his optimism around the future [39:18] Kute explains how we live in duality and the goal of awakening to our true nature [41:20] Kute explains his views on organized religion now [42:39] How Kute feels about plant medicine and its current popularity and usage [45:53] Who Kute would like to have a conversation with, passed or alive, if given the opportunity; Kute shares about his regret [48:00] The reminder of the emotional bonds we will never replace in this lifetime; giving gratitude to Kute’s Cancer-Leo energy making this notion real as this interview ends  
How to walk the path of the mystic and tune into higher knowledge. Podcast guest Paul Selig says he has no advice for our listeners, yet his presence and his life’s work shows us the importance of opening ourselves up to a higher power.    Paul Selig is one of the foremost contributors to the field of channeled literature, after a spiritual experience in 1987 left him clairvoyant. He attended New York University and earned a master’s from Yale. He is the author of Beyond the Known: Realization and The Book of Innocence.    As a double Scorpio personality with a prevalent Virgo energy in his chart, the richness and depth of Paul’s work and his loyalty to the purity of his path is impressive. Paul takes Debra through his journey to walking the path of the mystic, which admittedly began with resistance and a skeptic eye towards mysticism and his lifestyle was not in alignment with that path. Paul then experienced a series of events which led him to this new path, which would change the course of his life entirely.    Paul also shares about his first Astrological experience and as Debra walks through components of his chart, Paul connects them to avenues and events within his life. This is an interview packed with a Plutonian energy… tune in for what that means (and more).    Learn more about Paul Selig at  Get your copy of The Book Of Innocence: Get your copy of Beyond the Known: Realization:    Key Highlights From The Episode How to walk the path of the mystic and what might lead you to find it How channeled literature is birthed into our reality The energetics of double Scorpio and a powerful Pluto placement The definition of mysticism in modern times and where we are likely to find those enlightened beings today What happened for Paul during his second Saturn Return Timestamps [01:00] Introducing the I Don’t Believe In Astrology Podcast and an introduction of our guest, Paul Selig, in his own words [02:54] Debra interprets Paul’s Astrological chart [04:41] The initial resistance that Paul had around his gifts [05:28] The sequence of events that lead to Paul finding his channeling ability [07:05] Paul describes his experience of resistance, as described Astrologically by his Sun squaring his Moon [08:02] Debra’s insights on the destructive ability and sensitivity of Scorpio energy [08:47] How Paul protects his energy  [09:09] Paul describes the nature of his relationship with his spirit guides [10:50] “Spoken stenography” and psychic work makes Paul a radio [11:51] The projection and opinion of the spirit guides Paul has channeled about our human behavior and our future [13:22] Is Paul a pessimist or optimist? [14:01] The seriousness that Paul embodies as described by his Astrological chart [15:14] When Paul isn’t focused on channeling, these are the things he thinks about [16:17] The last time Paul cried [17:27] Paul’s profession before being a channeler and the reflections of his work now [18:50] Musings on Paul’s Moon in Leo that have rung true for him, as well as the energy major Astrological themes in his chart [20:55] The level of awareness and function of the higher beings that Paul communicates with [22:32] The physical effects that Paul has experienced when channeling [25:31] How Paul really feels about his channeling work [26:38] Debra recounts the history of Astrology and Paul’s communications with the higher guides about Astrology [28:27] Paul’s first Astrological chart reading experience [31:22]  Debra identifies 2020 as Paul’s second Saturn Return; he shares about his experience [33:54] The gift of Paul’s lifetime as told by Astrology [34:55] Paul shares about his father passing away when he was very young and his connection to him now [35:49] Paul’s most recent work, The Book Of Innocence, and his 12th book [36:39] Paul is not the “best student” by way of embodying the lessons of his guides [37:33] A quote Paul lives by [37:54] Does Paul believe we live in a safe reality? Does he live in a safe reality? [39:54] Take this out of this podcast interview [41:16] Debra recaps components of Paul’s Astrological chart and its connection to his past, present, and future [41:54] Paul’s perspective on showing up [42:36] Debra asks what person/people alive or not that Paul would like to have a conversation with [43:36] A past lifetime Paul has some recall around [44:29] Paul’s practical definition of mysticism [45:56] Debra describes the great ones on that planet [46:20] Paul asks when a partner is going to show up; Debra answers by speaking to his Astrological chart [47:20] Debra speaks to the nature of a good interview [47:51] Signing off with final thoughts from Debra and Paul  
