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The MOTHER Podcast with Katie Hintz-Zambrano
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The MOTHER Podcast with Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Author: Katie Hintz-Zambrano

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Welcome to The MOTHER Podcast, hosted by Katie Hintz-Zambrano, the founder and editor of MOTHER (a.k.a. 

With over a decade of beautiful, deep, and honest storytelling under our belt, we are thrilled to bring you this podcast, which includes a series of candid interviews with folks who inspire us greatly. We’re talking artists, authors, entrepreneurs, mothers, fathers, and thought leaders of all stripes.

We’ll be exploring big topics including one’s upbringing, career journey, identity shifts, creative habits, life + loss, mothering children from babies all the way up to young adults, and the idea of legacy—where you come from, what you inherit, what you bring forward into your own life and your own parenting practices, and ultimately, what you wish to leave behind. 

We hope you savor these conversations and leave them feeling informed, inspired, and connected. 

Get to know us at and @mothermag on Instagram.

The MOTHER Podcast is produced by Em Roberts and Ali Alquiza  

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Melody Ehsani is the visionary and entrepreneur behind ME.—a brand specializing in jewelry, footwear, and clothing whose core beliefs are rooted in unity, equality, and justice. Over her boundary-breaking career, she’s collaborated with countless brands and cultural luminaries, including Lauryn Hill, Nike, Erkyah Badu, Reebok, Sanrio, the Wu Tang Clan, Footlocker, and many more. In today’s conversation, Melody shares her truly incredible story about finding out she was pregnant and becom...
Join MOTHER’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Katie Hintz-Zambrano, as we go deep with an exciting mix of guests to deliver honest stories exploring one’s upbringing, career journey, spiritual and creative habits, evolution of identity through motherhood, life and loss, and personal tales of parenting children of all ages (from 0 to 20+). You’ll hear from an incredible roster of inspiring women, like best-selling author Cleo Wade, superstar doula Latham Thomas, streetwear queen Melody Ehsan...