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The John Fugelsang Podcast... a podcast about politics, religion and pop culture from the host of "Tell Me Everything" on SiriusXM Progress 127.

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John this time broadcasts from Albuquerque as he gets ready for another Sexy Liberal Show. He talks about the controversy involving Justice Samuel Alito who was found to have flown a flag upside down during the January 6th riots symbolizing support for Trump and his cult. Then, Max Burns comes back again to discuss legal issues and the trials of Trump. And finally, Simon Moya-Smith and Julie Francella return for their Native Voices segment. They chat about indigenous discrimination and native casinos. Plus, they give up another round of indigenous "Did You Know?"See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
The discussion this time is about Marjorie Taylor Green throwing insults and picking fights during the House Oversite Committee hearing on Merrick Garland's contempt of Congress charges. John also talks about the Manhattan courthouse VEEP-stakes contest featuring congressional suck-ups playing ventriloquist dummies for Trump's gagged mouth. Then, he takes a few calls from listeners on the pitfalls and benefits of another Trump presidency. Next, John chats about music trivia with Mitch from Kent State and marijuana being de-scheduled by Biden with Beachside Bill. And winding it up, he interviews Rep. Sean Caston who serves in congress for Illinois's 6th district. They talk about his work as a climate scientist to help bring clean energy, the Antisemitism Awareness Act, and the MAGA movement.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
John's monologue this time is 2 fold. He first discusses Texas Governor Greg Abbott pardoning MAGA extremist Daniel Perry who was convicted of murdering a Black protester at a Black Lives Matter rally in 2020. He then talks about Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker who gave a prejudicial and misogynistic commencement address to college graduates at Benedictine College in Kansas. Then, he welcomes back political affairs analyst David Rothkopf to give his opinions on the upcoming presidential debates and his new article in Haaretz called "Biden Has Not Turned His Back on Israel. But Netanyahu Has." Next, John takes calls from listeners on freedom of religion and the 10 Commandments. Then lastly, it's the return of TV's Frank Conniff to chat with the riff raff about Donald Trump.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Today's podcast has John pondering about the June and September presidential debates announced by Biden and Trump as well as the new rules in place to make sure each candidate can speak without interruption. He then chats with podcast star, director, and actor Bob Cesca about Star Wars and Donald Trump. Next - It's the God Squad - returning to discuss religion and current politics. Then finally, John talks with Dr Tracy Pearson about all things Trump.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
John today discusses the New York antics of Trump and his groveling pack of ass-kissers just outside the courtroom. He then speaks with professor Corey Brettschneider about the Supreme Court and the Trials of Trump. Next, John welcomes back Lee Papa AKA The Rude Pundit to Joke about the world and the latest news. Then winding it up - Comedy Daddy Keith Price returns to talk about Broadway and take calls from a variety of listeners.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
This time, John discusses the latest news in his monologue: the death of jazz legend David Sanborn; the UN updating the civilian death toll in Gaza, and the excellent testimony of Michael Cohen in Trump's 2016 election interference trial in New York. He then interviews Federico Finchelstein who is a world-renowned expert on fascism, populism, and dictatorship and is a Professor of History at the New School for Social Research and Eugene Lang College in New York City. They talk about his new book "The Wannabe Fascists". And finally he Jokes with comedians Rhonda Hansome and Jimmy Tingle about current news and Jimmy's new show "Humor and Hope for Humanity" which is running at the Soho Playhouse in New York City Through June 2nd.Tickets and more information available at Jimmy Tingle dot com.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
This Flashback show showcases the warm friendship between John and David.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
John interviews journalist Frank Bruni, Virginia Congresswoman Jennifer McClellan, journalist Dave Weigel, and Associate Professor in the School of Health Studies and an Affiliate in Women’s Studies and Feminist Research at Western University in London, Ontario - Treena Orchard.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
John's opening monologue for Tell Me Everything begins with President Biden's announcement that he will stop arms shipments to Israel if they attack the Gaza city of Rafah. He also talks about Stormy Daniels testimony in Trump's Manhattan business fraud trial and Hilary Clinton comparing today's GOP to Nazi Germany. Then, he interviews the former president of the American Medical Association - Dr. Andrew Gurman. He's joined a list of 48 healthcare professionals in a letter to American voters saying another Donald Trump presidency poses a major 'threat to public health'. Next, John is joined by Simon Moya-Smith and Julie Francella for their Native Voice segment to talk about indigenous myths and culture. And wrapping it up they play another round of Native "Did You Know?" See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
John begins by praising President Biden who is now saying he will be halting arms supplies to Israel if Netanyahu invades the Gaza city of Rafah. He also discusses Moscow Marge getting booed as she tried to oust Speaker Mike Johnson, RFK Jr. having brain worms, and the news that Trump's other trials will be stalled yet again. Then, Bob Cesca is back and they chat about mail in ballots, republican abortion policies, and other current news. Next, he takes calls from listeners on Trump and Biden in Wisconsin trolling Trump over his FOXCON con job. Then, winding it up, John welcomes back legal consultant Dr. Tracy Pearson to answer questions on Trump's trials.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