How to find wisdom in death and birth- two seemingly opposite concepts that are actually deeply connected, inviting us into deeper wisdom and soulful connection.   Debra is joined by Siobhan Asgharzadeh, a grief doula, soul activist, storyteller, dancer, lover of the wild lands, ceremonialist, and birth doula, to reach into the dark depths and fear around death and birth. Siobhan speaks to the societal urge to choose science over humanity, and to the nature of her work to bring back our old rituals and practices to give sanctity and an honoring as we usher lives in and out of our human perspective.    With four planets in Taurus in the Astrological House of community, friendship, and futuristic views, Debra and Siobhan engage in a conversation about the importance of congruence between your Astrological chart and your soul, as Siobhan echoes Debra’s interpretation of these Astrological dynamics within her work as a death doula.    Death is a topic we seem programmed to hide from, to shy away at the mere mention of it. Debra and Siobhan invite us all to take a closer look at death and share their personal stories on the sacred wisdom that awaits when we choose to lean into the experience of death and birth.   Learn more about Siobhan Asgharzadeh at   Key Highlights From The Episode How to find wisdom in death and birth by leaning into these experiences Understanding the practice of being a death doula Siobhan and Debra’s personal stories of bearing witness to death and birth How Siobhan’s four planets in Taurus, in the Eleventh House, show up in her life Calling in new perspectives through our old practices and rituals around death and birth Timestamps [01:00] Introducing the I Don’t Believe In Astrology Podcast and an introduction of our guest [03:12] Debra gives an interpretive overview of Siobhan’s Astrological chart [04:24] Displaying Astrological Siobhan’s chart with nods to the Eleventh House of Astrology [05:50] Siobhan speaks to her training in midwifery and her practice [08:56] Debra and Siobhan speak to natural birth practices and why Siobhan moved towards focusing on work around death and grief [11:51] How Siobhan works with death now and what she sees in her practice from a societal perspective [15:30] Debra reflects on her own study of being a death doula [16:58] The connection of this conversation to the climate crisis [17:33] Debra shares a personal story of the passing of one of her best friends [18:55] Debra asks those listening, “What is your relationship with death?” [19:25] Siobhan speaks to the resistance to death and birth [20:55] Debra shares a personal story about witnessing death that changed her perspective [22:25] Siobhan describes how death can feed life and shares about the first death she witnessed [28:40] Debra reflects on the elemental pieces that occur in birth and death [30:50] Debra asks Siobhan to reflect on her four planets in Taurus in the Eleventh House as a draw to community and her life’s work [34:31] Debra shares about the practice of sitting shiva  [36:20] The old rituals of birth and death brought back to the surface by Siobhan [36:64] Bringing ceremony, ritual, and honoring to our experiences [38:15] Siobhan speaks to us using words and functions as a society that don’t allow us to feel and access our heart [39:51] Sharing what the mind, heart, body, and spirit perspectives are through grief [41:22] The goal of the game of life, as told by an Astrologer [42:03] What Debra always knew about death and attachment to our beliefs [43:23] The most important conversation to be had about the congruence between your soul and your Astrological chart [44:12] “The soul is an endangered species.” [45:22] The initiation of Saturn Return [47:46] The analogy of midwifing the death and the birth of Earth [48:37] Siobhan finishes out the podcast with a beautiful story [51:26] We need to see beyond our mind’s perspective by dropping into our hearts and souls [53:23] Closing out with the essence of this podcast
How to talk to angels and help your soul become more intertwined with your human experience. That’s the theme of our podcast with the ethereal Lorna Byrne, who seems to be an ambassador of the angels to our human species.   Lorna Byrne has been seeing and talking to angels since she was a baby.  She talks openly about what she’s learned and how angels completely guide her life. Lorna is the author of seven best-selling books, including Angels in My Hair, The True Story of a Modern-Day Irish Mystic. Lorna’s books have been published in more than 50 countries and 30 languages around the world.    While this podcast episode will not feature an Astrological chart due to Lorna being uncertain of her birth time, Debra is able to connect the dots of what Lorna does know about her birth time and the Astrological placements that present themselves in Lorna’s life. Lorna has not spent much time with Astrology, but she echoes Debra’s Astrological analysis during this interview.   Lorna shares her visions of the future, where there is no division as our souls become one with our humanness. In this future, we live in peace with each other and nature, our home. According to Lorna, the future depends on this spiritual evolution.    Lorna Byrne has physical sight of the unseen world, of the angels, spirits and other spiritual beings that she says are guiding and teaching us every second of every day. Many have sensed these beings occasionally but do not see them tangibly like Lorna. But Lorna says we all have this potential if we grow spiritually, when we can learn to talk to angels.    Tune in for a recollection of incredible angelic sights, stories, and the beginning steps to shift our perspectives and open our world up to the divine.   