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Welcome to The Message, an interview series about music, culture, mental health, and politics, brought to you by Apple Music.

The summer of 2020 was marked by an unprecedented awareness for--and anger about--the continued injustices Black people and people of color in America and worldwide face. The ensuing protests, activations, and social media fury inspired musicians around the world to speak out about their own experiences, with some going on to record music that speaks directly to the moment. Hosted by Apple Music's Ebro Darden, The Message is a series that aims to further the dialogue about the unrest and inequalities in the United States and abroad via intimate conversations with some of the most prominent voices in the culture today, who also create exclusive playlists of the songs inspiring them to keep pushing forward.

Guests include Jon Batiste, Erykah Badu, Jon Stewart, Nikole Hannah-Jones, Common, Vince Staples, and many more. Follow to get the uncut and uncensored interviews delivered to you every two weeks, and subscribe to Apple Music to listen to the guests' playlists and add them to your library.

6 Episodes
Andra Day

Andra Day


For Women's History Month, Ebro flashes back to 2021 and his conversation with Andra Day, star of the Golden Globe-winning film The United States vs. Billie Holiday. They dive deep into Holiday's legacy, and how embodying the iconic powerhouse singer was the greatest challenge of Day's career. The conversation then evolves into an appreciation of Black women and their struggle throughout history, and the incredible female Black musicians changing the face of the current musical landscape.Listen to Andra Day's exclusive Message playlist only on Apple Music.
David Banner

David Banner


David Banner was one of the most popular MCs and producers of the early aughts, delivering hits for other artists like Trick Daddy’s “Thug Holiday” and T.I.’s “Rubber Band Man” while turning parties out with songs of his own like “Crank It Up” and “Like a Pimp.” He’d parlay undeniable charm and a million-dollar smile into movie roles and hosting gigs, extending the scope of his career far beyond the recording booth, but as his newest music—2017’s The God Box—more accurately reflects, Banner’s mission has always been rooted in improving the state of affairs for Black America. “Historically, America has never shown that it cares about somebody that comes from where I come from, lives like I live, or looks like me,” he says. “So all of a sudden, you know, there's this big interest in that. I don't trust it. But I really think the true solution is us taking care of us.”In this special Black History Month edition of the Message, Ebro and Banner sit down to talk about Banner's Message of Black liberation, investing in Black communities, and breaking out of the programming of white supremacy. Listen to David Banner's Message playlist only on Apple Music.
For the latest episode of Apple Music’s The Message, Ebro is joined by music mogul Kevin Liles and United States Congressman Jamaal Bowman of New York. Though they might at face value seem like unlikely bedfellows, Liles and Bowman are working in concert to garner support for the Artists' Right to Speech Act, or the ARTS Act, which would prohibit the use of music lyrics as evidence in court proceedings. Liles and Bowman both claim to owe much to hip-hop, and feel particularly compelled to strike back against a deeply unfair legal practice that has its origins in the ugliest tradition of American history.Listen to the pair's Message playlist, only on Apple Music.
Styles P & Hezues R

Styles P & Hezues R


This week, Ebro is joined by rapper Styles P and filmmaker Hezues R to hear about the work that the two of them are doing to get youth off the streets through their latest venture, the SIC Film School.The pair of them also share the personal struggles that started them on their mental health journeys. Styles P reflects on the passing of his daughter from suicide, while Hezues talks about turning his life around after he was shot 22 times, with the help of Styles P's song "The Life." The two agree that there is an urgent mental health crisis in the Black community, and as Styles P says, "you never know how other people are feeling."Listen to the pair's Message playlist, only on Apple Music.
Jon Batiste

Jon Batiste


Ebro sits down with 5-time Grammy winner, Oscar winner, and Emmy winner Jon Batiste to talk about the history of Black music in America, the message behind his album 'We Are,' and the unbreakable link between Black music and activism.Listen to Jon's Message playlist and watch the video interview, only on Apple Music.
Welcome to The Message, a new interview hosted series hosted by Ebro Darden about music, culture, mental health, and politics. Stay tuned for the first episode with guest Jon Batiste, releasing in January. Brought to you by Apple Music.
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