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Author: Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

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Join intellectual phenomenon Dr. Jordan Peterson for enlightening discourse that will change the way you think. This podcast breaks down the dichotomy of life through interviews and lectures that explain how individuals and culture are shaped by values, music, religion, and beyond. It will give you a new perspective and a modern understanding of your creativity, competence, and personality.
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Dr. Jordan B. Peterson sits down with author and speaker Tor Nørretranders. They discuss the entropy of emotion, the nature of pointlessness, the over-civilization of societal structures, how relationships shape perception, and why play might be the antithesis to tyranny. Tor Nørretranders is an independent author, thinker and speaker based in Denmark, serving an international audience. He has published over 30 books on topics ranging from society to human consciousness.  - Links - 2024 tour details can be found here   Peterson Academy    For Tor Nørretranders: The User Illusion: The Generous Man: Wild food and agriculture: Website Article “We Are Waking Up” : 
Dr. Jordan B. Peterson sits down with 2024 presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy to discuss the recent suspension of his campaign, how he fought the traditional media’s best advances against him, who he is endorsing now, and the American values he seeks to defend going forward. Vivek Ramaswamy is an entrepreneur, author, and political activist. Vivek has been making headlines since announcing his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election, running on a platform in part to dismantle the expansive and corrupt bureaucracy that has seeped into nearly all facets of American government. Prior to this, Ramaswamy was the founder and CEO of the biopharmaceutical company Roivant Sciences. Leaving in 2021, he published “Woke, Inc.: Inside Corporate America's Social Justice Scam.” In 2022, he co-founded Strive Asset Management with Anson Frericks, which focuses on an alternative to the now-pushed ESG investment framework. That same year Ramaswamy published “Nation of Victims: Identity Politics, the Death of Merit, and the Path Back to Excellence”and has since been deemed one of the “Intellectual Godfathers of the anti-woke movement.”  - Links - 2024 tour details can be found here   Peterson Academy    For Vivek Ramaswamy: On X On Youtube 
Dr. Jordan B. Peterson sits down with industry consultant, science activist, and past president of Greenpeace Canada (1971 to 1986), Dr. Patrick Moore. They discuss his time in Greenpeace, the historic timeline of global ice ages and climate change, the clear lies being peddled to promote alarmism, and how the woke left manipulates science (and scientists) to promote a falsely perceived and politically incentivized future catastrophe. Dr. Patrick Moore has been a leader in the international environmental field for more than 45 years. He is a co-founder of Greenpeace and served for nine years as President of Greenpeace Canada and seven years as a Director of Greenpeace International. As the leader of many campaigns Dr. Moore was a driving force shaping policy and direction for 15 years while Greenpeace became the world's largest environmental activist organization. In recent years, Dr. Moore has been focused on the promotion of sustainability and consensus building among competing concerns. He was a member of the British Columbia government-appointed Round Table on the Environment and Economy from 1990 - 1994. In 1990, Dr. Moore founded and chaired the BC Carbon Project, a group that worked to develop a common understanding of climate change. In 2021 Dr. Moore published "Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom" exposing the fake news and fake science around 11 claims of disaster including climate change, coral reefs, polar bears, plastic, nuclear energy, and more.  - Links - 2024 tour details can be found here   Peterson Academy    For Dr. Patrick Moore: On X “Fake Invisible Catastrophes And Threats of Doom” (Book) 
Dr. Jordan B. Peterson sits down with writer, philosopher, and cognitive scientist Dr. Daniel Dennett. They discuss the concepts of aboutness, intention, and the highest good as they relate to the religious and secular worlds, the establishment of trust and ethics outside of transcendent presupposition, and the loss of academic freedom at the misapprehension of postmodernism. Dr. Daniel Dennett is an American philosopher, writer, and cognitive scientist. He has published dozens of books, such as “Consciousness Explained" (1992), “Darwin's Dangerous Idea: Evolution and the Meanings of Life” (1996), and “Breaking the Spell: Religion as Natural Phenomena” (2007). - Links - 2024 tour details can be found here   Peterson Academy    For Dr. Daniel Dennett: On X The Problem with Counterfeit People (Article on AI, the Atlantic) Consciousness Explained (Book) I’ve Been Thinking (Book) Breaking the Spell: Religion as Natural Phenomena (Book) 
Dr. Jordan B. Peterson sits down with entrepreneur, U.S. representative, and 2024 presidential candidate Dean Phillips. They discuss his now-suspended presidential campaign, the monolithic opposition he faced getting platformed, the reality of President Joe Biden’s age, the core issues facing America right now, and the comparative pathologies of Republicans and Democrats respectively. Dean Phillips is an American businessman and congressman, serving as the U.S. representative of Minnesota’s 3rd District since 2019. Phillips has started and run several companies over the years (Such as Talenti Gelato) and served as CEO of his family's liquor business, Phillips Distilling Co, for 12 years (2000-2012). Phillips ran as the only Democrat against Joe Biden in the 2024 election. On March 6th, 2024, he suspended his campaign.  - Links - 2024 tour details can be found here   Peterson Academy    For Dean Phillips: On instagram On X 