Learn more about Lorna Byrne at  Get a copy of Lorna’s Book, Angels In My Hair:    Key Highlights From The Episode How to talk to angels and connect your soul to your human experience The truth about our guardian angels and how they see us Incredible stories throughout Lorna’s life as she received messages from the angels Lorna’s Aries nature and her Mercury in Pisces, as interpreted by Debra, contributing to how she has perceived the physical world, as well as the world beyond Messages about the divine, no matter what your beliefs are Timestamps [00:57] Introducing the I Don’t Believe In Astrology Podcast and an introduction of our guest’s mission to help others [02:00] Our guest, Lorna Byrne, talks about the reminder from the angels to keep her gift quiet  [02:57] Our guest, Lorna Byrne, introduces herself and tells us about her early beginnings [04:30] Debra interprets Lorna’s Mercury in Pisces and Lorna reflects on Debra’s interpretation with her real life experiences, even in infancy [06:09] Lorna’s beginnings of being a late talker, with the angels reminding her to keep her gifts a secret [06:55] Lorna speaks to the guardian angels we all have and her request to Archangel Michael [07:46] Do angels eat and taste food? Lorna answers and sheds light on the clothing that angels appear with [08:46] Debra shares about her sense of her guardian angels (that seem to have a sense of humor) [09:34] The true nature of spirituality  [10:55] What Lorna thinks people should do when they start their day [11:46] Lorna shares about a direct experience with the angels when she was a child, playing with her brother that had passed away [13:46] Lorna recounts being open publicly about her gifts and an abrupt message from Archangel Michael  [16:14] Lorna can’t read; she tells the story of finally saying yes to God’s message to begin writing and the synchronistic events that followed [20:20] More synchronistic events came to help Lorna get her book published [21:54] One thing God always says to Lorna  [23:01] Debra asks: What makes it okay to say no to God? Lorna answers and tells Debra about the difference between angels and God [25:08] Why angels love to be around people [26:01] Debra asks Lorna about the conversation around angels and sensitive religious subjects like abortion; Lorna shares story of being called to speak to a woman who became pregnant and who had nuns telling her she was pregnant with the a child of the devil [29:14] A question Lorna always asks God [30:00] Are angels envious of us? [30:11] What Lorna wishes people would do [31:54] Lorna shares a story that reflects how souls choose their parents and the lives they will lead before they are born [33:05] What Lorna couldn’t live without and how Lorna feels she is different from others having been brought up by the angels [34:32] How Lorna distinguishes herself from the angels [35:27] The intertwining of the human being and the soul, as told by Lorna and Alice Bailey’s work [36:41] Lorna’s uncertainty about when she was born, making it difficult to read her Astrological chart [37:42] Debra interpret what she does know about Lorna’s Astrological composition [37:58] Debra shares appreciation for what Lorna’s presence and gifts can teach us all [38:27] Lorna shares about what the future looks like and why the intertwining of ourselves to our souls and spirituality is so important [39:25] How Lorna’s work has been perceived by scientists she has worked with [40:19] Lorna shares her visions of the future and how the United States has a different vibrance that will be pinnacle for our collective future [42:59] The last time Lorna cried and what touches Lorna the most [44:44] How Lorna’s children navigate their mother’s gift [45:57] The story of Lorna’s husband that began with a message from an angel at the age of 10 [50:01] When Lorna recognized her husband from the vision the angel gave her, and more information she knew ahead of time before actually meeting him [52:24] Debra appreciates how Lorna has changed our point of view [53:23] Lorna’s final words, no matter what your beliefs are [55:05] Debra’s final words on asking your guardian angels for help  
How to let go of your fear may have you wondering, “What is on the other side of fear?” On the other side of fear is the deepest love imaginable, a sense of peace, and an unshakeable connection with your soulful self.   Debra is joined by Christian Sundberg. When Christian was a young child he remembered his existence before coming to Earth. While that memory left him completely for his early adult life, it spontaneously returned at the age of 30 as Christian took up a meditation practice and went through a personal awakening journey. Christian now seeks to remind others in at least a small part of who we really are beneath the human “play.”    Christian is the author of the book A Walk in the Physical, which attempts to succinctly describe the larger spiritual context in which we exist and the importance of love in our human journey. While Christian is ambivalent on the topic of Astrology and has never had a reading, Debra connects his chart to life’s purpose, the timeline of his spiritual journey, and the major themes of Christian’s life.    