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Now that school routines are underway, we're going deep into the details of lunch packing - with the help of our team! In Episode 385 Meagan and Sarah call on the experience, perspective and real-life lunch packing advice of five moms from around the country, whose lunch-eating kids range in age from two to sixteen. We touch on lunch packing pain points, tried-and-true ideas for each food group, and some of our must-have lunch packing accessories. We hope that a peek inside the bento boxes of other families will both validate that you're already doing a great job (yes, even if you send the same thing every day!) AND infuse your lunch packing with some easy new ideas.
Oh, you bought THAT carseat? Your third grader has a cell phone? Wow, you really give your kids freedom! No moms we know are immune from feeling judged, or criticized, or called out by comments from others (even if it's mostly in our heads!). In Episode 384 Meagan and Sarah discuss our own insecurities and vulnerabilities when it comes to parenting. We share our specific insecurity triggers, plus offer ideas for what to think about BEFORE your insecurities get activated, what to say IN THE MOMENT when someone makes a comment, and what to remember AFTER you’ve had an experience that makes you feel judged. We hope you find this conversation comforting; you are not alone!
Have you found some renewed energy now that the season is changing and the kids are back in school? Now is the perfect time to start some tiny habits to make the most of that fall mojo! Today, Meagan and Sarah share some of our small habits that are making a big difference for us this fall, along with the driving principles behind them. While some habits impact our morning and bedtime routines (like skin care, water before coffee and learning Finnish), others are woven into our busy weeks whenever we get the chance (like picking up and reading the local paper). And never forget: while we may seem like we have it figured out at times, some areas of our lives are still chaos, this fall and always.
Teaching kids life skills around money isn't as straightforward as, say, teaching them how to order a pizza or do a load laundry. Not only are there different ways to approach each topic - from allowance and paying for chores to saving and charitable giving - but money is also incredibly emotionally-charged and often complicated by our own life experiences (ahem, baggage). Today Meagan and Sarah reflect on how our upbringings impacted our financial points of view, and the challenges we face when it comes to teaching our kids good money habits.
Separation anxiety - but make it for moms! Today we're talking about the feelings and experiences that come up when we're separated from our children, whether it's for a couple of hours or many days. Meagan and Sarah look back on what separation felt like as new moms, how the tears at preschool drop-off years are sort of the worst, and why we both can go into "out of sight, out of mind" compartmentalization pretty easily when we're not with our kids. We also discuss how much information we like to have about what our kids are up to when they're away from us, and whether it helps or hurts to get a peek into their lives away from us. Whether you're getting ready for your first caregiver handoff or sending an adult off to college, this episode is for you!
It's been a while since we talked about books and reading! These days Meagan identifies as a total bookworm and Sarah as more of a modest reader in terms of quantity - during other seasons of life we've been just the opposite. In this More Than Mom episode, Meagan and Sarah share how our reading habits ebb and flow, where and how we find new books to read, and specific titles we've read so far in 2022. Cozy up on the couch as we dive into some of our weirdest, quickest, fluffiest, unfinished, most educational and inspirational books we've been reading lately. Whether you're an avid reader yourself, or just want some books talk by osmosis, enjoy!
Is your fridge neat and tidy inside with organized compartments, or is it more like a game of Tetris? Taking a peek into someone's fridge can tell a lot about the season of life they're in, and in today's episode, Meagan and Sarah are opening ours for you! We cover the things we love and hate about the fridge models themselves, the items inside that make us cringe, what see in the fridge that makes us feel proud, and much more! Plus, Meagan looks for advice about how to better utilize her garage fridge, Sarah shares a meal prep fail, and we play a fun game of "in the fridge or on the counter" for food staples in our homes.
Fall is just around the corner and while some of us look to classic markers like crisp air, sweatshirts and chili, others - especially those in warm-weather climates - have to work a bit harder to make a mindful shift into a new season. In today's Voices episode (and in a fun hot seat role-reversal!) our contributor Katherine DeVries interviews Meagan about seasonally-led parenting and homemaking. Meagan and Katherine share seasonal activities we enjoy with our kids (and some we avoid), tips for bringing seasonality into home decor (without breaking the budget), ways to change up your cooking routine depending on the time of year (we're looking at you, farmer's markets), and ideas for getting through long stretches of dreary weather.
Empty your lunch box! Wash your hands! No screens before homework! What non-negotiable rule do you enforce when the kids walk through the door after school gets out? In our latest "House Rules" episode, Meagan and Sarah tackle the time between when school-age kids get home and the onset of dinner and bedtime. We asked our community for rules, systems or routines that make the after-school time just a bit easier (having a rule can be pure magic because it takes the pressure off of mom!), as well as what small rituals help with reconnecting and decompressing after school.
While we WILL be talking all about motherhood today, we WON’T be talking about mothering any humans. In this one-of-a-kind episode, Meagan and Sarah talk motherhood through the lens of caring for chickens and kittens! If you've been following us on instagram, you know we've been busy welcoming 23 chickens (Meagan) and two newborn kittens plus their lactating mama (Sarah) into our lives. We share how similar (and different) animal babies and mamas are compared to our own families (and how we just can’t help but assume human thoughts are happening in these creatures' minds). Join us to find out why Meagan compares her roosters to bad 80’s sitcom dads and why Sarah gets reprimanded by mama cat!