Dr. Jordan B. Peterson sits down in-person with psychiatrist, researcher, and philosopher Dr. Iain McGilchrist. They discuss right brain/left brain hemispheric specialization, the basis of delusion, “unknowing” as a necessary step toward wisdom, consciousness and the divine ground of being, and the imposition of mediocrity in the modern West. Dr. Iain McGilchrist is a psychiatrist, neuroscience researcher, philosopher and literary scholar. He is a Quondam Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, an Associate Fellow of Green Templeton College, Oxford, a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and former Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Director at the Bethlem Royal & Maudsley Hospital, London. He has been a Research Fellow in neuroimaging at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore and a Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Studies in Stellenbosch. He has published original articles and research papers in a wide range of publications on topics in literature, philosophy, medicine and psychiatry. He is the author of a number of books, but is best-known for The Master and his Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World (Yale 2009). In November 2021 his two-volume work The Matter with Things: Our Brains, Our Delusions, and the Unmaking of the World was published by Perspectiva Press.  - Links - 2024 tour details can be found here   Peterson Academy    For Iain McGilchrist: Website On X The Matter With Things (Book) The Master and His Emissary (Book)
Dr. Jordan B. Peterson sits down with bestselling author and journalist Michael Shellenberger to discuss the shocking revelations now being published in the WPATH Files. Michael Shellenberger is a climate activist, journalist, and bestselling author. He has covered climate for over 30 years, as well as AI, emergent technologies, the Twitter Files, and most recently, the WPATH files.  - Links - 2024 tour details can be found here   Peterson Academy    For Michael Shellenberger: On X On Substack The WPATH Files Official Document 
Dr. Jordan B. Peterson sits down with evolutionary biologist, author, and podcaster Dr. Bret Weinstein. They discuss the migration crisis, what values make up the “American Identity,” the potential for defining the transcendent, the origins of mutual reciprocity, and how the founding fathers codified these ideas into guidelines for the most functional nation in history. Dr. Weinstein is an evolutionary biologist who specializes in adaptive trade-offs. His current focus is on the interaction between genetic and cultural evolution. He has studied tent-making behavior in neotropical bats and worked for 14 years as a professor at The Evergreen State College. He has testified to the U.S. Congress, and been a visiting fellow at Princeton University. He hosts the DarkHorse Podcast and is a New York Times best-selling author. Bret has been a frequent guest on The Joe Rogan Experience and has done live events with Richard Dawkins, Jordan Peterson, Eric Weinstein, Peter Boghossian, Sam Harris, Douglas Murray and has been interviewed by Bill Maher, Russell Brand, Glenn Loury, Dax Shepard, Tucker Carlson, Megyn Kelly, Glenn Beck, Bari Weiss, Derrick Jensen, and Lex Fridman, among many others.  - Links - 2024 tour details can be found here   Peterson Academy    For Bret Weinstein: DarkHorse Locals Community On X
Dr. Jordan B. Peterson sits down in-person with Steven Bonnell II, also known as Destiny. They discuss the differences between the left and the right, force versus invitation, the feasibility and pitfalls of command economies, the dangers of ideology, and government response to worldwide crises. Destiny, also known as Steven Bonnell II, is a prominent political commentator and content creator known for his debate skills and provocative takes on various issues. With a passion for gaming, politics, and philosophy, Destiny engages in lively discussions that often challenge the status quo.  - Links - 2024 tour details can be found here   Peterson Academy    For Steven Bonnell II: Destiny’s YT Channel On Instagram On X 
Jordan Peterson sits down with Alberta’s Minister of Seniors, Community, and Social Services, Jason Nixon. They discuss the dire problems created by unregulated homeless encampments, the onset of both indigenous and foreign gangs and cartels, and the two schools of thought on how to approach drug abuse—one that enables “safe” usage, where the other focuses on real addiction recovery. Jason Nixon is Alberta’s Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services. As minister, he is responsible for his province’s policies on housing, homelessness, and government benefits for vulnerable people. He previously served as Leader of the Opposition, Minister of Environment and Parks and Minister of Finance and President of Treasury Board in the province of Alberta.  - Links - 2024 tour details can be found here   Peterson Academy    For Minister Jason Nixon: On X 
Jordan Peterson sits down with author, speaker, and Bishop of the Dioceses of Winona-Rochester, Robert Barron. They discuss the use of new technologies to interpret and explore religion, the fallacy of self-deification, the spiritual blocks to the flow of grace, and how to stop servicing power and become an orchestrator of peace and love. Bishop Barron is a #1 Amazon bestselling author and has published numerous books, essays, and articles on theology and the spiritual life. He was a religion correspondent for NBC and has also appeared on FOX News, CNN, and EWTN. Bishop Barron’s website,, reaches millions of people each year, and he is one of the world’s most followed Catholics on social media. His YouTube videos have been viewed over 131 million times, and he has over 3 million followers on Facebook. - Links - For Bishop Robert Barron: On X On Facebook Instagram Word on Fire (Website) 
