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Welcome to The Mike Litton Experience Podcast! Mike has over 31 years experience in real estate, finance and investing! He's passionate about being a father, a teacher, a Realtor, an investor and a leader! Everyone has a story and our passion is to help them tell it! We never want you to miss an episode, so please be sure to subscribe. Could we ask you for two quick favors? If you like our program, please tell a friend. Wherever you get your podcasts please leave us a rating. It helps us to connect with quality people just like you! Reach out to Mike on Instagram @littonrealty! Want to meet with Mike? Check out! Thank you for joining us for The Mike Litton Experience!
175 Episodes
Alex Bradley was born in Manteca, California and he grew up in Brentwood, California. He loved the freedom he had to be outside and explore the community as he grew up with his friends. After high school, Alex moved with his now wife to San Diego attended Mesa College and earned his AA in Business […]
Cassandra Gucwa was born in Riverside, California and grew up in the Temecula area of Southern California. She enjoyed the freedom she had as a kid to go and play with her friends. She learned a great deal about business from her dad who would sit with her and teach her how to think in a critical fashion. […]
Marco Torres was born in San Antonio, Texas and grew up in Puerto Rico. He enjoyed everything that the outdoors had to offer. He became an entrepreneur at a very early age and earned what he needed to be able to buy what he wanted. He had a very successful paper route as a kid. He […]
Shawne Merriman is one of the toughest and most determined people you will ever meet! He played linebacker for The San Diego Chargers NFL Football Team and was one of the best of all time! He then went to work for ESPN, FOX Sports where he learned a ton about television and the production of sports coverage. He started […]
Esther Cromwell was born in Sierra Leone, Africa. She was raised in Africa and Manhattan, New York. She attended college in New York and moved to Maryland where she met her husband. They moved to Raleigh, North Carolina as her husband was transferred with work. He worked long hours and they had a neighbor that was […]
Ryan Rosett was born in Detroit and grew up in the suburbs of Detroit. He enjoyed being outside and the community feel of his neighborhood growing up. He attended the University of Michigan and then earned his J.D. from University of Detroit. He opened a coffee house while he was in his second year of law […]
Eugene Bennett was born and raised in Wisconsin. He really enjoyed playing outdoors as a kid growing up. He had a rough childhood and eventually ended up joining the Marine Corps. He later joined the Army National Guard, then the Army Reserves and he ended up getting deployed to Iraq, twice. During one deployment, the vehicle he was […]
Joe Apfelbaum was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and his mom was the most influential person to him growing up. He enjoyed math and science in school and after high school he attended school and became a Rabbi. He then decided to start a number of small businesses. After he and his wife had […]
Larry Vecchio was born and raised in Keyport, New Jersey. He loved growing up in his small hometown. He admired his dad and his grandfather growing up. After high school, he became a messenger for a document delivery service and one of the people that worked at a local mortgage company suggested that he get […]
Deborah Razo was born in the Panama Canal Zone in Panama. She grew up in Northern California. Ended up getting married and starting a family after relocating to Southern California. Fourteen years ago her world was turned upside down and with some guidance from her brother she decided to transform herself and create her dream life! Her brother helped her […]
Vincent Zurzolo was born in Brooklyn, New York and grew up in Rockaway Beach, Queens, New York. He learned his values and work ethic from his parents. From an early age he was a fan of comic books and eventually found a friend/mentor that taught him how to sell comic books and he was on his way. […]
Kevin Guttman was born in Long Beach California and was raised in Garden Grove California about five minutes from Disneyland. He enjoyed growing up in a community, at a time that allowed him and his friends to get dropped off at Disneyland and he could spend all day there. He admired his dad growing up […]
J Leonard Costner was born in New Jersey and grew up in Europe and the United States. His father was a professional basketball player and he played in the United States and Europe as he grew up. His dad was the most influential person in his life growing up. J Leonard attended and played for […]
Stephen Charles Gunzenhauser was born in the heart of New York. From the hallowed halls of the High School of Music & Art to the prestigious stages of the Cologne Hochschule für Musik, his story is one of passion, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of musical excellence. Having spent a career as a guest conductor […]
Jeff Pfitzer was born in La Crosse Wisconsin and was raised in St. Louis Missouri where he lives now with his family. He loved sports and being outdoors as a kid growing up there. Jeff Pfitzer is a Regional Vice President for USA Mortgage, a 20-year veteran of the industry, has Real Estate franchise ownership experience, and has never […]
Marie Waite was born and raised in the Philippines and is the oldest in her family and the only female child; she has 3 younger brothers. Her family was well known in the Philippines for their multi-generational legacy of Karate. Her Grandfather brought Karate from Okinawa to The Philippines, teaching the traditional martial art to […]
Charles Starnes was born and raised in San Diego California by his mother who works professionally as a third grade teacher. His mother is an amazing leader in his household growing up. His mom could have insisted that he attached the elementary school where she taught and instead she sent him to a different school to be […]
Jon Andersen was born and raised in San Francisco to a loving mother who challenged and coached him through his school years with a learning disability. He truly believes that his life happened for him and not to him. He made it through school and discovered that he was the second strongest person in his high school. […]
Mark Doherty was born in Chicago Illinois and was raised in a suburb of Chicago called Calumet City Illinois. He was the oldest of seven kids. He grew up with an almost debilitating case of fear and anxiety that lasted into his later years of his life. He survived cancer and in the process did not eat solid […]
Jen and Stacy Conkey were each born and raised in the Los Angeles area of Southern California. They each discovered real estate investing on their own before meeting and joining forces to become the Dynamic Duo of real estate investing education! They each separately and eventually together realized that the status quo of real estate investing […]
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