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Author: Ryan Wiegman and Alan Cammack

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Alan Cammack of Canyon River Instruction and Ryan Wiegman, @DigitallCowboy, talk whitewater kayaking in the Arkansas River Valley.
19 Episodes
You Better Row!

You Better Row!


In this episode, Ryan and Alan talk with a special guest and VERY close friend of the show, Elisha McArthur. We dive into topics including the intro song and some fun origin stories. We had a blast recording this one and hope you enjoy it!
The Road to Natora

The Road to Natora


Our good paddling buddy Josh had quite the adventure in Mexico paddling a really cool river with an excellent story! In this episode, we listen to his story including, border patrol, breakdowns, hiding from strangers in the night, and stray dogs. This episode will restore your faith in humanity and make you ache for adventure! 
Welcome to Season 3 of The Kayak Nerds! In our first episode for this season, we chat about what we paddled in 2022, new kayaks, and what we're excited to paddle in 2023. We're excited to be kicking off a new season and getting back to podcasting after nearly 8 months!
In this episode, we chat with Kyle Johnson, co-owner of Rocky Mountain Adventures(RMA) in Fort Collins about his journey to whitewater and our excitement for the summer boating season. We enjoyed listening to Kyles's stories about his year's kayaking and his take on the industry. We hope you enjoy this episode, and we're sure Kyle would be happy to chat about boating with you if you stop by Poudre Fest, or RMA.
In this episode, we chat with Ryan John, who recently uprooted his life in the midwest to chase kayaking in the pacific northwest. Ryan brought us a list of questions including, what boat is the best to start in, how to be safe on the river, and what river sections should beginners start on. We had a great time chatting with Ryan and hope to see how he progresses over this paddling season!
Welcome back to season 2 of The Kayak Nerds! In this episode, we talk with Alex Telthorst. Alex is a phenomenal kayaker and has been kayaking since he fell in love with it back in Missouri as a child.Alex's paddling is a fun juxtaposition to Mike's paddling from episode 1 of this season. Alex dove headfirst into the playboating side of kayaking and stayed there. Alex helps us learn about the fun that can be had on the river and how to get there.Thanks for listening and we'll see you on the next episode!
Season 2 is here and we're really excited about this first episode with Salida's very own Mike Harvey. We dive into the history of Salida's play park (which Mike built on a hope and a prayer), the history of kayaking, and the fun of progressing in different ways through our amazing sport! If you want to support Mike, paddle one of his play parks located all over the country, or check out his SUP brand, Badfish SUP.Thanks for listening and we'll see you on the next episode!
this week on The Kayak Nerds, we talk about the whitewater classification system and how it applies to you! What is a class V rapid and how is it different from a class II rapid? Find out all that and more on this episode of The Kayak Nerds! Thanks for listening to our What Is Whitewater Kayaking segment and we'll see you on the water!
In this episode of TKN, we talk about the gear required to go whitewater kayaking. While gear can be an expensive part of boating, it is essential to getting on the river, especially in Colorado. Thanks for listening and we'll be back with part 3, whitewater classifications, soon!
We've been very excited to make this 3 part series about whitewater kayaking! Each of the next three episodes goes over the things that you might need to understand whitewater kayaking a little bit better.  I part 1, we go over what a whitewater kayak is, how it's different from other kayaks, and how it works to get you down the river in a safe and efficient way. We also cover which kayaks we think are the best for beginners!If you want to see our faces, we have also uploaded this episode and the following parts to our youtube channel! Reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or anywhere else, and let us know what you want to hear about next! Thanks for listening.
2021 Summer Review

2021 Summer Review


In this episode, Ryan and Alan are back with a debrief of our summer 2021 paddling season! We talk about river trips, new rapids, and adventures of the summer. We are back on track this winter, and keep us on your radar because we'll be back on track with the podcast and many more projects coming up!Thanks for listening and happy paddling!
I'm extremely excited about this episode of The Kayak Nerds! Alan Cammack and I interview our good friend Tommy Gram.  Tommy played a large part in my growth as a paddler, from teaching my Swiftwater class and kayak instructor course this last year to introducing me to the sport way back in 2016! Check out this episode for some serious but not so serious talk on river accidents, safety, and review. Tommy teaches both whitewater kayaking and backcountry skiing courses. I find his vast experiences fascinating and excellent to learn from. He co-owns Buena Vista Mountain Adventures and has a whitewater kayaking business called Whitewater Attainment. 
In this episode of The Kayak Nerds, Alan and Ryan discuss the rising water here in the Arkansas River Valley and the kayaking we've done over the last month.
Alan and Ryan, with special guest Nic Blake, chat about which of the new half slice boats is the best and then dive into big water stoke with some highwater stories from years past.
Alan and Ryan, with special guest Jeff Hammond, chat about hiring, regulations, kayaking, and improvements made to the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area that will affect your boating this summer!
In this episode, hosts Alan Cammack of Canyon River Instruction and Ryan Wiegman (@digitallcowboy), interview Fred Morrison from CKS Main Street.  Fred gives us his speculation on the new Dagger Code and the just-released Pyranha Scorch. We also talk about the King and Queen of the Arkansas community paddle that Fred organizes with a few other folks. Finally, we give our prediction on high flows on the Arkansas this year and what boats CKS will have in stock.
2021 Season Goals

2021 Season Goals


Ryan and Alan look ahead to the 2021 season and discuss their goals for kayaking and being on the river.
In this episode, hosts Alan Cammack of Canyon River Instruction and Ryan Wiegman (@digitallcowboy), talk about kayak camping, river permits, and what's in their PFD's.
In this episode, hosts Alan Cammack of Canyon River Instruction and Ryan Wiegman (@digitallcowboy), talk about which kayak is the best beginner kayak, the possibility of a train running along the Arkansas River again, and the best way to store a kayak.
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