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The Morning After STL is the longest-running local sports morning show in St. Louis. Tim McKernan, KMOV-TV’s Doug Vaughn, Iggy Strode, The Plowboy and Jackson Burkett have the fortune of hosting the circus each morning from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. -- LIVE on, TMASTL YouTube, The TMASTL app, 105.7 FM HD-2, and anywhere you find podcasts.

4976 Episodes
10:00 - The passing of the legendary Whitey Herzog 10:15 - Tributes for Whitey and Sonny Gray's performance last night 10:30 - Some characteristics STL sports fans gravitate towards with athletes 10:45 - Bench-clearing brawls Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Amadeus. Iggy pitches a putt-putt tournament in lieu of the Dotem. Iggy kicks around the logistics. The texters are not very receptive. The wiffle ball tournament from years ago. Iggy vs. His Apartment Complex and Dave Portnoy. EMOTD.    Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Terry Crouppen is a wonderful guest. Calling our elders “Mr.” or Mrs.”. Joey Zanaboni’s call of Joao Klauss’ goal Sunday. Geddy Lee. Apology hour. Is it possible that Rory could be going to LIV? The boys break it down and discuss Rory’s saga with the PGA and Jay Monahan. How would the dais fare at Augusta if they got to start every hole on the green (but the furthest point from the #hole)?  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Revisiting the Schvetta & Rokus situation with Tucker/Bruce. Be nice when asking about the skeleton. Ky is a bunka boy. Checking the Facebook messenger app to center yourself. The 2021 Dotem bidding fiasco. Going through Iggy's DMs. Psychology of hate mail. RBC Heritage. Sonny Gray was dealing last night. Is MLB dead? Kids are getting perms because of Patrick Mahomes. Requests are pouring in for foursomes for the FPCC. Weather outlook for the opening round. Terry Crouppen joins us rocking a Mac Miller shirt. Best concert he's ever been to. Thoughts on the WSJ article on the city of St. Louis and the plight of the city. "Boning it up with Terry." Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
10:00 - Why are the Cardinals sitting Masyn Winn? 10:15 - Masters recap 10:30 - The Battlehawks and STL City SC's wins 10:45 - Jeremy Rutherford on all things Blues Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
James Carlton in the building talking about Masters and his trip to Streamsong. DFS rosters. Tiger at Augusta. A clip of a gentleman who caught a Manny Machado HR ball but threw a different one back on the field. Drew Bannister reflective on his time as coach of the Blues. Who will take over as the new head coach? Fun facts and shout outs. EMOTD.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dear Diedre, my husband was turned on when I ended up sleeping with two men. Is it a simp or a cuck? Kaw is indeed Law as The Battlehawks improve to 2-1 on the season. City wins 1-0. Battlehawks drawing significantly higher attendance than other XFL/UFL cities. Dover Sole is not happy with Jackson for bringing up the NBA, which interestingly enough, he didn't do. People getting subtitle drunk at Doggies' games. Why are the Battlehawks so popular? Comparing Battlehawks interest to Doggies interest. Iggy’s interest in the UFL. The Battlehawks being embraced by St. Louis fans. Iggy wants to come down to do man-on-the-street interviews. STL Chiefs fans. NFL relocation.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sadie Hawkins, Plowsy. What's the lede today? Cardinals drop another season finale. Jordan Hicks and Tyler O'Neill shining outside of St. Louis. Talking tee times for the FPCC. KG sweat out the final round of The Masters with his buddy who won a million on Draft Kings. Scheffler was unflappable yesterday and has been on an absolute heater lately. Audio of Scheffler comparing his Masters win in 2022 to this year. Saying goodbye to Verne Lundquist as his tenure at 16 comes to an end. Did the PGA Tour steal Iggy's photo? Probably not. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Topics include: -The winds at Augusta -Echo chambers -The value of TMA listeners with their texts, emails, etc. Please support our sponsors: Mark Hannah – Evergreen Wealth Strategies James Carlton Agency (State Farm) Design Aire Heating & Cooling Mungenast Longo Biggs Follow us on Social Media: @TMASTL on Twitter, @tma_stl on Instagram Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