Christian speaks with Debra about his path towards spiritual awakening, his pre-life memories, and shares wisdom on the connection between fear and our un-evolvedness. It’s time to learn to let go of your fear- tune in to hear why…   Learn more about Christian Sundberg at Get a copy of Christian’s Book, A Walk In The Physical:   Key Highlights From The Episode How to let go of your fear and what happens you do Messages from the higher intelligence of the other side  Pre-life memories and how we all choose which life we incarnate into The importance of releasing our ego stories The themes of Aries and Virgo energy, and the shift within a Saturn Return Timestamps [01:14] Christian Sundberg shares his experience with Astrology so far, and Debra introduces him as a double Aries with Moon in Virgo [01:45] Debra shares about her life-changing from watching Christian’s other interviews and identifies a major undertone in our zeitgeist [03:33] Christian gives an overview of his professional career as a project manager [04:00] Debra gives an elemental overview of Christan’s Astrological chart [04:42] Christian began to go through his awakening during his Saturn Return [05:08] Debra shows Christian’s Astrological chart and dives into the mathematical timing of Saturn cycles and the activation during Saturn Return [06:19] Christian provides an important disclaimer about the limitations of the human language before telling his story [07:55] Christian tells the story of his spiritual activation which began with listening to Tom Campbell, reading his 1,000 page book, and starting a meditation practice [10:21] Christian describes his first non-physical, out-of-body experience [12:41] The entrance of Christian’s pre-birth memory  [13:35] Christian shares one of the reasons he is here in this lifetime, and how his spiritual path has been unfolding to support his learning [14:34] Debra recalling part of Christian’s story that stuck out to her; Christian shares more about that story [16:41] “The depth to which we are wounded must be healed.” [18:11] How Christian accepted the veil [20:46] Christian’s remembrance of being a fetus and deciding not to come into a life [23:43] Christian explains reviewing his life experience ahead of coming into this life [25:17] Describing the essence of the soul and the only way to be incarnated [26:43] Christian mentions his illness at the age of 22 [27:07] “Human lives are so precious.” [27:59] Debra echoes Christian’s sentiments and why Astrology works [28:23] The nature of our experience as a human [30:24] A lesson from Alice Bailey [31:54] How we “make choices in the context.” [33:14] How Christian’s awareness plays out in his life [34:45] Debra shows Christian’s Astrological chart and speaks to his life purpose; Christian echoes his experience with having three planets in Virgo  [37:01] How the Pisces and Virgo axis shows up in Christian’s life [39:00] Releasing our ego stories [42:20] “We’re not actually separate.” [42:54] What Christian wishes people would do [43:36] The two ultimate issues that are happening on Earth [44:11] What was the purpose of ignorance in the human experience? [45:21] Debra reflects on the appetite for our human impulses [46:20] Why we experience a high level of constraint and limitation as humans [47:31] How we all act from a place of fear [48:48] Why can’t our unconscious minds filter out the negative or the evil impulses like how our internal organs filter out toxins? [50:24] There’s not really an enemy- our fear is the problem [52:39] Christian’s thoughts on the evolution of the human species [55:50] What happens when you face your fear [57:08] The vibrational temperature of humans is higher than what it has been and the refacing and integration of old societal patterns [58:29] Christian’s thoughts on extraterrestrials [1:00:15] Christian’s optimism around the ecological terror that is transpiring [1:01:36] Debra explains the continuance of fundamental principles regardless of our physical existence (or Earth’s physical existence) [1:02:46] The root of feeling threatened [1:04:41] What Christian wouldn’t want to live without [1:05:11] Someone Christian would love to speak with [1:05:58] The last time Christian cried [1:06:38] Christian and Debra discuss if there is anything to fear in this life; the truth behind it all  
How to be more disciplined is key to growth and achieving excellence. Do you know the true function of discipline beyond the negative connotation? Tune into this conversation with digital marketing expert Destinee Berman, whose own focus on discipline played a huge role as the catalyst of creating Debra’s Applied Astrology school.   Every Monday morning for many years, Debra had a conversation with destiny (aka Destinee) to dream up and manifest the structure of her business. In this episode, Destinee shares her formula for success is not just in the numbers and data-driven results, but in how she manages and stabilizes her energy and spiritual center.   Destinee shares about the effects of her intense and difficult entrance into this life during the Cambodian holocaust and as a result of growing up poor, while Debra shares about how the tremendous Capricorn influence in Destinee’s chart has gifted her with a potent perseverance towards excellence. Even more Astrological insights are shared by Debra using her unique method of Astrological interpretation, including a focus on Destinee’s Saturn on the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio, as Destinee affirms Debra’s analysis to be true with concrete life examples.    “I don’t believe in Astrology” was a phrase never in Destinee’s vocabulary, and working alongside Debra has only amplified her belief and application of this ancient language.    If you’ve been looking for more discipline in your life, this is the episode you’ve been waiting for!    