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Cash talks about his wild life before marriage!
The blind date everyone has been waiting for!



Kate tells cash she's pregnant...
In this Episode we snoop through each other‘s phones, Maverick did a horrible prank on his Grandma, Someone Goes on a date with their EX!
Maverick puts Cash and Kates relationship to the test. We tell the worst pickup lines. Harper does a really really really cool party trick.
Cash and Maverick talk about a fight that almost ended EVERYTHING! They also tell Kate she's built like a bus...
Harper responds to Piper Rockelle's video!
Please Forgive Me...

Please Forgive Me...


Cash has to apologize to Kate after what he did! We play a game to see who is the best liar. Everyone switch's seats and mocks each other!
Cash and maverick tell Kate how they really feel! Harper talks about how she can't stop getting spay tans. Everyone exposes their cartoon crush!
I Ran Away From Home!

I Ran Away From Home!


In this episode everyone shares their stories on how they ran away from home! Kate gets called ugly by a 8th grader! Harper says she will pay for everything her boyfriend wants?
in this episode we compete in a wild chocolate taste test, maverick pranks Kate with a wild possum!!! and harper updates us on her crush!!!
Testing to see who really knows Harper the best! The loser has to do a crazy punishment that the others choose!
Crazy school memories! Everyone competes to see who is the smartest! Who is the worst student?
Maverick catches a case! Cash gets punched in the face by all the girls! Do Harper and Harley like having red hair?
I Spied On Their Date

I Spied On Their Date


Harper didn't want us to come on her date! Kate has a tattoo? Maverick got blackmailed!
Toxic Halloween Candy!

Toxic Halloween Candy!


Cash throws up...and Kate peed her pants, Harper and Cash taste tests the WORST Halloween candy, Cash tells a VERY scary story?
Only 0.001% Can Do This!

Only 0.001% Can Do This!


Everyone shows their weird hidden talents! Harper gets a call from Jack Harlow...? We say our favorite, and least favorite thing about everyone!
Our surprise guest spills the tea on Dance Moms, Maverick try's to make a move on the guest, We found out why Abby Lee Miller went to jail!
Maverick accidentally went on a date, Everyone votes if we should keep kate on the podcast, Cash and Maverick do backflips, Harper finds out about taxes!
I Need A Date Now!

I Need A Date Now!


Harper talks about how she has no date for Homecoming, Maverick wants to know how you tell a girl she needs to lose weight, Cash and Kate's relationship is FAKE!
Comments (4)

Kennedi Gibbons

I love your podcast and how you make me laugh please continue to post.

Nov 28th


love the pod harpers my fav love her energy

Nov 24th

Jayme Purvis

I love this please post more often

Oct 15th

Charlotte Mansell

i absolutely love the humour and everything abou this.

Oct 8th
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