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Megyn Kelly is joined by Kmele Foster and Matt Welch, co-hosts of The Fifth Column podcast, to discuss former President Donald Trump's major speech to close out the RNC, how Democrats are still fumbling with attempting to replace Biden after the debate debacle, the galvanizing moment for Republicans after Trump assassination attempt, the changing identity of the Republican Party, Trump's altered persona on display at the Republican National Convention, the fun and entertaining Republican National Convention, the GOP connecting with the working class, if the GOP is headed to a massive landslide victory in November, Trump's RNC speech reference to the chart that saved his life, "The View" hosts critiquing Trump's comments about God saving his life, George Conway's ridiculous new campaign to prove Trump is mentally ill,  how Trump's background involving overcoming obstacles and optimism is being used in campaign messaging, the difference between him and other New York elites, Trump sharing the story of how he came up with the "no tax on tips" policy position thanks to a waitress, how the Democrats might push out Biden, who could be the replacement and whether VP Kamala Harris gets anointed, and more.More from The Fifth Column: Follow The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms:YouTube: Find out more information at:
Megyn Kelly is joined by Donald Trump Jr, host of the "Triggered" podcast, to discuss J.D. Vance’s acceptance speech at the RNC, his remarkable life story, the sweet moment with his mother, the evolution of Vance's feelings about Donald Trump, the left-wing media questioning whether Trump was actually shot, Joy Reid’s ridiculous coverage on MSNBC, how the Trump family has rallied around the former president in the wake of the assassination attempt, and more. Then Rep. Byron Donalds of Florida joins to discuss the Secret Service’s need to be held accountable for the failures that led to the assassination attempt, new details about when law enforcement identified the shooter as a person of interest, the growing list of Democrats calling for Joe Biden to step aside, how top Dems' attitude toward Biden has changed over the past few weeks, and more.  Then Matt Taibbi, editor of "Racket News," joins to discuss the evolution of Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski's narrative surrounding Joe Biden’s health and ability to serve in the wake of the CNN debate, how ridiculous it makes them look, what top Dems are saying now about Biden's political future, the media’s ridiculous coverage and skepticism of Donald Trump’s ear, using the term “photoganda” to discredit the iconic photos of Trump after the shooting, why the left doesn't like that Trump is getting positive attention for his bravery and courage, and more.  Trump Jr- The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms:YouTube: Find out more information at: 
Megyn Kelly is live from the Republican National Convention, with Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York, the hosts of the Ruthless podcast, and Vivek Ramaswamy. She and Rep. Stefanik discuss Nikki Haley’s "strong" endorsement of Donald Trump at the RNC, her reasoning behind it, Ron DeSantis' speech at the convention, important moments from "everyday Americans" on night two, the state of antisemitism on college campuses in America today, how Stefanik handled the now-iconic Capitol Hill hearings with university presidents, new details emerging about the assassination attempt on Trump, what we know now about the shooter, and more. Then John Ashbrook, Michael Duncan, Josh Holmes, and Comfortably Smug, hosts of the Ruthless podcast, join to discuss Sen. Schumer reportedly asking President Biden to step aside, why the conversation is the "worst kept" secret at the RNC, what it means for Biden, what reportedly happened on a heated internal call between Joe Biden and Democrats on Saturday, how Biden’s memory and mobility problems are continuing to get worse, why foreign leaders can’t take Biden seriously, the contrast between him and Donald Trump’s strength and resilience, and more. Then Ramaswamy joins to talk about backlash he is getting from the media and left after his speech at the RNC, the appeal the GOP has to Gen Z voters and other demographics that typically vote Democrat, his history and friendship with J.D. Vance, why he thinks Joe Biden will be pushed aside as the Democratic nominee, what this means for Kamala Harris and the other Democratic names circulating, why he thinks Gavin Newsom has his sights set on 2028, Newsom's crazy policies taking over California, and more. Follow The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms:YouTube: Find out more information at:
Megyn Kelly is joined by Charlie Kirk, author of "Right Wing Revolution," to talk about former President Donald Trump's dynamic VP pick of Senator J.D. Vance, Vance's compelling and inspiring life story, overcoming obstacles from his childhood, his talent as a politician and person, his military service, new details about the stunning security lapses that led to the assassination attempt on Trump, the terrible media coverage of the story, and more. Then Hogan Gidley, former national press secretary for Trump, and David Plouffe, co-host of "The Campaign Managers" podcast, join to discuss the highlights of the RNC night one, the unexpected speakers Amber Rose and the head of the Teamsters, the evolution of Trump's GOP, Biden refusing to lower the temperature in the NBC interview, whether he'll stay in the race, Morning Joe's MSNBC return and criticism of their bosses, and more.Kirk- The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms:YouTube: Find out more information at:
Megyn Kelly begins the show with legal experts Dave Aronberg and Mike Davis to discuss the massive breaking news that Judge Aileen Cannon has dismissed the Florida documents case against Trump, the political and legal ramifications of the decision, whether it could have an effect on other Trump cases, and more. Then Megyn discusses the details of Saturday’s assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump, and the pivotal moment that America finds ourselves in after this historic and horrible moment. Then Sean Parnell, host of "Battleground," joins to discuss his experience at the Trump rally Saturday, the spiritual feeling he had there, the incredibly unifying way Trump handled the assassination attempt, and more. Then Chuck Marino, former Secret Service agent, and John Spears, former military sniper, join to discuss the various Secret Service and law enforcement failures in protecting Trump on Saturday, what the protocol should have been, the key issues of a lack of communication, addressing rumors circulating now, DEI efforts within the Secret Service, if these efforts contributed to the security shortcomings leading to the assassination attempt, what protocols should have been top priority, and more. Then Eliana Johnson, editor of the Washington Free Beacon, joins to discuss the terrible media coverage surrounding the assassination attempt on Trump, and Morning Joe being pulled from MSNBC this morning. Then Emily Jashinsky of UnHerd joins to discuss Trump’s resilience and bravery just seconds after the unthinkable happened, how this shows Trump's strength and leadership, how Biden continues to look weaker and less fit to lead America, the unhinged reaction from some in the media and celebrities, and more.Aronberg- Marino- Follow The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms:YouTube: Find out more information at:
Megyn Kelly covers the shocking breaking news of former President Donald Trump surviving an assassination attempt at a campaign rally today in Pennsylvania. Megyn brings the latest information - that Trump was hit with a bullet in his right ear, was bloodied, but got up and fist-pumped to the crowd before leaving the stage, and that he has now been cleared to leave the hospital. Also, that one person in the crowd behind Trump died as a result of the gunfire, at least another rallygoer is in serious condition, and the shooter was shot dead as well. Megyn is joined by Rich Lowry, Buck Sexton, Eric Bolling, Bill Stanton, Jesse Kelly, and Dennis Prager to talk about the massive ramifications of this horrific event, the overheated rhetoric that has surrounded Trump from the left, the security failures that surely will be studied, the political fallout, how this could have been so much worse if the bullet came just inches in another direction, the attempt to bothsides political violence by the left and media, what happens next in the campaign and in America, and more.