Connect with Destinee on Instagram (@desberman)   Find out where discipline shows up in your own Astrological chart and sign up for Debra’s self-study course, Inner View: Discovery of YourSELF through the Stars. This course is similar to Level 1 of Applied Astrology, but you'll study on your own, at your own pace, at a fraction of the price. Join now for instant access:    Key Highlights From The Episode How to be more disciplined for more growth and achieving excellence Dispelling the negative connotations around the word “discipline” and celebrating success Destinee and Debra share keys to success and manifestation Destinee’s entrance into Astrology and how it lead to working with Debra The spectrum of a major Capricorn signature in someone’s chart Timestamps [00:53] Introduction of Destinee Berman, in Debra’s words as well as Destinee’s own words, as our guest on The I Don’t Believe In Astrology Podcast [04:00] Debra pulls up and interprets Destinee’s Astrological chart [05:45] How Debra and Destinee met and Destinee’s reflection of her reading with Debra [07:00] Destinee shares about her intense entrance into this lifetime [08:55] The karmic relationship between Destinee and Debra [09:53] What drives Destinee [11:22] Destinee shares her formula for manifestation [13:15] How Cardinal energy plays out in business [13:55] Destinee’s sense around the climate crisis [15:24] The way Destinee’s Mercury in Scorpio consumes information [16:29] How Destinee’s Capricorn Rising is a dominant energy in how she shows up in the world [17:55] Destinee’s softening around her Moon in Cancer  [18:22] Debra speaks to the permission present in the energy of Destinee [19:09] Reflections on the word “discipline” [21:22] How Destinee is preparing for her older age and how that notion shows up in her Astrological chart [21:55] Destinee’s entrance into Astrology [23:09] Debra shares something she always thought to be true about Destinee that also describes the nature of Capricorn energy [24:42] Accepting the nature of your chart [25:52] Debra shares about starting her business and being a single parent and how Destinee affected her [26:56] Permission around success [27:55] How Destinee describes her work ethic and the balance of motherhood [29:25] If Destinee wasn’t talking about online marketing, what would she be doing instead? [30:33] “I wish that people would ______.” [31:09] What Destinee wouldn’t want to live without [31:46] A person in history that Destinee would love to have a conversation with [32:54] Destinee’s fundamental belief about the future [34:33] What Destinee continues to know without question [35:22] Debra reflects on Destinee’s example of excellence and perseverance  [37:11] Debra shares about the gift of success [37:54] “I don’t believe in Astrology’ is not in Destinee’s vocabulary [38:26] Signing off with gratitude  
How to make your next choice in life- the feeling of being frozen in fear of making the “wrong”  decision is something we have all wrestled with. What if you had guidance to help you unfreeze and get into flow with making the best decision? The answer lies within your intuition (and your Astrology chart) as evidenced by our guest, Julie Reisler.   Julie Reisler, a board-certified master life and wellness coach, is an interior designer for your soul. She's a mentor to hundreds of coaches, change-makers, and soulful entrepreneurs. Julie is the host of The You-est You® podcast and the author of Get a PhD in YOU. Julie has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, The Chopra Center, Bustle, and Thrive Global for her work as a coach, teacher, and conscious business leader. Julie is a multi-time TEDx speaker and has spoken on stages throughout North America. She is also a popular course creator on Insight Timer, the number-one ranked mindfulness app.   Debra and Julie’s conversation is hinged on the importance of connecting with the truth of the divine and learning how to lean into your intuition. We all have intuitive abilities; some of us just come with a more easeful access, like Julie as evidenced by her Grand Trine in Water, which Debra breaks down using her method of Astrology in a way that resonates deeply with Julie. Julie loves Astrology yet has only dabbled in it, and this conversation with Debra around her Astrological chart has Julie ignited her eagerness to learn more through Debra’s work.    Tune into this conversation to release any reluctance you have about your own intuitive gifts, and get insights into how to relax into soul-based decisions by accessing your inner knowing.    Connect with Julie on Instagram (@juliereisler) and get Julie's FREE 7-day workbook to design your best life:   Join Debra for her Astrological Immersion, happening now, with a LIVE event starting August 21st that you won’t want to miss! Grab your free front-row seat at  Key Highlights From The Episode How to confidently make your next choice in life  The one simple question that may be the game-changer the next time you are caught at a crossroad Astrological markers that speak to the ability to reach a high level of success and a strong psychic ability (you may have them, too!) The importance of listening to your gut or intuition How Debra’s method of Astrology is igniting new excitement to learn Astrology for Julie Timestamps [00:42] Introduction Julie Reisler as our guest on The I Don’t Believe In Astrology Podcast [02:47] Debra shows and interprets Julie’s Astrological chart [05:15] The quality about Julie that makes her standapart, and Julie identifies a quality of herself that she has never said out loud before [06:20] Debra speaking to the invitation and permission of the podcast and of Debra’s Applied Astrology school [07:05] Debra Astrologically breaking down Julie’s gift and Julie affirming Debra’s cosmic translation of her chart [08:37] The vision or visual that Julie has seen