John's monologue this time is a mixed bag. First he talks about Judge Aileen Cannon postponing Trump's classified documents case indefinitely. He also discusses the ceasefire talks in the Israel/ Hamas War, the testimony of Stormy Daniels in Trump's 2016 election interference case, and the desperation of South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem to be Trump's VP pick. Then, professor Corey Brettschneider returns to speak about the latest developments in the Trump trials. Next, John takes a call about the frustration with President Biden over the continued financial support for Israel in their fight against Hamas. And finallhy, he takes calls from listeners and chats with Comedy Daddy Keith Price about the new Biden TV ad on Trump's immigration policy, the lies of Kristi Noem, and the latest in the Trump trials.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
In today's podcast, John discusses the peacekeeping efforts and negotiations in Gaza and the weekend circus at Mar-a-Lago as Trump makes his VP hopefuls compete for a prospective job. Then, he interviews journalist Matthew Sheffield on his new article in Vanity Fair "How I Got Tangled Up in the National Enquirer's Secret Deal with Trump". Next, John jokes with comedian Kate Willet about her new special called "Loopholes" on Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video. And lastly, he is joined by comedian Rhonda Hansome to take calls and joke about Trump and other current news.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
John talks about the latest details of Trump's Hush Money trial in New York. Then he interviews MSNBC's Ali Velshi. And finally he welcomes back TV's Frank Conniff to take some calls and laugh about current news.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
The focus today is about Arizona lawmakers voting to repeal an 1864 abortion ban and a Florida law prohibiting abortions after six weeks going into effect. Then, John welcomes back Florida State Rep. Anna Eskamani to discuss the Florida legislature banning LGBTQ books and the new 6 week abortion ban in the state. Then, rounding it out; Simon Moya-Smith and Julie Francella return for the Native Voices segment. They chat about indigenous slurs, myths, and culture. And they take calls from listeners and dish up another session of "Did You Know?" to close it out.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
John's monologue this time focuses on the crackdown of activists who are opposing the War in Gaza and police in New York clearing protesting students from Columbia's Hamilton Hall. Then, he chats with podcast guru Bob Cesca on the GOP in Washington state who put it in writing that they hate the word democracy because it reminds them of democrats and the hypocrisy of republicans complaining about students protesting for Palestinian rights. Next, he welcomes back former pastor Keith Giles; former pastor Desimber Rose Wattleton; and theologian Dillon Cruz AKA The God Squad to talk about the Israel/ Hamas war and the outrage over protests on college campuses. Then closing it up, John has Dr. Tracy Pearson back to talk about the college protests, immigration problems, and Donald Trump in court.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
John's monologue today is about the government decriminalizing weed and declassifying marijuana from a schedule 1 drug to a schedule 3 drug. Then, he welcomes back Professor Corey Brettschneider to talk about the Supreme Court mulling over Trump's immunity claim and Judge Juan Merchan finally holding him in contempt of court for violating his gag order at his New York business fraud trial. Next, John discusses the Palestinian protests at Columbia University and the announcement by Secretary of State Antony Blinken calling for Hamas to accept a ceasefire deal. Then finally, he speaks with the Reverend Barry Lynn on the House trying to oust Speaker Mike Johnson and other current news.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Today, John joins the crowd of politicians, comedians, and dog experts who are criticizing South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem after she revealed in her new book she shot her puppy because it was too rambunctious. Then, he interviews attorney, political commentator, and politician - Bakari Sellers on his new book "The Moment: Thoughts on the Race Reckoning That Wasn't and How We All Can Move Forward Now". Next, he talks with listeners about DEI, the confederate flag, and Howard Stern. Then finally, he welcomes back comedian Rhonda Hansome to take calls and discuss the college protests and controversy surrounding the war in Gaza.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
As the Trump trial heats up - We flash back to the past. John chats with Gordon in Illinois about forgiving people and reparations. Then Cela from Texas talks about her friend in Hurricane Ian and her pot corn bread. Next Richie in L.A. talks about disco and Rich in Indiana reminds John about the Drop Kick Murphy's New Album release and quotes Arlo Guthrie about music integrity. The finally, John Interviews former Trump Attorney Michael Cohen on the Trump Foundation; Mar-a-Lago snitches; other Trump attorneys; the possibility of Donald going to jail; and his new book "Revenge: How Donald Trump Weaponized the US Department of Justice Against His Critics"See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Derrick Johnson, NAACP President – on Tobacco, Menthol, Kids and the Black CommunityAlexandria Jacobson, Raw Story – On Donald Trump’s shifting fortunes and diminishing megadonor fanbaseSteph Speirs, Co-Founder and CEO of Solstice – on solar power/green energy and the Biden Admin. steps aheadShaniqua McClendon, VP Politics for Crooked Media – on Vote.Save.America outreach in 2024See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
John talks about the performative stalling in the Supreme Court as they take their own sweet time deciding if the U.S. needs royalty in the White House. Then, he interviews Ambassador Ira Shapiro about his book "The Betrayal: How Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans Abandoned America". And finally, John brings back Simon Moya-Smith and Julie Francella for the popular Native Voices segment. They chat about the abduction of indigenous women, the lack of clean drinking water for many natives, and the negative effects of racist sports teams and mascots.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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When Allito repeated that he didn't want to talk about the specific subject of Thursday's Supreme Court hearing (Trump's attempted cover up of his coup), but about a "future rule," I listened carefully. We all know that Congress is in charge of making law, not the Supremes. Allito wanted to speculate about the "future," about how to decide about other presidents that, what?...might attempt treason? Having studied Project 2025, I immediately wondered what he had in mind. Did anyone else wonder?

