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Weekdays 6AM - 10AM on 101X (101.5 FM).
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We discuss when is it appropriate to tell your fat friend that they're fat, why Jason has a Who's The A-Hole beef with his bandmates, and the radio has a meltdown on us.See for privacy information.
We discuss what's the worst that could happen with mixing guns and hallucinogenic drugs, whether Jason should spring for hardwood floors or go with carpet in his Manor manor, and Jason and Bumblito's Tenacious D bro date went.See for privacy information.
We discuss who's on Nick's Dear Redacted List this week, whether Jason's Funniest Joke Ever deserves to be in Joke Court, and how football is already coming between Jason and his girlfriend. See for privacy information.
We discuss whether backsliding with an ex is worth the drama.See for privacy information.
We discuss whether providing food is part of hosting a football watch party, whether you can bring a fifteen-year-old to a bar, and whether we have the right to free parking on South Congress. See for privacy information.
We discuss Bumblito declaring himself a political prisoner to avoid punishment, why Nick is shedding no tears for Aaron Rodgers and Jets fans, and we replay a hilarious segment from the CJ Morgan show after losing a fantasy football bet.See for privacy information.
We discuss why Nick is upset he didn’t get to hold court in actual court, whether you can trust an unhoused person with a credit card reader, and whether Texas is back or baaaaaaaaaaack.See for privacy information.
We discuss why Nick thinks he should be able to skip the line at the DMV, we start a fantasy feud with the CJ Morgan show, and an all-Randy Travis edition of Joke Court.See for privacy information.
We discuss Jason looking for help putting the final touches on his house in Manor, which NFL team has the most annoying fans, and why Nick feels bad for a Portuguese man who found a dinosaur in his back yard.See for privacy information.
Nick and Jason discuss whether Burning Man is worth the risk of having to poop in a bucket, why Jason still doesn't like I Have To Check With My Wife Guy, and whether kids these days appreciate how affordable big screen TVs are. See for privacy information.
Jason apologizes for apologizing for the quality of our podcast and we answer more of your questions.  See for privacy information.
We discuss how Jason was surprised to find out his girlfriend doesn’t know how to write a check, who big-timed us more on Friday night, DJ Mel or the ice truck guy, and whether Steve Harwell of Smash Mouth is a bigger death than Jimmy Buffett.See for privacy information.
No actual games this time, but Jason (eventually) gets around to answering your questions after apologizing that our podcast sucks.See for privacy information.
We discuss why you can't have a tailgate without BBQ, whether it's cool to keep a dossier with embarrassing pictures of your friends is cool, and we talk to Dennis De La Pena about the Longhorns game against Rice.See for privacy information.
We discuss Jason explaining the real reason he was fired, whether you would turn down free tickets to go to the Longhorn's game against Rice, and Jason tries to get reimbursed for a $17 golf course Diet Dr. Pepper. See for privacy information.
We discuss why you don't want to be Can I Borrow Your Fantasy Prep Guy, whether not liking the Olive Garden is a red flag when it comes to dating, and why Jason has beef with Perry's for making him take off his hat. See for privacy information.
We discuss whether Jason got bamboozled into buying Bumblina an expensive lego set, or if she earned it. Plus, Justin Furstenfeld from Blue October calls in to welcome Jason back to the airwaves.See for privacy information.
We discuss whether Happy Gilmore is the best golf movie, whether sitting on the patio at a restaurant is insane right now, and what Bumblito said to Jason that made him declare it the ultimate "Bumblitos say the darndest things". See for privacy information.
We discuss whether the Longhorn's 2:30pm kickoff time against Rice is dangerous for the fans because of the heat, when is the right time to invite a new romantic interest over to your house, and an Are You Smarter Than Jason Dick about presidential fun facts. See for privacy information.
We discuss tips for how Jason can bond with his girlfriend's kid now that he's picking him up from school each day, whether Jason should be offended by people who stopped liking his Instagram posts after he got fired, and whether Nick questioning Tim Tebow's sexuality is a hot take, a cold take, or just an inappropriate in 2023.See for privacy information.
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Manic Lalo

Is it just me, or has Deb just gotten really annoying over time?

Jan 8th

Chris Mogg

8n bbn bn8v vmi gjjkmi OP m0b0 mv ml mkk c

May 17th


The Dickman & The Debman

May 31st
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