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Pursuing Faith with Lanna and Iggy

Author: Alanna Ruiz Unger and Igancio Saenz Lancuba

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Welcome to Pursuing Faith with us, Lanna and Iggy. We invite you into our real and relatable conversations about faith. Join us as we share how we integrate God into our daily lives, relationships, and businesses. This podcast is your weekly dose of candid discussions, exploring the highs and lows of our faith journey. Whether you're seeking guidance in relationships, infusing faith into your work, or just growing spiritually, we're here for you. Join us on this journey of embracing the challenges, celebrating the joys, and pursuing faith together. Welcome to "Pursuing Faith" – your go-to source for navigating faith in the modern world.
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In this episode, we share candid reflections on shedding old beliefs and embracing new truths in our faith journey.Subscribe to Pursuing Faith for more insightful conversations on faith, life, and discovering our true selves in God's light.Socials: our community here:
In this episode, we dive into the blend of faith and business, sharing how our values shape LannaLashes and Iggy's ventures. Join us as we discuss how our faith guides decisions at LannaLashes and how Iggy infuses his businesses with his beliefs. We'll chat about why it's crucial to use our talents and platforms to uplift others and make a positive impact. Tune in for a casual conversation about the beauty of combining business with heartfelt values.SHOP NOW:
Discover why gathering in faith is more than a ritual—it's a cornerstone of connection, growth, and shared devotion. Explore our testimony, timeless wisdom, and insights into the transformative power of coming together in worship.Socials:Instagram!https://www.lannalashes.comSUBSCRIBE LIKE AND COMMENTSee you next week!
Socials:Instagram@alannaruizunger_   @lannalashes  TikTok@alannaruizunger__  @lannalashes_  Shop!https://www.lannalashes.comSUBSCRIBE LIKE AND COMMENTSee you next week!
Join me each week as we tackle the big questions: How do we balance our desires with God's will? Through stories, insights, and a lot of heart, we'll explore what it means to walk in faith while manifesting our dreams.So, grab your favorite drink and let's dive into the journey of faith together.Socials:Instagram!https://www.lannalashes.comSUBSCRIBE LIKE AND COMMENTSee you next week!
In this episode of "Pursuing Faith," we're having a chat about the journey of choosing faith over feelings and fully surrendering to a higher power. No cringe, just genuine stories, insights, and practical tips. Whether you're a seasoned believer or just starting your journey, join us for an authentic conversation that explores the depths of faith without the fluff. Let's navigate the realities of pursuing faith together.Socials:Instagram!https://www.lannalashes.comSUBSCRIBE LIKE AND COMMENTSee you next week!
Join me and my husband in this deeply personal episode as we open up about the profound moments when we heard God's calling in our lives. We'll share our testimonies and explore the significance of transforming distractions and bad habits into pathways for understanding God better. Learn how, instead of aimlessly scrolling, you can turn every moment into an opportunity to feed your faith through intentional choices.Socials:Instagram!https://www.lannalashes.comSUBSCRIBE LIKE AND COMMENTSee you next week!
In this transformative episode, we explore the powerful journey of personal growth and family legacy, leaning on the guidance of God. Join us as we dive into the importance of carrying forward the positive from our past, actively working on relationships, and learning from experiences—all with the divine support that empowers us to break free from unhealthy patterns. Let's tackle the challenges of overcoming past traumas and relationship patterns, embracing God's guidance in the process. Tune in for practical insights on evolving, learning, and creating a family narrative that reflects the grace and strength found in faith. It's time for divine breakthroughs and positive change! Socials:Instagram!https://www.lannalashes.comSUBSCRIBE LIKE AND COMMENTSee you next week!
In this episode, we're getting real about those moments when anxiety tries to take the wheel. We'll share some Bible verses that have been our go-to comfort zones when the going gets tough. We're also chatting about those moments when God's nudges turned into chances for us to spread a little love and be a blessing to others.Socials:Instagram!https://www.lannalashes.comSUBSCRIBE LIKE AND COMMENTSee you next week1
Hey there! We're beyond excited to share a deeply personal chapter of our lives with you in this special episode on our new channel!Join us as we lay the raw and unfiltered story of how our love went through a transformation. In this episode, we dive into the details of our relationship journey—how we recognized and shed toxic traits, opening up space for a love deeply rooted in faith.For all of our past episodes you can watch on: LIKE AND COMMENTSee you next week!