that shows her gifts [09:17] The turning point of Julie waking up to a greater spiritual connection and new way of living [12:40] A question from a coach that shifted Julie’s perspective completely [14:08] How Julie’s family reacted to her big life shift (and Debra describes the Astrological connection to their reaction) [15:46] Jumping back into Julie’s chart to speak to her Grand Trine, an Astrological component that for Julie indicates a strong psychic, intuitive ability [16:35] Julie’s excitement for Debra’s Astrological gift and Debra’s method for breaking it down so simply [17:16] Julie’s life lesson, mental body, and intuitive nature as its shown by her Grand Trine in Water [18:12] The first book Julie wrote, Get a PhD In You [19:40] Another book that Julie has started and a new idea that has come through for Julie that is calling to her [20:46] What Julie wishes people would do [22:17] Julie’s intuitive knowing about her current husband and a knowing about her previous husband [23:41] Another description of Julie and her intuitive gift as told by her Astrological chart [24:28] The reluctancy of owning our spiritual gifts and Julie’s take on foundational spiritual teachings that bridge and transcend religions [26:40] The recognizable master teachers that have connected with Julie [27:15] What recapitulation means and how it is ever present in Julie [27:58] What Julie couldn’t live without in this life [28:41] The gift that came out of Julie’s lower spine injury [29:38] About Julie’s women-led business and being a professor at Georgetown University [31:30] One thing Julie would change about herself [32:30] Debra speaks to the Astrology and coaching connection and Julie’s need for movement each day [34:07] What Julie sees and senses about the climate crisis [36:35] How the inner work we do can change our outer world [37:13] Julie speaking to materialism, fighting, and lack of compassion that is prevalent in humanity and the mirror of it in the climate crisis [38:21] The inspiration that Julie provides and how we can all see that within ourselves [39:37] The best way to connect with Julie [40:07] Julie’s obsession with her work and how it shows up in her natal Astrological chart [40:44] Signing off with gratitude for connection and Julie’s energy of light and love  
How to receive your inner riches, whether or not the outer world matches. Debra sits down with Preston Smiles, conscious businessman, trailblazer, personal freedom coach, experiential speaker, author, and “badass messenger of love,” sharing the formula for living more fully and fulfilled.    If you’re not happy with how abundance shows up in your life right now, give this interview a listen to be steeped in appreciation for the riches in your life and wisdom for getting out of your head and into your true essence. Do you have the courage to listen beyond your mind? Do you know the power of deep listening?   Preston shares his personal experiences with his capacity for deep listening- how it has led to catalytic moments in his life, from “profane to the profound” as he describes. Preston tells an incredible story about intuitive nudges he received while in New York City that lead him to play a part in a perspective-changing event.    Debra explains the roles Preston’s Mercury in Cancer and Cancer Rising play in his connection to intuition, as well as musings on his double Fire energetics and the reason the Astrological theme Preston has picked up on makes so much sense based on his Astrological chart.    Learn more about Preston, his daily mantra, and his messages of love, all echoed by Debra’s remarks on being open to perspectives beyond the constructs of your mind, the universal human wound, and a challenge to us all… be ready to receive!   Find Preston on Instagram: @prestonsmiles See Preston and Debra LIVE for Debra’s upcoming virtual Astrological Immersion August 21st-25th, with a closing call on August 28th. Sign up to be amongst the first to get your free seat here:  Key Highlights From The Episode How to open yourself up to receive your inner riches The power of deep listening and how it can manifest into profound life moments and lessons How Preston identified an Astrological theme in his life that Debra had the explanation for The shifts that gratitude and saying “yes to the yes” can have in your life The mantras that Preston and Debra start their day with and how it helps them experience life beyond the small constructs of the human mind Timestamps [01:02] Introduction of Preston Smiles and The I Don’t Believe In Astrology Podcast [02:04] Preston’s introduction [03:43] How moving back in his with his mother helped Preston change the dynamics of his life [04:30] Growing up as an underdog [06:23] Debra shows Preston’s chart and the validation of his life lesson of Saturn in Virgo, his double Fire energetics, and his compassionate Cancer Rising [07:43] Preston echoes the accuracy of Debra notating the Virgo life lesson themes in his life [08:51] Debra discusses the beginnings of this podcast and asks Preston what his sense is about the future [10:18] Preston shares about his vision quest, or vision fast as he calls it, and his reflections from the experience [14:01] Debra shares her one directive she hopes people receive from this podcast [14:28] Debra shares more about the major Astrological components of Preston’s chart [15:12] Debra shares her thoughts on choosing your parents in this lifetime [16:57] Preston shares about a medical condition that shook him to his core and changed everything, and inevitably led to his life’s work [21:43] Echoing part of Preston’s story of coming into his full self, Debra shares a permission slip from the Age of Aquarius [22:49] Preston shares his gratitude for this life and how he has “said yes to the yes” [23:56] Preston details an incredible story about listening to his intuition [32:07] Debra reflects on Preston’s story, the power of deep listening, and Debra’s pact with spirit for her life’s work [33:25] Debra’s story about being in meditation and listening to a directive from spirit, then initiating an uncomfortable conversation with a friend of the past [34:39] You don’t need someone else to forgive you and you can be the doula or healer [35:10] Debra demonstrates the manifestation of Preston’s Mercury in Cancer [35:30] Debra’s challenge to all of us and Preston echoes her sentiments [36:45] The last time Preston cried and breaking the cycle of his unsupportive beliefs [39:45] The universal wound of not feeling worthy and the call to find compassion for the human condition (check out Debra’s book, The Missing Element) [42:11] Preston’s early morning mantra [43:44] The message Preston always receives during plant ceremony [44:10] What Debra wants to everyone to take in through this podcast [45:05] Debra’s waking thoughts each day [45:59] The truth about us all [47:22] The moment-to-moment love affair of being an adult [48:02] Preston talks about the manifestation of our dreams and the sacrifices they may bring [49:02] Preston being a modern-day spiritual master [50:31] Your agreement at a higher level of consciousness [51:40] Debra summarizes the message of this podcast [52:52] How to find and work with Preston [54:25] The call once more to learn how to listen deeply to your intuition and to spirit  
Learning how to understand your dreams can help you connect to the language of your soul and the spirit world. Our dream time is sacred, and there are benevolent messages even in our scariest nightmares. Debra sits with Athena Laz, Spiritual Dream Teacher, Depth Psychologist, and author of The Alchemy of Your Dreams and The Deliberate Dreamer's Journal, to discuss the powerful root of your dreams and their messages.    Athena explains that everyone dreams, and everyone has the ability to create a deeper connection to their dream world and intuition, enhancing our connection to nature, the collective, and ultimately our own souls.   Debra describes how Athena’s Astrological chart points exactly to Athena’s life work, and Athena echoes Debra’s Astrological interpretations with excitement and an enthusiastic interest in joining Debra’s Applied Astrology school.   Tune into this episode to learn more about the connection between dreaming and major collective events (like the pandemic and natural disasters), what repetitive dreams really mean, and what practices you can start to better understand your dreams and expand the horizons of your dream world and intuition.   Find Athena on Instagram: @athena_laz Get a copy of Athena’s book, The Alchemy of Your Dreams: Start your dream journaling journey with Athena’s The Deliberate Dreamer’s Journal:  Key Highlights From The Episode How to understand your dreams to connect to the language of your soul and the spirit world How a dream journaling practice will enhance your dream world The mere practice of putting your awareness on the potential of your dream experience can increase your dream frequency, even for those people that don’t remember their dreams Athena’s first experience with Astrology and her renewed interest in the subject as evidenced by her excitement around Debra’s interpretation of her Astrological chart and enrolling in Debra’s Applied Astrology school The nature of precognitive dreams and the benevolent interpretation of nightmares Timestamps [00:50] Introduction of the subject matter of this podcast episode [01:28] Does Athena believe in Astrology? Her experience with her first reading [01:58] Athena’s introduction [04:09] Athena’s drawing the connection between dreams, climate consciousness, and the pandemic [07:09] When Pluto was discovered and the connection to the Death card in Tarot [07:54] Debra and Athena share their dreams about tsunamis [08:35] Anxiety arising as a societal symptom amidst radical change [10:01] A big theme of Athena’s Astrological chart shows her as the futurist [10:18] Debra sharing a story about a child dreaming of disaster the night before the September 11th attacks, and a precognitive dream Debra had not long after that [11:30] Athena explains precognitive or prophetic dreaming and the importance of a dream journaling practice [13:24] Debra shares and discusses Athena’s Astrological chart, describing Athena’s connection to her work [15:09] Athena’s affirmation of Debra’s interpretation of her Astrological chart [15:26] Athena answers Debra’s question about what the difference is between those who have a rich dream world and those who don’t remember their dreams [18:00] Who is giving us messages in our dreams? [19:16] Debra sharing a dream of a deceased loved one and the showing of her shadow [21:05] How Athena has interpreted dreams for others and aims to teach people how to do it for themselves [21:43] Debra shares some of her own experience with dream interpretation [22:28] How dream interpretation theories can be too prescriptive and the importance of maintaining the perspective of your own intuition [23:55] The range of dreaming viewpoints (Debra references Jung and Freud)  [24:13] Debra sharing a very obvious message from a “loud” dream of a client [24:44] Debra speaks to the importance of writing dreams