Jordan Peterson sits down with clinical psychologist, author, and media mogul Dr. Phil McGraw. They discuss his new book, “We’ve Got Issues,” and from this delve into the three pillars of western society that are now under assault, as well as the 10 working principles he prescribes to defend them. They also discuss how to live with intention, the importance of personal identity removed from outward labels, the difference between questioning and deconstructing, how the establishment failed our children during the pandemic, and the obvious outbreak of social contagions plaguing the world today. Phillip McGraw, PH.D. is the author of 10 New York Times bestsellers. For 21 seasons he hosted the award-winning talk show “Dr. Phil,” one of the most successful daytime programs in television history. His new book, “We’ve Got Issues – How You Can Stand Strong For America’s Soul and Sanity,” is available now. This April, he hosts “Dr. Phil Primetime,” on his own cable network, Merit Street Media, providing essential news and entertainment. McGraw resides in Dallas, Texas with his wife, Robin. They have two adult sons and four grandchildren.  - Links - 2024 tour details can be found here   Peterson Academy    For Dr. Phil: “We’ve Got Issues” (Book) On X Dr. Phil Primetime (website) 
Dr. Jordan Peterson speaks with best-selling author, Air Force veteran, and psychologist Rob Henderson. They discuss his recent memoir “Troubled: A Memoir of Foster Care, Family and Social Class” and go through Rob’s tumultuous upbringing within the California foster care system, the lived and observed transformations of social status and class as he ascended to Yale and Cambridge, how his thoughts on family structure and “luxury beliefs” developed, and why bookstores won’t host him for his tour.Rob Henderson grew up in foster homes in Los Angeles and in the rural town of Red Bluff, California. He enlisted in the U.S. Air Force at the age of seventeen. Following his enlistment, he attended Yale on the G.I. Bill and was subsequently awarded the Gates Cambridge Scholarship to study at the University of Cambridge, where he obtained a PhD in psychology in 2022. His writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal and Quillette, among other outlets, and his Substack newsletter is sent each week to more than 50,000 subscribers. This episode was recorded on February 25th, 2024 - Links - 2024 tour details can be found here   Peterson Academy    For Rob Henderson: “Troubled: A Memoir of Foster Care, Family, and Social Class” (Book) On X Substack Newsletter 
Dr. Jordan Peterson speaks in-person with Todd and Krista Kolstad. They discuss their ongoing court battle with the state of Montana surrounding the removal of their daughter from their home, and then to Canada, for lack of gender affirmation. Krista Cummins-Kolstad was born and raised in Akron, Ohio. After mortuary school, she moved to Flathead County, Montana where she spent the next 13 years as a licensed mortician and funeral director. She married Todd Kolstad in 2017 and recently moved to Glasgow Montana to give her daughter a fresh start. She has been working with her husband Todd at his company, Montana Technical Solutions since 2021. A Glasgow, Montana native, Todd Kolstad spent his high school years in the Phoenix, Arizona area. He served in the Air Force from 1987 to 1991 mostly stationed in Kadena Air Base with the 12th tactical fighter squadron. After his military service he worked for Siemens nuclear power for 10yrs doing nuclear instrumentation. He then worked for KLA-Tencor performing laser alignment robotics globally. He then returned to the glasgow Montana area and started the company he has today: Montana Technical Solutions. Todd has five children with his ex wife. He moved to the flathead valley area where he met and married Krista Cumm. - Links - 2024 tour details can be found here   Peterson Academy    For Todd & Krista Kolstad: Given Send Go campaign to help with legal fees 
Dr. Jordan Peterson speaks with best-selling author Abigail Shrier. They discuss her landmark first book, “Irreversible Damage,” as well as her latest publication, available now: “Bad Therapy: Why The Kids Aren’t Growing Up". From this, they break down the state of the therapeutic industry, the overgrown tendency of professionals to “treat the well, rather than the sick,” the existence and need for necessary trauma, and the now-generational impact of harmful therapy, and by extension, harmful parenting. Abigail Shrier received the Barbara Olson Award for Excellence and Independence in Journalism in 2021. Her best-selling book, Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters (2020), was named a “Best Book” by the Economist and the Times (of London). It has been translated into ten languages. Her upcoming publication, Bad Therapy: Why The Kids Aren’t Growing Up is slated for release in early 2024. - Links - 2024 tour details can be found here   Peterson Academy    For Abigail Shrier: On X Website Bad Therapy: Why The Kids Aren’t Growing Up (Book) 