Apr 28th
Reply (1)

Luke Simmons

No! No Dr Phil. bad podcaster bad.

Mar 10th

Kelly Taylor

Shout out to Dan & Philip Berrigan! Please consider interviewing Philip's daughter Frida.

Feb 10th

Joan Panzella

For me, this totally ties it together with the Zeitgeist of it all. It's Keith O's pro-democracy righteous rage rant on YouTube. He's plainly aware-and as usual, weaves his unique position in the media landscape with his equally unique, caring, snarky, curmudgeonly wordsmith eloquence on the current state of affairs. His rant, specifically went where most fear to tread, and IMHO, it's *always* in his attempts to defibrillate goodness and all that radiates from it.

Feb 9th

Ron Cunningham

Bill Bradley was a basketball player

Feb 4th

Michael Sussmann

Another good thing that Gone With The Wind gave us was the theme to the Million Dollar Movie.

Mar 21st

Tim Wolfers

JFK had half a mind to leave Dallas 🙃

Feb 8th
Reply (1)

Vickie Koehler Averhoff

Please, please, please can you do this for LOTR? I know the movies are 20 years old now, but this was GREAT!!

Jan 13th

Catherine Dove

david C seems like a guy who really is self reflective. its good to hear from someone who is an artist loving his genuine life

May 19th

Djibril Diouf

excellent 👍

May 15th
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