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Author: Mark Driscoll

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Howdy and welcome to the Mark Driscoll podcast, where “it’s all about Jesus”!

Each week you can expect unfiltered and unapologetic Bible-teaching, Real Men talks on what it looks like to be a man of God in a world gone mad, interviews with world-changing leaders, and more!

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How do you win your battles in a world set against you? Join us at we look at the story of a man who went from coward to conquerer, by the Spirit of God ⚔️
Is Gen Z abandoning God? Pastor Mark sits down with Christian influencer Gabe Poriot and his wife Ally for an insightful conversation on navigating faith, love, and marriage in a cancel culture-driven world.
What are you afraid of 😧? Whether we admit it or not, all of us are afraid of something. How you deal with that fear will determine if you live life as a coward or a conquerer.
Why is Gen Z refusing to have children, and what does this mean for society? Join us as we discuss this and more!
This is the deepest level of prophetic insight I've ever had 🤯 — I guarantee you've never heard anything like it. Join us as we uncover how everything happening today in the Middle East was predicted thousands of years ago and will usher in the END TIMES.
Overwhelmed with anger, depression, anxiety or worry? On this podcast, Pastor Mark gives practical advice to help you break the cycle, the cause may not be what you think it is! 🤯
How much s*x should a married couple have?! You don’t want to miss this spicy episode. 🌶️
Stop scrolling and start romancing❗️ Join us for a look at how technology affects relationships and how to avoid the big tech bear traps.
Do you want to spice up your marriage this Valentine's Day (and beyond)? Join us for an unforgettable night that will help you keep the flame lit. 🔥
Families can be demonic for generations and the consequences of their evil can plague nations. In this podcast, we discuss how to indentify and deal with demonic familes.
How do you isolate and defeat an enemy? You start by cutting off their communication. Join us as we dive into how men communicate with God and arm up for the battle.
What’s the biggest intimacy killer in 2024? It might surprise you. Tune in to get some practical help for how to grow intimacy with your spouse. ❤️
How to Unlock Anointing

How to Unlock Anointing


When culture decays, the demonic gains power, and war increases, God's people need a Spirit-filled leader to rise up. Will you be that leader⁉️
There comes a time when men need to stop being pacifists and start passing the fists. As Ukraine, Russia, Israel and Hamas all man the battle stations, join us for a timely conversation about when war is justified.
How to Win Your Battles

How to Win Your Battles


How do you overcome bitterness in a broken world ? 💔 Tune in to Real Men as we discover how to find FREEDOM amongst the chaos.
The latest data on Boomers and divorce is SHOCKING 🫨. What are they getting wrong about marriage, and how can the younger generation be healthier? Tune in to find out!
Should Women Lead?!

Should Women Lead?!


Should women lead⁉️ Get ready for a controversial sermon on gender roles, leadership, and God's anointing.
Is your tolerance killing your anointing from God? Join us for a spicy discussion on what you need to cut out from your life in 2024.
You WILL be tempted❗️ How you respond to that temptation will determine the trajectory of your life and legacy. Join us for what may be the most practical sermon you will hear this year.
Who does God send when all the men are worthless? Join us for a (loaded) conversation on leadership, gender roles, and more.
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