Got any empties? You know the ones–those products that you use down to the VERY last drop. In this super fun More than Mom, Meagan and Sarah share products that we simply can't stop adding to our cart because they’re just THAT good. We cover all of our go-to skin care and makeup products, our can't-live-without clothing essentials, candle obsessions and much more!
You're invited to our accidentally-annual-grab-bag chat! In today's episode, Meagan and Sarah have a good-old fashioned girl chat to catch up on all the things. We share our late summer moods (one of us is very ready for school to begin; one of us likes August to linger), our planned social media breaks (we'll be back in September, promise!), trips we've taken this summer, creatures living on our properties (cute kittens and chickens) and more.
The back to school season brings that sense of routine that some of us crave–but it can also bring on a whole lot of anxiety (getting the right supplies, attending all the events, filling out paperwork…the list goes on!). In this Glad I Did / Wish I’d Done episode, Meagan and Sarah reflect on all the things we’re glad we did to ease the transition into this season and also some things we could have done differently (or that we plan to try this year!). We share what to do with all those school supplies from one year to the next (Meagan is genius, really!), our approach for communicating with teachers, our thoughts on homework, how we plan to hold onto summer JUST a little bit longer this year, and more.
When to get kids their first cell phone brings up all kinds of questions: How do you know when your child is ready? How to talk to kids about safety? How to help kids develop a healthy relationship with their phone? Social Media? Phone etiquette? (The list goes on!) In today's episode, Sarah welcomes back her friend Dr. Catherine Pearlman to talk about kids and technology--specifically the learning that happens when kids start to navigate their own personal devices, like phones. Today Catherine helps us navigate the new and murky waters of personal devices for our kids and answers some of your burning questions about first phones. Plus, stick around for a short conversation Sarah had with her own 9- and 12 year-olds about what THEY think about this topic!
College decision-making is influenced by so many things--parents, peers, teachers, family members, your larger community and more. And as with everything else: all families approach this differently! While some bleed their alma mater colors, others don't see college as the only option for helping launch kids after graduation. In this episode, Meagan and Sarah have an open-ended conversation about the role college played in our own stories, our family-of-origin culture, and the narrative we're shaping for our kids now. We also give you a peek into our educational paths, how we made those decisions and how our eight kids perceive the idea of college today. This is a topic close to home for Meagan as she prepares to send Will off in the next few weeks to start his own journey.
What are Meagan and Sarah’s best tips for getting kids started with their first phone? And with a new school year right around the corner, a mom asks how to prepare her child for the first day of kindergarten and looks for some fun traditions to help celebrate back to school. The “bigger kids, bigger problems” stage arrives early for one listener’s family, and she looks for strategies for maintaining her mental health and other relationships while they navigate tough times. Lastly, a mom of bickering siblings sets us up for a lively discussion about whether it’s mom’s job to prevent kids developing a complex or identity stemming from their birth order and sibling roles. In addition to our own thoughts, we tap the wisdom of our contributors as we tackle your listener questions in Episode 375.
What’s a mom to do when one kid feels left out of outings his younger sibling gets to do while he’s at school? A listener about to move to a new city for just one year wants tips for finding mom friends quickly, and another listener’s question about how common it is for moms to feel the need to keep spirits up in a family with moodier characters really gets Meagan and Sarah thinking about their own families. Finally, a newer listener is curious about Meagan’s backstory of young motherhood and journey to becoming a mom of five. In Episode 374 we take these questions from our community and – for the first time! – include words of wisdom from members of our contributor team in addition to our own advice.
Today we're talking about advice: asking for it, giving it, and consuming it in general. Things have come a looong way since the days of Dear Abby (we're looking at you, Facebook crowdsourcing!), and in this fun More Than Mom conversation, Meagan and Sarah share how we individually show up when it comes to receiving advice, whether we're comfortable giving advice, and how it all has changed for us over the years. We also discuss our mutual fascination with advice-column culture and parse the difference between seeking wise counsel from trusted friends and looking for quick answers from the Internet hive mind.
We get dueling messages from our culture: On the one hand, come as you are! Accept yourself fully, imperfections and all. On the other hand, you deserve better! Here's what to do (and buy) to sleep better, eat better, look better, and feel better. It can be confusing to navigate a genuine desire to live your best life alongside the necessary self-acceptance it takes to feel like you're doing enough today. Do we have this figured out? We do not, but today we're here to talk about it. Meagan and Sarah share what self-improvement AND self-acceptance look like for them in the reams of wellness, career, mental health, and leisure - plus we reflect on what this balance has looked like at different seasons of motherhood.
Meagan's first baby shower was - wait for it - twenty-five years ago this summer. To bring her up to speed on how things are done nowadays and what's new in baby gear, gifting, and registries, Meagan is joined by Kia and Katherine from our contributor team. Both are seasoned moms who have seen trends evolve, and both have had babies much (much) more recently. Join us as we talk about the pros and cons to today's baby product landscape, what's changed and what hasn't, and what we'd do differently when registering for our very first baby shower. Kia and Katherine also share their must-have product recommendations and registry favorites while Meagan puts it all into context for us.
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Allison Baurichter