Megyn Kelly is joined by Michael Knowles, host of The Daily Wire's "Michael Knowles Show,” to talk about Biden’s “big boy” press conference last night, his confusion about Zelensky and Putin and Trump and Harris, how the elites and establishment want him out but he won't listen, why Biden won't leave the race, how the press conference wasn't bad enough to force him to leave, what the establishment media is focused on now, prominent left-wing elites leaking to the media instead of publicly making a statement urging Biden to step aside, Biden's odd habit of whispering suddenly, and more. Then Spencer Kimball, executive director of Emerson College Polling, joins to discuss the impact the debate had on the polling in certain states like Georgia and Arizona, the dire polling averages for the Biden campaign right now, why Biden's depressed support in New York and California matter, what states Biden and Trump need to prioritize, if a new Democratic candidate replacing Biden could beat Trump, the importance of name recognition in polling, and more.  Knowles- Follow The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms:YouTube: Find out more information at: 
Megyn Kelly opens the show by discussing the Democrats’ ongoing meltdown and panic over Biden’s debate debacle, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s history of lying and cover-ups, the media suddenly getting mad after years of lies, whether former President Obama is trying to push Biden out behind the scenes, and more. Then Ric Grenell, former acting DNI Director, joins to discuss whether Biden's "big boy" press conference could make or break his candidacy and presidency, Biden’s obvious cognitive decline that the media ignored for so long, defenders arguing criticizing Biden is “ageist and ableist,” if Barack Obama is working behind the scenes to push Biden aside as nominee, how Morning Joe is teasing the way Obama may have orchestrated the George Clooney op-ed, Ezra Klein admitting some on the left don't really believe what they say that Trump is an existential threat to democracy, corporate media shockingly turning on Biden, how journalists have abandoned their duty to be skeptical of power, and more. Then longtime journalist Bill Sammon joins to discuss the historic past two weeks, the calculus Biden is weighing about his political future, what the Democratic party might do moving forward, the stakes in this election, and more.Follow The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms:YouTube: Find out more information at:
Megyn Kelly is joined by Tulsi Gabbard, author of "For Love of Country,” to discuss what VP Kamala Harris is really like behind the scenes, whether the Democrats are ready to push Biden out as the nominee, how Jill Biden is hungry for power and arrogant, the embarrassing revelation that she wanted an entrance song played for her, who is in the running to be Trump’s VP, the reasons she thinks it shouldn’t be Marco Rubio, whether she might get picked, the disastrous consequences of Biden's foreign policy, his failed attempts to spin the truth about Putin and Ukraine, and more.Gabbard- The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms:YouTube: Find out more information at:
Megyn Kelly is joined by Glenn Greenwald, host of Rumble's "System Update," to discuss the increasing likelihood that President Biden will be forced to step aside as nominee, Nancy Pelosi refusing to say she supports Biden, George Stephanopoulos "caught" saying Biden can't make it four more years, how the Democrats could force Biden to step down, George Clooney’s explosive column calling for Biden to step aside as the nominee, the spin that Obama walking Biden off the stage at the Clooney fundraiser was a "cheap fake," why it took so long for people like Clooney to actually speak out about the truth, what Biden's debate debacle really exposed, Democratic and media elites pushing Biden out, Trump’s new nickname for Kamala Harris as "Laffin' Kamala," how her habit of laughing can make people uncomfortable and is all about her ego, her major limitations as a politician, the alarming new polling for the Biden campaign, how the polls could drive Biden's next move, and more.Greenwald- The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms:YouTube: Find out more information at:
Today, we'd like to direct your attention to another podcast, Crime Stories with Nancy Grace.In this episode, Nancy covers the heartbreaking case of Jocelyn Nungaray, a 12-year-old girl whose murder has shocked the community. The two suspects, who entered the U.S. illegally, were released by Border Patrol a month before the tragedy. Both face capital murder charges with a $10 million bond.You can find Crime Stories with Nancy Grace anywhere you listen to podcasts. Click here to subscribe:
Megyn Kelly is joined by John Ellis, editor of "News Items" Substack, to talk about the likelihood President Biden steps aside as the nominee, how Biden holds the leverage and appears ready to use it, the Democratic politicians who are going public and what might happen next, and more. Then Dr. Dale Bredesen, author of "The End of Alzheimer's," joins to talk about the signs of someone having Parkinson's disease and other brain disorders, how cognitive conditions are diagnosed, the new advancements in tests that Biden could take to show he does not have any neurological disorders, and more. Then Josh Holmes, Comfortably Smug, and John Ashbrook of the Ruthless Podcast join to talk about the press failing to convince Biden to step aside and freaking out about it, the massive 180 we've seen from the corporate media when it comes to covering Biden's cognitive issues, the New York Times going all in against Biden's candidacy, the shocking reporting coming out now about Biden, what's really behind the press putting out negative stories about Biden rather than Trump, the left's lack of good options to get rid of Biden, the hilariously sad reporting about the private meeting between Democratic House members over whether they'll support Biden still, new alarming reporting about Biden's personal doctor, and more. Ellis- Follow The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms:YouTube: Find out more information at:
Megyn Kelly is joined by Stu Burguiere, host of BlazeTV's "Stu Does America," and Dave Marcus, columnist for Daily Mail and Fox News, to talk about Biden doing a phone interview with his buddies at Morning Joe this morning, Joe Scarborough's changing framing of the issue with Biden and the Democrats, Biden's sad and obvious cognitive decline, Biden’s rough ABC interview where he couldn’t remember if he watched the debate, how his team only cares about themselves and keeping power, the "elder abuse" we're seeing in public, the frequent visits from a Parkinson’s specialist doctor who visited the White House many times over the past year, what Biden was doing publicly before each of these visits, whether there's a massive cover-up of Biden's cognitive decline and mental fitness, why the American people deserve answers, the evidence that Biden’s health is worse than we thought and that he may have Parkinson's disease, the possibility this has been going on far longer than the country knew, how the American people deserve answers, how Jill Biden appears to be the one pushing President Biden to continue as nominee, more disturbing clips from Biden over the weekend, and more. Then Megyn Kelly ends the show discussing her annual 4th of July party and patriotic celebrations, how lucky we are to live in this country, how we all should be proud to be American, and more. Burguiere- Follow The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms:YouTube: Find out more information at:
Megyn Kelly is joined by Steve Krakauer, executive producer of The Megyn Kelly Show, to discuss the end of Joe Biden's campaign in the wake of the debate, the language and phrasing used by the media refusing to admit the truth about Biden's physical state, the relationship between "Morning Joe" and Biden, and more.Steve Krakauer’s book “Uncovered”: The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms:YouTube: Find out more information at: 
Megyn Kelly begins the show discussing President Biden considering whether he can recover from the disastrous debate performance, the latest headlines from the New York Times and the media raising questions about Biden's ability to continue to lead, and more. Then, Charles C.W. Cooke and Michael Brendan Dougherty of National Review join to discuss Biden's suitability for president, the Democrats now on record calling for Biden to step down, the breaking news on the press starting to turn against Biden, the need to defend democracy, reports that Hunter Biden is attending White House meetings with Joe Biden as a "backup Biden," the latest polling that shows president's condition is changing election map projections, and more. Cooke- The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms:YouTube: Find out more information at:
Megyn Kelly is joined by Mike Davis, founder of the Article III Project, to talk about the major Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity, the full scope of the ruling and its implications, the left worries and the truth about what it means, the definition of "official acts" and "absolute immunity," the false narratives after the Supreme Court ruling in the press, Rachel Maddow worrying about "death squads," the left jailing the right rather than the other way around, how the Supreme Court ruling could help Trump's New York conviction get overturned or even potentially delay his sentencing, Justice Clarence Thomas' warning to Jack Smith that could affect the D.C. and Florida cases, and more. Then Andrew Klavan, editor of "The New Jerusalem" on Substack, joins to talk about alarming new details about the true nature of Biden's cognitive decline now leaking out through the media, the collapsing narratives that we're seeing after the debate, whether liberals will see the media has been lying to them, a cringe new Kamala Harris video trying to seem cool, whether Governors Gretchen Whitemer or Andy Beshear could be the new nominee, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse firing the first public shot at Biden after the terrible debate, and more. Davis- Follow The Megyn Kelly Show on all social platforms:YouTube: Find out more information at: 