Dr. Jordan Peterson speaks with author and podcaster Andrew Klavan. They discuss the beauty in the “tough guy with a purpose” archetype that inspired Klavan to write, the loss of idealism in main characters, the eye-rolling anti-realism in media portrayals of young women, and how superhero films have ushered in an era of storytelling devoid of human nature, and why most new stories and adaptations feel deeply empty. Andrew Klavan is an American podcaster, essayist, and novelist. He has written more than 30 novels since 1977. His podcast, the Andrew Klavan show, has been a staple for years, though Klavan has had other similar shows produced by companies such as Truth Revolt and the Blaze. Klavan has also produced modern “radio plays” for the DW with “Another Kingdom,” which has three seasons. Notably, Klavan was born jewish, but in his adult life converted to Christianity. Andrew grew up as one of four sons in Great Neck, Long island. His father, Gene Klavan, was a NY disc jockey. Andrews 1995 novel, True Crime, was adapted into the hit film by Clint Eastwood. His novel Don’t Say A Word was adapted into a film of the same name starring Michael Douglass. Many of his other works, along with original screenplays, have also been produced.    - Links -  2024 tour details can be found here   Peterson Academy    For Andrew Klavan: Watch the Andrew Klavan Show on Youtube Andrew Klavan’s newest book, “The House of Love and Death” 
Dr. Jordan Peterson speaks with author, teacher, and prior hostage negotiator Chris Voss. They discuss the necessity of prioritizing needs and wants, how to navigate the job market to fit your best potential, how and why to go after a raise, the primacy of invitational collaboration over compelled, and how Voss succeeded in many real-world hostage negotiations. Chris Voss has served as the lead international kidnapping negotiator for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the hostage negotiation representative for the National Security Council’s Hostage Working Group, and the lead Crisis Negotiator for the NYC division of the FBI. Chris was a member of the New York City Joint Terrorist Task Force for 14 years, a recipient of the Attorney General’s Award for Excellence in Law Enforcement, and the FBI Agents Association Award for Distinguished and Exemplary Service. Chris has taught business negotiation courses at the University of Southern California, Georgetown University, and Harvard University. He has also guest lectured at Northwestern University and at schools abroad. Currently, Chris works with Insite Security as their Managing Director of the Kidnapping Resolution Practice.  - Links - 2024 tour details can be found here   Peterson Academy    For Chris Voss: On Instagram On X Sign up for Chris Voss’s Newsletter “Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It” (book) Learn to negotiate with the Black Swan Group 
Dr. Jordan Peterson speaks with nuclear fusion expert Dr. Dennis Whyte. They walk through how fusion differs from fission, the harnessable energy found at the center of the sun, how to recreate it on earth, the fourth state of matter known as plasma, and facing the consequences of technology while acknowledging that we must push forward. Dennis Whyte is the Hitachi America Professor of Engineering, and prior director of the Plasma Science and Fusion Center at MIT (He stepped down in November 2023). Whyte is considered a leader and innovator in fusion research, and currently leads the project SPARC - a compact, high-field, net fusion energy fusion device. - Sponsors - Birch Gold: Text "JORDAN" to 989898 for your no-cost, no-obligation, FREE information kitShopify: Get a $1/ month FREE trial with full access to Shopify's entire suite of features: & Main: Get 25% off your purchase of $130 or more at promo code Jordan - Links - 2024 tour details can be found here   Peterson Academy    For Dennis Whyte: On facebook ​​ On Instagram On Linkedin On Youtube
Dr. Jordan B. Peterson speaks with five-time consecutive Mr. Olympia Classic Physique champion, businessman, and public speaker, Chris Bumstead. They discuss how Chris was introduced to bodybuilding, how he combatted anxiety and a speech impediment in his upbringing and early career, where he’s at now following a five-year win streak, and how he balances his values between sport, business, marriage, and soon-to-be fatherhood. Hailing from Canada, Chris Bumstead (AKA “CBUM”) has taken the fitness world by storm, becoming a five-time Mr. Olympia Classic Physique Champion. With his unmatched physique, unwavering dedication, and infectious enthusiasm, Chris has become a true icon of the sport. With over 22 million followers, Chris is an inspiration for individuals worldwide. Chris is a proud owner of RAW Nutrition, a premium sports nutrition line, as well as BUM Energy, an exciting new lifestyle energy drink.  - Links - 2024 tour details can be found here   Peterson Academy    For Chris Bumstead: On X On Youtube CBUM Energy (Website) CBUM Fitness On Instagram Raw Nutrition (website) 
Dr. Jordan B. Peterson speaks with author, researcher, and psychiatrist Chris Palmer. They discuss how metabolic and mental disorders might be linked, depression's purpose as a biological corrective measure, how metabolism might directly tie to mental disorders, the use of fasting for medical and spiritual breakthroughs, and the research showing we have vastly undervalued the mitochondria when it comes to mental wellness. Chris Palmer, MD is a medical doctor and psychiatric researcher working in the areas of addiction and sleep. He is also the author of 2022’s “Brain Energy,” in which he argues that mental disorders are metabolic disorders of the brain.  - Links - 2024 tour details can be found here   Peterson Academy    For Dr. Chris Palmer Brain Energy: A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Understanding Mental Health--and Improving Treatment for Anxiety, Depression, OCD, PTSD, and More (Book) 
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The climate always changes. But yes the world is heavily polluted, and no not everything that pollutes is visible to the human eye.