I love this podcast. Sarah and Meagan are so real and relatable. They have helped me as I have started my journey of motherhood.

Jan 7th

Becky Scharpen

This is the first podcast I listened to on Castbox! I just listened to episode 299 and it made me feel really good about the way a lot of things are going in my house. Thank you so much! My husband and I have six kids ranging from 10 months to 9 years. Our youngest daughter was born at the start of the pandemic so everything has been a big adjustment.

Feb 17th

Sarah Roma

hi guys! I wanted to share with you some funny facts and a few tie ins to this episode. I am a fairly new listener but I love you guys and your chemistry! my favorite podcast so far! anyways, I have never taken much interest in the Royal family, and as you were all talking about celebrity pregnancy buddies I remembered that Kate and I were pregnant at the same time! Honestly I didn't pay much attention to this, but my husband and I kept hoping that they didn't steal our name - or everyone would think WE copied THEM! my son's due date was May 9 and he ended up being born on April 23, same as Louis! and of course they wait days to announce, so we were in suspense. We named our son Marshall so they do not share a name. another fun fact is that our other name for Marshall was Harrison! little Archie's middle name. I figured you guys would find all of that a little interesting. Have an awesome day!

May 22nd

Kaira Dow

hi I just found your podcast and started on the first one and was pleasantly surprised to hear you talking about Minnesota! I live in Duluth and wasn't expecting to come across women from mn! I love what you're doing ladies thank you!

Jan 1st
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