Megyn Kelly begins the show by discussing the very real possibility President Joe Biden could drop out as the nominee by the end of the week, as corporate media outlets favorable to Biden are now calling for him to drop out. But will he listen? Turning Point USA's Charlie Kirk, author of "Right Wing Revolution," joins to talk about whether Democratic politicians will start turning on Biden, the corporate media no longer willing to engage in the Biden cognitive decline cover-up anymore, whether it could be Jill Biden that takes over as the nominee, MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski pushing ridiculous pro-Biden spin this morning, one Biden surrogate assuring there's a "team of people that will help govern," who really might be running the country, whether Democrats will look to avoid a "Ruth Bader Ginsburg" situation by pushing Biden out as nominee, the initial calls for Biden to step down but then the push to blame Biden's advisers, Trump's smart debate strategy of letting Biden fail, CNN moderators' surprisingly strong performance, the massive ruling for Trump when it comes to immunity, the difference between official and unofficial acts as president, how the ruling could affect the Georgia and Florida cases too, Justice Clarence Thomas' warning to Jack Smith as part of the SCOTUS immunity ruling, Justice Amy Coney Barrett's alarming recent judicial rulings, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson joining with the conservatives on January 6 ruling, Justice Sonia Sotomayor "treason" comment, and more. Kirk-
Megyn Kelly is joined by Steve Bannon, host of "Bannon's War Room," to talk about the massive political fallout from President Biden's disastrous presidential debate, the way Joe Scarborough, one of the biggest Biden's sycophants in the media, has gone from telling critics to "f off" if they say Biden isn't mentally sharp, to saying Biden should step aside as the nominee, the national security threat of having Biden in charge after the debate, the potential constitutional crisis ahead, the truth about Biden's mental fitness, the potential massive political damage to Democrats in the House and Senate if Biden stays in, who Democrats might replace Biden with, the likelihood of Michele Obama being the pick, how Republicans should play it politically, the significance of the New York Times and prominent Democrats going public with their Biden criticism, the donors who are dropping from Biden now, how the right should fight Democratic lawfare against Trump, the massive Supreme Court Fischer ruling that will help Trump and January 6 defendants, Supreme Court clamping down on big government, his prison sentence starting on Monday, the Biden administration's weaponization of the courts, and more. Plus, Megyn and Bannon discuss Breitbart's past attack on Megyn, her rocky relationship with Bannon for years, the lawfare that ended up bringing her and Bannon to this interview, how Megyn differentiates her personal life and her public "brand," and more. Bannon-
Megyn Kelly begins the show by giving her candid assessment of the debate, declaring it a disaster for President Joe Biden and that the campaign "is over." Then Rich Lowry, Emily Jashinsky, Dave Rubin, and Eric Bolling join to talk about the most alarming debate moments for Biden, how they could officially be the end of his candidacy, Democrats and the media panicking after Biden's debate, how Biden could be replaced as the nominee and as the president, who could realistically replace Biden now, Trump's excellent debate performance, and more.
Megyn Kelly is joined by Kmele Foster, Michael Moynihan, and Matt Welch, hosts of The Fifth Column podcast, to discuss the huge stakes in the debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, how Donald Trump might act and the strategy he could employ to win, the way Biden might struggle or perform well, CNN’s debate rules that seem to favor Joe Biden, their bizarre TV segment explaining how microphones work, whether Biden speaking freely without interruption will actually hurt him, the bias against Trump from moderators, the disaster Chris Wallace debate, what to expect from Dana Bash and Jake Tapper, J.D. Vance’s odds in the veepstakes, Vance's skills in dealing with the elite media and incredible life story, what VP candidates could help stop a Trump impeachment, and more. Plus, Megyn Kelly previews her interview with Steve Bannon - her first interview with him ever, and she and The Fifth Column discuss Bannon's role in our political environment for the last decade.More from The Fifth Column: 
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