Apr 12th

Dan Decker

although I agree with Peterson about the use of force to administer the mRNA injection being unethical I'm more concerned with the the coerssion that was used and the studies being flawed meaning the patients couldn't be informed, violating the nuremberg code (or at the very least, there's an argument to be had there)

Apr 3rd

Mojtaba Milani

Worst timing of ads

Apr 2nd

Eileen Krol

Jordan, calm down and let your guests speak more.

Mar 28th

Helman Frow

Not to look a gift horse in the mouthb, but it'd sure be swell if you could stack your ads at the top of the show rather than interject them seemingly at random in the middle of sentences, words, syllables... How incredibly jarring!

Mar 27th

Two Eyes

Great interview, I enjoy listening to Jordan Peterson most of the time, but I listen to his podcasts at 1.5 speed. At one and a half times normal speed, this interview was a RIOT.

Mar 25th

Shanna Toews

Great conversation especially the last half or so I'd say!!

Mar 25th

Free Palestine

what a sad, angry little man you are Mr Peterson

Mar 13th
Reply (12)

Jim McCaskill

Not even hiding that you're stumping for Putin and the Russians anymore, are you Peterson?

Mar 10th

Antonio Mendes Vieira Filho

muito bom

Mar 9th

Two Eyes

what "Child Protection Services" did to the Kolstad's daughter is an appalling crime. All the CPS workers involved should be shamed out of town.

Mar 5th
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brilliant 👌, don't worry about being a loser, just start the things that you want, as you said that's ok to ask stupid questions, do stupid things...

Feb 17th

Richard K Priore

Good stuff Jordan

Feb 12th
Reply (1)

Maximus Meridius

absolutely spot on and fascinating

Feb 9th

Afra Tanzeem


Jan 29th

Jan Sunner

Peterson is a remarkable intellectual. That makes it the more puzzling that he is totally wrong and ignorant about the climate models being incorrect. Is he too lazy or delusional to have talks with leading climate scientists? The fact is that the models, in terms of global temperature increase, have been remarkably accurate. That said, there is more uncertainty about how any local climate will change. However, history tills us that those change can be severe, even catastroohic.

Jan 25th

Pennwarrr “Penny D”

Dr. Peterson, We need you here in America. "The land of the free and home of the brave" has become The land of the insane and The home of the afraid.." God bless and keep you and your family. I believe Heavenly Father is very pleased with what you have done so far, and with what you will do. Jesus is with you every moment of every day. You cannot fail! Sincerely, Penny D. New York, USA. Penny D SingerSongwriter, Pennwarrr, Penny D. Publishing Unlimited BMI (Facebook)

Jan 24th

Brooke 2020

wow. i work in clearwater FL and i feel so bad knowing this is such a trap for people around me.

Jan 18th

Moshe Wise

Not many people live to 97.

Jan 16th

Mohadeseh Johari


Jan 12th
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