Socials:Instagram!https://www.lannalashes.comSUBSCRIBE LIKE AND COMMENTSee you next week!
Drawing from our own experiences, we reflect on decisions made before discovering our faith journey and contrast them with the perspectives that have unfolded since knowing God. We discuss how individuals sometimes cherry-pick beliefs, exploring the nuances of choosing what to believe.Socials:Instagram!https://www.lannalashes.comSUBSCRIBE LIKE AND COMMENTSee you next week!
Join me as I have a heartfelt conversation with Dani Munoz as she shares the empowering story of her journey to becoming a fitness instructor. We discuss the  balance of blending family life with entrepreneurship, and how Dani navigates the challenges while thriving as a dedicated mom. Tune in for insights, laughter, and a dose of motivation to inspire your own path to success.Also we talk a bit about how Dani is the reason I met my husband Ignacio! You guys have been asking about how we met so tune in so you can hear the story.Dani's Links:Instagram: Apparel/ Equipment : App: SocialsInstagram!
In this episode, we dive into the heart of relationships and the profound impact of having God at the center. Join us as we navigate the intersection of faith and love, and why you shouldn't question the role of God but instead have faith in his plans for you and for your future. We share personal insights, discuss the challenges, and explore the beauty of building relationships grounded in a deep, spiritual foundation. Tune in for a thought-provoking conversation on the divine dynamics that can transform the way we love and connect.Socials:Instagram!https://www.lannalashes.comSUBSCRIBE LIKE AND COMMENTSee you next week!
Grab a seat and join us as we talk about the highs, the lows, and everything in between when it comes to being messengers for Christ. We're just regular folks who've discovered that sharing the love of Jesus is not just something we do—it's a calling, a duty that we've embraced with open arms.So, grab a cup of coffee, take a seat, and join us as we reflect on our personal journey of spreading God's word—a journey that has become not just our duty but our deepest joy.Socials:Instagram!https://www.lannalashes.comSUBSCRIBE LIKE AND COMMENTSee you next week!
In today's episode, my husband and I open up about how inviting God into our business and relationship has had a profound impact on our lives. We'll share our personal journey and discuss how we instill faith in our children and the importance of protecting them in today's world. Join us for an intimate conversation about faith, family, and business, and how they intersect in our lives. We hope our experiences will resonate with you and offer insights into your own journey.Socials:Instagram!https://www.lannalashes.comSUBSCRIBE LIKE AND COMMENTSee you next week!
In this emotionally charged episode, we dive into the life-changing effects of my childhood trauma and the transformative power of faith. Join us for a candid conversation as I share my journey with my husband, unveiling the pain of her past and the resilience it has forged within her.We explore how our growing relationship with God has been a guiding force in our self-improvement and day to day lives. Witness the healing power of spirituality and the strength it has instilled in her life.Jesus Calling:!https://www.lannalashes.comSUBSCRIBE LIKE AND COMMENTSee you next week!
Welcome back to my channel! In today's video, I'm diving deep into the world of social media and sharing my personal experiences and strategies for dealing with copycats, staying true to yourself, and managing the overwhelming aspects of being an influencer. Whether you're an aspiring influencer or just interested in the behind-the-scenes of the digital world, this video is packed with insights and advice.
Together, we explore the evolving beauty industry, offering valuable insights into where it's heading and what trends to watch out for. We also dive into the shared values that have strengthened our marriage and the qualities we've come to appreciate in each other since embarking on our journey as parents. Discover our strategies for navigating and communicating about important decisions.
In this episode, we continue our deep dive into understanding and managing anxiety with me and my special guest, Katiana, my cousin who's a skilled therapist with years of experience in helping individuals cope with anxiety.By the end of this episode, you'll walk away with a toolbox of strategies and insights to help you take control of your anxiety and lead a more fulfilling life.Our Last Episode:'s SocialsInstagram: Your Appointment with Katiana:!https://www.lannalashes.comSUBSCRIBE LIKE AND COMMENTSee you next week!
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