out and speaking the dreams out loud; Athena echoes those sentiments [25:36] Athena shares a personal example of reframing a nightmare into a benevolent message [28:04] The message behind repetitive dreams [28:26] Carl Jung’s dream perspective that helped Debra [29:27] Debra asks Athena what she would be talking about all the time if she wasn’t talking about dreams [30:02] What Athena wishes people would [30:13] What Athena couldn’t live without [30:48] Someone throughout history that Athena would love to have a conversation with if she could [31:18] Athena shares her newer interest in the Tarot  [31:37] The last time Athena had a good cry [33:03] Athena shares what she would change about herself if she could, and Debra connects that to Athena’s Astrological chart [32:37] Athena shares more about her Astrology experience and interest, and Debra invites her to Applied Astrology school! [33:09] What Debra would be focusing on in this lifetime if she wasn’t an Astrologer [34:14] Debra shares her gratitude for Athena and her life’s work, and Athena shares her gratitude for their serendipitous connection  
How to see beyond fear and find wisdom when the future looks bleak should be a reason alone to listen to this podcast episode. Beyond that message, this interview is steeped in practical mysticism and science, understanding the evolution of the human species, and acceptance of the natural cycles of Earth.    Chemistry occurs seating our guest, Gene Keys founder Richard Rudd, in between Debra Silverman and Carla Johnson. The trio shares how they met and bounces effortlessly through a conversation about the fear culture of climate change and the importance of sinking into wisdom and faith in moments of angst and uncertainty.    Richard Rudd is an international spiritual teacher, writer and award-winning poet. In 2002 when he began to write and receive the Gene Keys – a vast synthesis exploring the miraculous possibilities inherent in human DNA. Richard shares the Gene Keys connection to our future and his views on how Astrology not only works, but can aid us in our transitions as we meet our next evolutionary point.   Carla Johnson is a geologist, hydrologist, environmental engineer, and entrepreneur, one of Debra’s dearest friends, sharing a deep appreciation for Debra’s method of Astrology.   Debra shares the Astrological connection between Richard and Carla, with Carla also chiming in about Richard’s Saturn in Aries and how it translates into his purpose.    This is a conversation rooted in mysticism, science, radical honesty, and consciousness, with reminders of the importance of self-awareness, meditation, studying, intimacy, transition planning, and keeping your faith as we move towards our next evolution.   Find Richard on Instagram: @genekeys Check out Richard’s offerings:    Listen to Carla’s IDBIA episode, Just a Page In Earth’s Book : Key Highlights From The Episode How to see beyond the fear and find wisdom in an unsettled world The difference between knowledge and wisdom How Richard’s Gene Keys and Debra’s method of Astrology work in tandem The imminence of cycles of extinction and evolution What we can do to help steady the Earth and steady ourselves (there is a connection!) Timestamps [01:11] Introduction of Richard Rudd and special bonus guest, Carla Johnson [03:50] How and where Debra, Richard, and Carla all met [04:39] The overview of Earth’s history as told by Carla [10:45] Do we need to be worried about the climate crisis? Richard Rudd shares his perspective [14:20] What excites Debra about the future [14:56] The timing of humans in Earth’s history and the intellectual acceleration of humans [16:11] An explanation of Gene Keys and the connection to our future [18:22] Reaching points of paradox [21:00] Carla shares fascinating facts demonstrating the connection between Earth and the human body [22:35] A call to suspend your human mind [23:40] The emotional body’s resistance to believe greater wisdom and how Gene Keys supports breaking through that resistance [26:24] The new awareness operating system we are moving towards and how Gene Keys and Astrology give you a road map and tools to get through to our next evolution [28:47] How Debra says we all can make a difference with an open mind [30:24] The Earth’s intelligence and capacity to regenerate [32:15] Lowering the planet’s stress level [34:06] The important thing to remember is nothing operates in isolation [35:10] The air tight system of Astrological high roads and low roads and how de-evolution isn’t possible [36:33] Richard Rudd’s chart reviewed [38:42] The truth about the future citing predictive models [42:25] The reminder of our need to carry humanity through the shifts to come [43:29] Debra’s unshakeable belief in Astrology and flowing through death and change [45:51] How systems like Debra’s method of Astrology and Richard’s Gene Keys can give you back your faith [46:40] The horrible truths of how this climate cycle will play out and what you can do  [48:39] Carla’s upcoming book and the unsustainability of the current state of our lives  [50:34] The most sustainable unit of living [51:13] How we will live in a sustainable future [52:00] What it’s like to be in the higher realm of your Gene Keys [53:15] The future system will cherish you, but there is work to be done [54:02] The answer to people who say they don’t care of believe in climate change [54:24] The power of wisdom over knowledge [55:40] Ending with a call to keep your faith, and a nod to nothing but beginnings  
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