10:00 - Thinking out reasons for the drop in attendance this year for the Cardinals 10:15 - Shohei Ohtani news from yesterday 10:30 - Deep dive on the business of the Cardinals 10:45 - Looking live at the Masters Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Chris Vernon’s Masters update. Verno is a St. Louis native. Drops of the Week. Foreplay. Iggy not pleased with KG’s analysis of hole 10 at Gateway. More fire from the text inbox. Closed Captions. EMOTD.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sadie Hawkins to start the 8:00 hour. Let's talk Shohei Ohtani. Federal investigation didn't find any text messages regarding wagering. Is there time for gooning? Iggy tries to break down the tax implications of Ohtani’s betting. The listeners are not receptive to the query. Caller Ellen joins the program to talk about the Ohtani situation. Why did the interpreter not bet on baseball? Masters update. Could be carnage today with the wind. The boys formal dress attire yesterday. Market Manager John stops by the studio to share his thoughts on the get-ups. Are ties a thing of the past? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Winter is over again. Quick DFS Showdown Masters update. Jason Day's pant. Breaking down some FPCC matchups from yesterday's bracket reveal. Iggy staring down the barrel of two straight grudge matches. Is Dirty Chewbaca Iggy's burner? How is KG taking to the hatred he receives? The Blueberry PopPop reveal. Don't poke Plowsy on the fan page. Nolan Arenado's struggles. Audio from yesterday's Bracketology Special breaking down the Iggy/Lix matchup. Will Lix show up and reveal himself? Joel Quenneville apology tour. Keep an eye on Jim Montgomery. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
10:00 - OJ Simpson's death and harkening back to that series of days in 1994 10:15 - The Cardinals loss yesterday and what will happen with Victor Scott? 10:30 - Masters updates after the rain delay 10:45 - Athletes having their own podcast Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Our friends from the Illinois Recovery Center in studio to talk about what they're doing in the community to help those suffering from addiction. EMOTD. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Blues are still mathematically alive. Checking out hot guys at the bowling alley. What happened to Jason Lee? Audio of MPJ and Lana Rhoades talking fetishes. Fighting the bouncer at The Tushy Booth. Rough day for VS2 and the Redbirds drop the series to the Phillies. Audio of Jackson Holliday getting the call-up to the big leagues for the Orioles. Iggy down on it. Tie and sock talk. Kinks on the apps. Iggy's telepersonal story......again. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jackson and Tim looking like snacks this morning. FPCC Bracketology Special live on YouTube after Balloon Party today and the boys are dressing to impress. The boys overlooked asking Iggy to participate in the Bracketology Special and that's on KG and Jackson. Screen Shot Bandits are sending Iggy nudity. Getting Wellington up-to-date on the Iggy/Lisa Ann beef. Chairman Steve weighs in on the scandal. Steve has been working with Wellington ahead of the FPCC. Weather delay at The Masters. Masters picks coming in. Air tags on Lern. Are they talking FPCC on the Champions Tour? Anthony Kim. Repeat burners and screenshot bandits. Zip code warfare. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jeremy Rutherford joins the program. Mark Hannah has brought in his son who wants to get into broadcasting. Doug encourages him to do so. Two-part questions galore for JR. Joel Quenneville on the Cam & Strick podcast talking about the sexual assault scandal. Some are theorizing he's on an apology tour. Would he be interested in coaching again? How would Blues fans and the national media react? The boys and JR talk it over. Audio from former Masters champs on what a 15-handicap would shoot at Augusta in Masters condition. The best golfer Michael ever played against. EMOTD. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jackson's compression issues. Mungenast DFS Showdown. Wellington provides his expertise as a pro jock. Who are the horse's asses on the tour? Cardinals with an outstanding pitching performance last night from top to bottom. Great debut for Sonny Gray, even on a pitch count. Offense is still a big issue. Lack of personality on the Redbirds this year. Audio of Rowdy Tellez sticking up for the Pirates closer after being booed at home. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Michael Wellington is in the building with us today. Full house in the studio today, Ken is sitting low. What's Wellington been up to? Hinge. Masters Week. Ken spins a yarn about Heidi Fleiss. FPCC. Lix vs. Wacko. Wellington's caddying. Dating apps with Welly. Listeners offering up their wives. Discussion of filler and folks with plastic surgery addiction. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Charlie Huddy's Lawn Guy

Free Dotem is real! Damn good hour, gentlemen!

Dec 7th

Charlie Huddy's Lawn Guy

Not for the faint of heart and definitely be confident of your sexuality but DAMN this show cracks me up on a regular basis. They just don't give a damn (what do they have to lose???) and Doing Vaughn is HAWWWT!

Nov 26th
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